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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 136

Box 136

1 Book of Kodak booklets
2 Kodak Photographic Notebook: Lighting, Copying (TV), Darkroom, HC-110-Push Proc., Fun with Instamatic
3 Kodak Photographic Notebook: Color, Flash-Filters, Close-up-air-binoculars, composition, 8th Here’s How: Adventures in Existing Light
4 Tech Bits and The Compass binder with notes and other booklets
5 “Misc. Tech. info – copying” binder
6 “Kodak Tech. Bulletins, 1982”
7 “Fire & Arson Photography” (Kodak)
8 Photography, Phil Davis
9 “US Camera’s Everybody’s Photo Course,” Joseph Foldes
10 Kodak Techbits
11 Kodak Photographic Products: 1979-1980
12 Booklet – “Would You Sign Your Name (To That Last Piece of Work You Did)”
13 Petersen’s How-To Photographic Library: Basic Guide to Photography, Equipment: How to Choose and Use it Lighting, Composition, Techniques, Darkroom Work, Selling Your Photos
14 How to Make Money With Your Camera, Ted Schwarz
15 Creative News Photography, Rodney Fox and Robert Kerns
16 How to Make Money in Advertising Photography, Bill Hammond
17 “Kodak Processing Chemicals – Fast-Finder Guide”
18 Kodak Bulletin for the Graphic Arts, 18
19 “Kodak TMAX Professional Film”
20 Kodak TECH BITS Reader Survey
21 “Kodak Data Book On Slides”
22 “Use, Maintenance, and Repair of Professional Equipment”
23 “How to Run A Live Camera Club”
24 “Advanced Camera Techniques for 126 and 35mm Cameras”
25 Miscellaneous small Kodak booklets

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