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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 22E

Box 22E (images 1 to 68 are scanned and online)

1 Mary Gen Hagan with awards, Williston, N.D.
2 Wildrose Roses football team and cheerleaders portrait
3 Williston Coyotes baseball team portrait
4 Tioga baseball team portrait
5 Williston Coyotes versus McGregor Vikings, N.D.
6 Williston Coyotes basketball team with cheerleaders portrait
7 to 9 Williston Coyotes basketball team portrait
10 Williston Coyotes versus Mandan Braves, Bismarck, N.D.
11 Alamo Greenwave versus Ray Jays, North Dakota
12 Williston Coyotes basketball game
13 Williston Coyotes versus Mandan Braves, Bismarck, N.D.
14 Williston Coyotes basketball pre-game, N.D.
15 Williston Coyotes basketball game
16 Williston Coyotes versus Ray Blue Jays, N.D.
17 Williston Coyote accepts trophy, North Dakota
18 Williston Coyotes versus Ray Blue Jays, N.D.
19 Grenora Gophers basketball team with awards
20 Ray Jays basketball team portrait
21 Williston Coyotes basketball team portrait
22 Grenora Gophers basketball team portrait
23 Ray fans, N.D.
24 to 30 Basketball fans, North Dakota
31 Williston Swim Team portrait
32 Swim meet, woman diving, N.D.
33 & 34 Swim meet, man diving, N.D.
35 Swim meet, cannon ball, N.D.
36 Girl with fish, North Dakota
37 Snowmobile racers with trophies, Williston, N.D.
38 Fishermen with trophies, Williston, N.D.
39 to 41 Snowmobile race, Williston, N.D.
42 Cattle Auction, North Dakota
43 & 44 Rodeo, North Dakota
45 Trick or Treat, Williston, N.D.
46 Gun club, Williston, N.D.
47 Independence Day performance, Williston, N.D.
48 Williston history class projects, N.D.
49 & 50 America sings performance, N.D.
51 Santa with children and parents, Williston, N.D.
52 Christmas children's performance, Williston, N.D.
53 Christmas wishes, Williston, N.D.
54 Christmas lights, Grenora, N.D.
55 Model garage, Williston, N.D.
56 Future Farmer of America and Safety display, Williston, N.D.
57 Drummer in parade, Williston, N.D.
58 Band students, N.D.
59 Bill Shemorry receives National Newspaper Contests award, Williston, N.D.
60 C. Owen Harding receives Masonic award, Williston, N.D.
61 Lawn mowers for sale, Williston, N.D.
62 Wards Complete Auto Service, Williston, N.D.
63 Grocery store staff, Williston, N.D.
64 Gateway Market, Williston, N.D.
65 Meat counter employees, Williston, N.D.
66 UND-Williston ice art, N.D.
67 Williston Concrete Products, Co.
68 Construction site, Williston, N.D.
69 to 73 Graduation ceremony and students graduating
74 to 109 Portraits of unidentified people, including boy with puppy
110 & 111 Young women modeling clothing outside
112 Children wearing costumes and masks, Trick or Treat, Williston, N.D.
113 Three people holding a platter and pitchforks with meat, standing outside a lounge by a covered wagon that says Welcome Stock growers and a fire with a kettle
114 to 118 People standing in line either to get food or serving food mostly outside
119 Parade judging booth outside the New Grand theater and Tot & Teen Shop in Williston, N.D.
120 Marching band and flag guard in parade on Main Street, Williston, N.D.
121 Young women on a parade float outside Ben Franklin, Tioga, N.D.
122 Twelve women and one man working on tires in a workshop
123 Man and woman showing Sta-puf fabric softeners in a store
124 Two women showing a piece of fabric and framed artwork
125 Man painting a thermometer for the United Way while two women look on
126 Man, woman and two children looking at a camera
127 Two men looking at grain
128 Ground breaking, a bishop digging with a shovel with another man wearing a hard hat stands in the background, Williston, N.D.
129 Three women and a man standing around a table with boxes and a loot bag
130 to 132 People speaking into microphones at podiums
133 People standing outside the Tioga Fire Department, City & Rural fire garage
134 to 136 Groups of people sitting and standing for unknown events
137 Four men wearing suits and Shrine, KEM Bell Ringer hats presenting an appreciation award to C. Owen Harding ‘Life Member’ For Sincere and Devoted Effort in Masonic Services for over 50 years, Williston Shrine Club
138 Three men wearing suits and a woman all holding a Service Award and a Certificate of Appreciation
139 to 161 Unidentified group portraits
162 to 175 Images of people sitting at tables, eating, talking or listening to a speaker
176 Hair curlers in a box
177 Griddle
178 Electric can opener
179 Pianos in a music store
180 Bridgeman Low Fat Yogurt, strawberry and cherries
181 Window display of polished stones with metal and jewelry
182 Future Farmers of America booklets and safety brochures spread out on a table
183 Five older men playing fiddles, a guitar and an accordion
184 Large gathering of people for a ceremony, with a band on the far left
185 School band performing on stage
186 School band and choir performing on stage
187 Ten musicians standing on the steps outside with musical instruments including
clarinets, violins, trombone, cello, and trumpet, probably 1900s
188 to 191 People wearing costumes on stage for theatrical productions
192 to 197 Choirs performing on stage
198 to 213 Men’s basketball games, action shots, including Williston Coyotes vs. Minot
214 & 215 Crowd of spectators at a sporting event, a Williston basketball game
216 to 220 Men’s sports team portraits, probably basketball and baseball teams
221 & 222 Baseball games action shots
223 to 230 Group portraits of cheerleaders
231 Water volleyball game
232 to 235 Swim meet, swimming and diving
236 & 237 Woman wearing a crown sitting on a Lynx snowmobile
238 to 240 Snowmobile races, Winter Wonderland
241 Car racing, including Jim McNally Motors, Bee Line Service car 8
242 Car with huge snow drifts
243 GMC Truck
244 GMC 620 work truck with man in the driver’s seat
245 Parking lot full of dump trucks and cabs of trucks at the One Stop Service, Lunch
246 to 253 Cars and a truck after accidents, damaged and smashed vehicles
254 & 255 Exterior of Alme Body Works, Auto Glass Specialists
256 Christmas lights, Season’s Greetings, Grenora, N.D.
257 Two story building under construction
258 & 259 Exterior and interior of a church
260 Exterior front and side of G.M. Hedderich & Company building
261 & 262 Exterior of MDU, Montana Dakota Utilities, building at night
263 Exterior of the Zahl, Farmers Union Elevator Company grain elevator, Zahl, N.D.
264 Exterior view of a grain elevator
265 to 280 Aerial views overlooking buildings, towns, Williston, N.D., the Plainsman Hotel,
Williston train station, a refinery, farm fields, and oil well drilling rigs
281 Refinery
282 to 288 Oil wells, drilling rigs including at night and during the day and artistic. Also included in box 22E are 9 printed pages of black and white images, a Birthday card to Bill Shemorry from his sister Mary. Advertising, flyer on Artist Sharon Luntsford, brochure on Eat and Sleep in Williston, Mathew Brady flyer, an Easter tie on of a baby chick coming out of an egg, and The Williston Plains Reporter, Report on Asia, part 5, Volume 14, No’s 33-34, printed Wed. July 12, 1967

612 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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