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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 232

Box 232

1 Print- men next to train, ca 1910
2 Vic Anderson, Zahl, inspects crop, about 1949
3 Williston business places, aerials: Williston Econo Thrift, 5/1978; downtown Williston, 5/1978; Mahar photo studio, 5/1978; K-Mart, 5/1978; Great Plains Labor, 5/1978; Ash low income housing, 5/1978; new construction northeast past Wheelock?, 5/1978; Williston Farm Equipment; Haugen Inc., Suburban mobile homes; airport (Sloulin); intersection 26th Street North dand 2nd Avenue W.; Reep Motor – N. Sales; Park at Rickard School; apartments northest Williston; Main Street; Moose, 6/1978; Music Mart, 5/1978
4 Aerials around Williston, 6/1979: Ramada under construction; downtown; Jerry Harmon, Vallely Truck; Arnie’s Cycle Shop and other buildings; Tony’s Equipment; Williston Farm Equipment; Sitting Bull auction; Cactus Concrete and area; Williston Mobile Home Sales; Cenex Warehouse under construction; 12 miscellaneous air shots, not sharp
5 Aerial photos, Williston Area, 9/1968
6 Old Armory, exterior, about 1940
7 String orchestra, accordion, base violin, mandolin, violin, two guitars, could be from Arnegard?
8 Print - Unidentified group of men, Frank Wenstrom seated on far right, Bill Shemorry standing on far left, ca 1970s
9 C. J. Barry in old Press-Graphic office, 1947?
10 Boating on Lake Sakakawea, Jack and Clair O’Neill, boat Poobah II, also E. Palmer boat, shore scenes
11 Could be Eugene Burdick at early age
12 Barber shop quartet, Ray Bell, Mickey Gardner, Denley McKenzie, Jack Snyder, also a different barbershop quartet
13 Upper Missouri Band in front of new band stand in Recreation Park, 1932; also old-time band, about 1910
14 Great Northern Railroad Lift Bridge over Missouri River at Snowden, 1942
15 F. P. Bergman, landman in old Jackson automobile, about 1914
16 Congregational Church member, W. H. Shemorry family
17 Williston Chamber of Congress book
18 Crime: body in front of Sheriff’s office, body on front seat of car
19 Chuck’s husky award
20 Cowboy, LaRoche, Pasonault
21 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, summer 1947
22 Erickson brothers buy Farm Implement Company from Cahill, about 1946
23 Ennis, Doyle taking photos of parade, could be fall festival, Northwest Bell Telephone Company parade float
24 Jensen, Clarence and family, friends of Corinne and Bill
25 Group of girls: Bea Myhre and John Lowell holding children; Sylvia Larvick rocking on front steps; Sylvia with roller skates; Sylvia and friends 0 Larvick and Clausen house in backyard; woman and girl; girl with bike and boy with tricycle; Mrs. Larvick and child; Larvicks in front of car; vans and dray
26 Bill, copies of old friends, family, etc; also Ed Shemorry, WWI; finger prints; Cadillac at Minot
27 “Aloha” “Welcome” dinner or banquet
28 Bus. – Walters Bill Bo with 1931 Chev coupe; copies – Bill’s friends, use #4 paper; old: Marge Nelson, Agnes Mae, Bill with Essex Roadster; Central School; Bus- Wazer; dress-up day; recent 2 different PW bill and Glo; Bill and ? Rose Lee; Lil Bill Marge
29 Gen Hagan fall festival queen, 1940s
30 Haakenson, Ed: birthday party at Haakensons – present were Ed haakensons, Fetz Patricks, C. Jensens, Bill Shemorry
31 Kittlesons, Mrs. and Mr. Art Kittleson and two children; Corinne Shemorry, Kaye Joynes
32 Tractor overland train, A4V 1913 Graphic, see Borstad Limited
33 Horse drawn studebaker wagons, 1913 Graphic advertisement
34 Fair, Williams County, horse racing, 1914
35 Minnesota fair, Horse racing, Williston Drug, 1910 calendar
36 Golf tournament, 1945
37 Gladys – Howard: marker, graves, gasoline pump, Wheelock
