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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 94 A-E

Box 94A
1 90 film Negatives in envelopes with labels: Silk train story in Reporter, 12/1980, 12 copy negatives; Fast mail freight train at Tioga, copies, about 1952, 4 negatives; Railroad cars, mostly freight, one switchman, caboose and snow plow, 19 negatives; Trenton train wreck, 18 negatives; Train crash, Culbertson, Montana, 7/4/1966, 20 negatives; Great Northern accident, 1/24/1962, 8 negatives; Accident, train derailment, 310/1967, 11:30 a.m., 9 negatives
2 20 prints and 8 postcards of Railroad pictures used in Shemorry’s book Lost Tales of Old Williston, such as Wild Cow Railroad, and steam shovels
3 Shemorry article “Looking Back: Silk Trains Speed by Williston,” paper copies of images from/for article, and research “Silk Worms Spun Era of Rail Magic” by Ellie Posie
4 Steam railroad prints from 5x7 negatives – used to make copy negs; 1 postcard and 14 photograph prints on railroads
5 15 Prints including two of the first train into Zahl, ND in 1916, 1 screened neg, newspaper clippings, newspaper with articles about the Trans-Siberian Railroad
6 12 Prints of railroads in China
7 40 Prints – Lost Tales of Old Williston photos and book cover: railroad, tugs, etc., steam shovels, big fill, bridges; 1 screened negative and paper of the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad time card into effect July 2nd, 1862; Railroad Lost Tales of Old Williston photos: Wild Cow Railroad, New Rockford – Lewistown cutoff, Yellowstone Tunnel & bridge, Mondak Bridge, Gutherie “Navy,” Gassman Coulee Bridge Wrecked, Wm Crook & train, Tom Shea – early Rail worker
8 6 prints, 2 are originals of McKenzie County N.D. building railroads in 1912, and 4 copy prints of the railroad yard in Williston, N.D., men at Jeffries Park, St. Paul & Pacific R.R. Time Card into effect July 2, 1862, and first train in to Watford City, N.D.; newspaper clipping on Amtrack High speed rail published in the Williston Herald 7/4/1993.
9 Shemorry’s draft article “Wreck of R.R. Trestle at Gassman Coulee” for the Lost Tales of Old Williston, notes, research, and copies of articles from the Graphic from 8/13/1898, and The Minot Mirror from 10/9/1896, and the Ward County Reporter from 7/22/1898 and 8/19/1898
10 Great Northern Railway Historical Society – convention information for July 1995, publication of The Great Northern Goat from March 1989, Reference Sheets: Great Northern’s Load Adjuster, “Glacier Green” Cars, The Andrew Kolb Coal shed in Melrose, MN, Caboose Assignments, The Pacific Short Line; other information sheets, correspondence to Shemorry from Martin Evoy III dated 1/20/1995, 4/14/1995, 4/21/1995, and 6/22/1955

Box 94B
1 Railroad newspaper clippings (Shemorry and non-Shemorry)
2 “Old RR pix”
3 “Railroad background: Jim Hill – from ‘West of the Red,’ Madson Grade – Watford City, Golden Spike Day – Grenora, Land grants – Northern Pacific poster, RR open west, Gutherie builds boat - 1913
4 “Silk train at New Rockford” – prints and draft “Looking Back…Silk Trains Speed By Williston”
5 “Railroad – Veterans Association annual meeting, 1916 (2), Semaphore Magazine, August 1927, Railroad art by Scotty (Stillwater, MN), The Cascadian (Great Northern publication, article about Silk trains), April 1961, Columbia River Historical Expedition letterhead
6 Prints and photos – 1930s ship by rail club no. 1, “Watford City parade pix – re. Teddy Roosevelt Park Visitor Center Dedication,” “McKenzie Co., small pix,” “railroad – smaller pix: wreck – Avoca, 7-27-12, old time engine & train – diamond smoke stack, RR Const. McKenzie County, rail construction, 1887,
Electric RR”
7 James J. Hill house booklet (tour?), Minnesota Historical Society

Box 94C
1 “Railroad pix & cutlines,” newspaper clippings, Yearbook of Railroad Facts (1968), articles
2 “Veterans Association of the Great Northern Railway, 1908-1916”
3 Railroad and other Poems by L.A. Weldy
4 Souvenir of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad and Associated Lines, published for “A Century of Progress Exposition,” Chicago, 1933
5 Historical Sketches…of Early Railroading Days, compiled by William (Uncle Bill) Schultz
6 North Dakota REC Magazine, June 1983
7 Early American Locomotives, John H. White, Jr.

Box 94D
1 Negative – Steam engine & grasshopper (Pasonault), 1938
2 Negative – Steam engine & grasshopper (Pasonault), 1938
3 Negative – Old time train
4 Negative – Train pix & water along tracks
5 Negative – Train pix & water along tracks
6 Negative – Steam train goes by Lewis & Clark Bridge (Pasonault), 1927
7 Negative – Western Fruit Express, Ice House Crew (Pasonault), 1945
8 Negative – Western Fruit Express, Ice House Crew (Pasonault), 1945
9 Negative – Malley Engine & crew
10 Negative – Men and train (copy by Pasonault)
11 Negative – Diesel locomotive (could be first one through here) (Pasonault)
12 Negative – Big steam engine passenger (Great Northern)
13 Negative – Second annual dinner, Associated Shop Crafts, Great Northern Railroad, Williston, ND, (Pasonault), 3/21/1925
14 Negative – Grain elevator (Pasonault)
15 Negative – Grain elevator (Pasonault)
16 Negative – Train wreck (Pasonault)
17 Negative – Train wreck (Pasonault)
18 Prints – tear down – Old Great Northern Roundhouse, 1973
19 Print – train (Shemorry print)
20 Print – men in front of railroad car (Holly Sugar Corp.)
21 Print – miners standing in mine entrance
22 Print – miners standing in mine entrance

Box 94E Railroad negatives
1-4 Train wreck
5-18 railroad trains…
19-20 Interior with people seated at tables
25-28 Interiors – railroad buildings?

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