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Box 200

1 Upper Missouri Historical Expedition of 1925 celebration July 17, 18 and 20, 1925 invitation for J.M. Donohue
2 68 “Nostalgia” articles written by Bill Shemorry published in the Williston Basin Oil Reporter from 1979 to 1984. Article listing by “Nostalgia” article title and date published. (“Nostalgia” articles also in scrapbook in box 213)
Title, Date
In Tioga On ‘Gas Day’: North Dakota’s first refined oil burned 11-25-81
First deep test well spudded in 1953 near Tioga 8-20-80
Oilmen of 1953 7-22-81
Energy Festival brings to mind others of past: Perhaps not as big, they, too, are remembered 7-8-81
A tale of two wells 4-28-82
Hardship also proves the value of friendship 3-4-81
Boom in construction of pipelines will soon resemble 1954 scenes 8-6-80
A well blows in the Beaver Lodge field, 1958 1-20-82
The one that got away… 2-3-82
A lot to celebrate after oil discovery 3-31-82
Missouri River pipe crossing is 25 years old 5-14-80
Over 27 years old, wildcat well is still producing
First producing well (Bill Shemorry Photo) 10-17-79
First oil pioneers well known in Williston 10-1-80
Landowners organize with a bang 1-6-82
First oil money came to N.D. in June of ’51 11-12-80
First oil tax check long-awaited by counties 9-16-81
1952…. Governor visits oil site 12-12-79
Desk and Derrick Club was ready to pitch in 11-26-80
Water well driller came first at Clarence Iverson No. 1 2-6-80
Even then, Iverson cost more than a $1 million 4-12-84
‘Whing-ding’ honors Amerada officials in 1952 2-16-84
Amerada’s president speaks ‘Norse’ in Watford 1-5-84
Oil find brings pride to North Dakota town 3-1-84
Amerada’s president makes friends in Watford 1-19-84
1955…. Crude oil pipeline laid under Lake Sakakawea 1-23-80
Plant looked scrawny 4-15-81
Westland Oil buys refinery in fall of ’55 9-17-80
1953…. The beginning of Tioga’s gas plant 1-9-80
Twenty-five years ago: natural gas first flows to Minot 3-18-81
Williston alive with oil activity 10-29-80
First 12 wells in the Basin: only one dry hole (with 12 Bill Shemorry Photos) 4-14-82
Tioga 1953… Capitol of the Oil Industry 7-9-80
Tioga celebrated Golden Anniversary and the oil boom 10-31-79
Amerada geophysical heads plan future exporation 4-2-80
Ever see an oil well come in? 3-5-80
Amerada built office in first boom 6-10-81
Snow doesn’t stop oil 8-19-81
June 1955… Testing a new location 11-28-79
Shemorry tells ‘all’ about the night the Iverson came in 6-24-81
Iverson harvest 5-28-80
When winter was worse 2-17-82
When it got cold they headed south 6-11-80
26 years ago… Near disaster by Tioga stopped 11-14-79
They were here when it all happened in the Basin 4-29-81
Directional wells drill under lake 4-1-81
First directional well drilled in June of ’54 12-10-80
New gas lines laid for McKenzie Co. 5-13-81
Oil company helps free rail crossing 2-4-81
In 1952 First rig through Tioga was a startling sight 10-14-81
After many hard years, Frisinger family’s pot o’ gold turned out to be black 10-28-81
The switcher’s job was a lonely one 4-30-80
Trucks and trains hauled oil in the old days 9-30-81
Winter did not stop Tioga Gas Plant construction 2-29-80
Champlin’s Tank venture was closely watched 3-3-82
Amerada helped solve housing problem in ’53 1-21-81
First oil pioneers well known in Williston 10-1-80
Gas plants complete industry integration 3-19-80
Luck of the Texans was holding good 6-25-80
Lambert still waiting for big strike 2-4-81
April 1952, Modern methods make rig moving cheaper
Lunar eclipse Bill Shemorry Photo (on back of Nostalgia article) 9-19-79
From derrick… to slain dragon 1-7-81
Largest moving job ever made in North Dakota 4-26-84
Essays on oil industry careers part of ‘fifties’ education
(Two Bill Shemorry 1956 Photos) 3-17-82
Farmers, businessmen march against oil production tax 12-9-81
Oil Progress Week excuse for cheesecake 11-11-81
Williston observes first Oil Progress Week 10-15-80
Desk and Derrick organizes in Williston Basin 2-18-81
“No place for pessimists in the oil industry” 8-6-81

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