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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box Contents


1 Research Files 55 folders; (bulk 1950s-1990s): “A-Co”
Box 1 contains 55 folders dating from 1909 to 2000 with the bulk from 1950-1990s. The folders are mostly arranged alphabetically, and encompass the letters “A-Co.” These 55 folders hold a total of 478 photographic prints, 3 screened negatives, and 3 postcards. Of special interest in this box are prints of Eugene Burdick, and photographs by Joseph E. Pasonault, John Brekke, and Athniel Kloss. Shemorry’s correspondence with Quentin N. Burdick and drafts of the article “An Unlikely Saint” are also included.

2 Research Files 49 folders; (1899-1997, bulk 1940s-1980s): “Ca-E,” the State Historical Society of North Dakota, “O-P”
Box 2 comprises 49 folders that date from 1899-1997 (bulk 1940s-1980s). The files are also arranged in a loosely alphabetical manner beginning with “Ca-E,” then skipping to the State Historical Society of North Dakota, and finishing with “O” and “P.” Noteworthy files contain drafts for “History Remembered” articles, as well as drafts and a final copy of Shemorry’s One Hundred Years of Odd Fellowship in Williston: A History of the Odd Fellows, Fort Buford Lodge, No. 18, Williston, North Dakota. Also prominent in the files is information gathered by Shemorry on Eugene Debs, the Buffalo Trails Museum and opening celebration, and J.E. Pasonault photographs of Ben Ennis with Quentin Burdick and with Lieutenant Buford.

3 Research Files 45 folders; (1907-1991): “P-R”
Box 3 includes 45 folders spanning the period of 1907-1991, which cover Shemorry’s alphabetized files on subjects beginning with the letters “P-R.” The files contain photographs and post cards by Christen V. Olson, J.E. Pasonault, and F.A. Muntzer, as well as Shemorry photos for the Press Graphic. The files also include draft articles for The Herald and More Lost Takes of Old Dakota, such as “The Missouri River and its Victims,” “Riverboat Anecdotes,” and more.

4 Research Files 62 folders; (1909-2001): “S,” WWII, and Vietnam War
Box 4 consists of 62 folders from the years 1909-2001 (bulk 1940s-1990s), and follow Shemorry’s alphabetical filing system for the letter “S.” After the “S” files are folders on the military, which concentrate on World War II and the Vietnam War. Of special interest within these files are Williston area business histories, J.E. Pasonault prints and photographs, and Shemorry’s draft articles. Shemorry’s drafts and publications of the “Rambler” column in the Press-Graphic (the adventures of Private Bill) are also included in this box.

5 Research Files 63 folders; (1904-2001): “D-Z”
Box 5 contains 63 folders dating from 1904-2001. The files are arranged alphabetically and include subjects beginning with the letters “D-Z.” Noteworthy files include Burdick stories, information on Barry Goldwater, William Langer, Alec Rawitscher, and Harry Truman. Additionally, the folders contain J.E. Pasonault prints and draft articles, such as “Just Plain Mose,” “Yankee Robinson Fights Mountain Lion,” articles for “Best Little Stories” and more.

6 Research Files 45 folders, 182 images; Specific individuals, women, WWII, “A-Ja”
Box 6 contains 45 folders with a total of 482 images of which 292 are film negatives, 3 are screened negatives, 169 are photographic prints, and 18 are postcards. The items in box 6 encompass the years 1900-1999. The files include information on specific individuals, women, World War II, and also on subjects arranged alphabetically under the letters “A-Ja.” Of special importance are Shemorry’s research files on women pioneers, Usher Burdick, Phil Jackson, World War I aviation, and the Williston Buford-Trenton Irrigation project. Award certificates earned by Shemorry, prints and photographs by J.E. Pasonault, Mendro, and Olson (Christen V?), as well as Shemorry’s article drafts, are also featured in this box.

7 Research Files 402 images, 57 folders; “J-Z,” “A-V,” Shemorry Family
Box 7 comprises of 57 folders with 402 images, of which 3 are postcards, 212 are photographic prints, 184 are negatives, 2 are tags, and 1 is a screened negative. These folders span from 1883 to 2001, and include Shemorry’s alphabetical files of things that begin with the letters “J-Z,” then those that begin with “A-V.” Of particular interest are Shemorry’s files on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural parade in Williston, the Norwegian Crown Prince Olaf (who later became King), the first issue of Life magazine (1883), and J.E. Pasonault prints. There are also many files on the Shemorry family within this box including Shemorry’s military commendations, orders, and draft papers.

8 Research Files 57 folders; (1892-1999 [bulk 1999]): “W-Z,” “Best Little Stories”
Box 8 includes 57 folders that date from 1892-1999 (bulk 1999), and resume the alphabetical subject filing system established in the previous box with the letters “W-Z.” Following these files are Shemorry’s “Best Little Stories” (published in 1999), numbers 1-54. Folders within this box contain J.E. Pasonault prints, Shemorry articles and drafts, as well as negatives, prints, and histories of Williston and Wildrose.

9 Research Files 34 folders; (1915-1995 [bulk 1995]): Elks Club history, “WWII, The Way it Was”
Box 9 contains 34 folders from the years 1915-1995 (bulk 1995). Shemorry’s 1995 newspaper column, “WWII, The Way it Was,” constitutes the majority of information in the box, and the final folder contains Elks Club history. Printed articles and article drafts are the highlight of box.

10 Research Files 60 folders; (1864-2001): “E-I”
Box 10 consists of 60 folders that date from 1864-2001. Within these 60 folders are 531 images - 517 of these are photographic prints, 8 are negatives, and 6 are screened negatives. The files are arranged alphabetically and include subjects beginning with the letters “E-I.” Topics of note include files on Epping, Fort Buford, Fort Union, the 6th Infantry Regiment, as well as prints by Olson and Pasonault, and Shemorry’s draft article (for the Plains Reporter).

11 Research Files 56 folders; (1805-1997, bulk 1940s-1990s): “K-M,” “S-Tioga”
Box 11 encompasses 56 folders dated from 1805-1997 (bulk 1940s-1990s). Topics beginning with the letters “K-M,” are followed by “S-Tioga,” arranged in a loosely alphabetical order. Files of note include research on Mondak-Buford-Snowden, Montana, the Historical Societies of Minnesota and Montana, forgotten towns of Williams County, Williston museums, Moose Lodge, Shrine Club, Trenton and Tioga.

12 Research Files 71 folders; bulk 1950s-1990s “T-W” “J-Z”
Box 12 consists of 71 folders spanning from 1887-2001 (bulk 1950s-1990s). The files are arranged alphabetically and contain subjects beginning with the letters “T-W,” and “J-Z.” Within these 71 folders there are 372 photographic prints, 7 postcards, 2 screened negatives, and 6 negatives for a total of 387 images. Noteworthy subjects within the box include Tioga history and Farm Festivals, Jaycees, University of North Dakota-Williston, McKenzie County, Erling Rolfsrud (historian), newspaper men, Grand Forks history, North Dakota State University Institute for Regional Studies, oil (Williston Basin Oil Review, ND Geological Survey, North Dakota Petroleum Council), and Williston. Prints and portraits by Kloss and Pasonault are incorporated, as are drafts articles including for The Lost Tales of Old Williston, Photo 100, Mud, Sweat & Oil, and Lost Tales of Old Williston Rough Riders.

13 Research Files 42 folders; (1899-1995): “A-Z,” class reunions, biographical research - “A-C”
Box 13 is comprised of 42 folders from the years 1899 to 1995. The box encompasses another complete alphabetized series, “A-Z,” as well as class reunions, and biographies/research on specific people with names beginning with “A-C.” Of special interest in this box are Shemorry’s files on Alexander Old Settler’s picnics, Williston businesses, Epping Dam, Elks History, the Jaycees, early Williston newspapers (like the Little Muddy Optic), the North Dakota Press Convention, the Odd Fellows, oil, and biographies of Williston area pioneers. Information on Judge Butler, boxers Johnny Sikes and Jack Dempsey, and Bill (Shemorry) and Quentin Burdick are also located in Box 13, as are some of Shemorry’s draft articles.

14 Research Files 61 folders; Biographical research “C-D,” WWII, “Best Little Stories”
Box 14 contains 61 folders that span from 1910-2001 (bulk 1998). These 61 contain a total of 51 images with 47 photographic prints, 1 post card, and 3 screened negatives. The alphabetized series that began in the previous box continues in box 14, with “C-D” biographies research on specific people (with some mis-filed individuals). The box also includes folders on World War II and “Best Little Stories,” numbers 1-36. Important people and topics covered within the folders of box 14 are Joe Cutting, Bob Cory, the Williston Armory (old, and dedication of new), WWII airplanes, and a Nostalgia draft article about the American Legion. “Best Little Stories” articles were written by Bill Shemorry and article drafts, images, and publications in the Williston Daily Herald are located in this box.

15 Research Files 48 folders; (1913-2000): “Best Little Stories,” American Legion
Box 15 comprises 48 folders that date from 1913-2000. The folders contain drafts and published “Best Little Stories,” numbers 37-62, as well as American Legion files. Important topics covered within the American Legion files are the history of the Williston Legion post, veterans, American Legion State Conventions, the Williston All-Vets Association, the Drum & Bugle Corps, and State Legion Officers. Also within this box are prints by Pasonault.

16 Research Files 267 images, 58 folders; “W-Z” (places), “A-J” (activities/organizations)
Box 16 contains 58 folders with 225 photographic prints, 16 negatives, and 26 screened negatives all from the years 1892-2000. Topically, the files are arranged alphabetically, beginning with “W-Z” (places), followed by “A-J” (activities/organizations). Noteworthy files contain historical information on Dakota, North Dakota counties, Williams County and courthouse, old time Zahl, band day, and gold in North Dakota. Also covered in this box are Dickinson and Williams County centennials, Williston Basin promotional materials, Williston Magazine cover and logo drafts, Wildrose Golden Jubilee, Williston Concert Band, Teddy Roosevelt Park in McKenzie County, the Upper Missouri Valley Fair, George Grinnell, and the Jaycees. Prints of Wildrose by Albert M. Thompson, and a biography of Thompson are also included.

17 Research Files 36 folders; (1920-2002, bulk 1940s-1990s): “S,” “N-Z,” Bill Shemorry
Box 17 includes 36 folders that date from 1920-2002 (bulk 1940s-1990s). The majority of the files deal with Shemorry and other “S” topics, and the rest follow with “N-Z” topics. Files about Shemorry contain information about his involvement with the North Dakota Firemen’s Association, United States Air force Air Defense team, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Williston Jaycees, service to the newspaper industry and North Dakota Newspaper Association, newspaper awards, memberships in civic organization, civic awards, biographical information, commendations from his service with the164 Signal Photo Corps (World War II), books and articles written, photographs contributed and compiled, and offices held. Also of importance are files containing information on Snowden Bridge, steamboats on the Missouri River, Jack Shemorry, and the Williams Electric Co-op. The folders also contain drafts of articles by Shemorry, and The Curtain of Darkness has been Lifted: A History of the Williams Electric Cooperative, Inc.

18 Research Files 15 folders; (1903-c.1997): “A-M,” “Best of the Best Little Stories”
Box 18 consists of 15 folders that range from 1903 to c.1997. “A-M” subjects are followed by a box of the “Best of the Best Little Stories” articles and drafts. Noteworthy subjects in this box are Alamo history, the Arnegard and Froid Diamond Jubilees, the McGregor Jubilee, the Bruegger Mercantile Company, cattle ranching on the plains, Fort Buford, Fort Union, Mountraill County, and Mondak.

19 Research Files 61 folders; (1898-2001 [bulk 2001]): “Best Little Stories”
Box 19 comprises 61 folders that date from 1898-2001 (bulk 2001). All folders deal with the “Best Little Stories,” numbers 1-52A. Stories 31A-31D deal with oil discovery in North Dakota, and appeared in the Herald “Oil Section.”

20 Research Files 67 folders; (1880s-2003): “A-Z”
Box 20 includes 67 folders, dating from the 1880s-2003. Again the subjects are arranged alphabetically by folder, and box 20 contains “A-Z” subjects, as well as assorted art books. Subjects of note within box 20 are Usher Burdick, Louis L’Amour, a White Bull manuscript, the Sioux award, Chief Rain-In-The-Face, the Ghost Dancer Uprising, the Greengard Brothers Company, the Williston Centennial, the North Dakota Centennial and Silver Anniversary, homesteading stories, historical backgrounds of the Williston area (first Thanksgiving, Raymond family Regional Community Center, Fort Union, transportation, barbers), McKenzie County, the USS North Dakota, the Oil Reporter, Shemorry genealogy, steam boating, Vietnam, Wildrose, George Wilson (LittleMuddy Optic), Wolf Point, Montana (photos and post cards by R.R. Doubleday), Westland Oil, Wildrose 75th anniversary, and prints by J.E. Pasonault. Lists of story possibilities, as well as many article drafts, are included in the box.

21 Research Files 32 folders; bulk 1960-1989, flu epidemic of 1918, Congregational Church
Box 21 contains 32 folders with 160 images of which ## are photographic prints, 7 are negatives, and 14 are screened negatives. Items span the period from the 1900s-1989, with the bulk from 1960 to 1989. The two major subjects in this box are the Congre-gational Church, including items used by Shemorry for his book A Force for Good: The Centennial History of the First Congregational Church, the Fellowship Presbyterian Church, now the First Union Church, Williston, N. Dak published in 1989, and heroes of the great flu epidemic of 1918. Of special interest in box 21 are prints of the Congregational Church by Olson and Pasonault, information about the 75th anniversary and centennial of the church, and Shemorry’s research and drafts for A Force for Good.

22A Prints 215 prints; Williams County, N.D.
Box 22A includes 215 prints that date from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Topics featured in the box are: older women’s birthday, a few buildings and businesses, a car race, wedding and anniversary celebrations, cheerleaders, children watching television, families, Future Farmers of America, oil wells, meetings, parades, pilots and airplane related images, unidentified portraits both individuals and groups, people at work, swimming, baseball games and teams, graduations, musical theater productions on stage, awards, and Williston football games.

