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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 7

Box 7

1 J, 2 prints - July 4th parade original print from about 1906, and old log jail
2 Jackson family – Dr. James Albert Jackson Sr., and six sons Arnold, Sydney, James A., Russell, Joseph and Reg.; Copies of correspondence, newspaper articles including one from Claire Jackson Kemp and J.W. Jackson dies at Age 90, and copies of photographs, 1906-1969
3 Jackson, Bud – letter and two envelope from Mrs. Chandler Kemp Santa Fe, NM sent Aug. 25, 1992 and Aug. 28, 1992; two postcards from Doris M Jackson, Madison, WI from 1992; MADISON magazine article titled Nostalgia by Frank Custer “When Madison high School won the first and last national high school football championship” published February 1981.
4 Jackson, Joseph - Long x Ranch – notes, biography pages 160 to 241
5 Jackson, Bud – 4 Drafts with handwritten notes of The Great Island Empire, Bud Jackson: The Cowboy From Wisconsin
6 Pasonault letter of recommendation for Bill Shemorry in the Army signal Corps as a photographer dated March 2, 1943 (actual item 7-6-1, copy online 1-77-1-2); Prospectus of The Pioneer Oil and Gas Company, with two extracts from J.W. Phillips Geological Reports from Bainville MT, 1916 and Poplar, MT, 1919.
7 L – letter to Mr. Edmund Shemorry, who was registered as the first borrower in the James Memorial Library on May 1, 1911, from Ethel H. Kuenning Librarian and dated May 2, 1936; original and copies of Vol. 1, No. 1 Life Magazine published January 4, 1883
8 Lewis & Clark In North Dakota – bound copy of pages from SHSND book
9 Lewis & Clark Trail in North Dakota, The ND State Highway Department Report on The Missouri River Valley – book, 1960s
10 Labels on empty folders: M, Jan, Shemorry family and loose items
11 M, 4 photographic prints: M.G. Markell cabinet portrait of a girl on bicycle, Williston, N.D. used in Shemorry’s Best Little Stories; A.P. Rouce & Sons Hardwar & machinery building, Mondak; Market Day in Williston, N.D. 3-20-19 taken by Kloss; and Frontier Museum Board, Williston
12 Magazine, cover art: 49 prints of magazine covers & magazine covers 1930s-1940
13 Movie Stars, of 1920s-1930s - Screen Stars' Love Life album, Beautiful Portraits and Stories of their romances, Constance Bennett magazine; Page 5 of The Milwaukee Journal – Screen and Radio from Nov. 7, 1937, article “Quadruple Threat Man of the Movies,” about Gregory Ratoff
14 Mercy Hospital, Catholic Church, Nurses, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, first church in 1901; CHART Mercy hospital Williston, N.D. magazines from Spring, Summer and Fall of 1983; booklet on Day Surgery at Mercy Hospital; 40th Anniversary Banquet of Mercy Hospital, Sisters of Mercy, Williston, N.D. program; A brief history The Sisters opened Mercy Hospital of Williston in 1920; 4 prints and 1 negative
15 N - 2 prints of the Norwegian Crown Prince Olaf (later King); North Dakota official 1942 Map; Newspaper is Town Builder published 1938; and The Tryon Baily Bulletin from Tryon, N.C. July 1st, 1946
16 Odd Fellows – 10 prints, 11 negatives and 1 screened negative, - 100 year Hist book notes and negs; Hall after fire, I.O.O.F. Convention, Williston, N.D. June 1918 photo by Olson; Laying cornerstone after 1st fire; Theta Rho Lodge Rebekahs, parade float printed 1980, Williston officers; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes and research; group portrait of women in 1940, by Pasonault
17 Odd Fellows, Rebekah Drill Team 1 print and 2 negatives by Pasonault, 1940
