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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 237

Box 237

1 Seismograph crew, oil
2 Building Red Owl in Williston; Amerada Camp, Tioga; Mound in Lake Sakakwea before water up
3 Culbertson threshing bee, 1969
4 Glo Shemorry with guitar
5 Mud, Sweat and Oil cover
6 Old-time photos (copies), probably Shemorry- Gundrum family
7 Unidentified (several rolls together)
8 Coins, badges?, American study mission
9 “Copies,” unidentified
10 UND-W exterior, and dedication (with Bill Guy)
11 Old-time copies, individuals, groups, airplanes, sports, misc
12 Swimming, Harmon Park, queen candidates
13 Shemorry personal: kids, cats, etc.
14 Old time copies, sports, publications
15 Old lady and son, threshing at Springbrook
16 Misc.
17 Williston High School class of 1932 reunion, 1987
18 Culbertson Threshing bee and steam reunion, 1960s
19 Airplane and aerials
20 Old time copies
21 Old time misc. copies
22 Students performing bicentennial play, 1976?
23 Indian dancers, etc (white tub)
24 Congregational Chuch
25 Shemorry house?
26 Tommy Davidson’s kids in front of Christmas tree
27 Unidentified man in field
28 Copies, WWII
29 Advertisements, Borrud’s Bakery, Missouri Valley Milk, and First National Bank
30 Copies, WWII
31 State basketball tournament, headless player, Fort Yates, 1969
32 Political convention, amateur shows, etc. about 1968
33 Welcome home 2nd, Epping basketball team at state
34 Boxing - ? and big fish, sidewalk sale probably Crazy Daze, kids in library, conservation queen, Monty Montgomery, Ray Bahner and oil, Fortz Raymond, swimming, 1950s-1960s
35 Snow plow built by city removes snow; Auseth, attorney; Bertie Kinstler beauty operation; fashion photos; car runs through Husky Service window; presentation with exercise bike; Sitting Bull Auction under construction; banquet in Tioga? High School gym; Choir in Junior High School auditorium; Northwest Federal new building construction; Colonial Shop sign; golden wedding; beet harvest at Trenton; Cummins Diesel building; Coop market employees; National Guard; 25th wedding anniversary, 1964-1965
36 Copies from Plains Reporter (fashion, back to school, etc.)
37 Threshing with separator
38 UND-W
39 Williston bicentennial group in Norway, special negatives, 1976
40 Downtown Williston business places, 1960s
41 Features: little girl and Christmas tree; Teacher and student cover shot, McVay School; Coyote basketball team; band trio; girl on horse; Alamo basketball; Tioga girl with saxophone – cover shot; businesses
42 Old-time Williston, need intensifying
43 Jaycee awards, Paul Harvey
44 Elvin Larson portrait; champion golfers; 1976 boat on Missouri; beet harvest, Trenton; Northwest Music Store, Williston; Teton basketball; copies of paintings; drowing at St? Ford; cross Missouri River and house on barge; flood at salt plant
45 Probably UND-W queen candidates
46 Bicentennial group in Norway, 1975
47 Bicentennial group in Philadelphia, July 1976: Washington, D.C., Smithsonian, Air-Space Museum, 1976
48 Williston American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps in Norway, 1976
49 Fuller retires mound
50 Back to school fashion photos, 1967
51 Old time photos including McKenzie County Railroad construction
52 State political convention, 1966-1967
53 Good Samaritan Hospital addition, Mrs. Albert E. Flathead
54 Rodeo, State Line
55 Dead body, Tioga; man in jail; Atol – cop; Thomas Shea? In jail, 1967
56 Lily Wilkinson, E. J. Hagan, Robb – drums, Bertie’s Beauty, CC awards, Fritz Raymond – oil, antique saddle, Tommy at Westland Refinery, Fort Buford, Epping band, cover girl with saxophone, BPW awards, 1966-1967
57 Jan Hornstein; J. B. Lyon; Cub Lyon; Lyon store; Mrs. Ladies Store; King and horses, 1964-1965
58 Present flag to Prairie View Apartments; Rodeo; store windows; Christmas basketball; houses; Bathing beauty press office; Street shooting
59 Fashions
60 ? and REC Directors, December 1976
61 Grenora parade, Case car
62 Aerial: UND-W construction, water tower construction, Tioga, 1966-1967
63 Skelly Truck Stop
64 Unidentified
65 Unidentified
66 Unidentified
67 Unidentified
68 Unidentified
69 Unidentified
70 Unidentified
71 Unidentified
72 Unidentified
73 Unidentified
74 Unidentified
75 Unidentified
76 Unidentified
77 Unidentified
78 Probably a Band Day parade

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