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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 22D

Box 22D (images 1 to 29 are scanned and online)

1 Future Farmers of America, Williston, N.D.
2 Golfers, Williston, N.D.
3 Girls basketball team portrait
4 Williston Coyotes versus St. Mary's Saints basketball game, N.D.
5 Man falling from bucking bronco, Williston, N.D.
6 to 8 Man falling from bull, Williston, N.D.
9 Williston Coyotes baseball team portrait
10 Clergy, Williston, N.D.
11 Sheila Key, Junior High Science Fair first place winner, Williston, N.D.
12 Boy and puppy, Williston, N.D.
13 Junior High Science, Williston, N.D.
14 Parachuting man, Williston, N.D.
15 Williston Coyotes gymnastics team, N.D.
16 Williston Coyotes basketball team portrait
17 Bowlers, Williston, N.D.
18 Williston Coyotes versus Minot Bishop Ryan basketball game, N.D.
19 Williston Coyotes basketball team with Class A First Place Trophy portrait
20 Williston Coyotes fans, Williston, N.D.
21 Williston Coyotes basketball team portrait
22 Williston High School choir rehearsal, N.D.
23 Children with ice blocks, Williston, N.D.
24 Girls drinking Coca-Cola in Rexall Drug Store, Williston, N.D.
25 Snowmobile race, Williston, N.D.
26 Williston Coyotes basketball pre-game, N.D.
27 Children's Christmas performance, Williston, N.D.
28 Williston High School Home Economics class, Williston, N.D.
29 Car wash, Williston, N.D.
30 to 35 Graduation ceremony and students graduating
36 to 72 Portraits of unidentified people
73 to 76 Portraits of Boy Scouts wearing uniforms
77 & 78 Portrait of a man wearing a suit speaking at a microphone and podium
79 Older woman with a cake that says “With Love Mom 75th”
80 Portrait of a man wearing a cowboy hat
81 Two men and a woman, employees of Super Value foods
82 Five men wearing aprons, employees at a grocery store
83 Woman and three men working at a desk
84 Man showing Northwestern golf clubs in a store
85 Nurses drawing blood from patients in a set up medical room
86 & 87 Groups of people dressed in costumes holding signs including Conlin’s Furniture
88 Men serving up food outside to an older couple and boy
89 Girl playing French horn in a parade down Main Street, Williston, N.D.
90 Three men playing clarinets outside a barber shop
91 Four men and a boy wearing cowboy hats goofing around with canes
92 Person wearing a costume riding a decorated horse in a parade
93 & 94 People dancing outside
95 & 96 Children on a 4-H parade float “Like 4-H a Harvest moon is never out of style”
97 Man and two boys riding a cart of 42 Gravity Oil pulled by two horses in a parade
98 Children outside with two small horses
99 Young people gathered around a large fire at night
100 Boy Scout ceremony outside of the BPOE Elks Lodge, Williston, N.D.
101 Man and woman watching television
102 to 106 Unidentified group portraits of people
107 Older couple with Happy Anniversary cake for George and Anna
108 Group portrait of six people with a monument
109 Three girls holding medals
110 Man and woman holding a “What you do When you don’t have to Is your true measure as a human being” sign
111 Man and two girls holding up awards, for Williston swimming
112 Four women and a man presenting two checks
113 & 114 Two men and two women with an award for the Ladies Auxilliary and check
115 to 119 Groups of three men wearing suits
120 Man speaking at a podium
121 Man speaking at a podium with microphone at a head table for the Williams Electric Cooperative while other men and women sit at tables and listen
122 to 124 People sitting on folding chairs, some at tables watching something not visible
125 Nine women in a meeting gathered around reports and paper at a table
126 & 127 Group portraits of men wearing business suits
128 Six men wearing suits meeting around a table, calendar says Williston Co-operative Credit Union January 1973
129 Crowd of children, some holding up signs that read “Jesus is born”
130 Group portrait with signs that say “Spirit of ’73,” “Aces McGinley,” and “A good banker will beat a poor car dealer any day!”
131 to 134 Unidentified group portraits
135 Group portrait of a high school band, many students are wearing letter jackets, one says “1969 WDC Champs Grenora,” and another says “70” for class of 1970.
136 & 137 Group portraits of a choir and another musical group
138 to 143 Unidentified large group portraits
144 to 146 Wildrose girls basketball game
147 to 152 Boys basketball team portraits, like the Williston Coyotes and Wildrose Roses
153 to 159 Men’s basketball game, action shots including one of the Wildrose Roses
160 to 168 Swim team swim meet in pools inside and outside, including Williston Coyotes
169 to 175 Cheerleaders for the Tigers, E, WHS, and T plus Williston Pom Pom girls
176 Williston Coyotes football parade float “Pour it on ‘n beat ‘em good, Frosh”
177 Williston FFW Chapter display board on Safety is our No. 1 goal
178 Young man receiving an award from an older man while other men stand behind a square metal pole pen, with a brick garage building and cars in the background
179 to 188 Showing cattle, probably 4-H and some have award ribbons
189 to 192 Rodeo – falling off a bull, bull riding and bronco riding
193 to 195 Flooding, showing water and damage around a road and building
196 & 197 Moving a house with a semi truck, men stand on the street 4th Ave E
198 Two men wearing hard hats working in mud
199 & 200 Construction workers moving an item being lowered by a crane
201 Line of oil well rotary drilling rig bits outside in the snow, a Ford truck, Lincraft trailer and tanks are visible in the background
202 Westland Oil Company tanks and refinery, Williston, N.D.
203 Sign that reads “Amerada Division, Amerada Hess Corp.”
204 Trees
205 Field of wheat
206 Man on a wagon that says Hedderich Bros. being pulled by one horse
207 Christianson Signs truck from Grenora, N.D.
208 Line of tractors including Oliver, Minneapolis-Moline, Massey-Ferguson, Turbo International, and a 450
209 Exterior of Heil, Diamond Inc., Omaha Standard with three trucks parked outside
210 Electric kitchen knife
211 Hy-Fry Cooker / Fryer
212 Victory mouse trap
213 & 214 Artwork in frames handing on the wall with Tioga Farm Festival ribbons
215 Interior of a house, showing part of a kitchen and dining area
216 Interior of a store that sells Pianos and Conn Organs
217 Interior of a store, man playing a Megnavox Odyssey hunting game on the TV
218 Man and women holding an American Legion 1919 cake, Williston, N.D.
219 & 220 Two women and a man placing a wreath at Riverview Cemetery, Williston, ND
221 & 222 Reenactment of soldiers in early military uniforms shooting off a canon
223 & 224 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corp with American flag

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