22B Prints 233 prints; Williams County, N.D.
Box 22B comprises of 233 photographic prints from the early 1970s, of Williams County, N.D., primarily of Williston with some from Wildrose and Tioga. Topics found within box 22B are: couples with anniversary cakes, musical acts on stage including people playing accordions, singing and playing guitars; bands, boys with model airplane, an air show, children with Santa, class reunion banners, cook-out, graduation, kids with medals, oil drilling rigs, parades, portraits, prom, Robert Rieder receiving the North Dakota Wildlife Habitat award, trucks, unidentified groups, Arthur Link, unidentified individuals, basketball, baseball, wrestling, people in kitchens and weddings.

22C Prints 111 prints; Williams County, N.D.
Box 22C consists of 111 photographic prints from the 1950’s to early 1970’s. Largely of Williams County and Williston, the box also contains some prints from McKenzie County, N.D. Subjects found within the box are: area businesses and buildings, bands, birthday party, cheerleaders, choir, couples, dinner party, graduation, household items for advertisements, Lions Club, man painting, men with cattle, military re-enactment, restaurant scene, road signs, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), trucks, unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, and window and store displays.

22D Prints 224 prints; Williams County, N.D.
Box 22D contains 224 prints from the early 1970s, from Williams County generally of Williston, with some of Grenora. Topics found within the box are: anniversary party, athletes with medals, business leaders, couple watching television, basketball, dancers, parade floats, flooding, graduation, choir, Grenora high school band, moving a house, interior of home, Memorial Day, military re-enactments, parade, people viewing artwork, people with cattle, rodeo, sports teams, swim meet, truck, unidentified groups, FFA, unidentified individuals, United States flag with American Legion, and wheat field.

22E Prints 288 prints; Williams County, N.D.
Box 22E includes 288 photographic prints from the 1960s and 1970s, primarily of Williams County, N.D. area with some specifically of Williston and Tioga. Themes within the box encompass: aerials, area businesses and buildings, athletes with trophies, boy and dog, cheerleaders, crowd watching basketball games, fire department, girl ice-fishing, graduation, ice-fisherman with trophies, kids dressed for Halloween, musicians, oil wells, parades, people eating dinner, people in supermarket, cars after accidents, snowmobile race, sports teams, swimming, basketball games, store window display, trucks, unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, and a United Way fund-raiser.

22F Prints 135 prints; Williston area, 1950s-1970s
Box 22F comprises photographic prints from the 1950s to the early 1970s, mostly from the Williston, N.D. area. Topics within the box include: aerials, area businesses and buildings, Boy Scouts, café, crowd in bleachers, graduation, groups of unidentified children, lake scenes, a murdered man, oil, parade, Girl Scouts, Basketball teams and games, unidentified business leaders, unidentified groups, and unidentified individuals. There are four sleeves of photographic prints and images on paper stuck together.

22G Prints 99 prints; Williston, N.D. area
Box 22G contains 99 photographic prints dating from the 1940s to the early 1970s, and mostly from the Williston, N.D. area. The prints within this box are: aerials, Williston, N.D. area businesses, buildings and workers, band, boys with cows, infants, children on sand pile, Junior Chamber of Commerce, man cooking, men eating, oil, men’s basketball games, a street scene with British flag, unidentified groups, and unidentified individuals.

23A Prints 167 prints; Williston, N.D. area
Box 23A consists of 167 photographic prints that range from the 1950s to 1970s. The prints are predominantly of Williston, N.D. and the surrounding area including Trenton. Topics found within box 23A are: area businesses and buildings, awards, band, boys in shop class, cafeteria scene, Christmas banquet, farm machinery, food and beverages, Future Farmers of America, musicians, Lions Club, painter, ribbon cutting event, Santa Claus, Shrine Club Bell Ringers, men’s basketball teams and action shots, football games, and swimmers, unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, and weddings.

23B Prints 24 images; Williston, some Cando, N.D.
Box 23B includes 23 photographic prints and 1 negative that span from 1880 to the 1970s, chiefly of Williston, with some of Cando, N.D. Topics featured within this box are: business leaders, dinner, fire fighting, Greengard Bros. Store, oil, twins from Osakis, Minnesota; parade, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), television taping, unidentified girls, and a Williston Press employee.

23C Prints 150 images; Williston, some Epping, N.D.
Box 23C contains 148 photographic prints and 2 negatives that date from the 1950s to the 1970s, and mostly feature Williston, with some of Epping, N.D. Prominent subjects within the box include: area businesses and buildings especially automobile service stations, award winners, Borstad Ltd., cheerleaders, children, choir, Epping school band, fire fighters, Future Farmers of America, Girl Scout troop, group playing kazoos, Herald aerials, musicians, Native American dancers, parade, prom, Santa Claus with television, school play, smashed car, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, wedding, Williams County Soil Conservation District, and women in church pews.

23D Prints 107 prints; Williston, N.D. area, 1970’s
Box 23D consists of 107 photographic prints from the 1970s. Within box 23D are prints of: aerials, area businesses, buildings and workers, cheerleaders, float in parade, Future Farmers of America, large crowds, men with artwork, oil, photographer, radio station, Ruth Salmeier accepts award, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), unidentified group cooking, unidentified groups, and unidentified individuals.

23E Prints 116 prints; Williston and Grenora, 1970’s
Box 23E includes 116 photographic prints from the 1970s, primarily of Williston and some of Grenora, N.D. Inside box 23E are prints of: aerials, area businesses, buildings and workers, artwork, bluffs, children in a play, dancers, farm equipment, Future Farmers of America, oil, parade, power plant, ribbon cutting, rodeo, sports (teams, individuals, and games), swimming pool, an unidentified church, unidentified individuals, unidentified groups, wedding, Williston Junior High Band, and Zip to Zap.

23F Prints 60 images; Williston area, 1970’s
Box 23F contains 60 images, 59 photographic prints and 1 screened negative, from the 1960s to the 1970s. The prints are predominantly of Williston, although some are from Alamo. Themes within the box are: actors in unknown plays, aerials, Alamo band, Alamo school children, area businesses, buildings, workers, and churches, blueprint of a park, cafeteria scene, children in Christmas play, choirs, Christmas parties, class reunions, fund-raiser graph for unknown organization, Cook County (Chicago, Illinois) Hospital certificate, girl with Christmas tree, Jaycees banquet, oil, rodeo, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), unidentified award winners, unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, and unidentified musicians.

23G Prints 241 prints; Williams County, 1950s-1970s
Box 23G comprises of 241 photographic prints and 2 negatives, from the 1950s to the 1970s, mainly of Williams County especially Williston, with a few of Grenora and Tioga. Subjects found within box 23G include: American Legion, architectural draft of Grenora Grade and High School (prints and two negatives), area businesses (buildings, churches, vehicles, and workers), bird in flight, birthday, man with steer, bulldozer, butter, cafeteria, cars, cheerleaders, children at school Halloween party, children in play, children on carnival rides, children playing outside, children with Santa Claus, choir, fire scene, Future Farmers of America banquet, herbicides, High School play, hunters with deer, land reform conference, men holding Williams County National Farm Organization banner, man wearing headdress, North Dakota State fair, old-fashioned pencil sharpener, parades (campaign float, other floats, cars, band), prom, S.A. Forseth at desk, sports (teams, individuals, and competitions), unidentified couples, unidentified groups, unidentified individuals, unidentified United States marine, and a woman reading.

24 Negatives 378 negatives; Anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties and life in N.D.
Box 24 consists of 378 film negatives, most are 4 x 6 inches in size, and 6 photographic prints. Images fall within the following categories: anniversaries, weddings, reunions, birthday parties, children, birthdays, funerals, weddings, and group portraits, older people, farming, a tractor show, showing cattle, parades, a wild cat, and other scenes from life in northwestern North Dakota during the 1940s and 1950s.

25A Negatives 175 negatives (4x6): Williston Area
Box 25A includes 175 (4x6) negatives. Series contained within the box are: Williston Area, anniversaries, 4-H [held together with rubber band], Boy Scouts, co-ops, farm miscellaneous, Farmer’s Union, festivals, fires and fire departments, funerals, Girl Scouts, Shemorry personal, and sports miscellaneous.

25B Negatives 75 negatives (4x6): Williston area
Box 25B comprises 75 (4x6) negatives, all of the Williston area.

25C Negatives 183 negatives (5x7): Miscellaneous
Box 25C contains 183 (5x7) negatives that fall into the following categories: miscellaneous, Tibet, Williston area [135 mm negatives], California, Handy Andy, Hogenson Construction, “T,” and the True Oil Company Gas Plant.

26 Negatives 189 negatives (5x7): Farmer’s Press envelope index, Williston Herald, Fund drives, Trenton, Williston area [135 mm negatives], “A-H,” “J-W”
Box 26 includes 189 (5x7) negatives that are arranged by subject: Farmer’s Press envelope index, Trenton, Williston area, Williston area [135 mm negatives], “A-H,” “J-W,” and Williston Herald Fund drives.

27A Negatives 14 folders, 423 negatives; World War II (Nitrate film in freezer)
Box 27A retains 423 negatives in 14 folders, which are mostly from 1944, when Shemorry served in the 164th Signal Photo Company during the Second World War. Images include cities, temples, Chinese railroad including trains and railroad station platforms, rural areas, farmers at work, local people, unidentified military personnel, Shemorry in China and India, and members of the 164th Signal Photo Company. All of these negatives were taken in either China or India on 35mm nitrate film negatives. Folder 11 has several underexposed negatives. Box 27A has been moved to the freezer for cold storage in the film storage room.

27B Negatives 8 folders, 226 negatives; World War II (Nitrate film in freezer) (continued)
Box 27B contains 226 negatives in 8 folders, which date back to Shemorry’s service time during the Second World War, covering mostly the year 1944. The major focus is the 164th Signal Photo Company, both the men comprising it and what their life was like oversees. All of these negatives were taken in China and are 35mm nitrate film negatives. Folder 4 has several overexposed negatives, negatives in folders 5 and 6 have crackled, and folder 8 has several underexposed negatives. Box 27B has been moved to the freezer for cold storage in the film storage room.

27C Negatives 10 folders, 210 negatives; World War II (Nitrate film in freezer) (continued)
Box 27C contains 210 negatives in 10 folders, from 1944 to 1946, during Shemorry’s service time during the Second World War. The major focus is the locations and local people Shemorry visited in China and India, as well as military personnel especially soldiers probably of the 164th Signal Photo Company. These negatives are 35mm nitrate film negatives. Folders 1, 3, 4, 8, and 9 have several negatives with brown spots, and the negatives in folder 6 have cracked and turned a pale brown. Box 27C has been moved to the freezer for cold storage in the film storage room.

27D Negatives 8 folders, 221 negatives: World War II (Nitrate film in freezer) (continued)
Box 27D stows 221 negatives in 8 folders, which are mostly from 1944, when Shemorry served in the 164th Signal Photo Company during the Second World War. Images are from when the 164th Signal Photo Company was in China, many detail the lives of the soldiers while oversees and show the local people and surroundings. All of these negatives were taken in China are 35 mm nitrate film negatives. Folder 2 and folder 3 have several negatives with brown spots and Folder 6 has several negatives with brown spots and several negatives that are overexposed. Folder 8 holds an alphabetical listing of Shemorry negatives from China during World War II. Box 27D has been moved to the freezer for cold storage in the film storage room.

27E Negatives 29 images; World War II (continued)
Box 27E contains 29 images, with 20 negatives and 9 photographic prints all dealing with Bill Shemorry when he served as a combat photographer in the 164th Signal Photo Company during World War II, in China.

28A Negatives; 28B & 28C Negatives 205 envelopes of negatives; Oil and Clausen and Mendenhall ferries
Box 28 comprises of 205 envelopes of film negatives that are oil-related. Box 28A holds envelopes of negatives 1 to 169, box 28B holds envelopes of negatives 170 to 188, and box 28C holds envelopes 189 to 205. Box 28B holds a total of 217 film negatives while box 28C holds a total of 184 film negatives and 1 screened negative. These negatives fall among the following topics: ferries South of Tioga: Clausen and Mendenhall, First wells drilled: Clarence Iverson, R. Dilland, B. Bissen, H.O. Bakken, NDA, Amerada installations, Desk & Derrick Club, Dickinson - Tioga oil celebrations, directional wells, deep tests, Johnny Auten, Paul Rutledge, news shots, miscellaneous, old-time rigs, scenic or unusual drilling photographs, visitors to oil field, wells drilled, Williston oil celebrations, and winter in oil fields.

29A Negatives; 29 B Negatives 856 negatives, 8 prints: Life in the Williston, N.D. area
Box 29 contains 864 images, of which 856 are negatives and 8 are photographic prints out of 209 envelopes. Images are of: Oil, Williston oil celebrations, Williston Herald: A, B, basketball, business places & activities, C, Christmas features, new construction and housing, D, E, F, farming, fund drives, G, “gag” shots, I, individual photographs, J, L, law enforcement (including old courthouse, sheriff, police, highway patrol, border patrol), M, miscellaneous, N, and news type photographs. Items of interest include Oil, Williston Herald negatives, sports, business places and activities, agriculture, fund drives, individual portraits, law enforcement and news type photographs.

30 Negatives 114 negatives (4x6): Covers fire topics and the Williston area
Box 30 includes 114 (4x6) negatives that are filed topically. Topics within the box are: fires, Area town and rural fire departments, fire prevention, fire drills, Williams County Firemen’s Association, fire schools, picnics, conventions, Williston area, Williston Fire Department, and the Williston Rural Fire Department.

31A Negatives 122 negatives (4x6): band day, basketball, World War II Mars Task Force, Burma
Box 31A comprises 122 (4x6) negatives that are arranged by subject. Subjects within the box are: band day, basketball, Mars Task Force, Burma, World War II, 5x7 negatives & cut lines, miscellaneous, and special negatives.

