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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 119

Box 119

1 Envelope from Bill to Mary Shemorry, labeled “pictures from Tennessee”
2 Notes with WWII prints
3 Picture frame
4 1 print of a portrait of Bill Shemorry, WWII print (removed from frame)
5 Bill’s army friends, army pics including at Fort Crowder, Missouri (10 prints)
6 Bill’s army friends – Bill and soldiers at camp and in China (11 prints)
7 Bill’s army friends – Bill and soldiers at camp (10 prints)
8 Bill’s army friends – portraits of soldiers and Shemorry at camp plus images taken on the Capitol building steps in Nashville, Tennessee (10 prints)
9 Bill’s army friends – Military soldiers in uniform, China (10 prints)
10 Bill’s army friends, at camp probably Fort Crowder (11 prints)
11 Prints for Mary Shemorry of China including Chinese landscapes, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Yuan, Chinese friends of Bill Shemorry’s (6 prints)
12 Bill alone, Portraits of Bill in military uniform and on the capitol steps (10 prints)
13 Portraits of Bill Shemorry, everyday pictures not necessarily WWII (10 prints)
14 Portraits of Bill Shemorry and street scene from India (10 prints)
15 Bill Shemorry with mail, at camp and portraits of Bill (10 prints)
16 Bill Shemorry in camp, WWII (10 prints)
17 Bill alone, WWII and picture of Donna Reed (3 prints)
18 World War II including Bill Shemorry with camera and in military uniform, Shemorry in camp, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Yuan with Shemorry (10 prints)
19 World War II, military personnel (6 prints)
20 Print for Mary Shemorry of Bill holding camera – 8 x 10 (1 print)
21 Prints for Mary Shemorry of Bill in military uniform – 5 x 7 (2 prints)
22 Prints for Mary Shemorry of Bill in camp and other military personnel and officers – smaller than 5 x 7 (10 prints)
23 Prints for Mary Shemorry of Bill, Chinese landscapes and WWII (10 prints)
24 Prints for Mary Shemorry of Bill, camp and soldiers in China (10 prints) (Print 119-24-2 crop and edit of 45-2-6)

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