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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 135 A & B

Box 135A
1 & 2 Service Men’s Herald, Auxiliary Publication of the Williston Daily Herald, 1943; copies of newspapers on archival paper done by SHSND microfilmer and actual newspapers
3 & 4Service Men’s Herald, Auxiliary Publication of the Williston Daily Herald, 1944; copies of newspapers on archival paper done by SHSND microfilmer and actual newspapers
5 & 6Service Men’s Herald, Auxiliary Publication of the Williston Daily Herald, 1945; copies of newspapers on archival paper done by SHSND microfilmer and actual newspapers
7 1 print from 1945 of Japanese soldiers with a cart in China, handwritten notes, and copies of newspaper articles dealing with World War II and the Service Men’s Herald (print 135-7-1 matches negative 54-110-1)

Date of publication – Vol & No – Significant titles on front page of publication for folders 1 to 3
1/18/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 1 – "Petey" Tells of Rest Camp; "Swell Guy" is Beard Tribute; Check's Plane Almost Lost; Saunders Writes from Bermuda Post; Zahl Man Hurt in Africa War; Paper Issued as Free Gift
1/25/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 2 – Local Jungle Fighters; Two Ellingstons in Armed Service; Donald Carlson in Pacific Area; Five Toussaints, One a Girl, in Armed Service; Alaskan Port Not Bad Place; Ensign Borstad is Now in Berkeley; Lots of Wine; Little Food; No Atheists in Foxholes
2/1/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 3 – North Dakota Boys Win Glory Amid Bursting Bombs in Battle on Island of Guadalcanal; Capt. Rockey Tells of Fighting on Island on His Return Home; Second Sloulin Boy Killed in War Action
2/12/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 4 – 164th Infantry, of Which Co. E is Part, Lauded by Secretary Stimson; Serving Overseas Capt. Harvey A. Arnegard; Paper Enjoyed in Puerto Rico; Alaska Sports Prove Popular; Brannon is on Alcan Highway; Zahl Soldier Hurt in Africa; Garaas Enjoys Seeing Arabs
2/22/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 5 – Two Casualties of War are Reported; Trenton and Bainville Men in Service Killed in Southwest Pacific; Serving Overseas PFC Clarence H. Olson, Corp. E. L. Cherry; 3 Sons Serve; Fourth to Go; Big Classes Study Radio in Seattle; Guadalcanal Mail Service is Improved
3/1/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 6 – Serving Overseas Pvt. Maurice A Haugen; Gullickson to be Sub Chaser; 3 Sons are All Cooks and Bakers; Gives His Life St. Sgt. Henry B. Bowen; Dawson Creek Fire Described; Two Torgersons in Air Services
3/15/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 7 – Gaudreau Saw Several Wounded Men of Co. E Recovering Nicely; Wounded Williston Soldier Back from Guadalcanal for Home Visit; Honored Sgt. Lawrence H. Poe; Two Sons Serve in Overseas Forces; Tribute Paid Henry Bowen; Epping Men Come Home on Furlough; One of Five Lt. Josephine Toussaint
3/22/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 8 – Serving Overseas PFC John J. Poeckes; Check Keeps on Raiding Nazis; Lt. Lang Sees 1st Woman on Guadalcanal; T. A. Stenehjems Have 3 Sons In; Former Pals Men in Army School; Serving Overseas Chester E. Amundson S 2-c; Maurice Haugen is in Palestine; Brothers Long Apart Meet in Guadalcanal; Two Fossum Boys in the Service
4/5/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 9 – Co. E. Enjoying Rest on Beauteous Island; Men Can't Tell Where They are but They Write of Pleasant Place; Serving Oversees PFC Arthur W. Kerr; Jones Wins Fight on Boxing Show; Stannard Misses West Point Birth; Capt. Todd is Near to Co. E; Sgt. Kalil Serves with India Army; 4 Vennes Men are in Navy
