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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 105

Box 105

1 Snyder prints – old-time Williston, envelope 1 of 3, (34 prints)
2 Snyder prints – old-time Williston, envelope 2 of 3, (32 prints)
3 Snyder prints – old-time Williston, envelope 3 of 3, (32 prints)
4 Snyder Prints – old-time Williston, barbeque, 18 black & white prints
5 30 Old-time prints, including possibly the office of the courthouse, Sand Creek baseball, Williams County Fair poster, The White Way in Ray, N.D., bands, group portraits, military troops
6 Williston, McKenzie County, Mockel – old-time prints, Railroad in McKenzie County, group portraits, harvesting, airplanes, early automobiles, buildings in Williston (48 prints)
7 50 Old-time prints – Farland, N.D., Watford, Arnegard, Railroad in McKenzie County, portraits, Schafer to Catlin, N.D. and Williston, N.D.
8 17 Old-time prints: Saddle Club, homestead near Croff, N.D., breaking sod, chuck wagon, branding cattle, Senechal, N.D., hunting, Governor George Shafer, First Cottonwood Lake baseball team, and Dr. P.O.C. Johnson pioneer doctor in Watford City, N.D.
9 47 Old-time prints – Wildrose, Cartwright, Mockel; harvesting, soldiers, portraits and group portraits, Winkjer Garage, Bergsten’s Hardware store later owned by T. Teiten, Wildrose Lutheran Church, Main Street, Peter Swanson, Cartwright Mercantile Co., and flooding
10 10 Old-time prints: portraits of Judge Emil Leonhardy, Thomas H. Moodie, Judge Percy S. Crewe, John Ellickson, George W. Newton, Joseph LaBarge, and four scenes from before 1900 showing Minot, Steamer Josephine a Missouri River Steamboat and early settlers in N.D.
11 18 old-time prints: portraits including Noah and Ellen Roush, HV Smith, Sitting Bull, and Chief Pobing (?); Wm. Snyder store, Williston, N.D., map of Burma, Hedderich Bros., Kunming China from 1944, and Bergman the Landman
12 King greets Mrs. Larvich, homesteaders, Borstead’s Limited hauling freight between Williston and Bonetrail, soldiers, oil well, service station, airplane engine, portraits, and Williston, N.D. – 13 prints
13 Vennes at Antarctic – 44 prints; Soldiers including Company E – 164th Infantry from Williston, N.D. at Camp Ripley, MN in 1940; WWII, map of Antarctica, ships, men dancing in 1899, Snow drifts, airplanes, Paul Mockel, rockets, harvesting, military band, men, men with horses, and map of Saskatchewan
14 McKenzie County ranch scenes – 32 prints
15 Antique cars, Medora, ND, July 1983 – 15 negatives and 10 color prints
16 15 Negatives – J-Ems Tokens, June 1983; front and back sides of tokens used in local stores including Williston Drug, Bruegger Mercantile Company, Jacob Seel Mondak Mont., G.M. Hedderich and Co. of Williston, Oppen’s in Williston, and Co-op Market in Williston, N.D.
17 17 Negatives and 2 prints – East Fork School razed, August 1983; old-time pix, copies at Devils Lake Centennial July 1983, 2 – WWI soldiers in st. car, 1 – steam tractor blown up; White House hotel, June 1983; Big Viking stock certificate; old Williston, about 1890, Main & Broadway; Williston Chamber book – old time pix, copies of front & back cover, irrigation, train depot, riverboat
18 16 old-time prints: Man with moose, group portraits, portraits, airplanes, railroad, man with fish, and Williston Ball Club
19 28 negs old time from Ed Shemorry, Sam Boyd, 1984; Steam engine in San Diego
20 Oil rig in McKenzie County, several copies – 3 prints
21 Bruegger Mercantile Company Stock certificate for Mary Leonhardy dated January 1912; from Terry Leonhard, copied August 1984, 5 prints and 4 negatives
22 copies of paintings, WWII airplanes in action – 3 prints and 4 negatives
23 1 slide – steam engine at Hanks, N.D. Pioneer Trails Museum
24 8 Negatives – Bruegger Mercantile Company stock
25 Happy 80th birthday, Palace Hotel, oil rig, old water tower – 26 negs and 12 prints
26 10 Negatives - Aeronautic magazines, old-time – color, copies 1983. Also recruiting poster, also Bonnie Mahar, Mary Shemorry, needlepoint, elephant
27 Aeronautics – color copies of old posters & magazines – 26 negatives

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