31B Negatives 104 negatives (4x6): Bands, Band Day, copies (old-time), music, rolled negatives, World War II
Box 31B consists of 104 (4x6) negatives that are organized along the following subjects: bands, Band Day, copies (old-time), music, rolled negatives, and World War II.

31C Negatives, Prints and Photograph Collection Files (removed from boxes 31A and 31B)

32A Negatives 195 envelopes of negatives (4x6): Williston businesses: A-Lee
Box 32A comprises 195 (4x6) negatives sleeves, which feature Williston businesses which begin with the letters A-Lee Motor, the bulk of which date from the 1940s-1950s.

32B Negatives 46 envelopes of negatives (4x6): Williston businesses: Lund-O
Box 32B contains 46 (4x6) envelopes of negatives of Williston businesses filed alphabetically, continuing from 32A with Lund-O.

32C Negatives 173 envelopes of negatives (4x6): Williston businesses: P-Z; Williston; and Williams County
Box 32C comprises 173 (4x6) negatives of Williston businesses which begin with the letters P-Z, and also Williston and Williams County municipal personnel and events.

32D Negatives 17 envelopes of negatives (4x6): Alexander Old Settlers picnics, automobiles, old time photographs and people
Box 32D 17 envelopes of negatives (4x6). The negatives are filed topically according to the following series: Alexander old settlers, Alexander old settlers’ picnics, automobiles, old-time photographs, and people.

32E Negatives 30 envelopes of negatives (4x6): Williston old Settler’s picnic, Alamo, Epping, and Grenora
Box 32E contains 30 (4x6) original envelopes of negatives, filed topically according to the following series: Williston old settlers’ picnics, Alamo, Epping and Grenora.

33A Negatives; 33B Negatives 1,236 negatives; Shemorry’s indexed negatives, #1-448
Box 33 consists of Shemorry’s indexed envelopes of negatives, numbers 1 to 448. These envelopes hold a total of 1,236 negatives, 2 slides, 12 screened negatives, and 32 photographic prints for a total of 1,282 images. The two series within these negatives are Shemorry’s #1 file, and alphabetical hodgepodge. The first group of these negatives date from the 1940’s. The alphabetical hodgepodge contains many copy negatives and film negatives taken of early photographic prints and items date from the early 1900’s to 1985. Box 33A holds the negatives in envelopes # 1 to 109 while box 33B holds the negatives from envelopes # 110 to 448.

34A Negatives 810 negatives; Oil, refineries, wells, people, businesses
Box 34A holds 98 enveloples with 810 film negatives and 19 photographic prints. Negatives are categorized along the following subjects: Oil field characters, oil, Dickinson-Mandan-Wolf Point refineries, fires, blow-outs & other mishaps, Hunt-TXL Gas Planes, pipeline, River Crossing, Service firms, loading docks, and miscellaneous

34B Negatives 574 negatives; Williston Refinery & A-I
Box 34B includes 574 negatives in 116 envelopes that are broken into the following series: oil, Williston Refinery, Westland refinery, and alphabetical “A-I” Williston, N.D.

34C Negatives 663 negatives; Jaycees & Tioga Gas Plant
Box 34C retains 663 negatives and 15 photographic prints in 108 envelopes that cover topics from Williston alphabetical J to P, Williston Jaycees and organizations, and oil topics about Tioga Gas plant, and Signal.

35 Negatives 197 negatives (4x6): Bill Shemorry, organizations, Williston: B-G, J, L-N, P-Q, R, S-Z
Box 35 consists of 197 (4x6) negatives. The negatives in box 35 are filed according to subject: copies, Bill Shemorry, Shemorry personal, Williston: B-G, J, L-N, P-Q, R, S-Z, organizations, Rotary, and women’s organizations.

36 Negatives 206 negatives (5x7): Shemorry’s indexed negatives, 449-655
Box 36 contains Shemorry’s (5x7) indexed negatives, numbers 449-655. The negatives are divided into the following series: alphabetical hodgepodge (continued), 1940s Shemorry photos, 1939-1940 photographs, and Farmer’s Press envelope index.

37 Negatives 1,184 images; Misc. negatives to file
Box 37 holds 130 envelopes or folders with 1,184 images, of which 1,081 are film negatives, 98 are photographic prints, 3 are screened negatives, and 2 are postcards. These images were labeled under miscellaneous negatives that Shemorry meant to file someday, and are about life in and around Williston, N.D. from the 1940’s to 1970’s.

38 Prints 95 images; Miscellaneous, 1950s-1980s
Box 38 comprises of 90 miscellaneous large photographic prints and 5 negatives that date from the 1950s to the 1980s. Prominent themes found within this box are: aerials, area businesses, boxcar derby winner, Chamber of Commerce Contact Club ribbon cutting, children’s choir, Coach Joseph Cutting, construction, couple in horse-drawn wagon, dedication of West Prairie Lutheran Church, early Williston baseball team taken by Kloss, portrait of a fire fighter, French horn player, funeral, group on ferry, high school graduation, high school reunion, newspaper articles and advertisements, parades, television broadcast recording, two men one with a fiddle, one covering ears, unidentified couple, unidentified couple’s 50th anniversary, unidentified group of men, unidentified military man, portraits of unidentified women, various photos pasted in a paste-up for publication, Williston Experimental Farm, Williston High School class of 1942, Williston Refinery, and a woman spinning yarn.

39 Prints 88 images, 9 folders; Aviation
Box 39 holds 9 folders with 88 images total which includes 85 photographic prints and 3 screened negatives. Files and images are categorized along the following subjects: airplane parts, aviation, Ed Canfield, a print of Cromwell Dixon, a portrait of John C. Jennison a World War I military pilot, military aviation, newspaper articles and prints of cartoons and airplane artwork, and prints posters and magazine covers. In the files there is a brochure for the Williston airport, newspaper clippings, photo magazines, article drafts, correspondence, research, handwritten notes, and copies of newspaper articles.

40 Negatives ### negatives; Williston Herald businesses
Box 40 comprises of 500 envelopes of Williston Herald negatives from the 1960’s and 1970’s, with a total of ___ film negatives. Major themes within the box are agencies, advertisements, people, schools, churches, athletes, events, organizations, and buildings including exterior, interior, grand openings, and construction.

41 Negatives 5,098 negatives; Williston Herald
Box 41 consists of 311envelopes of Williston Herald negatives with the majority from Williams County, N.D., with a total of 5,098 film negatives and 1 photographic print. Topics are mostly grouped alphabetically and dates range from 1962 to 1978. Major areas include Tioga Farm Festivals, talent shows, teas, banquets, State Line Club Rodeo, snow, snowmobiles, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Spring Lake Park, United Way, Republicans, reunions, dances, Upper Missouri Valley Fair, Wheat show, a skeleton, Regina Canada, and Williston scenes, businesses, associations, clubs and parades

42 Negatives #### negatives; Williston Herald: sports
Box 42 contains 252 envelopes of Williston Herald negatives with a total of ____ unprocessed film negatives. Topics are based on sports and range from the year 1965 to 1978. The box contains negatives of basketball, baseball, bowling, football, swimming, track, volleyball, wrestling, tournaments, and action shots. There are also negatives dealing with schools and education labeled PTA, construction, graduation and back to school.

43 Negatives 5,209 negatives; Williston Herald
Box 43 holds 380 envelopes with a total of 5,232 images, of which 5,209 are negatives, all 35mm film or 120mm film, and 23 are photographic prints from negatives also in this box. These negatives are all of the Williston, N.D. area, were used for the newspaper the Williston Herald, and date from 1960 to 1978. Topics consist of recreation, post office, people, employees, local businesses and events, Memorial Day, accidents, swimming, men’s basketball, pictures used for advertisements, Model Clothing, Heddericks, Keatings Furniture, and KEYZ and KGCX radio stations.

44 Prints and Negatives 359 images; Bridges & floods
Box 44 consists of 16 folders with 201 film negatives and 158 photographic prints for a total of 359 images that feature bridges and floods from around the Williston, N.D. area. Major themes within the box are prints and negatives of aerials, Culbertson Bridge, images taken by J.E. Pasonault, dedication of bridge across Little Missouri south of Watford City, flood of 1928, floods, Fairview Railroad bridge, Four Bears Bridge, Lewis & Clark Bridges (old, new, and dedication), Little Muddy, Long X Bridge, man injured during demolition of Lewis & Clark bridge during the 1970’s, Missouri River, pontoon bridge, Snowden (Mondak) Bridge including toll gate, and the bridge construction (some items have been taken from the subject/office files of negatives.) Box 44 also includes written material such as draft articles, a program, newspapers and article clippings.

45 Prints 123 images; WWII and Williston area
Box 45 includes a total of 16 folders with 123 images of which there are 2 postcards, 1 screened negative, 7 film negatives, and 113 photographic prints. Items within this box are miscellaneous however general topics include World War II, artists sketches of ranching and western art work, China, American Legion, drafts of book covers, draft articles including some Best Little Stories, newspaper articles, aviation, Ed and Dorothy Canfield research, Okinawa, correspondence, and prints of people, homes and businesses of the early Williston, N.D. area

46A Negatives 331 negatives; Williams County, N.D.
Box 46A retains 331 negatives, most are 4 x 5 inches. These negatives range from the mid 1940’s to mid 1960’s and depict many events and daily scenes from Williams County, N.D. A loose label in the box says “Old 4x5 Negs to file.” A loose pin was found in this box and moved to Artifacts Box 222.

46B Negatives 12 boxes; Loading ships in Calcutta, India
Box 46B is comprised of 12 boxes of not chemically processed negatives. Some boxes are unidentified, and the others are negatives of Shemorry loading ships to and from Calcutta, India.

47 Negatives 1,084 images; Motorcycles, Rural Electric, & Newspaper Study Mission
Box 47 consists of 1,084 images of which 932 are negatives and 152 are photographic prints. These items are filed according to the following three series: motorcycles, Rural Electric, and Shemorry’s Newspaper Study Mission in May of 1967. Items of interest include early motorcycles, friends with their motorcycles including Bus McCroy, brands of motorcycles, and racing; Rural Electric Association (REA), Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU), Williams Electric Coop meetings; and Shemorry’s travels in 1967 include images from Poland, Russia, Iran, Thailand, Japan, China and Hawaii.

48 Negatives 731 negatives; Williams Co. unidentified
Box 48 contains 731 unidentified negatives. The majority of these negatives are 4 x 5 inches and images of events and daily life in Williams County, N.D.

49 Negatives 272 images; A.M. Thompson, Wildrose, St. Joseph School
Box 49 stores 252 negatives and 20 prints. Topics within the box include: A.M. Thompson photographs, Wildrose, Bill Shemorry photographs, special file, Bill Shemorry’s special negatives, and the dedication and construction of St. Joseph School.

50A Slides 377 slides; Trips and Williston, N.D.
Box 50A holds 377 slides from 1964 to 1970. These slides feature images from Bill Shemorry’s trip to Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden from June 17 to August 4, 1964. Other trips with images are aerial views from Minneapolis to San Diego in December 1969, a birthday party in Washington, and from Rancho La Puerta, Mexico in January 1970 are in this box. Images also include things from Williston, N.D. such as the Williams County Agriucltural Experiment Station, Williston swim meet during August 1968, and Band Day from May 1969.

50B Slides 246 slides; Trips and Williston, N.D.
Boxes 50B consist of 246 slides from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The slides feature images taken during Shemorry’s vacations to Mexico, Honk Kong, and Glacier Park. Other topics consist of Williston Band Days, on May 16, 1970, 1971, and 1973. Shemorry also made slides of historic newspapers, which are also in this box.

50C Negatives 289 negatives; World Newspaper Study Mission, May 1967
Box 50C retains 19 folders with a total of 289 film negatives and 7 photographic prints from Shemorry’s World Newspaper Study Mission in May, 1967. Images include people, street scenes, buildings, and fire departments from the Taj Mahal, Calcutta and New Delhi, India; Russia, Saigon in South Vietnam, Taipeh in Tiwan, Hawaii and Kitty Hawk in the United States, Tokyo in Japan, Tehran in Iran, and North Vietnam.

51A Negatives; 51B Negatives 140 folders, 2,932 negatives; Williams County, Williston, N.D. area
Box 51 comprises 140 folders of 2,932 negatives (120mm and 35mm film) and 24 prints. The majority of these negatives deal with the Williston area, specifically Williams County, N.D. Topics vary from parades, retirements, anniversaries, sports events, aerial views, oil wells, old settlers, festivals, portraits of people, 4-H and other clubs, the armory, and festivals. Once the negatives were fully processed they did not fit back into one box, and were split into two boxes with folders 1 to 92 in box 51A and folders 93 to 140 in box 51B.

52A Negatives; 52B Negatives 7,202 negatives; Williston area, 1963-1977
Box 52 contains a total of 7,202 film negatives, 1 screened negative, and 1 print that were loose or in 37 rolls of negatives, which date from 1963-1977. These negatives cover topics about life in the Williston, N.D. area, mainly emcompassing basketball team portraits, games and tournaments, Band Day parades, group portraits, Centennial and 4th of July celebrations. Folders 1 to 25 are in box 52A, and folders 26 to 39 are in box 52B.

53 Negatives 154 envelopes of negatives; Shemorry’s indexed Negatives #656-810
Box 53 contains Shemorry’s indexed envelopes of negatives, numbers 656-810. The negatives are divided into the following series: 1939-1940 photos (continued), Farmer’s Press envelope index (continued), newspaper photo files, and miscellaneous indexed files: antique cars, Chamber of Commerce, March of Dimes, Community Chest, Red Feather, Cancer, Christmas features, Crazy Days and Dress up, crime, Halloween, Sons of Norway/Norwegians, and news features. These envelopes hold negatives and some prints especially from Shemorry, Farmers Press and some from Williston Herald.

54A Negatives; 54B Negatives 209 envelopes, 938 negatives: Shemorry’s indexed negatives #811-909, 1000-1090
Box 54 stores 209 envelopes with a total of 938 negatives (most are 4x5), and 106 prints. Topics written and divided by Shemorry include pets - animals – birds; politics – pouticos; post office; telephone features; weather – weather bureau; and Veterans, Company E, Company L, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and American Legion. About ¾ of the box focuses on the military topics, with many negatives and prints from China and India during World War II and troop’s on their way home after World War II.

