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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 95

Box 95

1 Area fire departments
a. The American Legion Fire Protection/Prevention Program
b. Drafts, fire departments, for Plains Reporter: Alamo, Arnegard, Blacktail, Epping, Grenora, Ray, Tioga, Trenton, Watford City, Wildrose, Williston Rural, Williston (city)
c. Drafts, “Fire Prevention Section”: Alamo, Blacktail, Epping, Grenora, Tioga, Trenton, Wildrose, Williston Rural, Williston (city)
d. Newspaper clippings
e. Notes
2 Apparatus Specs – fire fighter trucks, Mack Truck
a. Correspondence (Fire Fighter Truck Company)
b. Envelope self-addressed to the American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation (Chicago, Illinois)
c. Fire Fighter Truck Co. advertisement/catalog
d. Listing of equipment on 1942 Chevrole C.O.E.
e. Mack Truck advertisement
f. Prints: fire trucks and equipment, by the H.K. Williams Co. (Moline, Illinois)
3 Policeman-Fireman baseball game, 1987 & 1993, 1994
4 Cartoons, Fire catalogs (1970 Fire Fighting Practices, Audio/Visual Catalogue, The Hines Company 1971-1972 Fire Prevention Catalog, The Hines Company 1972-1973 Fire Prevention Catalog, Fire Safety Specialties and Gifts)
5 “C” file
a. Newspaper clippings
b. Prints: 1941 North Dakota Fire Association convention in Williston and 111 Firemen’s Convention at Medora, 6/1979
6 100th North Dakota Firemen Convention, 1984
a. Inventory (orders paid and delivered)
b. Newspaper clipping
c. Notes
d. Orders placed (and correspondence)
e. Photograph order form
7 “D” file
a. 0Firemen’s Centennial (Fargo and West Fargo)
b. Mailings – Des Lacs Valley Firemen’s Association, 1952, and tag from 1st Annual Firemen’s Convention (Minot, April 20, 1952) and Dickinson fire department, 1981
c. Newspaper clippings – fire at Delaney (Crighton) Distributors, Inc. (including article by Shemorry “Excitement, fear…and personal bravery)
d. Nomination Speech, June 1982
e. Prints and proofs
8 “F” file
a. Article draft: farm safety week (tractors)
b. Fire Prevention week advertisement
c. Newspaper clippings – Fire prevention week, DK’s Lounge, Duluth Fire Department
d. Paste-up (with prints)
9 Fire prevention
a. Correspondence
b. Fire prevention materials
c. Fire Insurance Facts & Trends, December 1953
d. Forest Fire prevention materials
e. Newspaper clippings
10 “H” file
a. Article draft – “Hook and Barney were the Pride and Joy of the Williston Volunteer Firemen”
b. Correspondence (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and ND Firemen’s Association)
c. Cutline – Hook and Barney (fire horses)
d. Jeffrey Haugen (death fighting fire, April 23, 1984)
11 International Association of Fire Chiefs, explosives (blasting caps)
a. Correspondence
b. Educational materials (blasting caps)
c. “Fire Safety in Commercial & Industrial Space”
12 “J” file
a. Jim Jarland (Fire Chief)
b. Logo
13 “Mc” file
a. Newspaper clipping – William McCrory (fire chief)
14 “M” file
a. Newspaper clipping – Ray “Red” Milner retires
b. Paste-up (prints)
c. Prints
d. Program, Missouri Valley Association of Fire Chiefs and North Dakota Firemen’s Association Technical Sessions, June 1952
15 Miscellaneous
a. Brochures – “holiday safety,” “support your volunteer fire fighters,” Dickinson Fire Department, and misc.
b. Card – “with best wishes for a quick recovery”
c. Certificates – Buy a…baby life-saving bond, the International Association of Fire Chiefs-Educational materials
d. Eureka Fire Hose booklet with Shemorry’s notes and business cards inside
e. Welcome card to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Club rooms
16 Sign – “Williston says: Welcome Firemen, 81st Annual N. Dak. Firemen’s Association Convention”
17 “N” file
a. Advertisement by E. Noromarken
b. American LaFrance (fire apparatus)
c. The American Press: An Independent Magazine for Home Town Newspapers, May 1949
d. Cartoons (National Board of Fire Underwriters)
e. Correspondence and notes
f. Elks Magazine, fire, Peshtigo, Wisconsin & Vets
g. Fire prevention advertising information
h. Form to collect information about Plains Reporter & Herald 1983 Fire Prevention Issue
i. Listing of Chief Officers of the Williston Volunteer Fire Department
j. Nash Finch Co. fire report
k. Newsletters
l. Newspaper clippings – 911, “Northwest Associaiton” (fire school)
m. ND Firemen’s Association – envelope and letterhead
n. Press releases – News from the National Board of Fire Underwriters
o. Prints
18 “O” file - Newspaper Clippings – Fires: Odd Fellows (1909), jet fuel (1967), Norby well in Keene field (1982)
19 Rural Fire Department – Williston
a. Article drafts: “A Brief History of the Williston Rural Fire Department, 50 Years of Service: 1948-1998” as told by Bill Shemorry (two copies), and “History, Williston Rural Fire Department, 1949-1984”
b. Business card
c. Correspondence
d. Herald receipts
e. Honor Citation certificates (blank)
f. List of present firemen and trucks in service, and past Chiefs (as of 12/29/1998)
g. Newspaper clippings
h. Paste-up
i. Prints
j. Rural Fire Protection Districts: suggested forms for organization under North Dakota Laws, 1957 (prepared by State Fire Marshal’s Office)
20 Ray Fire Department
a. Articles (Plains Reporter “History Remembered”) “Ray Fire Department Observes 75th Anniversary” (two copies)
