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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 142

Box 142

1 “Aviation”
a. Article draft: “Aviation – WWI – Trenton” (“Wings Over Williston”)
b. Article draft, image and cutline: “Aviation – Brueggers” (“Wings over Williston”)
c. Article draft: “Aviation – Minot – southward crash” (“Wings over Williston”)
d. Article draft: “Aviation – WWI – Mac Nelson” (“Wings over Williston”)
e. Article draft: “Aviation – Jennison, John, WWI” (“Wings over Williston”)
f. Article draft: “Aviation – Cromwell Dixon” (“Wings over Williston”)
g. Article draft: “Aviation – Airport history” (“Wings over Williston”)
h. Article draft: “Aviation – Barbers Parachute” (“Wings over Williston”)
i. Article draft: “Aviation – WWI – M. Dahl” (“Wings over Williston”)
j. Envelope – National Historical Society, News: Impact, the U.S. Army Air Forces’ Declassified Month-by-Month Picture Report of its Action in WWII Has Now Been Declassified
k. Brochure – Dakota Territory Air Museum, Minot, North Dakota
l. Aviation illustrations
m. Newspaper clippings
n. Published article – “Storm Conditions Delay News Photos” – “History Remembered”
o. Published article – “Con Artists Hamper RR Development” – “History Remembered”
2 “Railroad – news stories – legals”
a. Newspaper clippings
b. “A Railroadmans Prayer, By A Railroader”
3 Pages from calendar and a Xerox advertisement
4 The Lost Tales of Old Williston article drafts - “The Wildcow Railroad,” “Guthrie’s ‘Navy,’” “The New Rockford to Lewistown Cutoff,” “Yellowstone Tunnel & Bridge,” “The Tunnel at Devil’s Bend,” “The Big Fill,” “Mondak Lynching”
5 Photographs – Gassman Bridge
a. Tornado smashed Gassman Bridge
b. Gassman – camera faces north
6 Magazines – The Elks Magazine, Sept. 1992 and Moose magazine, April 1991
7 Aviation – miscellaneous
a. Print – Probably Curtis U.S. Navy Flying Boat NC-1, See Herald 2/20/1919, p. 12 and 1/9/1919, p. 1
b. Print - Unidentified man picking up sacks in field in front of Alamo Farmers Co-op Elevator Co.
c. Print – Aerial view of threshing, location unknown
d. Print – Thos. S. Baldwin in the Baldwin Aeroplane Manila February 24, 1911—handwritten on photograph (“See col. 2 – p. 470 Britannia Vol. 1)
e. Print – Unidentified old-time airplane
f. Print – Unidentified woman posing in front of airplane
g. Print – Plane wreck Claude Redshaw killed, probably late 1920s
h. Print – Plane wreck, Claude Redshaw was killed in – on flats where old fairground was
i. Print – Crop duster – Zahl – handwritten on back of print
j. Print – Two unidentified men
k. Print – People viewing airplane in museum
l. Print – Portrait of First Lieutenant John C. Jennison
m. Print – Men beside old airplane
n. Print – Men in airplane
o. Print – Men in airplane
p. notes
q. newspaper clippings
r. 0Kodak Highlights, second quarter 1983
8 Aviation – Jack Daniels – Servair
a. Negatives – Jack Daniels receives award, 1982
b. Negatives – Jack Daniels receives award, 1982
c. Negative – Jack Daniels receives award, 1982
d. Negatives – Servair, 3/1971
e. Negatives – Servair, 3/1971
f. 35mm negatives – Servair plane exhibit, 9/1969
g. 35mm negatives – Servair, oil issue, 9/1969
h. Servair Air Taxi, Serv Air Accessories logo
i. Negatives – Servair, oil issue, 9/1969
j. Negatives – Servair, oil issue, 9/1969
k. Print – Servair, oil issue, 9/1969
l. Print – men at Sloulin Field Airport?
m. Print – portrait of Jack Daniels
n. Print – Jack Daniels? 1973
o. Print – Sloulin Field International Airport with airplane in foreground
p. Print – Dorothy and Jack in front of anniversary/birthday cake
r. Print – Dorothy and Jack in front of anniversary/birthday cake
s. Print – Sloulin Field International Airport with airplane in foreground
t. Print – Sloulin Field International Airport with airplane in foreground
u. Jack Daniels in front of airplane at Sloulin Field International Airport
v. Print – Sloulin Field International Airport with airplane in foreground
w. Print – Jack Daniels at Sloulin Field International Airport accepting award
x. notes
y. Newspaper clipping – “Daniels Earns Spot in Aviation Hall of Fame”
9 Aviation – Williston airport
a. Article draft “Famed Arctic Flyer Carl Ben Eielson Honored in Death By World War I Comrades”
b. Published article – “’Ego’ Forces Barbers to Jump” by Shemorry (“History Remembered”)
c. Pamphlet – Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona
d. Newspaper clippings
e. Checks written by Shemorry to Richard Mahar
f. notes
g. Letterhead – Knutson Flying Service, Inc.
f. Print – “History – Canfield”—handwritten on back of photograph

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