38 Jap balloon attack, Cop Halland WWII
39 Hagan Beddow wedding, August 21, 1947
40 Hedderich’s store, about 1960
41 G. M. Hedderich
42 Harvest, about 1945
43 Ku Klux Klan ad, Williams County Farmer, 8/7/1927 page 3
44 Krazy Days parade, old cars
45 Unidentified meeting, Frank Wenstrom, Doyle Ennis with camera
46 Mondak (copies), three street scenes, women and cafe
47 Kris Monson and trophy
48 McCrory, Bus – portraits, also Rus and Geneva and Oscar Resells
49 Motorcycles, Harold’s Motorcycle Shop
50 Accident, motor cyclists, Herald, 4/28/1967
51 Trophy, Sundowners Motorcyclist Club, 7/1967
52 Motorcycle accidents, 5/1967
53 Girl Scouts visit Reporter, Corinne on photo
54 Press-Graphic and miscellaneous news: first carload print papers; man with “Bozorker?”; Bill photographs State Line wrestling; player with saggy pants; Snowden Bridge; Bill standing beside garage; Bil and Chev. Panel; Copy of paper with float plane story; Press-Graphic office; Press-Time; Ed Hankenson House; linotype operator; Press-Graphic personnel at ?; Press-Graphic sign goes up; deer picture; snow scene; rain storm
55 Press-Graphic, Al Grove at stitcher
56 Robert Norheim, old time portrait, Alexander
57 Old Settlers Picnic, about 1943
58 Old times in Masonic Hall, Charlie Schumacher and old timers at Lion’s meeting, September 6, 1948
59 Old timers, one is Mary Zahl and her sister, about 1941
60 Miscellaneous old time photos (copies): Farmers Union cement elevator; coal mine; High School bands; 1917 Williston High School champion football team; old Congregational Church; Steam thres engine; baseball team; OK Steamboat; Kron Bulk plant; Twin City Merchants visit here; Great Northern Hotel logo; views from top of Central School; train coming into depot
61 Plains Reporter, next to Moose Lodge, 1st Avenue W, 1978
62 Park employees feed wilcat cub, 10/1956
63 When will ice melt, promotion in front of JC Penney
64 Old timers in City Hall, Charley Schumacher, see Farmers Press 1/19/1945
65 Rodeo action, State Line
66 Rubinoff visits Williston, 10/25/1956
67 Bill Shemorry, photo class instructor, UND-Williston, about early 1970s: African busts, gift from Geo. Wizer; pic Jap aerial camery; Press bowling trophy; German beer mug
68 Williston schools: Webster teachers, Miss Moe, Miss Wilkinson, 1932 class dress up day, Webster School
69 Old Central School, all three wings, early 1920s
70 UND-Williston starts in old Williston High School building, 1-south wing, 1-north wing showing front of building
71 Seeding bee, could be for Johnson, Co Comm. Killed in accident, about 195?
72 Stokke, Mr. and Mrs. Gus, 25 wedding anniversary
73 Roy Dobson, published Minot Daily News and H. V. Smith
74 Square dancing, 1/1958
75 Central School, front view, south wing, classroom demolition
76 Shoeshine, Bill Davidson Jr. gets shine on Hedderich corner
77 Central School E Ext3ension Center, view from south – old High School wing; view from northwest: north wing – center part, south wing – behind trees
78 Shemorry, Gay, queen of water festival at Harmon Park, also pool photos taken same day, also champion swim team
79 United Fund committee in C. C. office
80 Williston City Commissioners meeting
81 Williams County commissioners
82 Shemorry, Bill – personal, cat eating, BPW meet, cockroach on Reporter
83 Print – advertisement for Missouri Valley Dairy products with two Williston High School cheerleaders
84 Shemorry, Gay, first birthday party
85 Shemorry, Gay’s first birthday party, March 13, 1948
86 Shemorry, Gay, good photo Gay and mother, summer 1947
87 Bill bosking in Army, also photographing Jack Dempsey refereeing wrestling at State Line Club, boxing opponent Zervoulis, referee Indelicatti
