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Box 213

Scrapbook of The Williston Basin Oil Reporter, “Nostalgia” articles, oil related articles, and other item by Bill Shemorry. OR under date means it was published in the The Williston Basin Oil Reporter, R means it was in the Plains Reporter, and H means in the Herald. nd means no date given. (“Nostalgia” articles also in box 200)
Article title, date, page #
Three gals help analyze core samplesOR-1-3-791
Local photographs in PI Williston Basin Book, by Doreen Chaky For The Oil Reporter (picture of Bill Shemorry taken by Greg Pollert 1-7-81 1
Basin’s first oil boom began without fan fare R-8-22-79 2
Water well driller came first at Clarence Iverson No. 1 n.d. 3
Nostalgia: The switcher’s job was a lonely one n.d.4
Nostalgia: Iverson harvest n.d.4
Rebirth of first N.D. well begins, by Earle Dodd for The Oil Reporter n.d. 5
Amerada announces plans to drill well 30 years ago n.d.6
Nostalgia - First oil money came to N.D. in June of ‘5111-12-807
1952… Governor visits oil siten.d. 7
Nostalgia – Luck of the Texans was holding goodn.d. 8
Over 27 years old, wildcat well is still producing 10-17-798
Nostalgia – Plant looked scrawny 4-15-819
Cover of The Williston Basin Oil Reporter1-5-839 and 10
Nostalgia – First truckload of gasoline shipped out of refinery in July of 1954 9-3-8010
Nostalgia – Westland Oil buys refinery in fall of '55 9-17-8010
Nostalgia – Hardship also proves the value of friendship3-4-81 11
Williston silurian find 1-3-79 11
1953… The beginning of Tioga’s gas plant n.d. 12
Winter did not stop Tioga Gas Plant construction n.d. 13
Gas plants complete industry integrationn.d.14
Nostalgia – New gas lines laid for McKenzie County5-13-8115
Nostalgia – Twenty-five years ago: natural gas first flows to Mino 3-18-8116
1955… Crude oil pipeline laid under Lake Sakakawean.d.18
Nostalgia – Boom in construction of pipelines will soon resemble 1954 scenes n.d.19
Cover – Gas plant on steam, Bill Shemorry Photo11-2879 20
Nostalgia – Amerada built office in first boom 6-10-8121
June 1955… Testing a new location n.d.21
Nostalgia – Amerada geophysical heads plan future exporation n.d.22
A drilling rig from the past n.d. 23
1954 fire, Bill Shemorry Photon.d.23
North Dakota’s first deep test proved unsuccessful in 1938, Nels Kamp No. 1n.d. 24
26 years ago… Near disaster by Tioga stoppedn.d. 24
Nostalgia – Crash turns historic rig to scrap5-27-81 25
Nostalgia – From derrick… to slain dragon 1-7-81 26
April 1952, Modern methods make rig moving cheaper9-19-7927
Pioneer oilmen may have drilled Basin’s first well, by Dennis Swibold For The Oil Reporter n.d.27
Nostalgia – First deep test well spudded in 1953 near Tioga8-20-80 28
Western Oil Reporter – Map 11-77 29
Tioga Air Heaters expansion program will make firm biggest metal fabricators in Williston Oil Basin 10-3-79 30
Nostalgia – First directional well drilled in June of ‘54 12-10-8031
Nostalgia – First oil tax check long awaited by counties9-16-81 31 and 32
Nostalgia – Directional wells drill under lake4-1-81 32
Nostalgia – First oil pioneers well known in Williston10-1-8033
Oil Company helps free rail crossing 2-4-81 33
Nostalgia – Amerada helped solve housing problem in ‘531-21-81 34
Nostalgia – Tioga 1953… Capitol of the Oil Industry n.d.35
Tioga celebrated Golden Anniversary and the oil boom n.d. 36
Oldest roughneck, Bill Shemorry Photo n.d.36
Lunar eclipse, Bill Shemorry Photon.d.36
