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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 132A

Box 132A

2 1986 Annual Report – Western Interstate Energy Board
3 25th Anniversary: The First Quarter Century of Amerada Petroleum Corporation, 1919-1944
4 Oil related stories index (compiled by Shemorry)
5 “A” file – oil index, listing on disc indexes, newspaper clippings, screened negative, prints (12)
6 Amerada – screened negatives
7 Amerada camps, Tioga & Charlson – prints (4)
8 Oil – 20th Anniversary of ND Discovery (4/4/1971) – Shemorry draft
9 Oil – 40th Anniversary of ND Discovery (1991) – newspaper clippings
10 Oil – 50th Anniversary of ND Discovery (2001) – newspaper clipping
11 Oil – Tioga 100th Anniversary of oil industry – newspaper clipping
12 Amerada – prints and cutlines
13 Artwork - oil
14 “B” file
a. Blackie Davidson article draft
b. prints – water of Lake Sakakawea, Mr. & Mrs. Fresinger, Jim Key (at desk and on telephone pole), blowing well, fire
c. Newspaper clippings
d. index
e. article draft
15 Blow-outs, fires, mishaps, oil – prints, paste-ups, screened negative and article clipping
16 Billionth barrel of oil – 10/1989
a. Press kit
b. newspaper clippings
c. Cut-lines – Amerada Drilling Rig and Clarence Iverson No. 1 discovery
17 “C” file
a. Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee – correspondence
b. Mailing - “Developing Area-Specific Waste Management Plans for E & P Operations” workshop, sponsored by American Petroleum Institute Gas Research Institute and US Department of Energy – 1993
c. Oil in Badlands
18 “Coming out of hole – crews working on floor and mast of rig” (4 prints)
19 “Celebrations – oil”
a. “Patsy Joyce oil queen – photo” – Oil Discovery Day Queen
b. “oil brought 2800 jobs etc. – Laird – 25 anniv.”
c. “25 anniv story – Reporter – 9/15/1976” – prints and cutline
d. “25 anniv story oil monument – pic” – Harmon Park dedicated 1986
e. “1953 oil celebration banquet”
f. “1961 ND oil & gas association convention – Williston”
g. “Williston first oil celebration, 1952” – print
h. Ninth annual meeting North Dakota Oil and Gas Association, August 1961 – programs (“A Century of Dakota and A Decade of Oil”)
i. Oil and Farm Festival Oil Banquet – c. 1955
j. Oil queen Tioga 50th Anniversary – prints (Print 132-19-1 same event as 175-6-11 and 170-110 to 112)
20 “Des Lacs Western Well” – excerpts from early exploration efforts and copy of Des Lacs Western Oil Company, Inc. stock
21 Dickinson refinery - Queen City (first to process crude oil produced in N.D.) – prints and article draft
22 Dickinson Refinery – prints and screened negatives
23 Oil – 35th Anniversary – historical; Energy Festival – Cutline (“Crossing the Mighty Missouri”), published article, and article drafts:
a. “The First Year of Oil in N. Dak,”
b. “Kamp Well,”
c. “Oil in North Dakota How the Media Covered ‘The Big Story,’”
d. “Bill Shemorry Tells What Happened the Night Oil was Discovered,”
e. “The Beginning of Pipelines and Refineries,”
f. “What the Oil & Gas Journal of Tulsa Published About the Discovery of Oil in North Dakota”
24 “Dickinson area – oil in SW N. Dak, Blackie Davidson, Dickinson oil Jubilee, Queen City refinery, gas plant N. of Belfield” – prints, article drafts: “The Story of Oil,” “Blackie Davidson” and “Dickinson Oil Jubilee” and Shemorry’s notes
25 “Oil features” – prints and article drafts:
a. “River Crossing”
b. “Oil WFO Comm.”
c. “Amerada Officials”
d. “Oil: First Check to County”
e. “Oil: West Hope”
f. “Shipped by Rail”
g. “Oil: Gas Comes to Tioga”
h. “Oil: ND Oil & Gas Association”
i. “First Oil Brings Pride to Westhope”
j. “Oil – First Wells Drilled”
26 “Oil – Special Stories”
a. “Naming the Oil Fields” – article draft
b. “Riches of a Different Kind: Lars Fretland: ‘Who Needs An Oil Well’” – published article
c. “A Drilling Rig out of the Past”
d. “Agey’s Story – C. Iverson Discovery”
e. “Cost Million to Drill C. Iverson #1”
f. “Directional Wells Under Lake Sakakawea”
g. “Telephone Story – Day after Discovery”
h. “Oil Patch Tales” – article draft
i. “Scoria Story” – article draft
27 “Early Oil” – prints
28 Published articles (not Shemorry) – “Sinner Sees Bright Future for Horizontal Drilling” and “Firms Seeking Oil Signs Under Lake Sakakawea”
29 “Oil – Misc. Features”
a. Oil Fields named – how (published article)
b. “Oil Patch Tales” drafts
30 “Features, Misc.”
a. North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Facts & Features, 1989 Edition” brochure
b. Oil artwork
c. Published photographs (Shemorry?) - “Pipeline to Carry Water 27 Miles
for Coyote Plant
