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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 180

Box 180 prints 1930s-1960s

1 Woman next to a piano, “Local model feature fashion edition” - written on back
2 People crowded around a table
3 People wearing cowboy hats riding horses
4 Family portrait with young baby
5 Rainbow girls float, first prize, Williston band tournament June 8, 33 Pasonault
6 Four women and a man by a pole outside Grenora City Hall
7 Crowd of people gathered around a man
8 Man and woman with an anniversary cake
9 Interior of a cafe
10 Three women slightly covering parts of their faces, one her eyes, one her ears and the third her mouth – hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil
11 Group portrait of the 1st confirmation class at St. Jo’s Aug 30, 1931 (Print 180-11 crop of negative 77-14-8)
12 Man pointing to a North Dakota map showing another man Foster County
13 Man and woman with a 25 year wedding anniversary cake
14 & 15 Group portrait outdoors
16 Men’s basketball game action shot, 2nd games, Williston vs. Valley City
17 Woman and two men sitting on the ground
18 Five older women sitting outside
19 Children riding horses and standing outside
20 Children seated at a picnic table with five women standing in the background
21 Eight women standing around an oil well picture
22 Red & White food storefront exterior, Williston, N.D. (crop of neg 32A-26-15)
23 Group portrait of men in suits standing on front steps (same image as 180/79)
24 Paramount Oil Co. semi truck, Williston, N.D. (crop of neg 32B-11-3)
25 Children in costume on stage
26 People in the audience
27 Frogs
28 Two men with a Public Service commission, State of North Dakota, Heavy Scale Testing Unit No. 1, Dept of Weights & Measurements
29 Graduating class
30 Four women and a man looking at a machine (screened print)
31 Sample print of Plate Number Six, Lonesome Road by Thomas Benton
32 Piece of paper with 9 portrait pictures glued on, says “3 different sizes of pix, copied and all enlarged to approximately the same size.”
33 Page for The Good Samaritan Hospital, Williston, N.D.
34 Blank Order form for Chicago Mail Order Co., Chicago Illinois
35 Four men working on a machine
36 Audience with a man in front
37 Group portrait of a men’s basketball team
38 Collapsed barn
39 Frogs
40 Exterior of Midwest Lumber company buildings
41 Press Graphic Photo – football game
42 Press Graphic Photo – Man with cow (screened print)
43 Parade, Williston, N.D. visible shops are Ben Franklin, DeGree Jeweler, JC Penny Co., Seaboard Loans, and Chevrolet Buick.
44 Man speaking with three men sitting in the back
45 Men’s basketball game in a crowded gymnasium, one teams shirts say Pirates
46 Man and boy in a field (screened print)
47 Group portrait of theatre students on stage
48 Man with a pitch fork and fishing pole in a store, with a fish in a bowl
49 & 50 Interior view of people at tables and standing in the back of the room
51 6 screen printed images together of the exterior and interior of Mont. Dak. Dist. Co. Dodge Plymouth Cars and interior of a grocery store
52 Men’s basketball game, action shot and crowd in background
53 Exterior of Midwest Lumber company buildings
54 Storage bins, Press – Graphic Photo
55 Men’s basketball game, action shot and crowd in background
56 Three nurses or doctors in a surgery room with a patient on the table
57 Exterior of a house
58 Senator Gerald P. Nye, By Corinne Shemorry. A large crowd as political meetings go heard Sen. Nye in Williston, North Dakota on Saturday, Oct 14.
59 Field – hay stubble
60 Two older women, and portrait of Norske Marine – both Press Graphic Photos
61 4 screen printed images together – a man, man working and audience pictures
62 Groom and bride with wedding cake
63 Crowd of spectators at an unknown event, boy on bicycle in foreground
64 Picture of the Williston Graphic – Peace, Greatest War World Has Ever Seen Ended at Five O’Clock Monday Morning – Thursday Nov. 14, 1918 newspaper
65 Group portrait, man in center and students outside
66 Group portrait of older people outside with cars in the background
67 Sign for Crighton Motor Company, Williston, N.D.
68 Bride and man walking down church aisle
69 Two older men and three older women with anniversary cake
70 Children outside some in costumes
71 Two older women and an older man at a picnic table
72 Man and woman by a covered wagon ?
73 Article about a fire that occurred in Epping on July 11, 1912
74 ALME BODY WORKS, Auto Glass building exterior
75 Woman at a desk with typewriter in background
76 Group portrait of children on a couch, middle one is holding a Birthday cake
77 List of 18 prints sent to Pomoco, Minot for display at fair by Bill Shemorry
78 Group portrait outdoors
79 Group portrait of men in suits standing on front steps (same image as 180/23)
80 Audience in a gymnasium listing to a man speak
81 Sunset
82 Storage bins in Williston, N.D.
83 8 screen printed images together – local Williams County high school bands
84 Two men and a cow
85 View looking over Williston, N.D. in 1931, Pasonault Photo (Print 3-14-1 matches print 180-85)
86 Two men and dead coyote – sign for Free coyote Stew, Feb 28th
87 Woman sitting on the grass wearing a swimsuit (180-87 matches print 181-74)
88 Students on stage acting in theatre costumes
89 Two men in costumes as a couple on a couch
90 Students on stage in theatre costumes
91 Exterior of The Good Samaritan Hospital (Print 180-91 matches print 77-13-9)
92 Photograph of a baby
93 Young girl with a stuffed rabbit in the front yard, car and houses across the street
94 People gathered around a table
95 Group portrait of women
96 Note from Corinne dated Thursday July 27, 1944
97 Group of men and women gathered around a table
98 Machine
99 Leaflet for Fotofolio’s, for every size snapshot
100 Santa handing out packages to children (matches 34B-128-1)
101 & 102 Sunset
103 Title page from – and a Few Marines by Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr.
104 Group of men in the distance, oil well on the far right
105 Studio portrait of a young girl, says “Hansen, Rugby, N.D.”

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