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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 78D

Box 78D Claim shacks and school

1 Group outside house with American flag
2 Two unidentified girls, outside home
3 unidentified baby on blanket
4 three unidentified children
5 three unidentified children (faded)
6 three unidentified children (faded)
7 shack with chickens, outside
8 unidentified man, inside shack
9 shack, scraps in foreground, laundry drying in background
10 unidentified man, indoors
11 unidentified man, outside shack
12 shack
13 unidentified woman, indoors
14 two unidentified men, horses, buggy, shacks
Fairview Left Bridge, Sod Barn (August & September 1917)
15 two unidentified children
16 two unidentified children
17 unidentified group (adults)
18 unidentified family on porch, cat in foreground, car in background
19 unidentified woman and two unidentified daughters (one is holding a doll)
20 cattle, barn, windmill
21 unidentified people in car, house in background
22 unidentified people standing outside house
23 unidentified mother, father, and three sons outside house
24 unidentified woman on horse, man standing, two boys in front of barn and grain shocks
25 unidentified woman, man, boy, and girl, outside
26 Fairview Bridge
Groups, Woman on Horse (House, November & December 1915)
27 unidentified woman on horse, dog in background
28 unidentified woman on horse
29 two unidentified children under tree
30 unidentified man outside
31 unidentified women outside (and in house) with children
32 unidentified baby on chair
33 unidentified baby on chair
34 unidentified family outside house
35 unidentified group in front of two cars
36 unidentified adults outside house
37 unidentified group outside
38 unidentified large group outside
39 unidentified large group outside

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