d. Published articles – “Oil Boom in Dunn Enlivens Tiny N.D. County Seat,” “Desert Green: Black Gold!” “Five Firms To Join in N.D. Gasification Venture”
e. North Dakota Petroleum Council memoranda – Annual 1986 meeting
31 Oil draft articles
a. “Tank Well”
b. “Tale of 2 Wells”
c. “3 Old Friends in Ray”
32 “Oil Features”
a. Story by Bill on Night Oil was Discovered
b. Notes - & story location – pre Disc. Oil Shows
c. Arab figures big power politics
d. Experts say strong recovery frail
e. Oil award winners
f. Well locations
g. Oil patch Tales
h. misc. cut lines
33 “Features”
a. “March on ND legislature” – article draft
b. “C. Iverson Cost Million” – article draft
c. “First year of oil” – article draft
d. “Amerada – Jacobson visits Watford City” – article draft
e. “Oil rig on Tioga Main Street” – article draft
f. “Flaring” – article draft
g. “Blowout” – article draft
h. “First anniversary of Oil Discovery” – article draft
i. “An Oil Refinery” – article draft
j. prints (2)
34 Article drafts
a. “Oil Parties”
b. “Hard Luck Story Ends in Pot ‘O Black Gold” – with print
c. “Frisinger”
35 “Nostalgia” Draft articles
a. Williston Basin Oil Reporter advertising prices brochure
b. oil artwork
c. research – newspaper clippings
d. “Iverson 1 Cost” and research
e. notes
f. “Rig that Drilled Discovery Well”
36 Geologic Survey
a. Letters from John Bluemle – 1983-1992
b. Copies of letters to NDGS
c. Prints
d. Program – “Leon ‘Tude’ Gordon Roast and Awards Luncheon: Energy Festival II” – 7/6/1991
e. copies of ND Geologic Survey newsletters
f. research and maps
37 “History – ND Oil” – research
38 Sticker – “America needs oil, not scapegoats: let’s go for it”
39 “Kamp wells – Big Viking – California Kamp” – prints, “Kamp Well – Key” drafts, “The Big Viking and California Kamp Wells” draft, notes, and copy of Big Viking Oil Company stock
40 Leach, Thomas W. – oil pioneer – newspaper clipping
41 “Landowners – Landmen” – prints and article draft
42 Williston Ladies Petroleum Club: 1951-1991
43 Oil – prints, artwork and newspaper clipping
44 0Oil – prints and post card
45 Misc. – prints, newspaper clippings, notes, screened negatives, correspondence from the Wildrose United Oil Company, map of oil in the Rockies (August 1953), Venture: American Natural Resources System magazine, winter 1983
46 Mud, Sweat & Oil: The Early Days of the Williston Basin (unbound copy)
47 “Artwork – Mud, Sweat & Oil”
48 “Mud, Sweat & Oil – promotional materials” – print, newspaper clippings, pages from book
132/49 Mud, Sweat & Oil
a. Oil book publishing agreement between Shemorry & Williston Chamber of Commerce Energy Commission and addendum
b. Williston Herald & Oil Reporter, Fargo Forum, The Great Falls Tribune, Oil & Gas Journal, and Minot Daily News – releases
c. copies of checks
d. Robert Borchert – “gusher” information and release
e. correspondence with John Bluemle, State Geologist
f. acknowledgements
g. Printing estimate
h. epilogue – original copy
i. notes
50 “ Mud, Sweat & Oil Historical Anecdotes of N.D. Oil” booklet (story ideas and page drafts)
51 Billionth barrel of oil – 10/26/1989 (prints)
52 “Oil in E. Montana Richey Discovery Also – aroma of oil – Sidney”
a. “Aroma of Oil Money: Sidney Sitting in the Eye of Oil Drilling Tornado” article, The Billings Gazette
b. article drafts – oil discovery in eastern Montana (three parts) and Dickinson oil jubilee, Shell Discovery Well, Shell Discovery – interview with Edwin Beery
c. newspaper clippings
d. prints of newspaper clippings
e. halftone and line shot negatives
53 Mandan Refinery – screened negatives
54 “USA No 1 – The Oil Well On the Mound In Lake Sakakawea”
a. pages from Mud, Sweat & Oil
b. print
c. copy of Offshore North Dakota – Plugging the USA #1, D.E. O’Neil, Society of Petroleum Engineers
55 “Negatives – early service companies, N. Star Station on S. Main – Dedication, Williams County Courthouse – air shot”
56 N.D. Oil & Gas Association – prints
57 “Newspapers (Oil Publications)”
a. notes for meeting with Bill Blocher, Margo Ryan, Bill Shemorry, and Rick Schneider – February 3, 1986
b. stories planned for 35th anniversary special oil tab
c. Revised 40th anniversary of oil celebration tab assignments
d. clippings from magazines and newspapers
58 “O file” – prints
a. “Oil discovery nite at Iverson 1 – 4/1/1951”
b. “Oil – seismographic rig”
c. “oil – Tommy Moore, Plant Superintendant Westland Refinery – portrait”
d. “Oil – Lambug in front of drilling rig – not Tioga”
e. Oil – Pump Jack – Harmon Park”
f. “Oil – Elks Club well”
g. “DeGolyer – early Amerada Executive”
h. “Northwest Oil – Divide County”

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