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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 12

Box 12

1 Tioga Stories – “Martinson Began his involvement with cars at Age 8” in the Tioga Tribune July 1981; “Thorburn helped guide early Tioga development” in the Minot (N.D.) Daily News Dec. 29, 1985; “Tioga fire dept. has come long way” Nostalgia article by Bill Shemorry published with Shemorry photos in the Dakota View on July 3, 1986; “Tioga Hospital celebrates its 20th anniversary all year long” in the Williston Plains Reporter, 1980?; 1 photo of men holding up an artistic rendering of the Tioga Community Hospital; History Remembered article about the Tioga Farm Festival by Shemorry; “Hometown, U.S.A.” about Tioga published in the Williams News in April 1988; Prairie Life, Minot (N.D.) Daily News from Jan. 1987, about Gramma Helen Piercey is 100 and Martha Sheldon from Tioga is 101 (old box 47 & box 55)
2 Tioga Diamond Jubilee 1902-1977, Remembrance Book – with Shemorry images
3 Tioga – full newspaper of the Tioga Tribune from June 28, 1956; Tioga Senior Citizens Club history and open house at our new center June 8, 1980; copy of article “An Unprecedented Move by Tioga City Commission” from 1982; and program of the Tioga Diamond Jubilee and All School Reunion, 1902 to June 24 to 26, 1977
4 Telephones – newspaper clippings: “Telephone cables go underground” from Oct. 1916 ? and “Citizens Changes Name of Local Telephone Properties to Frontier, A Citizens Communications Company” from The Williston Shopper April 2002
5 Tibbs, Casey - newspaper clippings and copies of newspaper articles from 1955 to 1984 about Casey Tibbs, greatest saddle bronc rider. Also copy of a newspaper article from 2-4-1954 about Edith Sloulin, a telephone operator and the Williston Telephone System
6 Theaters – Opera Houses – Auditoriums – newspaper articles: “Snyder Theatre Set for Opening Tuesday”; Williston Daily Herald, Aug. 20, 1989, “State’s last outdoor theater nearing end of its 36th season” about the Lake Park Drive-In Theater; and Williston Daily Herald, May 27, 1993, “Snyders, history, movies travel together over three generations” about the Grand Theatre
7 Thailand article in Northwest magazine, 4/1987
8 Tioga Farm Festivals – 26 prints, Note to Pins Hornstein with the Tioga Tribune from Bill Shemorry about enclosed pix, copy of Ribbon Winners 1st Tioga Farm Festival; photos from 1961, 1975, and 1982
9 Tioga 25th Farm Festival - cut lines, History draft article, copy of Shemorry’s History Remembered article in newspaper: “Tioga Farm Festival Had its beginnings in the oil industry” and 25 photographic prints from 1974 to 1977 (Print 12-9-14 same sheep as negative 64-17-225)
10 Darrow “Duke” Tully’s career, former publisher of The Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Gazette etc. – newspaper articles and clippings from The Arizona Republic May 22, 1998, and Aug. 18, 1992; and the Minot (N.D.) Daily News Oct. 28, 1990
11 Temple, N.D. - Aerials – 1948-1952; 3 prints and a copy of the front page of The Temple Journal published Feb. 29th, 1908 in Temple, N.D.
12 University of North Dakota, Williston Center Pictorial Review/yearbook, 5/1977
13 University of North Dakota, Williston, Teton Press – UND Williston Center newspaper from May 9, 1974; UND Chester Fritz Library News, Vol. 5, No. 2, March/April 1995; Lux et Lex from the Chester Fritz Library, UND Vol. No. 1, April 1995; UND-Williston History and Scope from 1987; Student Publication of the Williston University Center, March 1968, Vol. 2, No. 2 of The Renaissance.