54C Glass Plate Negative 1 glass plate negative; Soldiers
Box 54C holds 1 broken glass plate negative in a holder, of soldiers marching, # 54-64-1.

55A Negatives; 55B Negatives 6,450 negatives; Life in the Williston, N.D. area 1965-1977
Box 55A and box 55B comprise of 6,450 film negatives which had been in 34 rolls and 1 pile of loose negatives, and date from 1965-1977. Most of the rolls are labeled as either an event and / or year. Major events include Tioga Farm Festivals, parades, basketball games, anniversaries, Santa Claus, and Band Day parades. Folders 1 to 20 are in box 55A and folders 21 to 35 are now stored in box 55B.

56 Negatives 337 images; WWII, China and Tibet
Box 56 retains a total of 337 images in 125 envelopes, of which 273 are film negatives and 64 are photographic prints. These images were part of Shemorry’s indexed negatives from his work in the 164th Signal Photograph Company during World War II: #1131-1184 dealing with China in 1944, and 2001-2105 dealing with Tibet in 1945. There is a listing complied by Shemorry of the Tibet negatives, and a handkerchief with a lion or dragon and “China 1944” embroidered on it. Also included is a China Edition of the Press Graphic, Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1944, written by and photographs by Shemorry.

57 Negatives 29 folders, 4,866 negatives; 1966-1973
Box 57 contains 29 folders of which 1 to 27 were rolls of negatives. There are 4,866 film negatives and 1 photographic print in box 57. These images date from 1966 to 1973 and are mostly of events, people, sports, buildings, and businesses of the Williston, N.D. area.

58 Negatives 299 envelopes of negatives
Box 58 consists of ### film negatives that were housed in 299 envelopes and fall into the following series: fires (out of area, State Fire Conventions and schools, Williams & McKenzie Counties, Williston area, Williston Rural), Herald pictures, Miss Williston, water, homecoming, and other queens, oil field, organizations alphabetically O to Y, McGregor, Moose organization, television, Tioga, Trenton, Williston, Winter activities, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, and babies.

59 Negative 1 negative; Clarence Iverson No. 1 well
Box 59 contains one negative of the Clarence Iverson No. 1 oil well on April 4, 1951, the day oil was discovered in North Dakota (FRAGILE).

60 Glass Plate Negatives 7 negatives (5x7): damaged (FRAGILE)
Box 60 includes 7 (5x7) glass plate negatives, which are damaged (FRAGILE). Most of the negatives are unidentified, one is of a group outside a home, and one is of three people standing outside a home.

61A Negatives; 61B Negatives; 61C Negatives 26 rolls, 5,103 negatives; Seattle Worlds Fair 1962 and Williams County, N.D. early 1970’s
Box 61A, B and C comprise of 26 rolls of 35mm and 120mm film negatives, with a total of 5,103 negatives. Once these negatives were processed they did not all fit back into box 61A and Rolls 8, 10, 11, and 14 are in Box 61B, and rolls 15, 18 and 22 are in Box 61C. Most are unidentified, but the majority are from Williams County in the early 1970’s. Topics include local businesses, Halloween costumes, oil wells, basketball games, sports teams, rodeos, wrestling, swimming, Seattle World Fair in 1962, parades, stores, race cars, tractors, and unidentified group portraits.

62A & B Negatives 12 rolls, 4,238 negatives; unidentified
Box 62 has a total of 4,238 negatives which were in 12 unidentified rolls.

63 Drawing and Screened Negative
Box 63 includes two items: first, a drawing “of Mary Shemorry (mother of William H.), Ed, Mary, John and Bill’s grandmother in Pennsylvania. Maybe painted about 1870 or 1975.” The box also includes a screened negative of an oil well which may be the Clarence Iverson #1 Well discovery on April 4, 1951, which Shemorry used for a publication.

64A Negatives; 64B Negatives 19 rolls, 8,881 negatives; 1964-1965, 1970-1972, 1975-1977, majority from Williams County, N.D.
Box 64 contains 19 rolls of unidentified negatives and 16 loose negatives, for a total of 8,881 negatives dated from 1964 and 1965, 1970 to 1972, and 1975 to 1977. Rolls 16, 17 and 18 did not fit back into Box 64 once they were processed and are in Box 64B. These negatives cover many topics, including football, baseball, and basketball games, rodeos, parades, anniversaries, plays, people speaking to audiences, portraits of people, aerials, and local businesses. Most of these negatives were taken in Williams County, N.D. and are on 120mm and 35mm film.

65 Photograph Collection Files and Prints Williston Centennial and Norway Tour
Box 65 contains various files regarding the Williston Centennial and Norway tour. The folders contain research, newspaper clippings, programs, meeting minutes of the Centennial Committee (Commission) [1984-1987], a budget of the Centennial Committee, brochures, invitations, a program from the Williston area Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet [1987], “suggestions for researchers and writers of Williston’s history” by Ben Innis, correspondence, an advertisement for the Williston Centennial belt buckle, ideas and draft for Williston Herald Centennial edition, materials from other Centennials (Devil’s Lake, Steele County, Roughrider Days), a draft centennial logo, program from the Williston Centennial Air Show, an envelope of prints from the Norway trip, and newspaper paste-ups with prints attached.

66 Prints 55 prints; Williston’s Company E in Louisiana and 1966 Band Day parade
Box 66 stores a photo of Williston’s National Guard Company E marching in Louisiana during World War II and 54 photographic prints of the 1966 Band Day Festival parade.

67 Negatives 3,714 negatives; Williston area, N.D.
Box 67 consists of 3,714 negatives that are in 15 folders, folders 1 to 14 were rolls of unidentified negatives, and folder 15 were the loose negaties in the box. These negatives show life in the Williston, North Dakota area including sports such as baseball, basketball and swimming, oil wells, group portraits, individual portraits, people modeling clothing, parades, events, and other scenes.

68 Prints 11 folders; Oil and Williston
Box 68 accommodates 11 folders with a total of 138 prints, the majority relating to oil or Williston, N.D. Also included are a few paste-ups for publications, copies of newspapers, newspaper clippings, a notepad, and a letter to Bill Shemorry.

69A & B Prints 225 prints; Norway trip, fires, Williston, oil and Tioga, N.D.
Boxes 69A and 69B store a total of 225 photographic prints in 13 folders. Folders 1 to 7 are in box 69A and folders 8 to 13 are in box 69B. These prints are organized into the following topics: Bergen, Norway, Divide County Pioneer Village, fire action at Wright airport, fuel tanks, truck HQI of Little Muddy Bridge, Bill Ashton barn 1956, Borrud’s Bakery 1966, residence east 2nd Street William Shyrock, residence east Broadway William Shyrock, Nash Finch and Farmer’s Union Grain Terminal Elevator 1954, Farmer’s Union Grain and Supply 1958, and Western Fruit Express Ice House 1961; oil celebrations, oil, 30th Anniversary Celebration, Tioga and Williston Oil Refinery.

70 Prints 178 images; Oil in North Dakota
Box 70 contains 178 images, 5 are screened negatives and 173 are photographic prints, relating to oil in North Dakota. Within the box are old time photos used in paste-up for oil anniversary publication, published materials on oil including information on the new Standard Oil Mandan Refinery and petroleum, newspaper clippings, articles and layout designs, prints of oil wells, drilling rigs, oil workers, construction of pipelines, local buildings and trucks, aerial views including of Tioga, N.D., refineries, and the Tioga Gas Plant, a map, and images used by Shemorry in his book titled Mud, Sweat & Oil.

71 Prints 77 prints; Miscellaneous - Williston, N.D.
Box 71 consists of 77 old time and miscellaneous oversized prints, most are 11 x 14 inches. Subjects within box 71 are: Old time pics, steam tractor scenes, iron lung, Moose fire, Williston clown band, Lana Herreid Miss North Dakota in 1971, Williston Municipal Band, fire scenes, two Lewis & Clark bridges, fires, a bison, basketball, plowing, aerial views, loading coal into a train in Calcutta, India in 1944, dance recital, aluminum drive, Williston Concert Band, Boy Scout paper drive, view of semi circle of tractors, first aid training, Elk Lodge, Sweetheart Bakery, South Main Street 1947, Great Northern Railroad employees help fight fire in Paramount Oil Bulk Plant, near cement elevator 1948, Sweeney Bros. Million Dollar Way 1953, Gauthier Dairy north of Williston in 1947, garage on West Broadway, lightning started fire in Montana Dakota Utilities gas distribution center 1954, Youth Center on 5th Avenue East 1956, Minot Builders Supply Warehouse 1948, and Fire Chief Bus McCrory resigns and is honored with presentation of watch.

72A Prints and Negatives 155 images; Guadalcanal & 164th Infantry history; Williston and Zap, N.D.
Box 72A retains a total of 5 folders which hold 155 images, with 12 being photographic prints and 143 being negatives. Also included is a folder on the history of Guadalcanal and the 164th Infantry during World War II, and a metal plate used for printing with a faint image of an aerial view of a city. Images consist of the Zap-In at Zap, N.D. in 1969, a few early images taken by Pasonault, boxing, a large group outside, John Shemorry in a meeting, Roosevelt & New Deal parade, soldiers leaving on a train, and an aerial view of the State Line Rodeo in 1949.

72B Glass Plate Negatives 3 negatives (5x7); Early N.D.
Box 72B contains 3 glass plate negatives (5x7”) showing the ruins of the oil jail in Williston, N.D., the 1st Troop NDRR outside school building, and a gathering of people by a house probably all from the early settlement period of North Dakota.

73 Prints 153 prints, 8 folders; Old-time / Williston
Box 73 includes 8 folders with a total of 153 photographic prints and 3 screened negatives, mostly on old time and Williston, N.D. Topics included within the box are: autos, Bill and Corinne, “fish story,” inside Greengard Store, Hamlet basketball team, locomotive, men at pub, news clipping, North Dakota farm scene near Tioga, old time, and Retail Merchants Association of North Dakota, Williston, N.D.

74A Prints 9 folder, 218 prints; Oil related
Box 74A consists of a total of 9 folders with 218 black and white photographic prints and 6 screened negatives all related to oil. Prints range from the 1950s to 1970s and are of oil rig drilling, oil wells, oil men and refineries located in Mandan, Tioga, and McGregor (Hunt, TXL, and Amoco).

74B Prints 2 folder, 33 prints; Oil related
Within box 74B there are 18 pages of oil related paste-ups for publication in The Plains Reporter, with a total of 33 photographic prints all related to oil and oil wells.

75A Glass Plate Negatives 22 boxes, 258 slides (1 ¾ x 2 ⅜): Northwest Williston
Box 75A consists of 22 boxes of 1 ¾ x 2 ⅜” glass plate negatives. The slides are all of northwest Williston, and the inventory is at both the box level and at the individual slide level.

75B Glass Plate Negatives 8 boxes, 88 slides (1 ¾ x 2 ⅜): Northwest Williston
Box 75B consists of 8 boxes of 1 ¾ x 2 ⅜” glass plate negatives. The slides are all of northwest Williston, and the inventory is at both the box level and at the individual slide level.

76 Glass Plate Negatives 38 negatives (5x7): Wildrose Glass Plate Negatives from Mrs. Dr. McCoy
Box 76 includes 38 (5x7) glass plate negatives of Wildrose, North Dakota. The negatives were given to Shemorry by a Mrs. Dr. McCoy. 28 of the glass plate negatives also have a print made from the negative in this box.

77 Prints and Negatives 26 folders; Pasonault and hospitals
Box 77 retains 26 folders with a total of 588 items, of which 436 are photographic prints, 142 are negatives, 5 are screened negatives, and 5 are copy prints from newspapers. Topics found within the box are of businesses and activities such as parades, 4-H, sports, reunions, a car accident, and aerials from Williston, Tioga, and Grenora. There are negatives and prints by photographer J.E. Pasonault and Pasonault family history research. Also included are images from the Good Samaritan Hospital, Wittenberg Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, this includes a ca. 1928 booklet on Mercy hospital and school of nursing.

78A Glass Plate Negatives 27 negatives (5x7): Epping, N.D.
Box 78A contains 27 (5x7) glass plate negatives of Epping, North Dakota.

78B Glass Plate Negatives 39 negatives (4x6)
Box 78 B includes 39 (4x6) glass plate negatives which are broken into three main series: first, family portraits & groups, second, horse & buggy, school, and man riding motorcycle (April 1917), and finally, family groups and men with horses (1918). Each series represents an original smaller box, and the three are combined into box 78B.

78C Glass Plate Negatives 40 negatives (4x6)
Box 78C contains 40 (4x6) glass plate negatives which are divided into three main categories: first, young man, roof blown off barn, and horse and buggy (February, April, May and June 1917), second, man on horse, and horses pulling two-wheeler (November 1918, February and March 1919), and finally, road building, new car, grain shocks, Zollbergs (April, May, June 1920). Each category represents an original (smaller) box, and the three original boxes are combined into box 78C.

78D Glass Plate Negatives 39 negatives (4x6)
Box 78D is comprised of 39 (4x6) glass plate negatives, which are divided into three categories: claim shacks and school, Fairview Left Bridge and sod barn (August and September 1917), and groups and woman on horse (November and December 1915). Each category represents an original (smaller) box, and the three are combined into box 78D.

78E Glass Plate Negatives 37 negatives (4x6)
Box 78E contains 37 (4x6) glass plate negatives, all of which fall into three categories: military negatives and steam threshing machine close-up, second, September and October 1917, and March 1918, and finally people in Model-T and bull. Each category represents an original smaller box, and the three are combined into box 78E.

78F Glass Plate Negatives 36 negatives (4x6)
Box 78F consists of 36 (4x6) glass plate negatives, which are organized by three categories: first, horses pulling sleigh, horses pulling wagon, homestead family, and hens and chickens, second, neighbors of Holbergs and groups (April, July, August, and November 1923; May, June, July, August, October, and November 1924), and finally, crowd with oxen and wagon, cowboy with chaps and gun (November 1917, March, April and June 1918). Each category represents an original smaller box, and the three are combined into box 78F.