Forwest Drilling moves to new location, Bill Shemorry Photo 9-19-7937 and 38
Sunset on oil country, Bill Shemorry Photo6-27-7939
Ever see an oil well come in? n.d.40
C hristmas is a Time of Friendship, Poem by Bill Shemorry n.d.41
Nostalgia – They were here when it all happened in The Basin 4-29-8141
Nostalgia – Santa Claus delivered a ‘good will’ n.d. 42
Close neighbors, Bill Shemorry Photo n.d.42
Nostalgia – Williston alive with oil activity 10-29-8043
Nostalgia –Williston observes first Oil Progress Week 10-15-8044
Nostalgia – Desk and Derrick organized in Williston Basin 2-18-8145
Nostalgia – Desk and Derrick club was ready to pitch in 11-26-8046
Nostalgia – When it got cold they headed southn.d.46
Nostalgia – Energy Festival brings to mind others of past: Perhaps not as big, they, too, are remembered7-8-8147
The Williston Basin Oil Report, Energy Festival Edition, full paper 6-24-81 48A
Nostalgia – Oilmen of 1953 7-22-8148
Festival profits are divided out H-10-9-8148
Nostalgia – “No place for pessimists in the oil industry” 8-5-8149
Profile – Jim Key: He’s been through two oil booms, by Leslie Haines 8-5-81 50
Funeral services Friday for James Key R-3-17-82 50
Moore knows refinery business, by Doreen Chaky, Staff Writern.d. 51
Bill Shemorry Photography Advertisement n.d.51
Nostalgia – Snow doesn’t stop oil 8-19-8152
Geologist saw future of Williston Basin early, by Doreen Chaky 3-5-80 53
Exploration for oil and gas has rich history, by Doreen Chaky 3-5-80 53
N.D. oil, gas development: a history, by North Dakota Geological Survey8-19-8154
North Dakota Oil Industry born in ‘51 H-10-19-8055
Tude Gordon is ‘oil field trash’ … and proud of it n.d.55
Nostalgia – Queen City celebrates now; it celebrated then 9-2-8156
Nostalgia – Trucks and trains hauled oil in the old days 9-30-8157
Nostalgia – In 1952 First rig through Tioga was a startling sight 10-14-8158
Mont. Dept record broken10-14-8158
Nostalgia – After many hard years, Frisinger family’s pot o’ gold turned out to be black 10-28-81 59
Nostalgia – Oil Progress Week excuse for cheesecake 11-11-8160
Nostalgia – In Tioga on ‘Gas Day’: North Dakota’s first refined oil burned 11-25-8161
Pipeline crosses the river11-25-8162
River crossing, Bill Shemorry PhotoR-12-52-8162
Crossing the Little Missouri, Bill Shemorry Photo 12-9-8163
Nostalgia – Farmers, businessmen march against oil production tax12-9-8164
Nostalgia – Riches of a different kind; Lars Fretland: ‘who needs an oil well?”12-23-81 65
Shemorry: Recording history with his camera n.d.66
Nostalgia – Landowners organize with a bang 1-6-82 67
Oil and Gas Pocket Reference booklet ca. 1980 67
Nostalgia – A well blows in the Beaver Lodge field, 19581-20-8268
Nostalgia – The one that got away… 2-3-82 68
Nostalgia – When winter was worse 2-17-8269
Nostalgia – Champlin’s Tank venture was closely watched 3-3-82 70
Nostalgia – Essays on oil industry careers part of ‘fifties’ education 3-17-8271
Nostalgia – A lot to celebrate after oil discovery 3-31-8272
Nostalgia – First 12 wells in the Basin: only one dry hold 4-14-82 73 and 74
Nostalgia – A tale of two wells4-28-8276
Nostalgia – Four Bears Bridge a boon for stat’s new oil industry5-12-8276
Nostalgia – Gas flaring more frequent in early days of Basin 5-26-8277
The Williston Basin Oil Reporter, full paper, Special edition 6-2-82 78
Nostalgia – Basin was busy on “lucky” July 13, 19516-9-82 78
Tioga: Still N.D. Oil Capitol, by Margo Ryan Staff Writer8-4-82 78
