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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 16

Box 16

1 Historical Background: The Lion magazine November 1981, newspaper clippings on early Williston and Dunn County’s 75th Anniversary 1983; Copies of pages from a book; copies of newspapers on miners etiquette, and Williston – Downtown Renewal 1970, Minot DN; and handwritten notes
2 Wrestlers, State Line Night Club, Bainville, Montana; copies of newspaper pages Wrestling Men-Women, 5 prints, c. 1950s
3 Williams County Centennial Book, New Citizens to ND - 1 print
4 Williams County officials ousted – copies of The Williston Herald newspaper clippings from 1912, March 1938 to Feb. 1939
5 County Division – Williams –Divide, 1908; copies of newspaper articles from 1908 -1911 and listing of Temporary Officers for Divide County from the Williston Herald 12-14-10
6 Williams County Centennial Memoirs, Misc notes – handwritten notes, Williams County Story – Notes Roughly in Chronological Order from 1898 to 1955, information from newspaper articles, listing of Williams County courthouse negatives, list of items to be researched, and a Chapter Outline for History of Williams County
7 Williams County - history and description; copies of newspaper articles and from 1898, 1900, 1904, and 1952s, and copies of pages from a book
8 Williams County Courthouse 1955 dedication – 3 prints, copies of newspaper articles from 1955, and notes
9 Williams County Courthouse personnel – copies of newspaper articles from 1900, 1910, 1921, 1938, 1951 and 1954; handwritten notes, list of Candidates, and drafts of Shemorry’s article titled The Old, Red Brick Courthouse
10 Williams County Logos - centennial logos of various sizes
11 Williams County Centennial Memories; The Legacy of Erastus Appleman Williams for the Williams County Centennial 1891-1991; Logos; all 3 courthouses; artwork file for Williams Co. – 21 prints
12 Williams County Court Decisions - pages from book, court judgments, 1912-1939
13 Williams County Historical Society – handwritten notes, list of public school employees, newspaper clipping, typed and written history, correspondence with Elmer H. Halvorson and Epping Buffalo Trails Museum, 1950s-1970
14 Williams County Mill Levies – charts and data from 1951-1990
15 Wildrose: Montrose –Paddington- McCullough; 1 print of Stefonowicz & punching bags
16 Wheelock Band, 1 print, handwritten notes, newspaper clipping, and copy of a newspaper article on a Wheelock bank robbery; 1926-1927
17 Wildrose pix – 13 prints (A.M. Thompson), Albert M. Thompson bio, notes, 1909-1970s, (print 204-57 matches cropped print 16-17-8)
18 Wildrose, Old Time, A.M. Thompson Studio – copies of newspaper articles, 27 prints (A.M. Thompson), 1909-1938
19 Williston Basin Promotional Materials – Williston, N.D. brochures, pamphlets, Northwest ND 1989 and 1988 Visitors’ Guides, and an Upper Sakakawea Country 1989 ND Visitors Guide
20 Williston Magazine –front cover layout design drafts, draft logos
21 Williston Anecdotes – copies of newspaper articles and research, 1892-1915
22 Williston 75th Anniversary: articles for the “Know Your North Dakota” Series published in 1960 and 1961
23 Williston 50th Anniversary – 1 photographic print of the Wisker Club from 1889 to 1939, Statehood Days Golden Jubilee, Williston, N.D., and a copy of a newspaper ad for Crispettes from the Glass Confectionery Store from 1915
24 Wildrose Golden Jubilee – Full newspaper of The Williston Herald published Tuesday, June 28, 1960
25 Wildrose, 1951 ND Basketball Champs – copies of newspaper articles, 2 prints
26 Woodstock 20th Anniversary - Life Magazine, August 1989
27 Zahl, old time (from Anderson), oxen, homesteading – 18 prints, and 1 photographic post card, excerpt from book
28 Williston, N.D. pamphlets, promotional and for visitors
29 A, pioneer attorneys - draft articles for the Centennial Memoirs of Williams County titled Pioneer Attorneys Helped and a draft of a Nostalgia article on Pioneer attorneys, also draft logos for the Plains Reporter or The Plainsman and a title page for The Edgar M. Boyd Post No. 37 American Legion How We ‘Made It’ Through the Years, 1919-1997 written and compiled by Shemorry
