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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 78E

Box 78E Military negatives and steam threshing machine close-up

1 Large group outside house, cars in background
2 automobiles line up, people among them
3 Steam thresher, unidentified men and boys surrounding
4 Finar E. Westgaard tombstone/grave site
5 Ole E. Westgaard tombstone/grave site
6 Horses, buggy & dog in front of house
7 Car driven by an unidentified man, with another unidentified man in the passenger seat, and an unidentified woman in the back seat
8 Two unidentified army men driving cars (license plate says 1918)
9 Unidentified group standing in front of house, horses, cars, windmill in background
10 Unidentified baby girl on blanket in tree
11 field/bluffs
12 field/bluffs
September & October 1917, March 1918
13 cars, motorcycles lined up, big group in background near house (celebration?)
14 three unidentified children on steps outside
15 unidentified woman, man & child among trees (orchard?)
16 field/crops, dog, people & house in background
17 unidentified woman, man and child between orchard (?) and field, house in background
18 unidentified woman, man & two children outside house, car in background
19 house, shacks, cows, horse, windmill (all in background)
20 Three unidentified women, and three unidentified men
21 Unidentified woman, man, child, dog in orchard
22 Unidentified woman, man, child, dog, farm equipment, shacks in background
23 Unidentified woman, man with hand on car, child, cat, chickens, shack and buggy in background
24 field (house and shacks, windmill and orchard in background)
25 three steam threshing machines, horses and wagons, working in field (fading negative)
People In Model-T, Bull
26 unidentified man and child in Model-T
27 unidentified, woman, man and three children in Model-T
28 two unidentified women and two men in field
29 large unidentified group outside (shack in background)
30 large unidentified group outside (shack in background)
31 Four unidentified children (baby on chair)
32 unidentified woman and man in field
33 bull on leash (through nostril)
34 bull on leash (through nostril)
35 unidentified woman, man, boy, girl and dog outside house
36 unidentified woman, man, boy, girl and dog outside house
37 house, shack, windmill (deteriorating or dirty)

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