4/12/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 10 – Japanese Veteran Troops Beaten by Untried 164th on Guadalcanal; Major Crook and Lieut. Moran Tell of Experiences Against Foe; Serving Overseas Clem Conlin; Four Tang Boys in the Service; Silver Star Awarded to Crosby Man
4/26/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 11 – Three Casualties are Added to Local Lists; War's Toll Increases with Reports from Africa and Australia; Serving Overseas Jens Wickum Harter; Graichen Tells of Being Hit by Bomb; 1917 Writing Good in 1943; Tribute Paid Paul Rockstad; Alvin Garaas Has Had 3 Africa Trips
5/3/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 12 – Two Men from this Area Serve in Iran; Army Reveals Transport Job Being Done There and Local Man Are In It; Serving Overseas PFC Clifford Gustafson, Alvin McGrath; Sgt. Weber Suffers Wounds in Action; Cpl. Van Alst Jap Prisoner; Watford City Flier Killed; Army Doing Well in Jungle Region
6/5/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 13 – Father and Sons Robert J. Vennes, A. C. Vennes, A. J. Vennes, John Wesley Vennes; Maj. Lohse Has Honor Award; Corp. McCoy is in Co. E Again; Pacific Isles Hot as Blazes; They're Not What They're Cracked Up to Be Writes Service Man
6/21/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 14 – War Casualties PFC Wm. M. Woolridge and PFC Ardine M. Harstad; Three in Service and Two Helping; Slagle Boys See Co. E Men; Co. E Rests in Beauty Spot; Crosby Man is Given Honors
7/10/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 15 – Honor Award Given Sloulin; Jungle Laundry William L. Craven; Buddy Benth Gets Rank of Sergeant; Cpl. Berg Killed in Africa May 20; Sgt. Weber Got 5 Japs After Being Wounded
– Vol. 1 No. 16 – (Empty means missing issue)
8/23/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 17 – Marine Flays U.S. Strikes; Flying Cross Awarded Bowen; Capt. Check's Death is Told; One Combine Seen in North Africa; Bahner Writes of Co. E. Locale
8/30/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 18 – Letter Tells Iran's Filth; Serving Overseas T-4 Carl H. Jorgenson, Pvt. Lester G. Magnuson, S. Sgt. Leonard Clark, Earl Cherry, Cpl. Oscar Hovland, Sgt. Raymond Hall, Sgt. Orville V. Olsen, John Wilson S 2-c; First Sicily Report Made; Local Men Met in Overseas Station
9/29/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 19 – Good Will for U.S. is Found; Killed in Action 1st Lieut. John Rice; Serving Overseas Roy Leiberg; Sgt. Weber Hurt in Action; Dies in Africa S. Sgt. Clifford Stedem; Serving Overseas Walter L. Olson S 1-c; Sam Thomson Railroading; Cartwright Man Writes in Sicily; Serving Overseas Orrin Christianson
10/30/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 20 – Check Family Gets Tributes; Monkey Becomes Pet of Soldiers; Leonard Clark is Honored in South Pacific; Lyall Lindvig is Now in New Guinea; 3 Co. E Men on Honored List
11/1/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 21 – Soldier Studies by Correspondence; Neighbors Land in Same Hospital; Tribute Paid Sgt. C. Stedem
11/8/1943 – Vol. 1 No. 22 – Church Shrines Seen in Sicily; Executive Col. Carl Erickson; Missing in Action Lt. Robert Patterson; Capt. Stroud Sends Message to Mother
– Vol. 1 No. 23 –
– Vol. 1 No. 24 –
1/26/1944 – Vol. 1 No. 25 – Cpl. Oien Honor Given Mother; Serving Overseas Orris Mobratten; "V" Family Serves in Armed Forces; Serving Overseas James E. Innis S 2-c; Sgt. McGrath Given Award; Lt. Strom with Army in China
