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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 27A

Box 27A Box 27A has been moved to the freezer

1 Roll 4 (1093), Shemorry Personal Paoshan Luiliang; 26 negatives, Views of a Chinese city with many people in the streets and rural areas, as well as a few portraits of Chinese military officials and people standing in an archway, including one of Bill Shemorry
2 Roll 5 (1094), Calcutta; 36 negatives, views of Calcutta, India including buildings, people, soldiers and members of the US Army 164th Signal Photo Company including Shemorry
3 Roll 6 (1095), China Railroad WWII; 35 negatives, Views of a rural Chinese village and portraits of its inhabitants. There are images of the exterior of a Chinese passenger train as well as images taken from on board the train.
4 Roll 8 (1097), China WW2 1st convoy Kunming; 34 negatives, Chinese military convoy moving through the city of Kunming, as well as portraits of two soldiers
5 Roll 9 (1098), Shemorry personal Shanghai air views; 39 negatives, Views of the city of Shanghai taken from the interior of an airplane
6 Roll 11 (1100) 30 negatives, Views of a rural Chinese village up in the mountains, as well as several landscape and scenic views of vistas taken from near the top of one of the mountains
7 Roll 13 (1102) 14 negatives, Chinese farmer plowing a field underwater, Views of a rural Chinese city showing several shops and streets, and the 164th Signal Photo Company driving a large military truck
8 Roll 15 (1104), China 1944 Train Kunming YiLiang; 36 negatives, views of Chinese children, images taken on a train ride including portraits of passengers, the railroad tracks along the way, and people on platforms at train stations
9 Roll 16 (1105) 37 negatives; Portraits of American and Chinese soldiers, a military exercise in using machine guns, farmer plowing a field and boats
10 Roll 17 (1106), China WW2 Temple Ext Pai-Yee, 2; 29 negatives, Exterior of Pai-Yee Temple, China in 1944, and farmers plowing and working in the fields
11 Roll 18 (1107), China 1944 temple interior Pai-Yee, 3; 33 negatives, Interior of Pai-Yee Temple, China (many negatives are underexposed)
12 Roll 21 (1110) 29 negatives, People in the 164th Signal Photo Company with Shemorry relaxing outside, groups of local Indians gathered near a railroad station, views of people and rural areas probably along the railroad route
13 Roll 23 (1112) 14 negatives, Portraits of some of Shemorry’s friends in the 164th Signal Photo Company, as well as terraced hills and fields of rural China
14 Roll 24 (1113), CBI copies, tractor; 31 negatives, copy negatives; Military personnel, soldiers working on the engine of an 11AG military jeep, entertainment for troops such as a comedy club and jazz musicians probably in India, and soldiers pictured with women

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