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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 177

Box 177

1 Service Drug 1995 calendar
2 “Memories of Old Western Trails in Texas Longhorn Days,” Joseph G. Stroud (copy of book)
3 Portrait of Prairie pioneers: Fred and Clara Eckert, Fred and Clara Eckert Foundation for Children, Williston, ND, 1984 (research and writing by Andrea Winkjer)
4 McKenzie County maps
5 “A” file (empty)
6 McKenzie County book cover “The Great Island Empire” (Shemorry)
7 Aviation, Loren Gajewski (Alexander) – prints, notes and research
8 “B” file (empty)
9 “Tom Burns” biography
10 “Lem Burns, the Story of an Old-Time Cowboy” draft and biographical information
11 “C” and “D” files (empty)
12 Letter from John J. Shemorry (Shemorry Motors) to Jim Erickson of Jerry Harmon Motors, 1978
13 “E” file – newspaper articles (Fed and Clara Eckert and Eikren eggs)
14 “F” file (empty)
15 “G” file (empty)
16 Jay Granteir newspaper clippings
17 “H” file (empty)
18 “I” file – Correspondence from John J. Shemorry (SHEMCO PRODUCTS CO.) to ION RESEARCH CENTER
19 “J” file (empty)
20 “K” file – Keene rancher Brooks Keogh newspaper clipping
21 “L” file – John Leakey newspaper clipping
22 Lost Tales III – possible features: “Headless BB player,” “Girl who Bowled 628,” “ Bonfire at High School,” “E.J. Hagan – Eagle Scout,” “Mary Gen Hagan – champion swimmer,” “Peace sign in snow,” “Rock Concert State Line,” “Women at Regis Desk – Clowns,” “Bruce with pipe – UND-W student,” “Bearded student of UND-W,” Bill Shemorry, instructor UND-W – also see negs on UND-W Ep,”
“Outstanding Men and women 1900 on” and “dress up party.” Prints and magazine clipping.
23 “M” file (empty)
24 McKenzie County maps
25 notes and newspaper clippings – Albert Mrachek and Bessie Madson
26 “Mc” file (empty)
27 “N” file – Peggy Norheim, area newspaper, Pioneer newspapers, newspaper clippings
28 “O” file (empty)
29 Farmer’s Press obituaries – January-August 1953
30 “P”, “Q” “R” files (empty)
31 “S” file – Williston County Market receipt
32 “Memories of Old Western Trails in Texas Longhorn Days,” Joseph G. Stroud (copy of book)
33 George F. Shafer article drafts
34 “T” file (empty)
35 “U” file – Correspondence from John J. Shemorry
36 “V” file (empty)
37 Northwest North Dakota Visitor Guide
38 “W” file – Correspondence from John J. Shemorry
39 Watford City – notes and correspondence
40 “XYZ” file (empty)
41 Photo 100: Nostalgic highlights of a Century – draft pages, prints, newspaper clippings, illustrations, and notes

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