1/29/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 1 – Harding-Corbett on Same Island; Serving Overseas Donald O. Stockman, Carmen H. Larson MOMM 2-c, James Pesek S 1-c, Pvt. Benjamin H. Innis, Pvt. Derald H. Weyrauch; Lt. Sorben Was in Tarawa Row; Soldiers Found Kiska Isle Had Good Defenses; PFC Martin Hovde Says Men Believed That There Were No Japs in Island
– Vol. 2 No. 2 –
3/25/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 3 – Donations for Memorial Begin; First Gifts Received Soon After Announcement of Plans Was Made; Killed in Action PFC Ivan Bustad; Serving Overseas Sgt. Conrad Holgerson, Sgt. Lyall Lindvig; Nazis Talked into Becoming Prisoners; Blankenship is Paid Tribute
4/8/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 4 – Friends Meet on New Guinea; Killed in Service Marvel P. Christopherson; Killed in Action Clarence A. Aaberg; Destruction in Italy is Told
4/15/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 5 – English Folk Know War Cost; Serving Overseas James Panagos, George Panagos; Two from County Meet in London; Two Larsons are Serving Overseas; Shells are Sent from Kwajalein by Hans Hinsverk
5/9/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 31 – Sgt. Pederson Feeds Airmen; Super De Luxe Foxhole; Donald Weyrauch Was in Guam Raid; 4 in Service One Yet to Go; Battle Action Told in Letter
5/13/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 32 – Memorial Held For PFC Bustad; Evan Eidsvoog Gets His Jerry; Serving Overseas PFC Stanley M. Chrislock, Lieut. Robert J. Cunningham; Tioga Girl is with Marines; Four Jarlands in Armed Services; Sgt. Darr Honored; Troop Carrier Work Honored; Details Told of Woolridge Death
6/5/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 33 – Service Men of Today Honored in City Tuesday; Memorial Day Program Centers About Dedication of War Memorial Board; Serving Overseas Bob Brose S 2-c, Leroy D. Ellingson SF 2-c; Major Ritter with Tunderbolt Unit; Harold Nelson is Given 1st Furlough; Honor Given to 3 Local Men as Heroes of War; Lieut. Hagan, Pvt. Meyer, Sgt. Cecil Receive Medals for War Action
6/12/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 34 – Only a Few Left with Williston's Army Unit; Local National Guard Group Has Only 10 to 20 of Old Members Left; Edith Sloulin Has Dedication; Sister of Two Deceased Soldiers Dedicates Memorial Board Here Tuesday; Serving Overseas Sgt. I. A. Iverson, Pvt. Ivan Jorgenson; Box Score in Bougainville Being Kept Up
7/8/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 35 – Serving Overseas Capt. Vernon D. Torgerson; Purple Heart Given Parents; Serving Overseas Pvt. Ben Sorenson; Tioga Brothers Have Reunion; Serving Overseas Lt. Donald E. Larson; Serving Overseas Harvey Barlage, Elwyn H. "Bud" Bearce S 2-c, PFC Earl Grodt, Sgt. Spencer Momb
7/29/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 36 – DFC Awarded to Two Local Boys; Serving Overseas Raphael D. Mullen, G. William Lundby, Cpl. Tech. Elvin G. Marmon, Pvt. Edwin P. Johnson; George Sorben War Casualty
8/5/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 37 – Local Pilots Tell How It's Done; Serving Overseas St. Sgt. Harold V. Fosholdt; Wounded in Action on New Guinea; Serving Overseas Christian Lundby SF 2-c; News of Zahl Sercive Men; Serving Overseas T-4 Elgin J. Mortenson
– Vol. 2 No. 38 – Tells of Local Man in 90th Division; Grave of Sft. Beard
9/9/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 39 – Ben Innis Tells Experinces in France Invasion; Serving Overseas Lt. Edward J. Hagan, Ph. M. 3-c Arthur Odden; Writes of Battle on Saipan Island