88 Ruth Frye and Jean Millhouse in JJ’s back porch
89 Bill Shemorry in Johnny Lamling Essex Roadster, about 1927
90 Gay Shemorry Press-New Year baby, 1/1/1948
91 Bill miscellaneous family and friends, Floyd and Evelyn Laura?
92 Shemorry motor in gates building, about 1928
93 Bill Shemorry, Bus McCrory, Arne, Bob Henry, Ole Clauson, Little Muddy Bridge, Prince- dog, Corinne, intertype type setter at Herald
94 Jack Daniels manager airport, 8/1979
95 Water carnival, 7/17/1947
96 Swimming at Harmon Park, looks like Gay
97 Swimming, looks like Jan and Gay Shemorry, Pat Joseph, Maureen Conlin, May Pat Conlin, Betty Conlin, also in water, mid 1950s
98 Swimming, Harmon park pool, 1940s-1950s
99 Gay and Jan in swim team pic
100 Swim team, Williston, was Gay Shemorry coach? About 1967
101 ’39 wedding neg, print – on Cadillac, Corinne in front of airplane
102 Unidentified group (including Bill Shemorry) barbeque
103 Miscellaneous negatives, Kallie Mahoe and pumpkins, Co. E marches in Australia “RFD”, WPA book binders, view, corner 5th Street and Main Avenue West
104 Bill and Glo – closeup, 1987
105 Bill, real old photo on hammock at Charlie Boyers place in PA, about 1938-1939
106 Shemorry, Moose award, 9/1978
107 Gloria and former teacher, Ashby, MN, 1987
108 Bill Shemorry and Silver Menace I, about 1941
109 Bill Shemorry and Silver Menace II, about 1941
110 J. J. Shemorry perfect circle piston rings, seminar held in Williston, Herald community room (where news room is now), probably late 1950s or early 1960s