14 Uhlman, Dr. E.B. U with horseBuela-Lee, Williston Central School, Williston baseball team in 1915, Fort Pierre riverboat Sept 1910, “Chuck” at the “Round up,” total of 7 postcards from 1900-1916 (Print 1-53-20 copy of postcard 12-14-5; print 6-18-2 copy of postcard 12-14-6; print 7-28-2 copy of postcard 12-14-7; print 73-7-8 crop of postcard 12-14-5)
15 Voh's Meat Market – 1911; 2 prints
16 U, V - Thad Ulman, Union Block, UND – Williston aerial views of campus and construction and exterior of buildings, Tetons girls volleyball team, United Way, Vaudeville Mme. Margarita Slaviansky’s Russian Chorus page stamped M.E. Church Apr 29, 1934, total of 13 prints
17 Veterans, Amvets - newspaper advertisement in the Fargo Forum, March 17,
1946 for the “American Veterans of World War II Join Now” for AMVETS, draft of article “Memorial Day Was Observed,” June 5, 1913 Williston Graphic; listing of Williston War Veterans; listing of Civil War Newspaper Stories and Spanish-American War Newspaper Stories; humorous virus warning
18 Warmsbecker, Brandy and Leo (Accu - Stitch Upholstery) – Down Through the Years, newspaper Jan 31, 2001; Williston businesses through the years
19 Wheat show, Queens, speaker, misc. – 32 prints, 1969-1970s
20 Farm – copy of newspaper article The Voice of Wheat- 1943 Farmers Press; newspaper clipping about Earl F. Hammond and 1st Fall Fest in Williston
21 Williston Photos Old Time – 16 copy prints (Kloss, Pasonault), 1 screened negative, paper copies of old time prints with information, artistic sketches of “The Round-Up,” and brochure on General Custer’s Revolver; 1880s-1920
22 Williston – Old Time street scenes – 3 copy prints, one from April 20, 1907
23 Williston Old time – 6 color tinted copy prints
24 Williston aerial views from 1939 to 1986; Sloulin Field International airport man with airplane; aerial view of Williston Municipal Airport; two copy prints of newspaper articles with aerial and map images; 13 prints total
25 Water plant – Williston 1949; series of 16 prints and 1 screened negative with information written by Bill Shemorry for the Press, 8-25-49, about the Williston Municipal Water Plant; also 2 prints of the Westlawn Water tower; copies of newspaper articles; handwritten notes; and correspondence between Bill Shemorry and Ralph Riedinger the Secretary-Treasurer of the North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference; 1907-1990
26 Williston Street scenes – 17 prints, most are copy prints from 1887-1970s (print 73-7-2 crop of print 12-26-8; print 73-7-3 crop of print 12-26-11)
27 Williston - Old Time street scenes, Christmas street scenes both day and night, businesses and storefronts - 11 prints from the 1900’s, 1930, 1937, and 1953 some photos by Pasonault, and 1 by Kloss (Print 12-27-7 similar to negative 54-10-2)
28 W, businesses and offices including the Williston Land Office, Main Street of Williston, Watford City football, Paul Westdal a Williston basketball player, 1911 Williston baseball team screened negative from an Olson photo, Erastus Williams portrait, and copy prints of a 1911 Williston book; total of 19 prints, 1890s-1980
29 W, 10 prints from the WPA Nursery 10-30-40 Farmers Press; women, Williston City Commission, Water plant dedication, portrait of a young girl listed as “Little Negro girl,” Williston Old Settlers Picnic, 20 prints total from 1905-1950s
30 New Williston Water plant dedication, Sept 1961, 14 prints of which 10 have information written up by Shemorry; ND Water and Pollution Control Conference Correspondence, a ticket, and a program of a joint meeting of three conferences Oct 1990 in Williston; Draft of Bill Shemorry’s writing titled Water Works Story
