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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 206

Box 206

1 to 5 Firemen with trucks and spraying water hoses for fun
6 Aerial view of an oil well on fire and smoking
7 Photograph of an ad that says, We Want No Marlborough Disaster! The Thirteen Commandments of Fire Prevention, then lists 18 companies including W.H. Shemorry Real Estate.
8 Two men with a fire engine
9 Picture of two negatives, men using a ladder to get to the roof of a building
10 to 15 Male speakers outside, most images have Bill Shemorry in background
16 & 17 Man with fire hose and damage done to the Hotel Northern building
18 Wildrose Rural Fire department, fire men and engine
19 Four men with fire truck
20 Williston Fire engine and men outside the Williston Fire Department
21 & 22 Picture of the Williston Volunteer Fire Department firemen’s portraits
23 Portrait of a man
24 Three men and a cake that says Thanks a Lot Andy, It’s been Even.
25 to 28 Color photographs of a fire at night
29 Retirement of D.L. 'Bus' McCrory as fire chief, pictured with four other men
30 to 33 Fire at Northern Motors in Sidney, MT
34 Portrait of Church Howard, fireman
35 Fire at Northern Motors in Sidney, MT
36 Car fire and man with water hose
37 Group of unidentified people
38 to 41 Firemen trying to put out fires in burning buildings
42 Three people, one has a jacket that says Bill
43 Fireman, and person in a hazmat flash suit spraying flames
44 Portrait of a man
45 & 46 Firemen and smoke from a fire
47 Group portrait of men, holding two awards and a picture
48 to 54 Photographs of fires and firemen at work
55 Group portrait of fire men with truck
56 Group portrait of Tioga Firemen and engines
57 & 58 Firemen at work with fire hoses
59 Portrait of a man speaking
60 Portrait of Ray Milner, Jr. Rescue and Salvage Co, Williston Volunteer Fire Dept
61 Man and woman holding up a Ramada Inn sign
62 Portrait of a man speaking
63 Picture of the Williston Volunteer Fire Department firemen’s portraits
64 Fireman and burned building, hall on corner of 5th St and 5th Ave. E.
65 to 68 Firemen at work, putting out fires
69 Portrait of a man, Gary Linsey (?)
70 Williston fire men trying out water hoses, with fire engine
71 Three officers of the Williams County Firemen’s Association, John Laqua of
Grenora, past president, Marshal Simpson of Ray, president, and Francis Cannon of Tioga, vice president (Print 206-71 similar to negative 30-1-2)
72 to 76 Firemen at work
77 to 83 Fires and aerials of fires
84 to 88 Buildings with fire damage and firemen with water hoses putting out fires
89 Older woman watching a fire
90 & 91 Barn on fire at night, Ashton Barn, 504 3 Ave E
92 Alexander fire truck
93 & 94 Group firemen portrait outside in front of Great Northern Railway train
95 G.U. Fire Dept truck and two firemen
96 Group portrait of eight men
97 Two men and a woman
98 & 99 House on fire, Clift Oyloe Fire, 11-14-40 FP
100 Williston fire engine and man climbing ladder to roof
101 Fire at an oil well, Fire at Norby location near Charlson, 9-20-82, Photo by
Deputy Sheriff John Fulwider
102 to 104 Fires and firemen in flash suit
105 Fire damage to Hogan’s building
106 Prairie Fire Extinguisher chain
107 Firemen at a front door, 1975
108 Firemen near a smoking barn
109 Three people, Blacktail Firemen’s roundup 9-25-82, Shemorry Photo
110 & 111 Wildrose Rural Fire Dept., firemen and trucks at Corinth Elevator at night
112 to 115 Firemen at work putting out fires
116 Grenora Rural Fire Department engine and men
117 & 118 Prairie fire, smoke, people, and Williston fire engines
119 Group portrait of firemen and two fire trucks (In History Remembered article)
120 to 125 Buildings on fire and fire men at work
126 & 127 Grenora City Hall, firemen and truck
128 to 135 Buildings on fire and fire men at work
136 & 137 Men jumping off the roof of the Williston Fire Department into a trampoline
138 Men, Larvich Warehouse Fire about 1946
139 to 141 Buildings on fire and people trying to put out the fires
142 Truck on fire in front of IRVS Family Furniture, July 4, 1979
143 & 144 Automobile fires
145 Fireman in full outfit with water hose
146 to 148 People trying to put out fires
149 Group portrait of men, holding two awards and a picture
150 to 160 Buildings on fire, and firemen at work with water hoses
161 to 164 Firemen at work in doorway
165 & 166 Firemen putting out fires
167 to 175 Fire damage to buildings and fires smoking
176 & 177 Buildings on fire
178 Aerial of a fire and smoke
179 Epping Fire Department firemen and Fire Engine No. 7
180 & 181 Fires at night
182 Alamo ? fire
183 to 185 Fires and men with water hoses
186 Group portrait of 10 men
187 to 189 Buildings on fire and firemen with water hoses
190 & 191 Portrait of a man
192 & 193 Color photographs building on fire at night

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