111 Gay and Jan, probably in 1960s
112 Bill at Press-Graphic, looking at forst coop full page ad, marking up page forum
113 Bill’s 21st birthday, 422 E 4th Avenue, when (his) mother who was active in WGTU brought a keg of beer, 8/12/1935
114 Jan and Bill Lee
115 Ed and Millie Shemorry, 1950s
116 Shemorry car wreck, MN, 1987
117 Shemorry, John, Pontiac invention, to assist steering
118 Emma Shemorry and friends, needs to be intensified
119 Shemorry family, Floyd and Evelyn, Bill-Connie, Ed and William H. with Floyd’s boy, Bill as baby, copy Co. E, 1948
120 Swimming class, mid 1950s
121 Deesburg ? family, Grenora
122 Unidentified
123 Bill Shemorry darkroom and basement, 210 E 14th Street
124 Bill Shemorry, living room, 417 Washington, 1978
125 W. E. Shemorry house, 322 E 7th Street, August 1946
126 Jap aerial camera, 11/29/1947
127 Bill Shemorry, in old Reporter office in Graphic building, about 1977
128 Bill’s house, 417 Washington, interior, exterior, also house across street, from 40 E 14, about 1980
129 Bill and Ed, 805 Main Street
130 Copy of snap of Miss Sutherland
131 McCrorys, Nevin Kathers, Bob Henrys, Bob Bahners, and Walt Bahner in apartment for party, July 1946
132 Bill’s friends Dorothy and Bob Bahner, 1941
133 George Wyer, on Main in front of temp garage on couch in WES apartment
134 Bill and Corinne with Geo Wizer
135 Bus McCrory
136 McCrorys, Bahners, Shemorrys
137 A. J. Kittleson and family
138 Bus McCrory and family
139 Clair O’Neill (Mrs. Jack V.) and Corinne in basement, 210 E 14
140 Walt Bahner in front of Keystone Bakery, two prints with Bill, negative, foot on fence, Walt and Ruth Frye print
141 Bob Henry wedding negative, prints with Bill and Corinne, and Vic and wife
142 Newsman here, could be Life Magazine crew or Fargo Forum
143 Old friends at U of Wisconsin, 1930s
144 Bill Medbury’s
145 H.S. negatives Walt Bahner, some later, Walt and Ruth Frye, Walt and Darold Beadles, Walt alone
146 Bob Bahners
147 Bill and Friends, July 4, probably early 1930s
148 Clair Krebsback ?
149 Bill’s friends, Eddie Boyles, Dr. Orks, Bus, Walt
150 Jaycees: banquets, stags, business meetings, Jaycee ladies, picnic, old Jaycee friends
151 Jaycee Play, 10/25/1941
152 Copies of writing on Chinese painting brought back from China by Bill
153 Photos of Bil Shemorry apartment, basement 323 E 7th Street, April 1947
154 Washington D.C. trip and World’s fair
155 Ruth Frye
156 Friends, old of 1940s and earlier
157 Jan and Gay march as twirlers in Band Day parade, 5/1955
158 Blurry print of sale or gathering (probably kept for the notes on back)
159 Horse and buggy tied up
(Beginning prints and negatives)
160 American Legion Convention, Atol on bike
161 Shemorry, old family groups
162 Bill and Glo, 1993 trip to Kansas
163 Old-time Snyder reprints and Christmas cards, etc. 35 mm color negatives, 5/1/1990
164 Fire equipment parade, aerial fairground, Doug’s wife, 3/17/1993
165 Old-time, same hedge, Ed and Laura ? Gen Hagan etc.
166 J. Shemorry, 60th anniversary, September 30, 1989
167 ND bluffs and cactus flower, Missouri in distant background, 1 lamb Hauge Norwegian Church, June 11
168 Old time copies
169 Old time copies
170 Old time copy negatives, Cottonwood Lake basketball team, fire – Corinth elevator, 1960, Stady store
171 1994 – Charles Glass of Williston, author, Kansas City railroads, professor, University of Toledo, OH
172 Historic Williston Residences (log cabin at museum, old school – 12 mi. twp) photographed Nov 1993
173 Geo Wizer portraits, 12/1989
174 Alexander parade, Glo’s flowers
175 Class of ’34 reunion in Elks, ceiling collapse in American State bank drive-in, November 1994
176 MacMaster girl fashion photo, Jan S. and Conlin girl – cheerleader, back to school reporter issue
177 Copies – Home of Economy, Eva McMaster (Hydle) group, Lloyd Jorgenson’s – St Petersburg, Alaska and big boat
178 Picture display of team trains in Armory Octoberfest, September 1990
179 Bonetraill wedding, cake, etc. Doug and Leigh?, Dave and Bonnie
180 Flower negatives, Puyallup, WA
181 Farm east of Williston, Walmart construction, miscellaneous north Williston
182 Eagle Lake, 1991
183 Damage, 415 Washington
184 Fourth of July celebration, Grenora
185 1991 ND firemen’s convention, double teapot
186 Gay’s kids at Fire Hall dedication of Mary’s Corner?; class reunion, Glo swining at Dean Picker, air shot of farm (underexposed)
187 Rich and Chara, Glo and Chara, Bobby Aal, Chick Coulter reunion
188 FD Roosevelt song cover, Twin L. School (1993), two different pump jacks (1 west of old pioneer location, 1 south of highway 2 and 82 junction west of Williston, Rich photograph, looks like church group, don’t know what kind, Gloria and book sale, flowers in back yard
189 Lost Tales book, 1st book Williston, 12/15/1986
190 Williston downtown aerial, also north from Harmon Park, about 1987
191 old time Williston, Chinese currency, WWII
192 1st Union church, farewell to Reverend Miller, also copies of placques, 12/1993
193 Eagle Lake, Fairmont, Pasonault copies from Cando, June 1993
194 Old time mostly and Bill Shemorry photos
195 Copies – Bill family – old time, also Bill and Mary Clyde at Zahl, also Vern Neff and Pres. Bush
196 Copies: Co. E; Great Northern Hotel annex, basement, complete; Rip Rapping bank of Missouri River; E Kather on airplane; Great Northern Hotel front; Great Northern Hotel inside; Swab and Kitty at Four; Kather Rare Hersey?; ? on Main; Curtis airplane
197 Pipeline – N. border, river crossing near Buford, 10/1981
198 Pipeline River crossing near Buford, 11/1981
199 Pipeline – River crossing south of Bismarck, 6/1982
200 Oil monument south of Tioga, farm south of Tioga and drilling rig with clouds
201 UND-W aerial used in plaques
202 J. J. Shemorry 60th anniversary
203 Copies – Neff and Bush, black groups
204 Antique cars, 8/1991
205 Lisa Lotte Kollmar, Phoenix, 4/1980
206 Joe Donohue

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