31 Williston pamphlets - brochures, souvenir bag, map, stickers that say “I’m Going to Williston In ’74,” a pamphlet on ND State Parks on Lake Sakakawea, and 1 color postcard of Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site’s tepees
32 Jaycees – Portraits of people with awards from 1973 and 1974, group portrait from 1971, Minneapolis Celebration, Distinguished service award, July 4 parade; Jaycee “Bar-non” Bar at 1940 Convention in Williston, Clown band, 1983 North Dakota Juror’s Handbook, total of 15 prints
33 J, Johnson, Erlig (Chair of Wms. Co. Commission), James Memorial Center News from Fall 1997, 3 prints of the James Memorial Library, Jennison Mill under construction, and neighbors have a Harvest Bee after death of Chuck Johnson; newspaper clipping about Chuck Johnson 4-2-95
34 Jaycees, Ladies Nite, Milk Bottle Race, Turkey Tussle – copies of newspaper articles from 1946, 1947
35 Jaycee – 12-1953 Herald copies of newspaper articles and images: Christmas shopping tour and radio program; Official Souvenir Program of the 1947 N. Dak. Junior Chamber of Commerce Convention, May 10 to 12; 6 prints for Nostalgia, of people singing and answering telephones, JC Shopping tour Christmas 1953
36 Joseph's – 11 prints showing various exterior’s of the store, interiors and employees; notes, copy of page from unknown book about Charles A. Joseph
37 Frank Jestrab and wife Elvira Jestrab – 3 prints, copies of newspaper articles, a letter to Bill Shemorry from Frank F. Jestrab dated June 6, 1983 and copies of photographs, dating from the 1970s-1980
38 Jaycees 25th Anniversary, Talk given by Bill – Williston Jaycees and Jaycee Women celebrating 50 years of Gold, ND Jaycees 1984 Fall Boards honoring the Outstanding Young Farmer, October 12-14, 1984, Williston, N.D. program; Jaycees articles from 1937 Farmers Press, list of names on Williston Junior Chamber of Commerce stationary dated 1939, notes, copy of article “Do You Remember Way Back When?”, drafts of articles, tickets and newspapers including The Williston Plains Reporter from April 16, 1959, and the Missouri Valley Sunday Graphic from February 24, 1952
39 Jaycee News – newspaper, Volume 1, Number 1, from Williston, N.D. fall 1940
40 K, David Kalil – copy of newspaper article, Williston Plains Reporter, 1954
41 L, newspaper article on Cal Thomas printed in the Williston Daily Herald on April 18, 2000; 6 prints taken by J.E. Pasonault of Williston, N.D. area from 1928, including the Little Missouri (Roosevelt Bridge dedication); draft article by Bill Shemorry titled “The First Automobile in Williston – The Life & Times of Joe Cutting,” for The Lost Tales of Old Williston
42 Mc, McKenzie County - notes, correspondence, newspaper clipping of History Remembered article on Three New Towns Opened, “Shafer could have remained county seat with cooperation” by Shemorry printed December 10, 1984, draft articles about McKenzie County for the Best Little Stories
43 McKenzie, Alex – newspaper article on McKenzie’s grand plan foiled by Dick Dobson in Prairie Perspective 3-29-87; flyer on Boss Alex McKenzie and program by Dr. D. Jerome Tweton; and article drafts by Shemorry including The Devious Contrivances of Alexander McKenzie
44 McKenzie County – 21 items total - 13 copy prints of early McKenzie County, 4 negatives and 4 prints from the negatives in this folder of the construction of new Watford City High School
45 McKenzie County history: 2 negatives, 21 photographic prints mostly of early McKenzie County, notes, newspaper and map clippings
46 McKenzie County, Arnegard - newspaper article on Arnegard, a friendly small town, from the Williston Daily Herald, October 30, 1983;
47 McKenzie County, Arnegard Band - 1926, and also 1912 band; Wilmington Lutheran Church Golden Anniversary 1907-1957 in Arnegard, North Dakota booklet; notes, 1926 Arnegard Community Band, Oscar Jordal – director and listing of names and locations; information on James B. Holo who was 9 years old and played in the first Arnegard Community Band on Williston’s 1st Band Day, and article on James Butler Holo’s retirement; 3 prints