78G Prints and Negatives 150 images; Copies of magazine covers and artwork
Box 78G consists of 150 items, 28 color photographic prints (4 x 6” and 3½ x 5”) and 122 color 35mm film negatives all of magazine covers from the 1930s-1940s, and artwork. There are a few handwritten notes about the images.

78H Glass Plate Negatives 28 negatives (4x6): June-August 1919
Box 78H comprises 28 (4x6) glass plate negatives. Negatives numbered 1-13 are dated June and July, 1919, and negatives 14-28 date from July to August, 1919. Each category represents an original (smaller) box, and the two are combined into box 78H.

78I Glass Plate Negatives 37 negatives (4x6): Lewis and Clark Bridge, Model-T Ford and Cook car, threshing scenes, 1926-1928
Box 78I includes 37 (4x6) glass plate negatives. Negatives numbered 1-28 were originally boxed and categorized as Lewis and Clark Bridge, Model-T Ford and Cook car, and threshing scene (February-May 1926, July-September 1927, and February, July and September 1928). Slides 29-37 were boxed with no identifying information. Each category represents an original smaller box, and the two are combined into box 78I.

79 Disks Shemorry’s indexes
Box 79 consists of Shemorry’s indexing system on disks.

80 Prints Pasonault (oversized)
Box 80 is comprised of oversized Pasonault prints and original photographs, as well as Shemorry’s computer index of material stored on disks.

81A Glass Plate Negatives 8 negatives (4x6): Williston, North Dakota
Box 81A consists of 8 (4x6) negatives of Williston, North Dakota.

81B Glass Plate Negatives 6 negatives (4x6): Williston, North Dakota
Box 81B consists of 6 (4x6) negatives of Williston, North Dakota.

82 Humidified Prints 2 encapsulated (flattened) prints; unidentified aerial proofs
Box 82 contains two unidentified aerial proofs that were each humidified, flattened, encapsulated in mylar, and housed between two pieces of acid-free cardboard.

83 Humidified Prints 5 encapsulated (flattened) prints; unidentified aerials and unidentified group of people
Box 83 includes five prints that were each humidified, flattened, encapsulated in mylar, and housed between two pieces of acid-free cardboard. Four of the prints are unidentified aerial proofs and the fifth print is of an unidentified group of people, taken by Heymann, F.P.S.A in Chicago, Illinois.

84 Photograph Collection Files 22 folders;
Box 84 consists of a variety of publications that feature articles and photographs by Shemorry, as well as booklets created by Shemorry about news stories, Civil Defense, anniversaries, a friend’s birthday and biographies of Williston settlers. Also within box 85 are a copy of a William H. and Emma Shemorry homesteading pin, and a 1911 publication promoting the Williston area.

85 Photograph Collection Files 25 folders;

86 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 4 folders;

87A, B, & C Sports Programs
Box 87A holds 20 folders; Box 87B holds 12 folders; and Box 87C holds 10 folders

88 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 10 folders; WWI and 1974 Band day
Box 88 accommodates 10 folders with many topics including prints of the El Rancho Motel and Williams County sports teams and players, an article draft titled “This Coming Saturday is the 82nd Anniversary of the end of World War I,” 28 WWI or National Guard camp negatives, 1 postcard titled Life in our Army, Field Mess, and maps of The St. Mihiel Salient, WWI. There are also 3 screened negatives, 2 pages of photos, and 75 photographic prints, most of the 1974 Band Day parade.

89 Negatives 26 rolls, 2,638 negatives; Old time copies
Box 89 holds 26 folders which contain a total of 2,638 negatives, of 35mm and 120mm negative film that used to be in rolls, and most were housed in metal or plastic canisters. These rolled negatives have been fully processed, cut, put in archival sleeves and numbered. The majority of these negatives are “Old Time Copy Negatives” which are copies, positives, of film negatives which are images of old time photographs. There are also negatives of Williston aerials, Williston’s 75th Anniversary Celebration parade in 1962, Band Day 1983, Wildrose, Williston Coyotes Girls Basketball tournament from 1976, the 1983 Tioga Farm Festival, and portraits of the Sheriff’s personnel.

90 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 10 folders;

91 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 6 folders, 44 prints; Wildrose, N.D.
Box 91 contains 6 folders with 44 photographic prints. Items in this folder mainly focus on Wildrose, N.D. with some information on or from Williston, N.D. Copies of telegraphs and letters, listing of old time Wildorse photos, draft article about Wildrose, prints of firemen, parades, group portraits and basketball, as well as newspapers and copies of newspaper articles all are found within this box.

92A Photograph Collection Files and Prints 6 folder, 79 images; NW North Dakota
Box 92A consists of 73 photographic prints, 1 negative, 4 screened negatives, and 1 postcard to equal 79 images within 6 folders. Subject matter is materials on Shemorry’s books; Alexander, McKenzie County and Old Settlers Picnics; Grenora Fire Department and fires; American Legion history and Barnacle Bill; 1st rocket to the moon; and prints from Northwestern North Dakota.

92B Prints 673 images; Williston Area and travels
Box 92B accommodates 21 folders with a total of 672 photographic prints and 1 postcard. These images are mostly color prints, with images from the Williston, N.D. area from 1978 to 1985, Arizona from 1978 and 1979, the Pacific Coast line from 1978, and Las Vegas from sometime around 1978 to 1985. Topics include aerial views, businesses, houses, water skiing, flowers, scenic landscapes, sunsets, St. Joseph’s Church bell tower, farms, carnival at night, Bill Shemorry’s daughters Gay and Jan with their husbands and sons, and an abandoned wagon.

92C Prints 212 images; N.D., Arizona and Las Vegas
Box 29C retains a total of 8 folders with 212 color photographic prints. These images are from the Williston, N.D. area from about 1979 to 1985, Arizona from 1978 to 1985, and Las Vegas from about 1978 and 1979. Topics covered include cactus, a Native American pow-wow, the Grand Canyon, aerial views from Arizona, Alexander Old Settlers Picnic, Stady a ghost town, and the Mondak / Snowden Bridge across the Missouri River in N.D.

93A Slides 293 slides; Shemorry’s world travels
Box 93A holds a total of 293 slides in 18 sheets of sleeves. These slides are from Shemorry’s world travels including French Polynesia, Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, dated from February 23, 1968 through April 4, 1968, and England dated from May and June 1971.

93B Slides 143 slides; Shemorry’s world travels
Box 93B retains a total of 143 slides in 8 sheets of sleeves. These slides are from when Bill Shemorry traveled to Scotland and England with his daughter Jan and sister Mary C. Shemorry. The slides had been housed in four trays with some identifiying information, and are dated from May 24, 1971, through June 20, 1971.

93C Screened Negatives 25 images, 3 folders; Williston, N.D. area
Box 93C comprises of 3 folders with 22 screened negatives and 3 copy negatives. These images mostly pertain to the Williston, N.D. area and Williston history. Also included is a newspaper article clipping that matches a screened negative and some notes on envelopes and paper about ordering images from Nash Finch.

93D Screened Negatives 68 screened negatives; Oil
Box 93D houses 68 screened negatives used for printing the Williston Oil Reporter (1979-1980). These screened negatives are mostly of oil topics including oil wells and people, there are screened negatives of whole pages of the Williston Oil Reporter and also full Nostalgia articles. Original negatives are not included in this box. Screened negatives have been left loose in the box, however archival paper has been put in between each screened negative so they are not touching.

93E Screened Negatives and Equipment 2 folders;
The Northern Review, February 1904 (screened negatives for publication and copies of publication) and equipment (screens for publications).

94A Photograph Collection Files, 10 folders, 208 images; Railroads Prints and Negatives
Box 94A retains 10 folders with 107 photographic prints, 90 negatives, 2 screened negatives, and 9 postcards, for a total of 208 images. The main topic of this box is railroads including the Silk train, railroad engines, train accidents, railroad images used in Shemorry’s book Lost Tales of Old Williston, steam railroad prints, draft articles, research, information from the Great Northern Railway Historical Society, railroad prints taken in China, and prints of the first train into Zahl, N.D. in 1916.

94B Photograph Collection Files, 7 folders; Railroads Prints and Negatives

94C Photograph Collection Files and Prints 7 folders; Railroads

94D Prints and Negatives 22 folders; Negatives (5x7 and 8x10) and prints

94E Negatives 199 negatives; Railroads

95 Photograph Collection Files 35 folders; Williston Fire Department and area Fire Departments

96 Artifact 1 shirt; Shemorry’s shirt
Bill Shemorry’s orange shirt, possibly worn for parades for the Williston Fire Department

97 Photograph Collection Files 7 folders; Williston Fire Department and area fire departments

98A & B Photograph Collection Files; North Dakota Firemen’s Association, Annual Convention programs
Box 98A holds 8 folders and Box 98B holds 6 folders

99 Photograph Collection Files 30 folders; Williston Fire Department fire calls

100 Photograph Collection Files 23 folders; Williston Fire Department fire calls and minutes

101 Photograph Collection Files 7 Williams County Firemen’s Association envelopes and 21 award ribbons
Box 101 contains seven Williams County Firemen’s Association envelopes, 21 award ribbons from the 1st Annual Williams County Firemen’s Picnic – Epping Lake, August 1, 1948, and the 4th Annual Williams County Firemen’s Picnic – Brush Lake Resort, Grenora, on August 5, 1951.

102 Photograph Collection Files 15 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association, state and area fire departments

103 Photograph Collection Files 15 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association, state and area fire departments

104 Photograph Collection Files 4 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association invoices, cancelled checks and financial reports
Box 104 contains four folders from Aug. 14, 1948 through April 5, 1952, each containing one year’s worth of Williams County Firemen’s Association invoices, cancelled checks and financial reports. Also included are information on annual events, such as invitation cards to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Annual Fireman’s Picnic’s and 1st, 2nd, and 4th place ribbons for different events and games.

105 Prints and Negatives 630 images, 27 folders; North Dakota
Box 105 holds 27 folders with a total of 630 images, of which 153 are film negatives, 476 are photographic prints, and 1 is a slide. About half of these photographic prints are black and white images taken of old-time pictures, or early images, most originally taken near Williston, N.D. in Williams and McKenzie Counties. The other half are negatives and prints, some dealing with old time images, and others are color images of antique cars, a steam engine, WWII paintings, tokens, stock certificates, soldiers, and copies of old color posters and magazines. Generally these images are from North Dakota, with a few dealing with WWII soldiers and Kunming China.

106A & B Prints and Negatives 550 images; Montana and North Dakota
Box 106 accommodates a total of 550 images, of which 161 are film negatives and 389 are photographic prints. Images cover a board array of topics from all over North Dakota and around Culbertson, Montana including old buildings, oil wells, aerial views, copies of old time pix, parades, Culbertson trail ride, car shows, threshing bee and antique show, marching bands, parade floats, and unidentified people. Other than the copies of old / early pictures the images range from the 1960s to 1985, and the majority of the photographs were printed in 1979 and 1980. Box 106A holds folders 1 to 14 and 31 to 42 while Box 106B holds folders 15 to 30 which are all prints.

107 Prints 440 prints; Williams Co. and old time pix
Box 107 retains a total of 440 photographic prints and 46 film negatives that were in 17 groupings or envelopes. Images in this box generally fit into two categories, Williams County, North Dakota and what Shemorry labeled old time pix. Prints and negatives regarding Williams County were taken or printed in the 1970’s and 1980’s and include topics such as Culbertson trail ride, rodeo, oil wells, parades in Williston, Tioga Farm Festival and Williston girls basketball. The old time pix include black and white prints of old photographs mainly of portraits, farming, homesteading, and early Williston and Wildrose, as well as some brown and white prints including some older Asian photos.

108 Prints 273 items; Photograph album of the North Dakota Firemen’s Association
The contents of box 108 were all together in a photograph album. They have been taken out, sleeved in archival sleeves, and numbered in the same order. Box 108 contains 273 items, 1 is a Bill Shemorry Photograph business card, 271 are photographs, and 1 is a newspaper clipping, all dealing with fires and the North Dakota Firemen’s Association Conventions, specifically the 1912 and 1984 conventions both in Williston, N.D.

109 Photograph Collection Files 20 folders; WWII files

110 Photograph Collection Files 8 folders; Phil Jackson
Box 110 stows a total of 8 folders with information and images of Phil Jackson, a basketball player from Williston, N.D. Included are copies of newspaper articles, letters, charts, diagrams, 27 prints, three Williston Plains Reporter newspapers on Phil Jackson, 15 screened negatives, prints from screened negatives, page layouts, and two copies of the book titled Phil Jackson The Man with the Longest Reach by Bill Shemorry with layouts and screened negatives included inside.

111 Photograph Collection Files 103 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission materials, April 30-May 31, 1967

112 Photograph Collection Files 87 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission materials, April 30-May 31, 1967 (continued)

113 Photograph Collection Files 14 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission newspapers and clippings
Box 113 accommodates newspapers, magazines, newspaper clippings and newspaper articles that Shemorry pulled together in regards to his World Newspaper Study Mission in 1967, put together in 14 folders. Newspapers include The Christian Science Monitor from 1967, 1968, and 1974; The Forum, The Pontiac Press, The Minneapolis Star, The Sioux City Sunday Journal, and Print-Equip News. Magazines include THE WEEK from 1967 and 1968, and Morning Pioneer – Weekender Magazine, 8/26/1967. “Russia Revisited” published in 1969, and “Just In Passing, Around the World in 32 Days” printed in 1967, are the newspaper articles clippings.