Nostalgia – Discovery helped youth’s refreshment stand6-23-8279
Nostalgia – But not for long, Newell Beery – left out 7-7-82 80
Pipeline crosses Missouri, Bill Shemorry Photo 7-7-82 81
Profile – Doyle Ennis: Hometown boy travels the world, by Margo Ryan 7-21-8282
Nostalgia – In Montana, Drilling of the Bentson well important oil development 7-21-8283
Nostalgia – Pipeline project was huge struggle with mighty Missouri 8-4-82 84
Nostalgia – Andrew Delbert Davidson: ‘Mr. Oil’ 8-18-8285
Special Emphasis Issue: KLTC Oil Expo, articles on Richard Avedon 11-1-8286
Nostalgia – Early drilling success near Dickinson inspires Oil Jubilee9-1-82 87
Nostalgia – Williston phone service better because of boom 9-15-8288
Nostalgia – Dickinson refinery’s start took planning, work 9-29-8289
Dickinson’s North land refinery closes 9-15-8289
Nostalgia – Queen City Refinery affected by 50’s economy10-13-8290
Nostalgia – The story of oil in southwestern North Dakota 10-27-8291
Nostalgia – Al Wayte: early Basin ‘boomer’ 11-10-8292
Nostalgia – Life was tough and cold but never boring in early years 11-24-82 93
Melvin “Monty” Montgomery dies n.d. 93
Nostalgia – Montgomery feted12-8-8294
Nostalgia – Christmas 1944: Building a pipeline in China12-22-8295
Nostalgia – Pipeline disassembled, after all that work1-5-83 96
Nostalgia – Excitement abounded over first McKenzie wells 1-19-8397
Nostalgia – investment money flowed in 1952 1-2-83 98
Nostalgia – Williston said ‘Hello, Tulsa’ with flair; stole the show2-16-83 99
Nostalgia – Oil well discoveries led to McKenzie County celebrations 3-2-8 100
Nostalgia – ‘Gusher Joe’ told oilfield stories in early days3-16-83101
Nostalgia – Necktie slash was part of New Year’s bash3-30-83102
Nostalgia – For Demaree and Kejr; An oil deal works out: A little praying helped 4-13-83 103
Nostalgia – snowstorm helped lease acquisitions4-27-83 104
Drilling rigs in cluster in Williams County, by Margo Ryan, Staff Writer 4-27-83 105
1916 Williston Dry Hole Surrounded By Oil, Minor Daily News 5-7-83 106
Nostalgia – Demaree remembers… 5-11-83 107
Nostalgia – Demaree retires? We’ll see5-25-83 108
Nostalgia – Williston pilot flew two kinds of ‘birds’6-22-83 109
Notable NoDaks, Geologist Wilson W. Laird n.d. 109
Nostalgia – By committee, naturally; How North Dakota’s oil fields were named6-8-83 110
Nostalgia – Delegation examines proposed ferry crossing 7-6-83 110
Nostalgia – Dedication ceremonies launch the ferry barge ‘Tioga’7-20-83 111
Nostalgia – Beacon Ferry project falters; but begins anew 8-3-83 112
Nostalgia – New ferry is rechristened 8-17-83 113
Nostalgia – Ferry moves house across the Missouri River8-31-83 114
Copy of Nostalgia – River traffic peaks, declines; Menden hall ferry revives it 9-14-83 115
Nostalgia – Townley warned his investors; they didn’t listen 9-28-83 116
Nostalgia – Townley tries again near Robinson, N.D.10-12-83119
Nostalgia – Robinson oil well: Was it a dry hole?10-27-83120
Nostalgia – Three oil friends meet11-10-83 121
Nostalgia – New Townley anecdote surfaces11-23-83122
Cover of The Williston Basin Oil Report12-8-83123
Nostalgia – First drilling information released at Oil Celebration12-8-83124
Ole Axhandle’s First Annual Combined Oil Discovery Day and Christmas Parade 12-22-83 125 and 126
Bill Shemorry’s Oilfield Scenic Photography Advertisement12-8-83 125
For the first independent driller; Photographs at night of an oil well in wintern.d. 126

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