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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 44

Box 44

1 Four Bears Bridge and dedication, 4 prints
2 Bridges: Fairview Railroad Bridge taken in 1955 and 2 bridges on US 85 crossing Little Missouri River – aerial; Nelson Memorial Highway Bridge; and copy of pages from the Historic Bridges in Montana, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service – with information and images of bridges in ND and MT
3 Snowden (MONDAK) Bridge: 1 print, copies of newspaper articles, draft articles, pamphlet on the Snowden Bridge, and newspapers including the Dakota View from Sept. 26, 1985, and Minot Daily News from Dec. 29, 1991.
4 River – Lewis & Clark Bridge – Ice: 11 Pasonault negatives including some of the Lewis and Clack Bridge from 1927, the Roosevelt Bridge and dedication in 1928, and Montana Dakota Power Company laying gas pipeline across the Lewis & Clack bridge near Williston on July 23, 1930; and 1 color print
5 Floods: draft article titles “The Big Ice Jam of 1928” by Shemorry; newspaper article on the Great Flood of 1994; copies of articles on floods in 1912 and 1943; newspaper articles on flood damage from April 1969, March 1994, and July 1986; 5 negatives including 1952 ice break up in Missouri River, after the Missouri River broke up March 25, 1920; and breaking up of the Missouri River, Lewis & Clark bridge near Williston, N.D. March 30, 1928, taken by J.E. Pasonault
6 Floods: 36 photographic prints of flooding, goes with information in folder 5
7 Man hurt during the Lewis & Clark bridge demolition, 1970’s; 12 prints
8 Snowden Bridge – draft article titled “The Ghosts of the Upper Missouri pioneer days still luck around the abandoned site of the Snowden bridge”
9 Bridges: Culbertson Bridge in Montana, South of Culbertson, Fairview Highway Bridge, Bridge South of Sidney, Little Missouri Gorge at Long X Bridge, Fairview Railroad Bridge, and maybe Snowden bridge: 19 prints and 43 negatives
10 Bridges: 9 prints and 31 negatives; toll gate at Snowden Bridge in 1941, Snowden Bridge, Fairview Bridge, boats on Yellowstone River, 4 Bears Bridge with Glo overlooking, Fairview Railroad bridge, winter scene of ice floats, also Texaco Well West of Keene; and color prints of bridge over Little Missouri Scenic River
11 Bridges: 21 prints and 53 negatives; Fairview Bridge, Panger Rest stop along Yellowstone River, Fairview Bridge, railroad bridge and oil wells East of Fairview, also Nelson Highway Bridge
12 Bridges: 26 prints and 26 negatives; Dedication of New bridge at Fort Buford, 9/1985, New Mondak Bridge dedication Sept 1985; and Building new bridge across Muddy East of town, flood at bridge
13 Bridges: 32 negatives; Fairview construction shots bridge Nelson Memorial about 1955, bridge building built just West of Carolville over Muddy; Newtown 4 Bears Bridge about 1955; Indians Ribbon Cutting at Four Bears Bridge Dedication; 1955 dedication of 4 Bears Bridge at New Town and views of bridge, breaking champagne bottle, and Native Americans; Fairview Bridge Dedication mid 1950’s Lewis & Clark Bridge; Abandoned bridge, Garrison Lake; Lewis and Clark Bridge about 1947; Fairview Bridge 8/14/1955
14 Lewis & Clark Bridge: 16 prints; Dedication, stage coach holdup, bridge with train in foreground in 1921; Bridge from North shore taken about 1916; demolition of bridge, and view of truck that did not fit under bridge clearance; copies of newspaper article
15 Newspaper articles, copies and clippings on bridges including the Williston Herald from Sept. 14, 1997; Oct. 15, 1999; Nov. 30, 1981; and March 14, 1985. And a MonDak Bridge Dedication program from Sept. 3, 1985.
16 Little Muddy Bridge East of Williston; copies of newspaper articles and 7 prints including of high water during the spring of 1941, truck on bridge about 1954, and a color print of the new bridge being built.

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