18 4 original Oil stock certificates – Big Viking Oil Company, Ray, N.D. for Joe Cutting from August 1929; The Pioneer Oil & Gas Company for Joseph P. Cutting on August 1917; Wildrose United Oil Company for William E. Shemorry in August 1988; and Grit Publishing Company for $30.00 to W.E. Shemorry on May, 13, 1970
19 O – 1 print of Lubell Olness 50th Anniversary in 1986, group portrait of women
20 North Dakota Oil & Gas Association 11th Annual Meeting, Williston, N.D. program with general information, meeting committees and 1962-63 officers; Petroleum Discovery & Production pamphlet published by American Petroleum Institute in New York, N.Y. on Petroleum Drilling Methods, The search for oil is never-ending, complex Scientific Devices Delve Deep into the Earth in the Ceaseless Quest for Oil, and Petroleum Production Methods
21 P, Park 1 print of an old WWI Howitzer and unidentified boy in Recreation Park, and business card of E.C. Palmer Land Surveyor, Williston, Williams Co., N.D., Breeder of Thoroughbred Shropshire Sheep. Township 154N Range 100W
22 Pasonault negatives, Mercy Hospital Nurses – 9 negatives and 1 print
23 Roosevelt, Pres. Inaugural Parade – 2 prints of the Inaugeral Parade – Roosevelt and a New Deal, Williston, N.D. March 4, 1933 photo by Pasonault; draft articles, Williston Daily Herald from Jan. 20, 1997 article titled Inauguration Day brings back local memories by Bill Shemorry; and Keep Going Roosevelt song, words and music by Carl Gauthier, published by Prairie Music Co. Box 752 Williston, N.D. copyright 1937. (Print 73-7-29 printed on the cover of Roosevelt song)
24 Railroad - completion of tunnel on East bank of Yellowstone River, steam shovels at work – 4 prints
25 R, Missouri River flood – 1 post card titled Ice Gorge, Missouri River, Williston, N.D. March 7, 1910 taken by Pasonault
26 Reunions, - 1987 Williston Centennial High School Reunion Registration, alphabetical listing of names, towns and graduation year from 1931-1935; also previous reunion registration forms from 1972 and 1982
27 Charlie Schumacher Locomotive Engineer - biographical notes, newspaper clippings and 7 prints, 1948-1994
28 Squires Area - Homestead & Early Farming times; 19 prints some taken by Pasonault, Shemorry and possibly by Hartvig Hanson and Harvey Thompson, one taken in Cando, N.D. and one from Rawson, N.D. (Print 7-28-2 copy of postcard 12-14-7)
29 S – 29 prints: Main Street, Williston, N.D.; class play of 1935; Spring Brook Band; Swedlund and the auto he built; portrait of Bill Shemorry; Threshing Bee Culbertson, Mont Sept 26-27; 2 school graduation invitations from 1916 and 1918; and a newspaper article from Feb. 15, 1969, on “Puffing Billy” from The Christian Science Monitor, 1894-1969.
30 T – Telephone Directory from October 1963, Williston Telephone Directory from August 1958 from Northwestern Bell Telephone Company; and Telephone Directory from June 1936; 6 prints: Tioga Senior Citizens, Twin City merchants visit, Tornado near Grenora, and Twin City Merchants at Williston, N.D.; Tibetan Chinese newspaper Public Daily News
31 World War II Nurses taken by Pasonault – 17 negatives, 1 print
32 Vohs' Meat Market – 1 print
33 Joe Wegley – 1 image a mix of photograph and artwork
34 Zoo (probably in Williston Recreation Park or maybe Minot) – 12 negatives
35 A, American Legion, Army - Winter Conference programs from Feb. 1984, and correspondence; 1 print Aerial view of the 164th Signal Photo company training camp in Sebonon (?), Tennessee, May 13, 1943
36 Mercy Hospital – 114 negatives, 35mm film from Dec. 7, 1948; 4x5” negatives labeled as: Exterior showing new addition from May 1955; 5-9-57; nurses; February, 1947 Mrs. Sam Krivosha in Hospital; Jan 1, 1948 Frost Picture of Mercy Hosp; new wing; Nurses walk in front of Residence which used to stand facing E. on the corner of 4th St & Washington where Hops add was built in 1952
