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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 178

Box 178

1 “A” file – newspaper clippings (Alamo woman, aviation, author LaRose, APEX satellite [Ron Huebner], old armory, ), notes, illustrations, art show brochure, antique shops and shopping brochures
2 “B” file – More Lost Tales of Old Dakota consignment invoice (blank), newspaper clippings (boxing, Bethel Home, Band Day, Nels Berger, Boy Scouts, Fort Buford, and Fort Buford 6th Infantry), print and notes
3 “C” file (empty)
4 “C” – newspaper clippings (courthouse rearrange new armory improvements, Chamber of Commerce, Christmas music, Atol elected chair of County Commission, Coyote Foundation, cats, crime [marijuana bust] and 1994 Culbertson threshing bee), Williston Coyote Foundation (account information, correspondence, memos, agendas, meeting minutes, projects and newsletters),
Haven murder (Charles Bannon lynching and James Bannon trial), A Force for Good: 1889-1989: A Centennial History of the Fort Union Church, Birds of American calendar, and information about copyright laws
5 Bill’s computer system instructions, correspondence, magazine clipping, mailings, The Cockpit magazines
6 Radio – KWBM sports trophy winners (print and caption)
7 Coyote Foundation – meeting minutes, memos, correspondence, financial Information
8 “D” file – “Live like a Millionaire” pamphlet
9 “E” file (empty)
10 Newspaper clippings – Minnesota earthquake, Epping Museum – Halvorson, Elks
11 “F” and “G” files (empty)
12 Greetings Magazine, Charles Glaab, newspaper clippings (Glaab, Grenora (Vennes), golf, flood, Fort Buford and Upper Missouri Valley Fair)
13 Gov. ARCO-Grants booklet on grantwriting
14 “H” file – empty
15 Correspondence from Marge Hankedahl, newspaper clippings (Mayor Bremerton), Heffernan Bus being restored, and print of Gen Hagan
16 “I” file – correspondence, newspaper clipping (inheritance)
17 The North Dakota Intelligencer: An inside Report on People, Politics & Power, vol. 1, no. 4, 5/11/1992
18 “J” file – Charles Johnson – prints, newspaper clipping, correspondence
19 “K” file (empty)
20 “L” file – Bud Kalil newsletter article
21 James Memorial Library – newsletters, notes, Lost Tales of old Williston book review, print, newspaper clipping
22 “M” and “Mc” files (empty)
23 Newspaper clippings – queens, Indian Motorcycle Illustrated order form, Herald supplement Mercy Medical center emergency crisis guide, bike show flyer, notes
24 “N” file (empty)
25 Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc. brochure, correspondence from Motorcycle Charlie, Motorcycle Heritage Museum, newspaper clippings (James A. Michener, New Grand theatre aided by Star Fund), 108th Annual Convention of North Dakota Newspaper Association booklet 4/21-23/1994, NDNA Board of Directors, 1993 Annual Report, Norwegian illustrations and advertisements, Williams County Farmers Press subscription form, notes newspaper supplements and University of Wisconsin-Madison materials and publications
26 North Dakota Newspaper Association fact sheets and newspaper clipping
27 “O” file (empty)
28 Newspaper clippings (oil – 1996, Mrs. Clarence Iverson obituary, Grenora – rodeo, Howard J. “Mickey” Gardner obituary, Edgar W. Harwood obituary), notes, Norwegian Christmas poem, funeral programs (Ken W. Kline Sr., Earl Boussard, James A. Haugen, Howard J. “Mickey” Gardner, LeRoy Jorgenson and Hjalmer Jorgenson)
29 “P” file – Dan Pasonault business card, All Star Polka Radio Show (KJSK Am90)
30 Monarch Photo services booklet, Newspaper clippings (Donohue – postmaster and old post office commemorative ornament)
31 “Q” file (empty)
32 “R” file – John J. Shemorry correspondence
33 Railroad photo titles for display, Newspaper clippings (Ray Plumbing 1955, Lost and Buried Treasure of the Missouri River book review, Railroad, Missouri River and railroad Amtrak cuts), and page from Lost Tales of Old Williston
34 “S” file – Glo and Bill Shemorry napkin
35 Newspaper clippings (storm 7/31/1995, Pioneer School, Williston High School graduation, 1994 Memorial Day, State Line Club, square dancing, swimming – Sue Gormally, Webster School and swimming), biographical notes, print of Shemorry, and notes
36 “T” file – Tag Man system order form and photocopy of photo of Williston High School
37 Insight: The Milwaukee journal (1978-1979), “Alexander Graham Bell” booklet (Gay Shemorry), Williston-Alexander-Watford City telephone directory 6/1936
38 “U” file (empty)
39 Newspaper clippings (UND-Williston), University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library newsletter, correspondence and brochure
40 “V” and “W” files (empty)
41 Newspaper clippings (Wildrose new grocery store, 1905 Williston booster issue [business histories], Williston, Williston High School homecoming, women in politics and Williston city water plant), and Correspondence (Wildrose history)
42 “XYZ” file (empty)
43 Zahl book – discs for Bill’s computer
44 Newspaper clippings, invoices from Leslie Western Combined, registration form for 1995 North Dakota Newspaper Association (NDNA) annual convention, NDNA Bulletin newsletter, newspaper activity book, NDNA Publisher’s Quarterly
45 Open Forum magazine, Newspaper clipping (oil story – currency changes, newspapers – Ruth Newman, Herald, humor, Norwegian calendar and Williston Herald), NDNA Publisher’s Quarterly

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