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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 143

Box 143

1 Prints – Williston aerials, about 1955
2 Prints – Williston aerials
3 “Barnstorming WWI – 1933; Jenny – Clip Wing Canuck Thomas Morse Fighter” booklet compiled by Shemorry
4 “Aviation – Peder Heller, WWII Flyer, Arroyo Grande, CA” – correspondence, notes. Newspaper clippings, interview
5 “Aviation” (143-5-5 crop of print 45-14-1)
a. Print – Round the Nation flight at Froid, 1928
b. Print – Round the Nation flight at Froid, 1928
c. Print – Wings – January 18, DeHavilland 4
d. Print – Aerial, Williston Airport, about 1985
e. Print – people in field watching man with parachute (More Lost Tales?)
f. Old-time airplane (More Lost Tales)
g. Print – Two men with parachute (More Lost Tales?)
h. “Wings – Feb. 1, French Spad Fighter”
i. “Model T Ford Motor used as airplane engine, Heath Parasol Airplane came in Kit”
j. copies of photograph of First Lieutenant John C. Jennison
k. correspondence with Wolfgang Langewiesche
l. Published Shemorry article – “Dream of Flying Comes True” (“Wings Over Williston”)
m. Aviation related illustrations
n. Newspaper clippings
o. Screened print – men with “old-time airplane”
6 “Ben A Myhre”
a. “Ben Myhre’s Hall-Scott” –handwritten on back of photograph
b. “Ben Myhre Mollo Coupe, said he bought it used for $700.00” – handwritten on back of photograph
c. “This Standard Oil gas pump you might know the glass on top didn’t last long in the country” –handwritten on back of photograph
d. Ben Myhre, child, and airplane
e. Ben Myhre portrait
f. correspondence between Shemorry and Myhre
g. newspaper clippings
7 Aviation research
a. “They Fought For the Sky: U.S. Army Signal Corps Air Service During WWI,” Quentin Reynolds (copies of pages from book)
b. Newspaper clippings
c. Shemorry published article: “Celebration Marks End of War”
d. “Like a Hawk” by Lloyd Byers (Fargo, N.D.)
8 “Marburger Flying Service, Andy Chandler” – prints, negatives and Obituary
9 Newspapers clippings and copy from The Encyclopedia of US Military Aircraft, Martin W. Bowman (Shemorry published article: “Celebration Marks End of War,” obituary of Cephas Goddard Jr.,Shemorry’s “History Remembered” published articles”
10 Newspaper clippings
a. “Aviation – Wright Bros. 1st Plane”
b. “Aviation – parachute jump, Barbers 1929”
c. Miscellaneous articles

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