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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 22B

Box 22B (images 1 to 24 are scanned and online)

1 Grenora Food Market, Grenora, N.D.
2 Street scene, Norway?
3 Zahl Farmer's Union Elevator Co., N.D.
4 Sloulin Field International Airport baggage claim, Williston, N.D.
5 Williston Coyotes versus Epping Eagles, Williston, N.D.
6 Robert Rieder with North Dakota Wildlife Habitat Award
7 Snowmobile race finish line, Williston, N.D.
8 Wildrose Roses versus unknown team, Wildrose, N.D.
9 Wildrose Roses versus unknown team, Wildrose, N.D.
10 Early street scene, North Dakota
11 Children outside school, North Dakota
12 Spelling Bee winners, Williams County
13 Christmas greetings, Williston, N.D.
14 UND-Williston Tetons versus unidentified team basketball
15 Snowmobile races
16 Wildrose Roses versus unknown team, Wildrose, N.D.
17 Kenmare High School band in parade, Williston, N.D.
18 UND-Williston Tetons Mens team portrait
19 Williston Coyotes basketball team portrait
20 Snowmobile race, Williston, N.D.
21 Wildrose Roses versus unknown team, Wildrose, N.D.
22 to 24 Grocery store produce aisle, Williston, N.D.
25 to 30 Interior of a grocery store
31 Man holding Peterson’s Vitamin D milk and two women with sample cups
32 to 37 Bridgeman’s products including milk, ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, and butter
38 to 43 Graduation ceremony – students, music and speakers
44 to 65 Portraits of unidentified people
66 Rosemary, Republican Candidate for Congress, stands next to car with signs
67 to 81 Unidentified portraits of people sitting, speaking, and pageant portraits
82 to 86 Group portraits of bands and band students with their instruments
87 & 88 Large group portrait of men wearing suits
89 to 91 People in groups and speaking including Arthur A. Link, 27th Governor of N.D.
92 to 96 Group portraits of unidentified men wearing suits and some women
97 Group portrait of men including some from the Tioga post 139 American Legion
98 Men and Future Farmers of America boys looking at a piece of machinery
99 Man speaking at a podium while others sit at tables
100 to 103 Group portraits of school children
104 to 108 Group portraits of unidentified women
109 to 116 People sitting and eating at tables, at an event, restaurant and nursing home
117 to 120 Large unidentified groups of people
121 Keith and another man holding up the Co-op Sparkle Award 1970 plaque and banner, the building in the background says Farmer’s Union Oil __ Day N Day
122 & 123 Three children holding awards and wearing ribbons from Williams County 1970
124 Two men shaking hands and holding up a check from Williston Cooperative Credit Union to Orville
125 Man wearing a suit standing next to a well
126 to 128 Women modeling swimsuits
129 Wedding portrait of a young couple
130 to 132 Young couples dressed up, possibly prom
133 & 134 Group portrait of women wearing dresses and men suits standing by a cake
135 Two couples standing next to two anniversary cakes
136 Man and two women next to a tea pot holding plates
137 Two men and two women looking at a test tube holder
138 Students reading in a library
139 Five men looking at pieces of paper
140 Woman and children in a crowd
141 Don Arnson family gathered around a globe, Williston, N.D. (matches 1-64-15-4)
142 Crowd gathered around a large bonfire
143 Group portrait of men in a large kitchen
144 Six women working in a large kitchen
145 Five women standing next to bowls of food
146 Two men stirring a pot of food
147 & 148 Women looking at artwork
149 Crowd of people gathered outside around a man with cars in the background
150 to 154 People and airplanes at an air show
155 Two young men with a model airplane
156 Man working at the top of a flag pole
157 Woman with a Fashion Firsts magazine next to a display of yarn
158 Man and woman looking at a Speed Queen clothing dryer
159 & 160 Man working the cash register in a bar
161 to 186 Musical show on stage with people singing and playing accordions and guitars
187 & 188 Parades with floats and spectators probably in Tioga, N.D.
189 to 191 People serving food
192 to 195 People and floats in parades
196 People dressed up as soldiers shooting a canon in the street while a crowd watches
197 to 200 Men’s basketball – team portrait, action shots and holding a trophy
201 to 204 Group portraits of cheerleaders
205 to 214 Baseball action shots, including one labeled Stanley
215 Water volleyball
216 Person swimming in an outdoor pool
217 & 218 Wrestling
219 & 220 Class reunion banners
221 Advertisement for Kenner Keep-It-Up
222 Cowboy boot display with boots and posters hanging on the wall
223 Rock, with snow on the ground and buildings in the background
224 & 225 Semi trucks, cars and people gathered on the other side of a bridge
226 Aerial view of Williston, N.D. Camera points Northwest
227 Resort building along a shoreline with pine trees in the back
228 Grain elevator under construction
229 Christianson Signs truck from Grenora, N.D.
230 Truck that says Lawrence Transportation, Tioga, N.D.
231 to 233 Unidentified oil wells with drilling rigs

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