b. List of current members
c. Newspaper clippings
d. Print with 75th Anniversary article
21 “R” file – “Barn Fires – Still a Rural Worry” Farm and Home Magazine (supplement to Williston Plains Reporter) October 15, 1969
22 ­“S” file – prints (school bleachers and Skabo fire [10/20/1976])
23 Article draft – “Nostalgia, new Fire Truck” (Dakota View)
24 Schools – instructions, fire traditions of fire service
a. Articles – “Traditions of the Fire Service” by J.I. Fetters, “Presenting Evidence in Court” by LeRoy A. Loder, “Testing for Safety” speech by Amalia Miller
b. Brochures and educational materials
c. Letterhead – North Dakota Fire Officers’ Training School
d. Newspaper clipping – Wildrose fire school
e. Notes – fire department instructors school
f. Test – forcible entry and minor extinguishment practices (blank)
25 Williams County Firemen’s Association
a. Cards – fire school (7/17/1949), 4th Annual Firemen’s Picnic (8/5/1951), 4th Annual fall fire school (9/23/1951), 5th Annual Firemen’s Picnic (8/3/1952), 6th Annual Firemen’s Picnic (8/2/1953)
b. Listing of members of the Williams County Firemen’s Association
c. Newspaper clippings – Williams County Firemen’s Association Grows, 1950 annual meeting of Williams County Firemen’s Association
d. Newsletter – The Volunteer Fire Fighter (official publication of the Williams County Firemen’s Association), one page from 9/13/1952 and two pages from 4/8/1953
e. Paste-up of prints from 1st Williams County Firemen’s Association picnic at Epping Dam
f. Post cards – blank, “County Firemen to Meet in Tioga Sunday, June 16” (6/16/1952), 2nd Annual Picnic (8/7/1949), 4th Annual Convention of
Williams County Firemen’s Association (4/6/1952) and 5th Annual Picnic (8/3/1952)
g. Print – “The big three” – Fire Chief Francis Cannon, Chief John Laqua (Grenora) and Chief Marshall Simpson (Ray)
h. Questionnaire
i. Registration – Williams County Firemen’s Association, 1940s or 1950s
26 Stickers – fire prevention
27 “T” file
a. “History of the Tioga Fire Department” (two parts – Nostalgia, Dakota View, TV)
b. Print (Tioga Fire Department, 1981)
c. Newspaper clippings (history of Tioga Fire Company, Tioga Legion-Firemen Celebration, old residence of Patrick Tones, Tioga Fire Department 75th anniversary, Francis Cannon [Tioga fireman], Tioga Fire Department membership in 1986)
28 “V” file – print (portrait of Al Vohs)
29 “W” file
a. Drafts – history of Williston Rural Fire Department, 1949-1984, Wheelock Fire Department history (Fire Prevention Section, October 7)
b. Published Articles – History 1984 Williston Rural Fire Department (p. 1-2)
c. Letterhead – Williston Fire Department
d. Newspaper clippings – Williston fire department, Shemorry named president of Williams County Firemen’s Association, Williston Volunteer Fire Department, advertisement “thank you” to fire departments, fires (1989-1922, Firemen’s Ball), Jarland as Fire Chief
e. Metal sign – “fire department”
f. Screened negatives – Williston Volunteer Rural Fire Department headers and logos, fire fighters surround man
g. Notes (listing of Chiefs of the Williston Fire Department)
h. Invitation – sneak preview of New Williston Fire Station (May 26, 1982)
30 “XYZ” file - Funeral program – R.J. Milner, Senior, September 14, 1967
31 Old-time fire stories
a. Published photographs and cut-lines – Hook and Barney
b. Drafts – “The New 1930 Fire Truck,” “Hook and Barney” (Best Little Stories)
c. Research – Kook & Barney, Williston Horse Drawn Fire Apparatus, from the files of Adrienne Stepanek (Williston, North Dakota) and notes
d. Prints – Williston Fire Team, Olson (Hook & Barney) (and photocopies of prints)
e. Paste-ups
f. Screened prints – firemen at Williston North Dakota, June 13, 1912 (Pasonault), print of Hook and Barney
g. Newspaper clippings
32 Williston Rural Fire Department
a. Prints – 1976 Williston firemen, firemen action shots, parade shots, group shot of firemen, house on fire
b. Article draft – History of Williston City Fire Department, 1989-1984
c. Published photographs and cut-lines – Hook and Barney
d. Published article – “A Salute to Williston Firemen,” Plains Reporter October 4, 1982
e. Newspaper clippings – 1911-1919, congratulations to Williston Fire Department about new station
f. Funeral program – Richard D. Stepanek, June 11, 1991
g. Copies – Williston Fire Department logo, 1938 Williams Fire Department
h. Mailing from Mack – stamp commemorating the 300th Anniversary of Volunteer Firemen, October 4, 1948
33 Williston Fire Department, Miscellaneous
a. Fire Interviews
b. Receipt/note
c. 1939 Annual Convention – tentative program
d. 1941 Annual Convention – newspaper clippings, correspondence, tentative program, trip to Fort Peck Dam, press release
e. Notes
f. Financial notes and receipts
g. Ordinances (no. 771 and 774)
h. Central Flyway waterfowl kill survey, North Dakota
i. Resolutions of respect (form to send to the family of your deceased members)
j. Thank yous (flowers sent after deaths) – 1930s-1940s
k. Checks – 1923-1924
34 Annual Reports, Williston Volunteer Fire Department – 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971
35 (loose) National Board of Fire Underwriters Bulletins – 1 to 289

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