48 Erling Rolfsrud, McKenzie County author – correspondence dated July 1993, page from Rolfsrud's book, article on Erling Rolfsrud “That Extraordinary Ex North Dakotan” by John Bakke printed summer of 1974; Copy of a Foreword
49 McKenzie County, Alexander Old Settler Picnic and Museum- notes, 1 print, copy of a Williston Press newspaper article, a copy of a Minot Daily News article on Shemorry photos printed Nov. 2, 1990, Williston Daily Herald newspaper article printed Sept 11, 1989, about the Alexander Lewis and Clark Trail Museum
50 Ranchers of McKenzie County - newspaper clipping, draft articles: History by Bill Shemorry, and History Ranchers in McKenzie County; copy of Herald article on the Chisholm Trail marked at Lewis & Clark Bridge May, 1934
51 McKenzie County Stories – 1 print and flyer for Goldsberry Ranch Fall Quarter Horse Invitational Sale, Oct. 1981; notes, newspaper clipping from the Minot Daily News Sept 17, 1983 about the Williston Baseball team from 1937-40; Chas C. Converse stationery; list of story possibilities on McKenzie County – March, 1988; four newspaper articles from the Williston Daily Herald from Dec. 1986 through Nov. 1990; Williston Reporter article on McKenzie County from Feb. 1981; McKenzie Electric Cooperative, Inc. 36th Annual Meeting Oct 23, 1981 booklet and 37th Annual Meeting held Oct 22, 1982 booklet; draft article and cutlines on Rawson, N.D.; Draft articles on Watford City, Arnegard, and McKenzie County Story
52 M, Metzger, G.B. – pioneer copies of articles; draft article about G.I.’s and Milk in China during WWII written by Shemorry; copies of articles; Motorcycles, copies of pages from unknown book; 2 Prints - A. Munz Motorcycles, Williston, N.D., and American Motorcycle Association members from 1946, Williston, N.D.; copies of articles about Joseph Mendro Jr. wedding, Medicine Lodge Hill, Ole Mae Whisky, Missouri River Merchant, 1st motor home, Monroe-Nelson wedding, etc. items range from 1905-1980s
53 N – North Dakota flag, seal and flower the Wild Rose; copies of the Williston Herald from July 23, 1914; Williston Herald newspaper articles on the Sons of Norway 1910 officers printed Feb. 28, 1995, and nick Hager moves old typesetting machine to Frontier Museum printed June 23, 1999
54 Norway Trip of Williston Bi - Centennial Group - translated Photo 100 Norway Trip News Transcript, 1975 and 1 photographic print of Native American dancers
55 N – Total of 5 prints of the Northwestern Federal Savings & Loan building and under construction; copies of New York City Souvenir Folder and New York at Night article; ND Horse & Cattle Co., and Doug Nyquist; range from 1906-1970
56 Sons of Norway Viking magazine, August 1987, Vol. 84 No. 8
57 N – 13 prints: New Year Baby who is Leo Erickson's son, Northwest Grain Co-op Terminal grain elevator in Williston; Mac Nelson family portrait; North Dakota capital building at night; Negroes – blacks in Williams County, Early day black settlers; copy portrait of Hon. Robert Norheim; ca. 1900s (print 73-7-64 crop of print 12-57-5)
58 North Dakota Humanities - summary report from December 1995, Preserving North Dakota’s Collective Memory: A Collaborative Agenda booklet prepared by ND State Historical Records Advisory Board; booklet on Applying for a Humanities Council Grant 1992
59 Newspapermen, copy of a newspaper article from 1905 on Johnny Snyder; 9 prints including Tioga Farm Festival in the 1940s Williams County Press float, Tioga, N.D.; Newspaper convention, ready to carve the fattened calf for the Editors, Williston, N.D.; and portraits including Steve Westdal, Jr., Royal S. Copeland, and Hon. A.L. Butler, 1905-c. 1940s
