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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 38

Box 38

1 Early Williston baseball team – photo taken by Kloss
2 Early basketball team “R” – image taken by Pasonault, Williston, N.D.
3 Two men recording a television broadcast
4 Man on a horse drawn wagon during parade
5 & 6 Large group portrait outside
7 People outside The Hicks Cafe, Williston, N.D. 1908
8 Man and woman on horse drawn cart during parade
9 Man speaking at microphone on stage in a gymnasium
10 Six men in a meeting
11 Aerial view overlooking a town with grain elevator and railroad tracks
12 Aerial view overlooking a down, specifically construction sites
13 Aerial view overlooking buildings and land with lights
14 Crowd of people, tables with goods, and automobiles in the Red Owl Family Center parking lot
15 Unidentified man and woman on their 50th wedding anniversary
16 Woman and two men riding horses down Main Street, Williston, N.D.
17 Large group portrait outside
18 & 19 Portrait of Coach Joseph P. Cutting
20 Portrait of Bill Fitch, Basketball coach at the University of Minnesota
21 Portrait of a woman working at a desk
22 Unidentified couple – 1 Negative
23 Aerial view of the Williston Refinery, 1953
24 Aerial view of the Williston Experimental Farm, 1955
25 to 32 Aerial views overlooking buildings, Main Street Williston, and farm fields
33 & 34 Truck with “Ground grip farm tires” ad in parade on Main Street, Williston, N.D.
35 Exterior of Ekblad Electric, Frigidaire appliances
36 Building under construction with Hofengen Furniture, a White Castle, Farmers Union grain elevator and Williston Floral in the background
37 Early Williston Main Street with Bank, Market and Pool & Billiards
38 Artistic Restaurant and cafe, 1955
39 Exterior of Williston Woodworks building, 1955
40 Exterior of Williston Woodworks building, 1968
41 Building under construction, June 1, 1914
42 Construction of a building with Montgomery Ward in the background, Williston
43 Exterior of the Williston Law enforcement center
44 to 50 Unidentified portraits of women, a native woman spinning yarn, a fireman, a man in military uniform, a girl wearing a marching band uniform holding a French horn, and two men one plugging his ears while another plays a violin
51 Man handing a boy a trophy for boxcar derby winner
52 to 60 Family portraits - Composite pix 1982, and notes (4 negatives and 5 prints)
61 Unidentified woman with a Christmas display of Reporter articles
62 & 63 Unidentified group portraits
64 Group portrait outside West Prairie Lutheran Church for its dedication
65 People gathered around a counter inside
66 High School Graduation inside a gymnasium, with two bands, one in the foreground and one playing on the right, with the graduates in the center, and spectators sitting in the bleachers along the back wall
67 Williston Chamber of Commerce Contact Club ribbon cutting
68 group of people standing outside with a priest as a woman digs, a funeral
38/69 Children’s choir holding candles, probably for Christmas
70 & 71 Mendenhall Ferry, dedication, South of Tioga, N.D. 6/3/1954 (negative 28-27-1 similar to print 38-71; print 11-55-9 crop of print 38-70)
72 Williston Armory, Miss Carnival Queen beauty contest, N.D. 1925 (print 38-72 crop of print 14-14-12)
73 Unidentified meeting of six men and one woman
74 to 82 Photo collage of Williston main street and people wearing arm bands, possibly for
energy – people in a meeting, woman in a car, man on the telephone, boys on bicycles and firemen with water hose
83 to 94 Photographic copies of newspaper articles and ads: History remembered with pictures of the Williston High School graduating class of 1942; History Remembered a band fit for a Queen… and King; The Williston Weekly State “Oh You Hello Bills!” Williston Elks Lodge No. 1214 started Jan. 25, 1911; Daily Herald will cover local news field 10/14/1930; The Williston Plains Reporter – Employees Edit, Print, Publish own newspaper, 11/26/1953, Vol. 1, No. 1; Harley-Davidson ad; Barometer Ad; Rhame basketball teams; Regal “30” Kleinsorge & Wegley ad; National Water Polo events to be held here’ Development Edition of the Williston Herald, 10/22/1914, City of Opportunity Businessmen; and Christmas at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
95 Photo collage of the men in the Whisker Club, 1889 Statehood Days 1939 Golden Jubilee, Williston, N.D. with a chart filled in with some names

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