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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 23B

Box 23B (images 1 to 18 are scanned and online)

1 Cando Public School
2 Harry L. Horwitz and sons Jerome and Lional, Minneapolis, Minn.
3 Train wreck, Osakis, Minn
4 Harry L. Horwitz and sons Jerome and Lional, Minneapolis, Minn.
5 Birds-eye view of Cando, N.D.
6 Greengard Bros. float in parade, Williston, N.D.
7 Unidentified Pasonault woman with girl, Williston, N.D.
8 Engine room, Williston, N.D.
9 Unidentified men in meeting
10 Musical trio, Williston, N.D.
11 Unidentified visitors in Williston parade, N.D.
12 Band Day parade 1957, Williston, N.D.
13 Williston Band in Norway parade
14 W. H. and Emma Shemorry carve turkey, Williston, N.D.
15 Williston Press-Graphic reporter in office, N.D.
16 Band Day committee, Williston, N.D.
17 Television commercial filming, Williston, N.D.
18 Fire fighting, Williston, N.D.
19 Created photo of GLO, The first U.S. Women in Space, September 1982, $4.00; with a created image of Glo Shemorry’s head on the body of a astronaut
20 Crop of Shemorry’s print of the discovery of oil in North Dakota on April 4, 1951 at the Clarence Iverson No. 1
21 to 23 American Legion Drum & Bugle Corp marching down a street, outside a boutique
24 1 Negative of a man in a cockpit
Also included are papers including a copy of two men holding up three geese, a Thank You Veterans of Foreign Wars card to Bill from Clay, handwritten notes for 1956 and 1949, page with three different handwritings saying “N.D. Oil Discovery, April 4, 1951, - Bill Shemorry,” 2 letters to Bill and Glo dated 8/1/95 and 7/16/96 about a photo from Doree Cochran of Los Gatos, California; and a packet of Supreme Photo Products, 4 free samples for testing purposes of their Contrast 2 single weight Supre-brome, projection printing enlarging paper, extra-white, glossy Em.-Nr. 15288, Sample 5 x 7 inch.

612 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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