114 Photograph Collection Files 8 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission materials, April 30-May 31, 1967 – Poland

115 Photograph Collection Files 27 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission materials, April 30-May 31, 1967 – Russia

116 Photograph Collection Files 23 folders; World Newspaper Study Mission materials, April 30-May 31, 1967 – Japan

117 Photograph Collection Files 10 folders; China – WWII

118 Photograph Collection Files 11 folders; China and miscellaneous (post WWII)

119 Prints 171 prints, 24 folders; WWII & China
Box 119 stows a total of 171 photographic prints within its 24 folders. All of these images are of: portraits of Bill Shemorry, military personnel in China, Shemorry’s friends Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Yuan in China, Chinese landscapes, and images taken of soldiers, Shemorry’s army friends and Shemorry himself, during camp and training in the USA including at Fort Crowder, Missouri and with the 164th Signal Photo Company on maneuvers near Nashville, Tennessee. Most of these images seem to have been sent home to Bill’s family, mainly his sister Mary Shemorry, and taken from 1943 to 1945. About half of these prints have some information written on the back, and there is also an envelope, note, and picture frame in this box.

120 Artifact “Mary” stamp in Chinese and two keys
Box 120 holds four items, two of which are small unidentified keys. There is also a small case with a sliding lid which holds a stamp that says “Mary” in English and Chinese.

121 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 10 folders; Williston and Norway
Box 121 retains 10 folders of files with a total of 73 photographic prints and 19 screened negatives. Topics include spring fashion pictures for the Williston Plains Reporter, information on the Congregational Church in Williston, information on books and historical work done by Bill Shemorry, fire department notes and information, Norway trip of 1975, and other paper work regarding the Williston, N.D. area. These items and images range from the years 1914 to 1989, however the majority are from the 1970’s.

122 Newspapers 2 newspapers; Williston Basin Oil Reporter
Box 122 contains two copies of the newspaper Williston Basin Oil Reporter Commemorative Edition, A Tribute to Oil’s 50th Anniversary, August 5, 2001

123 Newspapers 53 issues; The Williston Petroleum Picture
Box 123 stows 53 issues of the newspaper The Williston Petroleum Picture: A Photographic Review of Oil Activities in North Dakota all from the 1980’s.

124 Newspapers 8 issues; The Williston Petroleum Picture
Box 124 retains 8 issues of the newspaper The Williston Petroleum Picture: A Photographic Review of Oil Activities in North Dakota all from the 1970’s.

125 Newspapers 14 issues; The Williston Petroleum Picture
Box 125 holds 14 issues of the newspaper The Williston Petroleum Picture: A Photographic Review of Oil Activities in North Dakota all from the 1960’s.

126 Newspapers 31 issues; The Williston Petroleum Picture
Box 126 stores 31 issues of the newspaper The Williston Petroleum Picture: A Photographic Review of Oil Activities in North Dakota all from the 1950’s.

127 Photograph Collection Files Newspapers and magazines (1915-1993)
Box 127 contains full newspapers, individual pages from newspapers, and copies of newspaper pages. There is a full Life magazine as well as a few other magazine articles. On top are newspaper listings for World War II Era, which is the scrapbook in box 220, and Vietnam from May 1967, which is for the scrapbook in box 221. Articles cover a range of topics including World War I, World War II, North Dakota Guard Company E, and the China, Burma, India Theatre. The dates of publications on the items in box 127 range from 1915 to 1993, with the majority between 1915-1920, 1939-1945, and 1960-1973. Included is a “Nostalgia” article by Bill Shemorry titled “War ended with cheers and messages,” which was originally printed in The Williston Herald on August 15, 1945, and reprinted in Dakota View on August 15, 1985. Another article of interest is “Ed Shemorry is wounded,” which was published in the Herald on August 22, 1918.

128 Photograph Collection Files Book Covers

129 Photograph Collection Files 2 books;

130 Photograph Collection Files 5 items; Miscellaneous oversized

131 Photograph Collection Files 5 items; 1914 Williams County Atlas, copies of newspaper clippings
Box 131 encloses 5 oversized items including a 1914 Williams County Atlas, and 4 homemade booklets of paper copies old photographs and newspapers. Topics of these copies include biographies and features, Williams County History, old and early day photographs from 1887 to 1915, Williston history, and other miscellaneous copies of newspaper articles.

132A Photograph Collection Files and Prints 58 folders; Oil

132B Prints 100 items; Williston Basin Energy Festival
The contents of box 132B were all together in a photograph album. They have been taken out, sleeved in archival sleeves, and numbered in the same order. Box 132B contains 100 items, of which 95 are photographic prints of the Williston Basin Energy Festival taken on Saturday, June 27, 1981. The other 5 items consist of Williston Basin Energy Festival event programs and a Thank You letter to Bill Shemorry from Rich Rolfstad and Doug O’Neil Co-Chairmen for the festival.

133 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 63 folders; Oil

134 Photograph Collection Files 25 books

135A Photograph Collection Files 7 folders; World War II
Box 135A contains 7 folders of newspapers, copies of newspapers, office files, and 1 print all dealing with World War II and Service Men’s Herald and auxiliary publication of the Williston Daily Herald.

135B Microfilm 1 roll; Service Men’s Herald
Box 135B stows 1 roll of microfilm, a duplicate of the State Historical Society of North Dakota’s Roll 16392, of the Service Men’s Herald, an auxiliary publication of the Williston Daily Herald, of Williston, N.D. on World War II, published from 1943 to 1945. These newspapers are also together in a book titled “Service Men’s Herald: Williston Men & Women During W.W.II.” - it’s WorldCat call number at SHSND is 940.409784 S4913 1989.

136 Photograph Collection Files 25 items; Photography materials (loose)

137 Prints 27 prints; Williston Farm Service Company Grand Opening
Box 137 houses 27 sleeved photographic prints of the Williston Farm Service Company’s Grand Opening. Images show both the interior and exterior of the shop building, employees, tractors, farm equipment and machinery, display shelves with merchandise and parts, farmers and other people.

138 Photograph Collection Files 6 folders; Oil newspaper clippings (1950s)
Box 138 retains a total of 6 folders that consist of newspaper clippings from 1949 to 1954, however the majority are from 1951 and 1952 and related to Oil. There are at least 26 clippings from the Minot N.D. Daily News, 22 from the Fargo Forum, 20 from the Williston Daily Herald, and at least one from each of the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, the Press Graphic, and the Williams County Farmers Press. Clippings cover a variety of topics, however most focus on Oil including mineral rights, Amerada, the Williston Basin, oil pipelines, drilling, Tioga, Ray, Math Iverson, Hunt Oil, and Williston.

139 Photograph Collection Files 26 folders; Oil
Box 139 contains 26 folders of office files with 11 photographic prints and 2 screened negatives. Topics include oil wells, drilling derricks, progress in the oil fields, and history of oil in the Williston Basin. Items include copies of newspaper articles, newspaper clippings, newsletters, magazine articles and other publications on oil related topics, Melvin Montgomery’s obituary; and research, copies of information about a trip and correspondence of Robert L. Demaree.

140 Artifacts 3 name tags; Williston Basin Energy Festival II

141 Photograph Collection Files 7 items; Great Northern Railway
Box 141 holds 7 items dealing with the Great Northern Railway and Pete Z. Kiomas including a rule book, official dues receipts, a check, poor tax receipt, certificate of examination, and unemployment card.

142 Photograph Collection Files, Prints and Negatives 9 folders; Aviation and railroad

143 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 10 folders; Aviation and railroad materials (continued)

144 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 7 folders; Aviation materials (continued)
Box 144 stows a total of 7 folders of Aviation materials. Within these 7 folders are 22 prints, 9 negatives of 120mm film, and 6 screened negatives. Included topics are the Williston Municipal Airport, Aviation Day in May 1983, and research on Edna Coulter.

145 Photograph Collection Files 4 folders; “Phoenix – 1980 folders, etc.”
Box 145 retains 4 folders with information gathered in Arizona in 1979 including letters, booklets, brochures, pamphlets, press releases, newspaper clippings, and advertising.

146 Photograph Collection Files 12 folders; A-Z Article Drafts

147 Photograph Collection Files 5 folders; A-Z Article Drafts (continued)

148 Photograph Collection Files 67 folders; Brochures and magazines (loose)

149 Photograph Collection Files 28 folders; Newspapers (Williston area)

150 Photograph Collection Files 12 folders; Newspapers (Williston area) (continued)

151 Photograph Collection Files 10 folders; Newspapers (Williston area) (continued)

152 Photograph Collection Files 6 folders; Miscellaneous printing and publishing materials (loose)

153 Photograph Collection Files 7 folders; Miscellaneous printing and publishing materials (loose)

154 Photograph Collection Files Publishing materials (continued)
Box 154 contains a three ring binder of Metro’s Magic Mortices, shapes used for sales and advertising in publishing. At the back of the binder are AD Sparkers #3 index and pages, used to make everyday advertising inspirational and dynamic while saving time.

155 Sports Programs 9 baseball programs; (loose)

156 Photograph Collection Files 9 folders

157 Photograph Collection Files 8 folders

158 Photograph Collection Files 16 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association

159 Photograph Collection Files 5 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association (continued)
Box 159 holds items dealing with the Williams County Firemen’s Association, specifically two books of checks and a ledger from their account with The American State Bank of Williston, Williston, North Dakota, a financial statement, and notes and a list of programs for the annual meeting of the Williams County Firemen’s Association. William E. Shemorry is listed as Treasurer and Secretary Treasurer in these documents.

160 Photograph Collection Files 5 folders; Williams County Firemen’s Association (continued)

161 Prints 216 items; Oil, Williston area & Band Day
Box 161 holds a total of 216 items, comprising of 214 sleeved color photographic prints, most 4 x 6”, and 2 size 35mm negatives. Topics vary, however most of these color photographs deal with oil wells, gas plants, aerial views, Williston area, McKenzie County, parades, and Band Day celebrations. Images date from 1979 to 1982.

162 Prints and Negatives 62 envelopes; Oil, Williston area and Band Days

163A & B Prints and Negatives 1,130 images; Oil wells, Williston area, local businesses and people
Box 163 comprises of 99 envelopes with 1,008 film negatives, 120 photographic prints, and 2 slides for a total of 1,130 images. These images are from the years 1953, and 1978 to 1988. Topics include churches, farms, aerial views, local businesses and people of the Williston, N.D. area, Bill and Gloria (Glo) Shemorry, oil wells, University of North Dakota – Williston, McFarlin wedding, Basin Glass, Herb Kane and female geologists, trucks, refineries and a crop fair. Box 163A holds envelopes 1 to 59 and box 163B holds envelopes 60 to 99.

164 Negatives 71 envelopes; Oil and Williston area

165 Negatives 72 envelopes; Oil, Williston area and Band Days

166 Photograph Collection Files 58 folders; Williston Plains Reporter financial statements (1980s) and Ole Axehandle articles, drawings, and drafts

167 Photograph Collection Files 25 folders; Art work from printing impressions, miscellaneous line artwork, some screened illustrations, clippings, index of Williston area fires, Best Little Stories of the 20th Century, research and publications

168 Photograph Collection Files 12 folders; Miscellaneous publications

169 Photograph Collection Files 52 folders; Maps, brochures and pamphlets

170 Prints 200 prints; Arizona and North Dakota
Box 170 holds a total of 200 sleeved, color photographic prints, all 4x6” or smaller in size. This box has a fairly miscellaneous mix of prints; however they all are from Arizona or Williams and McKenzie counties in North Dakota. Topics include buildings, aerials, Fort Buford, Watford City, N.D., and red clouds. Images from Arizona include flowers, a movie set, steam trains, a flood, Frank Lloyd Wright house, and a pickup on fire in Phoenix.

171 Prints 264 prints; Oil and aerial views, N.D.
Box 171 stores a total of 264 sleeved, color photographic prints. The majority are 4x6” in size and were taken in Williams or McKenzie Counties, and Williston, N.D. Topics include oil wells and oil workers, aerial views, baseball and local Williston businesses.

172 Prints 256 prints; Oil and aerial views, N.D.
Box 172 retains a total of 256 sleeved, color photographic prints, all 4x6” or smaller. These prints are from the Williams County and McKenzie County areas, and cover oil and aerial views with topics such as oil wells, gas plants, oil rig workers, and businesses.

173A Prints 123 prints; Oil wells and Exposition
Box 173A contains 123 sleeved, color photographic prints dealing with oil, all 4x6” or smaller. There are images from an International Petroleum Exposition that Bill and Gloria “Glo” attended, aerial views of oil wells, and oil wells at sunset.

173B Prints 250 prints; Miscellaneous travels & N.D.
Box 173B stows a total of 250 sleeved, color photographic prints dealing with a variety of topics from the years 1978 to 1981. Group portraits, travels, oil wells, flowers, aerial views, businesses, and events in the Williston area are all included in these images.

174 Photograph Collection Files, Prints and Negatives 10 folders, 111 images; Libraries and James Memorial Library, Williston, N.D.
Box 174 retains 10 folders with files, 48 photographic prints, 61 negatives, and 2 screened negatives for a total of 111 images. Files include draft articles, newspapers, copies of newspaper articles, magazines and other research materials pertaining to librarians, a bookmobile, and libraries, especially the James Memorial Library in Williston, N.D.

175 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 11 folders; N.D. oil related items
Box 175 stores a total of 11 folders containing files, catalogs, 138 photographic prints, 1 screened negative, and 34 negatives. Items include Tioga’s 25th Anniversary of the Discovery of Oil prints, a Farm Festival screened print, Petroleum Picture August 1967-August 1969 prints, oil related newspaper clippings, drafts of oil related articles and photographs that were printed in the newspaper, art work or small illustrations for Mud, Sweat & Oil, a few oil well negatives, oil field novelties catalogs and a letter from Guy Huey Promotions, and the 1983 BTS catalog.

176 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 3 folders; Aerial prints & girls basketball
Box 176 consists of 3 folders with a total of 78 prints, 5 screened negatives, newspaper copies, article drafts, cutlines, a program and other files. Items consist of 55 aerial photographs from the 1940s and 1950s, and North Dakota girls basketball from 1974 including the 1974 Williston High School Coyotes girls basketball championship game.