9/11/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 40 – Roy Dullum is Awarded DSC; Serving Overseas Sft. Oscar Odden; Wounded in Action PFC Richard V. Randall; Arnold Hagen Now in France; One Smedshammer Overseas, Another at Annapolis
– Vol. 2 No. 41 –
– Vol. 2 No. 42 –
– Vol. 2 No. 43 –
12/9/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 44 – We've Come a Long Way Since Pearl Harbor; Soldier Returns After Reported Misssing in Action; Maynard Anderson Dies in Germany
12/14/1944 – Vol. 2 No. 45 – Brannon Brothers Write from Camps; Serving Overseas William Ulmer; Leonard Check Mentioned in Paper; Commended for Aerial Attacks; Sgt. Jess Edd Now Reported Killed; Cartwright Man in Cited Group
– Vol. 2 No. 46 –
– Vol. 2 No. 47 –
2/3/1945 – Vol. 2 No. 48 – Missing in Action Hillman Thopson; Serving Overseas PFC John E. Neset; S. Sgt. Hoehn is Killed in Action; Killed in Action PFC Sammie Kalil; Writes from Marianas Isles; Serving Overseas Pvt. Leo Erickson; Sharbo Pilots from Bases in England
3/7/1945 – Vol. 2 No. 49 – Williston Mother Has Five Sons in Service S. Sgt. Robert Myers, PFC Claude Myers, Sgt. Arthur Myers, Sgt. Edwin H. Myers, Pvt. Ray Myers; Killed in Action Lt. Norman O. Overholt; Wounded Williston Soldier Arrives in N.Y. on Way Home; Leonard W. Anderson is 1st Lieutenant; Rosenberg Made 2nd Lieutenant; Ray Soldier Killed in Belgium Fighting
– Vol. 2 No. 50 –
3/24/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 1 – About America by Australian; Pvt. Kume Writes from Florida; Sgt. Cadoo with Paratroopers; Pvt. G. Asleson Killed in Action; Air Medal for F. O. John Burns
3/28/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 52 – Sgt. L. Poe Gets Award in Italy; Memorial for PFC George Maze; Sgt. H. Garaas is Flown Home; P. I. Dahlen's Nephew Killed in Action in France; Sgt. Collins is Overseas 30 Months; S. Sgt. John Lebak is Killed in Action
– Vol. 3 No. 53 –
4/28/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 54 – Fedorenko Can Speak Russian; Local Nurse on Hospital Train
6/8/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 55 – Two Sons of Dr. Johnsons of Watford; Memorial Services May 20 for T. Sgt. Orrin Christainson
6/9/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 56 – Lt. Norman Rosholt; With the Mortarmen in the Pacific
7/6/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 57 – Ens. Snydal Gets Citation; 8th Air Force Commended by Gen. Doolittle; Lt. E. Stenehjem Leads Attack in Rhine Territory
– Vol. 3 No. 58 –
7/16/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 59 – Epping Soldier Writes from Austria; Local Pilot Gets German ME-262; Lt. W. L. Larson Has 35 Missions
8/25/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 60 – Lieut. Gebert Back from 18 Months in Jap Prison Camp
8/29/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 61 – From B. A. Girard Ph. M. 2-c in Southwest Pacific; Pvt. V. Abrahamson Killed on Mindanao; McGregor Soldier in Glider Crossing; Sgt. Harold Dalby Died While German Prisoner of War; Lt. Mary Leonhardy Completes Course
9/13/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 62 – Citation for County Men; Made Captain in 7th Air Force
9/14/1945 – Vol. 3 No. 63 – Silver Star Awarded Posthumously to Sgt. Arthur Rossland

Box 135B
1 roll of microfilm of the Service Men’s Herald, an auxiliary publication of the Williston Daily Herald published from 1943 to 1945 about Williston Men and Women in World War II.

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