37 Bill - commendations, orders, vouchers, draft papers - Selective Service, Occupational Questionnaire, from his service in the 164th Signal Photographic Company during World War II, 1943-1945
38 B – 9 prints from 1941 to 1970’s including Bill with camera in front of oil tanker, Bill with monitor camera, Bill’s 65th Birthday at the Reporter, and William E. Shemorry, 37 553 806, Technician Fourth Grad, 3374th Signal Photo Service Company, Army of the United States Honorable Discharge card Jan. 10, 1946
39 Church – 8 negatives
40 C, Community Crime Prevention - mailings
41 Christmas in Williston, 1888; newspaper article in Dec. 23, 1994, Williston Daily Herald titled Dance, recitations marked Christmas 1888 observance by Shemorry
42 C – 3 prints: Bill as Signal Corps Photographer on Salween River Front, China, 1944; China street intersection in Kunming 1944; and Congregational Church from 1907 post card
43 F, Friends of Bill – 4 prints: Geneva Robbins McCrory and Clara “Bobbie,” Marge Nelson Bills Teacher 1931; Lillian Nelson Desmond, Bill Shemorry and Marge Nelson Bills H.S. Teachers taken in the 1980’s; and Walt Bahner Bill’s Friend of High School Days taken Feb. 1989
44 G, Bill Shemorry file – 3 prints of Gloria and Bill taken about 1980 and 1986, and Bill holding a Gypsy Rose Lee book in about 1990
45 Gay Shemorry, Swim Queen, Shemorrys with baby Gay – 11 prints and 10 negs
46 H, 1 print of the Shemorry Home, 417 Washington, Williston, home of W.H. & Emma Shemorry from 1945 until their passing now, home of Bill & Glo Shemorry in 1993, they also lived for a time at 410 4 Ave E. (1937-1944) before that at 412 4 Ave E. (1920-1937)
47 I, Identification Card, for William E. Shemorry, Official Army Photographer Capt. George H. Knight, Duty Cameraman, No. 94, Date 5/5/43
48 Jaycees & Bill: 2 prints of Bill Shemorry holding a “Presenting ND State Jaycee Queens for 1939” sign, and two men the 1938 JC State Male Queen; copies of prints and Prexy of Williston Jaycee, State Jaycee Male Queen Contest
49 M, Magazines, pamphlets - The Lamp magazine, 10/1945, Oil on Kunming Lake
50 O, 1 print of Bill Shemorry with Amerada VP & Oil discovery photo in 1953; Agreement for use of Iverson Discovery well photo with 2002 Tioga Centennial Celebration Committee dated 5-14-01; and Williston Daily Herald newspaper on Oktober Fest, Sept 21, 1994, Bill Gets Shrenburger (?) Award
51 P – 7 prints: Portraits of Bill in various hats, Philadelphia, 1942 Pontiac (owned by Emma Shemorry), 1911-194- (print 25C-68-7 matches print 7-51-4; print 25C-
58-8 matches prints 7-51-1 and 7-51-2; print 25C-68-9 matches print 7-51-3; print 25C-68-6 matches print 7-51-5)
52 S, Bill Shemorry file (old box 80 3rd box of 3) – 5 prints of Shemorry family members and Bill Shemorry in an envelope labeled Autobiography and a Travel Plans China, 1982-83 pamphlet
53 Shemorry, Family portraits, c. 1920 – 2 prints
54 Shemorry, Bill, for biography – 16 prints of the Shemorry family and mother and father, some taken by Pasonault, and Olson; magazine article titled The Japs Weren’t So Dumb from the National Photographic Dealer; Williams Co. Farmers Press, H.R.M. Zahl Manager, S. Th. Westdal News Editor, and K.E. Bergstrom Secretary; 1908, 1946. (Print 212-8-2 matches print 7-66-3)
55 Shemorry, family pix - Bill Shemorry file - Patty Jo (Pat), Bill and Corinne wedding, Bill, Ed – 10 prints
56 Shemorry, Jan & Gay - school age and baby – 3 prints, 1940s
57 Shemorry, Bill – 1 post card a birth announcement for Bill Shemorry from 1914, and copies of the post card and photo in front of oil tanker

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