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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 212

Box 212

1 Newspaper clippings and research including:
A. Williston history
B. Birth of a town
C. Short history
D. List of village trustee presidents 1894 to…
E. List of City Council presidents
F. List of City Commission presidents
2 Articles, research and five prints including:
A. Williston Chamber of Commerce cut lines and photographs
B. Chamber of Commerce 90th anniversary stories
C. “The Williston Commercial Club Holds It’s First Big ‘Blow Out’” from the “Old Williston” Files of Bill Shemorry
3 Chamber of Commerce 75th anniversary materials
4 Article drafts, early Williston History and businesses; History – Original Copy, Herald – 1913–14-15
5 Williston history research; copies of Williston Graphic newspapers, 1905-1915, many labeled as Williston Booster Stories
6 Williston article, program and caption drafts
7 Print of Donohue meat market, and envelope
8 Cut lines: Williston Chamber of Commerce 90th Anniversary Section by Shemorry, article “The Williston Commercial Club Holds It’s First Big ‘Blow Out’” from the “Old Williston” Files of Bill Shemorry, two sketches, and eight old time photographs. (Print 212-8-2 matches print 7-66-3; print 212-8-3 matches print 8-45-1; print 212-8-4 matches print 15-23-1; print 212-8-5 matches 4x5” negative 32A-133-3; print 212-8-8 similar to print 11-17)
9 Chamber of Commerce commercial club research and article drafts

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