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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 27C

Box 27C Box 27C has been moved to the freezer

1 Roll 3 (1092), China 1944 Kunming DilliesMete?; 36 negatives, Buildings, streets and people of Kunming, China in 1944, as well as a few portraits of Shemorry eating and with people (several negatives have brown spots)
2 Roll 7 (1096), Shemorry personal, Luliang & rest camp; 34 negatives, people traveling over a bridge, soldiers arriving at an airfield, looking through arches at people and a town, Chinese village along the water, and boats on the water
3 Roll 10 (1099), India WW2 Calcutta; 16 negatives, Images of street scenes and people in Calcutta, India, and photographers in military uniform at work taking pictures and relaxing (several negatives have brown spots)
4 Roll 12 (1101) 31 negatives, portraits of military men some holding cameras, probably men in the 164th Signal Photo Company, military men at work including flying an airplane, and native people from India in the country
5 Roll 14 (1103), RR Train 1944 China; 10 negatives, Views looking out the window of a train, showing the countryside, the railroad train engine and front cars, also one image of Chinese people riding on the train, and one image of a group of soldiers
6 Roll 19 (1108), India 1944 negs reticulated; 32 negatives, people in a market and Indian village, military men relaxing, in a store, and at a camp (all the negatives have cracked, turned a pale brown, and become grainy)
7 Roll 20 (1109), Shemorry 1944 Black Hole of Calcutta Arpors-Barber; 7 negatives, the monument commemorating those who died in Black Hole Prison in Calcutta, India, and people having a meal inside
8 Roll 22 (1111), India WW2 Sacred cow, rickshaw; 8 negatives, streets and markets of an Indian city, including shots of the sacred cow and a couple of rickshaws (several negatives have brown spots)
9 Roll 25 (1114), China WW2 Lt. Schwep In tree; 24 negatives, Chinese countryside, soldiers and a jeep next to and climbing a very large tree, soldiers and Shemorry outside next to the ruins of a building (several negatives have brown spots)
10 Roll 26 (1115) 12 negatives, Portraits of Chinese men and three blurry shots

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