60 North Dakota State University, Institute for Regional Studies - brochure, flyers, and correspondence with Archivist John Bye, c. 1990
61 Shemorry – Bill: newspaper stories. Certificates to Bill Shemorry for being a fireman, newspaper awards, and other activities including a letter to Shemorry from the Embassy of the Republic of China June 23, 1976, and newspaper clippings of articles Shemorry is in and advertisements for Shemorry Photography
62 Old Time pics from NDSU, Institute for Regional Studies, 7 prints from the Fred Hulstrand Collection – letter from John E. Bye, brochures, order form, 1980s
63 O – Williston Basin Oil Review November 1953, on North Dakota oil dedication; Arizona Oil Exploration, draft of The Amerada Story for Shemorry’s book Mud, Sweat & Oil; and the ND Geological Survey NDGS Newsletter from June 1988
64 Oil - 1 print; North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry, Facts & Figures 1989 Edition from the ND Petroleum Council brochure; newspaper clipping from The Forum, Oct. 20, 1991 article a Book review of Shemorry’s book Mud, Sweat & Oil
65 P - Photos of Grand Forks' Past, article printed off the internet Oct 1997, titled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office” by Bill Vossler, draft of an article called Phoenix for Snowbirds, GraphisBooks Fall 1997 ad, copies of newspaper articles; Williston Daily Herald newspapers with articles on Harmon Park Pool from June and July 1991; article draft Harmon Park Swimming Pool; copy of William E. Harmon Philanthropist Dies article
66 R - copy of an ad for Railroad work clothes, Copies of the Reporter front page about Allan Grove and River Boat ‘Luella’ from 1954, Plains, draft of The Lost Tales of Old Williston Rough Riders; draft of Nostalgia Oil Rudman Hanson well
67 S – copy of article on Shemorry Motor Co – “Williston’s Oldest Auto Firm Observes 29th Anniversary of Its Founding” with J.J. Shemorry as proprietor, printed in the Williston Plains Reporter in 1954; Mary Shemorry, dedicated UND-W librarian honored; copies of other Williston newspaper articles with topics including Joe Louis, Mrs. Silker tells of Gold Star Mothers’ Trip, The 1955 Miss Williston Pageant, and Ultimatum to Germany on submarine warfare
68 T – copies of newspaper articles including Edith Sloulin recalls a Telephone Operator’s Exciting Moments, Clem Conlnie Tells of ‘Tokyo Rose’ printed in 1945, and Truman and Bacall 1945; correspondence about the International Campaign for Tibet; booklet on Alexander Graham Bell printed 1955 and the Poem The Telephone Girl
69 V- Dakota View a Supplement to the Williston Daily Herald printed for Feb – March 1998, with an article on the Volstead Act Jan. 16, 1920; 1 copy print of Count Felix Von Luckner and draft article by Shemorry for Best Little Stories; Vietnam article “A Night in January by David “Doc” Johnson, Hotel Company 67-68; and Shemorry’s “V Mail-toons” Cartoons on V-Mail Stock during WWII
70 Al Vohs Biographical interview from 10-18-85 by Shemorry, and transcriptions of tapes from said interview; copies of information / interviews from an unknown book on McKenzie County ranchers and men from ND including Earl Henderson, Gordon Olson, Senator Milton R. Young, Hugh O’Connor, and Al J. Vohs; correspondence between Mr. Vohs and Larry Remele, Managing Editor of North Dakota History from Nov. 1977; and Funeral program for Mrs. A.J. Iva Vohs
71 X, Y, Z, Zip to Zap – 6 prints from 5/1969 (Print 12-71-1 crop from negative 55-8-590; print 12-71-2 crop from negative 55-8-605; print 12-71-5 crop from negative 55-8-607; print 12-71-6 crop from negative 55-8-608; print 12-71-4 crop of negative 55-8-601; and print 12-71-3 crop from negative 55-8-611)

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