30 B, basketball pictures with 22 prints and 16 negatives; Best Little Stories card; April 1, 1994, Herald article on Dr. Roland Barden; Nels Berger obit in the Sept. 24, 1996 Herald, and Sept 23, 2996 Nels Berger, 110, and North Dakota’s oldest citizen died also in Herald; men’s basketball teams; letter to Shemorry from Dr. E.R. Rownson dated Oct. 9, 1939 about the earlier autom; copies of newspaper articles about Brugger and a bowling alley opened in 1907
31 Barry, Coleman J. – 2 copies of photos, draft article, copies of newspaper articles, 1949-1999
32 Breugger Mercantile Co, 2 stock certificate copies from 1912; copies of newspaper articles including one from 1900; 2 prints of a coin good for 10 cents in merchandise at Bruegger Mercantile Company, Williston, N.D.
33 Band day – The Williston Herald newspaper clippings, 1993, 1994, and 1998
34 Williston Concert Band, 1906, 1 copy print and copy of a newspaper article
35 Band Day, history – 13 prints, including most taken by Pasonault, copies of newspaper articles, information, notes, and copies of Band Day images printed in the newspaper, band set (1984), 1940-1993
36 Band Day 1993 – correspondence from Sandy Gunderson from Grenora, N.D. and residing in Bullhead City, Arizona; newspaper clippings, 1947, 1993
37 Band Day; bands – 40 prints and 26 screened negatives, 1921-1970s Photographic print 88-10-15 matches print 16-37-11
38 Band Festival, 1st - 1927, Hamlet Band - Band day notes, copies of newspaper articles, notes, draft article , 1927, 1993
39 Band Day, history – copies of newspaper articles, draft of Band Day History, 1950, c. 1990
40 C, Coulter, L.V., Civil War Vets Memorial Day, Cowley, Cathy, Congress Ambush, Clinton; newspaper clippings and copies of articles, 1899-1997
41 History of the Formation of North Dakota Counties, by Luella J. Hall – 1923, pages from Collections of the SHSND
42 Rescue articles in the Williston Herald from Sept 1992, March 1966, and article on Dakota Heroes Rod and Joanne Bakken in the North Dakota’s Going Places Magazine from June 1999
43 E, Epping – copy of a The Williston Herald article from July 20, 1916
44 Rescue, airplane, ice, Little Muddy - newspaper clippings and copies of newspaper articles, 10 prints, notes, magazine, 1940-2000. (Print 205-58 same event as print 16-44-5)
45 History of Bob Cory, Newspapers and newspaper clippins 1985
46 F – 2 prints of the 1914 Williston High School football team, and the Williston High School Football reunion in 1947; copies of newspaper articles and newspaper articles about a fire, farm harvest, fight, Frontier Scout, Forseth, Sig, fur company – interview, 1909-1959
47 Teddy Roosevelt Park, McKenzie County - dedication of Visitor Center, newspaper clippings, 1992
48 Williston Fair, Upper Missouri Valley Fair - newspaper clippings, 1994-1999
49 Fair, Upper Missouri Valley – 17 prints, article draft Upper Missouri Valley Fair Origins (Print 10-8-10 crop of print16-49-17; screened print 73-7-15 matches print 16-49-7)
50 G, Gold, Girl Scouts, Grinnell, George - brochure, 4 negatives, cartoons, article drafts Mine Your Own Business, 1910-1980s
51 Gold in North Dakota, Background - book Mineral and Water Resources of ND, list of news articles, Mineral and Water Resources of ND Bulletin 63, North Dakota Geological Survey published in 1973
52 H, Hamlet Basketball, Hold Up pageant- 2 prints taken by Pasonault; and North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains, 1997
53 H, Hagen, Gen., Huset, Ben, Hogen, Roy, horse, Hagan house, horse riders – 9 prints, 1941
54 H – 13 prints: Albert and Lizzie Hinsverk in store, Harold Lloyd promotion; George Harvey, hunters with ducks, hunter with deer, horse, John Haukedahl Wildrose Community leader from the 1950’s, log house, Huidekoper, Harmon park memorial, and Hedderichs float (Print 16-54-1 crop of negative 32A-147-1; print 73-7-28 similar to print 16-54-2)
55 Hoboes - Smith, Floyd Sparky, Hanson, Mark L. Lazarus, Syracuse Rider – Reminiscence magazine from 1994; 1911-1994
56 Hollar “Dad” William O. - notes, copies of newspaper articles, 9 photos including photographic postcards, correspondence, 1904-1987
57 I - history of income tax newspaper clipping, newspaper article copies about irrigation and another about Indians, and draft story about the Federal Income Tax of 1913 written by Shemorry
58 J. Jaycees, copy of newspaper articles including Jaycees Set Talent Stage for Annual Yule Program 1954, and Jaycees go to Minneapolis Acquatennial July, 1951; letter to Shemorry from Bill Jacobsen; and the First State-Wide, N.D. Jaycee Bulletin printed by W.E. Shemorry

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