177 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 41 folders; Newspapers: Progress in the Williston Basin (supplement to WPR and Williston Herald), 1983 and Dakota View (with “Nostalgia” column “beginning to end, some missing”); Phoenix 1980 clippings, brochures, receipts; Green metal cabinet (aviation related)

178 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 45 folders; Newspapers: Progress in the Williston Basin (supplement to WPR and Williston Herald), 1983 and Dakota View (with “Nostalgia” column “beginning to end, some missing”); Phoenix 1980 clippings, brochures, receipts; Green metal cabinet (aviation related) (continued)

179 Photograph Collection Files 19 folders;

180 Prints 105 prints; Williston area 1930s-1960s
Box 180 contains 105 sleeved photographic prints and pages, most are from the Williston, N.D. area during the 1930s through 1960s, and cover many subjects.

181 Prints 75 prints; 1940s-1960s
Box 181 holds 75 sleeved 8 x 10” prints. These photographs range from the 1940s to 1960s and cover an array of topics, all from the Williston, N.D. area.

182 Prints and Negatives 822 images; Williston area, 1985-1987
Box 182 retains 42 envelopes with a total of 822 images, of which 725 are 35mm film negatives and 97 are photographic prints. Topics in the box include the Williston airport, birthdays, weddings, Rec Center dedication, wedding anniversary, Cardiac Capers and local businesses from Williams County. Images were taken between 1985 and 1987, from Williston and Williams County with at least one scenic print from Arizona.

183 Prints and Negatives 730 images; Williams County, 1984-1987
Box 183 contains a total of 730 images of which 92 are photographic prints and 638 are 35mm film negatives. These images were taken from 1984 to 1987. Major topics include Lawrence Lindvig farm aerials, Trenton bus accident, Trenton school aerials and dedication, Lohse family, Bowling Hall of Fame winners, a wedding, Terry Smith oil well, and the Ray Grain Palace Festival parade.

184 Prints and Negatives 534 images; Williston area, ND 1982-1986
Box 184 stows 534 images with 190 being photographic prints and 344 are negatives. Images are dated from 1982 to 1986, and contain topics such as aerial views, Williston Band Day parades, oil wells in Williams County and McKenzie County, Alexander Old Settler picnic and parade, Williston Reunion, Memorial Day, and the Wildrose 75th Anniversary parade.

185 Photograph Collection Files 95 folders; Pioneers biographies; North Dakota History – Williston Plains Reporter and Front Page News clippings; Little Muddy Optic artwork; Old-time North Dakota newspapers; Churches; Correspondence; Map of McKenzie County (by Shemorry) and research

186 Photograph Collection Files 43 folders; Pages from The Type House, Christmas, newspaper clippings, Publishers Idea Exchange, Williston Chamber of Commerce, businesses, people, article drafts, negatives and prints

187 Prints and Negatives 222 items; World War II & Williston area
Box 187 retains a total of 222 items, of which 85 are prints, 135 are negatives and 2 are newspaper clippings. Images consist of World War II soldiers and transportation ships, scenic winter landscapes, copy negatives of early Williston area, Shemorry family, Luzon Café, copy negatives dealing with WWII, and Jan Shemorry Lee family making a sand box. There are other images dealing with the history of the Williston area as well as images from China such as Chinese artwork, plowing with oxen, and the exterior and interior of a temple in China.

188 Prints and Negatives 167 items; World War II & Williston area
Box 188 holds a total of 167 items which breaks down into 20 prints and 147 negatives. Topics include wheat, football, meetings, aerials, a mock wedding, Writing Rock, American Legion, airplanes – including airports and accidents, Native American pow-wow, Williston Relay Team, Bill Shemorry family doing various things and old time Shemorry images; and a Merry Christmas from China image. Items range from the years 1908 to 1974 with the majority from 1941 to 1961.

189 Prints and Negatives 70 images; Shemorry and Williston, N.D.
Box 189 consists of a total of 67 negatives and 3 prints that were in 12 envelopes. These items cover topics such as Bill Shemorry at the Press-Graphic and receiving an award, the Shemorry family, Farmers Press staff party, Shemorry’s cat Missy, an airplane crash and Sloulin Field International Airport.

190 Tintype 1 tintype; Four men – either Shemorry or Gundrum old-timers, late 1800s

191 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 18 folders; Wars
World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Spanish American war publications, newspaper and magazine clippings and notes

192 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 3 folders; History of Williams County
Box 192 stores 3 folders with a total of 36 prints and paperwork such as notes, draft articles, copies of articles, images, charts and maps all dealing with Shemorry’s research on the history of Williams County Electric Cooperation and the founding and geological surveys of Williston, N.D.

193 Photograph Collection Files, Prints and Negatives 7 folders; American State Bank and Tom Davidson
Box 193 retains 7 folders with a total of 365 negatives, 24 prints, 1 slide and paper work. The majority of these items pertain to the American State Bank of Williston, N.D. also included is research, images of, articles and drafts about the Davidson men including William “Bill” Smith Davidson Sr. President, W.S. Davidson Jr. VP, and Tom Davidson.

194A Prints 15 folders; Mud, Sweat and Oil prints
Box 194 houses 15 folders of handwritten notes on old envelopes, 74 prints most with page numbers on the back, and 3 screened negatives all for Bill Shemorry’s book Mud, Sweat and Oil. (First printing of book put in box 194B).

194B Photograph Collection Files 208 pages; Mud, Sweat and Oil first print
First printing of Mud, Sweat and Oil: The Early Years of the Williston Basin by Bill Shemorry, 208 pages. (was with prints that are now in box 194).

195 Photograph Collection Files 15 folders, 96 items; Norway trip, 1975
Box 195 contains 15 folders with 96 items consisting of notes, maps, hotel menus, business cards, agendas, brochures, receipts, and postcards from Shemorry’s Norway trip.

196 Photograph Collection Files 16 folder; Norway band tour, 1970
Box 196 retains 16 folders with a total of 46 items, most from the Williams County Band Tour of Norway in May of 1970. Included are travel brochures, programs, student listings, magazines, booklets, hotel menus, and the Norway Tour Band 1970 itinerary.

197 Photograph Collection Files 20 folders; Miscellaneous
Box 197 retains 20 folders which house 24 photographic prints and 1 negative as well as office files with topics including an Index of Williston Area Fires and fire departments, “The Best Little Stories of the 20th Century,” USS General Brook ship, Williston High School sports and reunions, Coach Joseph Patrick Cutting, and World War I.

198 Prints 6 photographs; Baseball and football team portraits, Joseph P. Cutting
Box 189 retains 6 sleeved photographic prints of early 1900s baseball and football team portraits from Wisconsin, North Dakota and Washington.

199 Prints 25 photographs; Baseball and football team portraits, Joseph P. Cutting, Williston High School
Box 199 stows a total of 25 sleeved photographic prints of Williston High School football team portraits, and one team portrait of the Williston Orioles, most have a cardboard mat frame and some information. Team portraits range from the years 1909 to 1935.

200 Photograph Collection Files 68 “Nostalgia” articles of the Williston Basin Oil Reporter; Upper Missouri Historical Expedition of 1925 invitation
Box 200 contains sixty-eight “Nostalgia” articles written by Bill Shemorry published in the Williston Basin Oil Reporter from 1979 to 1984. Also in this box is an invitation for J.M. Donahue to the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition memorial celebrations of 1925. This document is signed by the Governor of the State of North Dakota, Governor of the State of Montana, Superintendent of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Librarian of the Historical Society of Montana, Superintendent of the Minnesota Histor-ical Society, and the Superintendent of the Department of History, State of South Dakota.

201 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Fire Department scrapbook
Box 201 contains a scrapbook with an image of lady liberty on the cover. On page 1 is a ribbon that says, “We’re from Williston, Our hose is wet – how is yours? 43rd Annual Convention, N.D. Firemen’s Association, Harvey, N.D. June 7-9 – 1927.” Pages 2 through 8 have 23 pictures of firemen and buildings on fire or after a fire. Three Volunteer Civilian Defense Enrollment cards, which ask for a person’s information, experience, type of duty or training desired, and has the pledge on page 8. After page 8 the rest of the 36 pages are blank, and at the very end is a pass that says “Admit One Smorgasbord, New Williston Armory, Friday, June 6, 1958 – 6 P.M. North Dakota State Firemen’s Convention.”

202 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 249 images, 16 folders; Williston Fire Dept, area fires and fire departments
Box 202 retains a total of 16 folders with 249 images, of which 232 are prints, 1 is a postcard, and 16 are screened negatives. Items dealing with fires, the Williston Fire Department, other ND fire departments, fire school, conventions and firemen, and range from the year 1912 to 1999.

203 Prints 71 prints; Fires and fire departments
Box 203 accommodates 71 sleeved photographic prints pertaining to fires and fire fighters. Most images are 8 x 10” and are of buildings on fire during the night or day, firemen’s portraits, spraying water through fire hoses, fire trucks, rubble and burned buildings, early fire trucks, fire damage, firemen in action, and aerials with smoke.

204 Prints 63 prints; Fires and fire departments
Box 204 encloses 63 sleeved photographic prints relating to fires and fire departments. Most of these images are 8 x 10” and cover areas such as fire convention group portraits, firemen’s picnic, firemen’s convention events, parades and speakers; a fire prevention week sign, early fire engines, people, grain elevators on fire, fire demonstrations, buildings on fire, fire fighters portraits, spraying water through a fire hose, fire trucks, and firemen in action.

205 Prints 103 prints; Fires and fire departments
Box 205 retains 103 sleeved photographic prints mostly 8 x 10” and relating to fires and fire departments in Williams County. Images consist of fires in buildings, an oil well, grain elevators, and vehicles; fire damage, fire chiefs, people trying out water hoses, new fire trucks, group portraits of unidentified people, and aerial views with fire and smoke. Also included is an image of Governor William Guy with North Dakota city officials.

206 Prints 193 prints; Fires and fire departments
Box 206 incorporates a total of 193 sleeved photographic prints, 5 x 7” or smaller. Most of these photographs fall under the topics of fires and fire departments with images of fires at night, portraits of men, fireman in a flash suit, water hoses, fire damage, group portraits, firemen, aerial views of fires, automobile fires, and buildings on fire.

207 Negatives 28 folders, 440 negatives; Williams County Fire Departments and fires (1964-1985)
Box 207 holds a total of 440 sleeved negatives, both 35mm and 120mm film, and 28 sleeved photographic prints, all relating to Williams County Fire Departments and fires. Dates of images range from the year 1964 to 1985, with the majority of the images taken from 1978 to 1982. Topics include awards, fire equipment, portraits of firemen and people, fire engines in parades, Williams County fire departments, the new (1982) Williston Fire Hall, conventions, fires, and a policemen-firemen baseball game.

208 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 32 folders, 423 prints; Basketball, Band Day and Japanese fire balloons
Box 208 retains 32 folders of correspondence, research, newspaper copies, and a total of 423 prints, 10 screened negatives, 3 slides and 1 film negative. Most folders relate to high school basketball in North Dakota especially Williston; Band Day planning, bands, correspondence, the parade, and pictures; and research, copies of articles and FBI reports about Japanese fire balloons dropping in North American and North Dakota around 1945.

209 Photograph Collection Files and Prints 10 folders, 13 prints; Miscellaneous
Box 209 accommodates 10 folders with a total of 13 photographic prints of the post office, Miss Williston and an oil well. There are other miscellaneous topics including early 1900s history in Williams and McKenzie Counties, copies of early newspapers, maps of North Dakota and China, and research and drafts about the Wild Cow Railroad. There is also advertisement for Bill Shemorry’s books Photo 100 and More Lost Tales as well as copies of Shemorry’s books Photo Norge and The Williston Plains Reporter Report on Russia: Report on Iran: Report on Asia: Report on Poland: By Bill Shemorry.

210 Screened Negatives 82 screened negatives and 8 prints; Full newspaper pages, articles, and images
Box 210 houses a total of 82 screened negatives and 8 photographic prints. There are screened negatives of full newspaper pages, newspaper images and articles, and images. Because of the size of full newspaper pages a phase box was created to specifically fit.

211 Photograph Collection Files 5 folders; Newspapers, Williston area
Box 211 holds 5 folders of newspapers, newspaper clippings, and copies of newspaper articles including some in folders by topics. Major topics include Aviation such as the Williston airport, Booster issues, Williston Commercial Club, business histories, Williston Chamber of Commerce, and newspapers that include articles and 10 photographic prints in a collage by Shemorry.

212 Photograph Collection Files 9 folders; Early Williston history, Williston research and drafts of articles
Box 212 consists of 9 folders mainly dealing with research, newspaper clippings, drafts of articles and cut lines, and 14 photographic prints. Topics of items include early Williston history, City Council and City Commission presidents, Williston Chamber of Commerce, and Williston Commercial Club.

213 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; The Williston Basin Oil Reporter, “Nostalgia” articles, and other items by Bill Shemorry
Box 213 holds one 126 page scrapbook containing articles and photographs published in the Williston Basin Oil Reporter, an insert to the regular newspaper. There are many “Nostalgia” articles, written by Bill Shemorry, which were a feature in each issue of the Oil Reporter. Items in this scrapbook were published between 1979 to December 1983, with articles looking back at oil in the basin in the 1950s, 1938 and even 1916. The scrapbook also contains a few newspaper clips of advertising for Bill Shemorry photography. Two whole Oil Reporter newspapers are included on pages 48 and 78. Also included on page 67 is the Oil and Gas Pocket Reference booklet.

214 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Old Settlers Picnic scrapbook of newspaper clippings
Box 214 contains a 19 page scrapbook on the old settlers of Williams County Old Timers Picnic at Epping-Springbrook Dam. There are newspaper clippings on the Old Timers Picnic from the Williston, N.D. Herald and the Williston Plains Reporter from August 1954 to 1959. Also included are newspaper articles on the Old Timers Baseball Game from 1956 and 1957. An invitation from The American State Bank of Williston and a letter from The American State Bank of Williston’s President W.S. Davidson to Katheryn Erickson for opening the Old Timers Fund are included as well.

