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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 31A

Box 31A

1 Captions on Inspection tour by General McClure
2 P1 Burma, WW2 Mars Task Force Cut lines (Shemorry Files), 1944-1945
3 American soldiers ford jungle stream in Burma, 1944
4 Food for allies in northern Burma, 1944
5 United States soldier & his dog go hunting for Japanese snipers (3), 1944
6 Meal time for U.S. soldiers in Burma, 1944
7 New United States combat unit in action in Burma, 1944
8 United States combat troops ford Burma stream with pack mules, 1944
9 Members of U.S. Mars Task Force guide pack train across stream, 1944
10 American pack train starts across river in Burma, 1944
11 American troops cross bamboo footbridge in Burma, 1944
12 American pack train fords river, pushing into central Burma, 1944
13 Mars Task Force members cross temporary bridge in Burma, 1944
14 American infantry column advances through village in Burma 1944
15 New United States "Task Force" moves up in Burma, 1944
17 United States Task Force advances into Burma jungle, 1945
18 American troops ferried across river in Burma, 1945
19 American troops cross pontoon bridge in Burma, 1945
20 American pack train crosses stream in Burma, 1945
21 American troops cross Shweli River in Burma, 1945
22 American infantrymen cross footbridge in Burma, 1945
23 American mortar crew pounds Japanese in Burma, 1945
24 United States field artillery battery fires at Japanese along Burma road, 1945
25 Pack train of Mars Task Force advances in Burma, 1944
26 Stickers, Red Arrow Taxi, also Shemorry Motor
27 164th Signal Photo Company photographer taken on Burma road in China 1944 or 1945, Bill Shemorry on Burma road & in darkroom at Paoshan, 1944-1945
28 Union Block, Williston, North Dakota post card (31A-28 copy film negative of postcard 45-3-8)
29 Unidentified man (photograph)
30 Unidentified woman (photograph)
31 Unidentified woman (photograph)
32 Unidentified woman (photograph)
33 Unidentified woman (photograph)
34 Unidentified couple (photograph)
35 Unidentified couple in car (photograph)
36 North Main Street, Williston, North Dakota post card
37 Soldiers (164th Signal Photo Company?)
38 Williston Main Street, West side-( copy negative), about, 1910
39 Copy of painting by W.S. Davidson Senior
40 American State Bank, interior about 1948 (Print 1-21-6 crop of negative 31A-40-1; print 1-21-5 crop of negative 31A-40-2)
41 Group in Veterans of Foreign Wars club, late 1950s
42 Tom Davidson & Ole Nordmaster in airplane, probably 1946
43 Williston Railroad Yards, early 1900s
44 Bill & Ray Lawless with Americans & Chinese near Lungling, 1944
45 Ray Lawless, my old army buddy, 1944
46 Bill & Captain from Fargo reading Fargo Forum, in China, 1944
47 Mary Lou Kather Wedding, 1/9/1947
48 Bill copying writing on captured Japanese flag, China
49 Bill in China, close-ups, 1944
50 Bill close-up with Leico camera, China
51 China, Chinese treat wounded Japanese captive near Lungling 1944
52 Farmer's Union Creamery, Stockholders receive dividend check (patronage refund)
53 China: 1944, Bill reads mail after being away on assignment for long time, 1944
54 Bill Shemorry on maneuvers in Tennessee, 1943
55 China: Jinx Falkenberg, 1944
56 Baseball: field construction about 1952
57 Williston Baseball team, Buhler’s Invisible Colts (copy), also Williston Elks team, 1909
58 Fall Festival "Pioneers"
59 [copy photograph of two men with cameras & woman in bathing suit, unidentified, may be WW2 photograph]
60 Bill's friends at Lungling during WWII, 1944
61 Farmers Press personnel in old Graphic Building, (Left to Right) Charles Glass, Alan Grove, Walt Dugrand, Ole Vatne, about 1946
62 Bill in front of stone lion in China, 1944
63 English airmen in Williston, 1941
64 Swords on wall
65 Mother & Mary Shemorry, 1/1958
66 Shemorry Motor Company Building (copy negative), about, 1928-1932
67 Dowell just east of Montana-Dakota Utilities power plant, about 1980
68 Post Office (new) from top of courthouse, 1969
69 Epping Baseball team picture, 1931
70 Model-T, Ford "Bug"
71 Surveyor, 1st, Chas. Edward Kennedy
72 Copy negatives, Texaco Ed Wynn (Fire chief) comes to Williston, Bill Shemorry with axe, Whaland Ball agent
73 Company E marchers on Decoration Day, 1911
74 Depression cattle drive, Last of 10,000, 1934
75 Ed & Elmer Mengel, fiddler's shot, 7/16/1954
76 Ray Potter amateur radio fun, 1/1957
77 Mondak photographs from Otto Seel: Indian traverse swimming cattle across Missouri River, five men, people in car, people in whorehouse, Otto Seel's brother Meat Market, front of school, pupils on slides
78 Wilbur Robb at table (manager of Plainsman Hotel), 1970
79 [unidentified & sleeved negative of toilet]
80 Charlie Bains filling station at State Line on US #2
81 Williston High School Girls (1977), Williston High School Boys (1975), North Dakota Champions, 1975-1977
82 Greengard, Alan
83 Corinne & Alaskan Aviator
84 Aerial of farm, also portrait
85 Old time North Dakota Horse & Cattle Company (could be Wheelock), original photograph Bill Gordon
86 Fire at Hout Lawrence Pederson 2 miles North of Tioga, 12/1953
87 Band Day 1989 - Gloria with guitar, Chief Atol on cycle, Zahl Buffalo Float, Tioga Band, Norse float, Fort Union Marchers, 1989
88 Albert Thompson portrait, Old time Wildrose photographs
89 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Iverson (print) and negative of unidentified woman
90 [Unidentified photograph of car in front of business (Shemorry Motor Company?]
91 [Unidentified photograph of man speaking]
92 Andrea Horving [photograph]
93 Woman, man and child in front of car [old time photograph]
94 Men sitting in front of Jeffries Park sign [old time photograph]
95 Sally Luster in front of house [old time photograph]
96 Photograph of a photograph [unknown town]
97 Man and wagon, pulled by horses, copy of photograph from newspaper
98 Stady way station, photograph from book or newspaper clipping
99 W.W. Mabee, Montana pioneer, photograph from newspaper or book
100 Unidentified woman, photograph from newspaper or book
101 Two one-dollar stamps
102 Shemorry Photography advertisement draft
103 Negative that reads "Williston Plains Reporter Print"
104 Card that reads "Main Street looking north from depot", 1906
105 Stub, Minot vs. Williston, Football game, Harmon Field
106 Birthday card good for $1.50 toward food or drink at the Elks Club, 8/1970
107 Card, "It's a girl!" celebrating the birth of either Jan or Gay
108 Card, Williston Volunteer Rural Fire Department, W.E. Shemorry, Chief
109 Card, Williston Volunteer Rural Fire Department, W.E. Shemorry, Chief
110 Card, Williston Volunteer Rural Fire Department, W.E. Shemorry, Chief
111 Shemorry Motor Service business card
112 Card, insult
113 Business card with Tokyo mailing addresses
114 Newspaper scrap with Bill Shemorry spelled (in Chinese?)
115 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card
116 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card
117 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card
118 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card
119 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card
120 Bill Shemorry, Williston Plains Reporter business card

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