215 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Volume 1, Newspaper articles, majority “History Remembered” by Bill Shemorry
Box 215 holds a 114 page scrapbook, plus some loose newspapers. This scrapbook contains numerous newspaper articles and clippings, the majority are “History Remembered” and “History Remembered with Pictures” articles by Bill Shemorry, other articles written by Shemorry, photographs taken by Shemorry and printed in newspaper articles, and articles on area fires and fire departments. Most articles that are dated are from 1978 to 1982, however, there is one article dated from each year of 1931, 1932, and 1943. Newspaper clippings of interest include articles on an eclipse on Feb. 26, 1979, on page 97, Edmund H. Shemorry receiving medals from WWI on page 99, and pictures from the files of Bill Shemorry ‘We Salute the veterans of Vietnam!’ on page 86.

216 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Plains Reporter Volume 2, “History Remembered” by Bill Shemorry
Box 216 is comprised of one 119 page scrapbook titled Plains Reporter Volume 2, May 1982, to December 1983, with articles by Bill Shemorry such as “History Remembered,” other history, photographs and advertisements. An alphabetical listing of “History Remembered” articles by Bill Shemorry from May 1982 through December 1983 with titles and page of the articles in the scrapbook is on page 2. Book 2 of the Plains Reporter starts from May 5, 1982, and includes “History Remembered,” various photos printed in the newspaper, features, Ole Axhandle articles and other pertinent items. Some full newspapers of the Reporter from this time period, and one full newspaper of a TV and Entertainment August 9-15, 1980, Arizona’s “Fort Huachuca rich in history” (which has photographs by Bill Shemorry) newspaper are also included.

217 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; “Nostalgia” stories by Bill Shemorry from 8-2-1984 to 8-14-1986
Box 217 retains one scrapbook of issues of the Dakota View, a weekly entertainment supplement to the Williston Daily Herald. An alphabetical listing of “Nostalgia” stories (articles) by Bill Shemorry that were published in Dakota View from August 2, 1984, to August 14, 1986, is included on top.

218 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Oil newspapers
Box 218 stores one 100 page scrapbook of oil newspapers, newspaper clippings and other oil related publications dealing with the Williston Basin. The items in the scrapbook range from July 1950 to October 1981, with the majority between the years 1951 to 1953 and 1979 to 1981. There is one newspaper that has a copy of a front page from 1927 published in it. The only photograph is on the cover page along with it is a torn two page inventory listing by general topics for the scrapbook.

219 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Second Annual Oil Discovery Day, Williston, N.D. 1953
Box 219 comprises one 58 page scrapbook of photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, a button, and other materials from the Second Annual Oil Discovery Day, which was held in Williston, North Dakota, on April 18, 1953. Included are eighteen photographs plus five loose sleeved reprints. There are three parts to the scrapbook, Publicity, Hospitality and Information, and Comments.

220 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; World War II era newspapers compiled by Bill Shemorry
Box 220 contains one scrapbook of 54 full newspapers from China, United States of America and India during and about World War II. Shemorry compiled a listing of the newspapers which is loose on top of the scrapbook, with the name of the newspaper, date published, page number, and article title of interest all listed. The inside of the cover has a print of a sketch of a man sitting in the jungle reading the Williams County Farmers Williston Press, with a title of “Japs on Run,” and a 164 Signal Photo Co. box and photograph equipment next to him, it is dated CHINA ’45.

221 Scrapbook 1 scrapbook; Newspaper Study Mission Around the World, Vietnam Era May 1967, compiled by Bill Shemorry
Box 221 consists of one scrapbook titled 1967, Newspaper Study Mission, Poland – Russia – Iran – India – Thailand – Vietnam – Gulf of Tonkin – Taiwan – Hong Kong – Japan – Okinawa – Hawaii; Bill Shemorry, Williston, N. Dak. This scrapbook is compiled from the files of Shemorry containing his publication of The Williston Plains Reporter, Report on Russia:, Report on Iran:, Report on Asia:, and Report on Poland:, as well as full newspapers related to Shemorry’s world newspaper study mission in 1967. Shemorry compiled a listing of the 66 publications with title, date, and article of interest for each; this is on top of the scrapbook.

222 Artifacts 2 items; Copper coin and pin
Box 222 stows a Chinese copper coin that is about the size of a quarter. It says Tai-ching-ti-kuo Copper Coin, with a picture of a dragon on the backside. This coin looks very similar to a 10 cash Hupei Dragon copper circular coin that was first issued in 1906. This coin was found loose in Box 187 with negatives 187-20-1 to 187-20-25, the coin was removed and put in this artifacts box. A pin or tack was found stuck through a piece of paper in Box 46 with negatives, it was removed and put in artifacts box 222.

223 Negatives – DAMAGED 12 negatives; Damaged negatives- freezer
Negatives with acetate decomposition need to be stored away from undamaged negatives. The base material of these negatives is chemically unstable and once deterioration begins the products (gases) encourage more deterioration in items nearby, this is also called “Vinegar syndrome” because of its distinctive smell. This film should be isolated and properly stored away from other types of images. Box 223 has been moved to cold storage and is located in the freezer in cabinet 8, second shelf from the bottom, and give the SHSND number 770802.40.

224 Artifacts 3 items; License plates and button
Box 224 retains three artifacts, two of which are metal license plates, one for Roosevelt and one for Hoover. Also included is a William H. and Emma Shemorry, Truax Twp. Williams County, N.D. 1907, Homesteaders button. Artifacts all pulled from Box 7.

225 Negatives 4 stacks of negatives; Children and groups
Box 225 holds four stacks of negatives taken by J.E. Pasonault of Williston, N.D. These negatives are of unidentified children, couples and groups of people.

226 Negatives 69 envelopes/containers of negatives
Sports: water and basketball, 1920s and 1940s-1960s

227 Negatives 88 envelopes/containers of negatives
Sports: football, baseball, basketball, sledding, snowmobile, bowling, trap shooting, boxing, hunting, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, 1940s-1960s

228 Negatives 121 envelopes of negatives
Camp Fire girls, Girl Scouts, fashion, back to school, Elks, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Shriners, Churches, 1889 (copy)-1970s

229 Negatives 181 envelopes of negatives
Farming, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Farmers Union, co-ops, and aerial photographs, 1940s-1960s

230 Negatives 285 envelopes of negatives
Aerials, airplanes, pilots, Fall Festival, police, sheriffs, crime, schools, individual files A-Z, basketball, football, school plays, 4-H, scouts, images that need further identification

231 Negatives 45 envelopes/containers of negatives
Football, basketball, individuals, businessmen, face shots for question and answer feature, farming, Boy Scouts, students, 4-H, Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings

232 Negatives and prints 206 envelopes/containers of negatives and prints
Miscellaneous A-Z files, old-time copies, Shemorry family and friends, churches, oil, photos from vacation, 1940s-1990s

233 Negatives and prints 132 envelopes/containers of negatives and prints
Old-time copies, Shemorry and family, friends, Band Day, businesses, activities, Farm Festival, weddings, agricultural, scenics, flowers, photos from vacation, ca 1910s-1990s

234 Prints and negatives 121 envelopes/containers of prints and negatives
Oil, Shemorry family and friends, activities, scenics, flowers, fire department, agricultural, oil, reunions, 1970s-1980s

235 Prints Prints filed by subject, 20 subjects
World War II prints filed along the following topics: Air drop – Rice, ammo, etc.; Air Force – Airfields; American soldiers in China; Chinese soldiers; Chinese customs; Chinese Army training, etc. liaison officers, interpreters; Correspondents and congressmen; End of war – Shanghai; India; Japs – captured – equipment captured; Medical – hospital, dental, wounded; Military police; 164 Signal Photo Co.; Parties, dances, bars; Pipeline – PaleLine Construction; PRO shots of G.I.s; Red Cross; Refugees; Refugees – French – Kweilin; Salween River Front

236 Prints and negatives Prints filed by subject, 2 subjects and 30 envelopes/containers of prints and negatives
World War II prints filed along the following topics: USO – G.I. Stage production and Shemorry, Bill, personal. Also Shemorry family, organizations, businesses, and miscellaneous, 1940s-1992

237 Rolled negatives 78 rolls of negatives
Oil, businesses, agricultural, Shemorry family, old-time copies, UND-W, Williston High School, aerials, WWII, advertisements, sports, bi-centennial, hospitals, miscellaneous, 1940s-1970s

238 Slides 17 boxes/bundles of slides
Aerials, agriculture, fire department, Elks, homecoming, sports, Shemorry family, band day, CBI, Newspaper study mission, 1960s-1970s

239 Slides 19 boxes/bundles of slides
Williston 75th anniversary, old-time copies, newspaper study mission, pow wow, scenics, sports, pages from old newspapers, Norway, dance class, bus wreck, Chengtu, 1940s-1970s

240 Slides 16 boxes/bundles of slides
Williamson slides, Christmas, Ray parade, infra-red, Philadelphia, family, vacation, band day, 1940s-1970s

241 Slides
Loose slides to be processed and identified

242 Photo albums 14 photo albums
Images from More Lost Tales of Old Dakota, firemen’s conventions, Culbertson trail ride, oil, vacation photos from Phoenix, fires, 1970s-1980s

243 Photo album 1 photo album
Leather photo album from envelope labeled “Wes Thomas,” back of album says “Balfour, ND”: images of automobiles, people on farm and outside house, group in front of Williston railroad depot, ca 1910

244 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: scenics in AZ, old-time copies, dishes by Friendship co., house, individuals, parade, aerials, ca 1910s-1980s

245 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: UND-W students, wedding, meetings, mason, individuals, choir, oil, groups, sports, parade, Christmas, celebration, fashion, FFA, 1920s-1970s

246 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: celebration, individuals, students, businesses, fashion, banquet, WWII, ca 1960s-1970s

247 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: individuals, Halloween, sports, cars, awards, dinner, groups, music, advertisement shots, 1960s-1970s

248 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: individuals, children, dinners, businesses, sports, politics, awards, 1960s-1970s

249 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: cookout, post cards, fair, agriculture, organizations, individuals, old-time photos and copies, portraits, 1900s-1980s

250 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: individuals, American Legion, fire department, groups, agriculture, WWII, parades, sports, portraits, ca 1940s-1970s

251 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: children with dogs, businesses, individuals, dancing, sports, houses, celebrations, ca 1940s-1960s

252 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: individuals, businesses, automobiles, sports, groups, 4-H, ca 1940s-1970s

253 Prints and negatives 16 envelopes/containers of prints and negatives
5x7 and smaller, fires, 1960s-1980s

254 Prints and negatives 20 envelopes/containers of prints and negatives and loose prints
5x7 and smaller, fires, fire department, conventions, 1980s

255 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: firemen’s convention, ca 1980s

256 Prints and negatives 4 envelopes/containers of prints and negatives and loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: Williston Volunteer Fire Department, Red Milner’s last night before resigning; Borstad fire east of Williston; Blacktail dam fire department; Fire at Norby well near Charlson; Loose prints of firemen’s convention, fire department, and firemen, 1980s-1992

257 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 5x7 and smaller: individuals, oil, old-time copies, businesses, parades, Mercy Hospital, UND-Williston basketball players’ portraits, ca 1910s-1980s

258 Prints Loose prints
5x7 and smaller, along the following subjects: individuals, portraits, parade, bridge, aerials, hospital, American Legion, groups, old-time copies, UND-W, prints from newspapers, WWII, ca 1900s-1970s

259 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: individuals, fishing, guns, businesses, meeting, parades, bands, construction, sports, agriculture, ca 1960s-1970s

260 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: meetings, groups, newspaper, agriculture, children, awards, businesses, aerials, 1940s-1970s

261 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: groups, construction, churches, Elks lodge, aerials, sports, meetings, automobiles, parades, businesses, agriculture, ca 1960s-1970s

262 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: children, plays, All-American cities, sports, portraits, celebrations, bands, businesses, fashion, aerials, ca 1960s-1970s

263 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: rolled prints, swimming, groups, children, agriculture, sports, businesses, awards, ca 1960s-1970s

264 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: children, sports, REC parades, ca 1960s-1970s

265 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: businesses, individuals, celebrations, anniversaries, organizations, Native Americans, sports, agriculture, 1960s-1970s

266 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 8x10 and smaller: individuals, agriculture, interiors, businesses, furniture, churches, schools, hospitals, 1960s-1970s

267 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 9x12 and smaller: oil, agriculture, Miss National Spring Wheat, groups, meetings, businesses, aerials, Drum and Bugle Corps, banquet, portrait, 1940s-1970s

268 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 9x12 and smaller: sports, individuals, plays, fashions, celebrations, Scouts, aerials, students, awards, hunters, agriculture, ca 1960s-1970s

269 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 11x14 and smaller: groups, meetings, dinners, page from unidentified photo album, Rich Mahar photographs, students, events, ca 1940s-1970s

270 Prints Loose prints
Prints, 11x14 and smaller: Probably images used in exhibits (matted): trains, aerials, businesses, bands, old-time copies, boating, carnival, ca 1900-1980s

271 Prints 16 identified prints and unidentified
Prints, 11x14 and smaller: individuals, organizations, Missouri River ice jams, agriculture, cityscape, buildings, children, Co E. Rifle Team 164th infantry, students, actresses and businesses, ca 1910s-1920s

272 Prints 4 prints
Prints, 16x20 and smaller: Great Northern Hotel, Sundly (Sundy) family, early 1900s

273 Prints Loose prints
Rolled, damaged prints

274 Office files 41 files
Miscellaneous, including: Shemorry books, energy, organizations, Norway, research for articles, artwork, aviation, photo index, teacher’s register, Shemorry articles, notes, miscellaneous prints, Shemorry books and calendar, photo descriptions and cutlines, and correspondence

275 Office files Loose publications
Publications and printed material (loose) along the following subjects: church anniversaries, sports, band tournament, city/town anniversaries, Christmas issues, organizational reports and programs, cattle auctions and sales, energy, WWII publications, atlases, Shemorry publication, and miscellaneous

Oversized Panoramic Photos 18 photographs

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