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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 1

Box 1

1 Aerial views of Williams County towns – Alamo, Epping, Grenora, McGregor, Ray (3), Trenton, Wildrose, Zahl, Tioga, Ray – 12 prints from winter 1976/ summer 1977
2 A – George Andrews Bulk plant, Art work clippings, 2 American State Bank prints, Alamo Girls Basketball team info, news clipping on Early Ambrose, N.D., 1 screened negative of a 1907 Alexander baseball team published 4-19-72, a print of a truck stuck in ice, a Chinese Christmas card probably to Mary Shemorry
3 A, Miscellaneous - Australian Lottery and flag, 12 prints of art show paintings, African busts from Liberia, Auto crash death, Artie Freund (?) and Alexander Old Settler Picnic - Black Diamond coal mine, Williston, N.D. (1-3-3) – can’t find
4 Alamo, Cotton Wood – 6 prints Harry Millard raising flag on Iwo Jima Feb. 23, 1945; news clippings, correspondence with Mrs. Ralph Hanson about newspaper article, 2 prints of Arthur E. Forsberg receiving an award; 1945-1990
5 Alamo, Appam Golden Jubilee – 45 prints, 1966
6 Alamo, aerial view – 3 prints (Print 176-1-3 similar to print 1-6-2)
7 Appam, aerial views – 2 prints, 1952
8 Alamo, 50th Birthday – 17 prints (print 173B-145 matches print 1-8-33)
9 Anecdotes and stories, firsts – newspaper clippings, list of firsts, and handwritten notes, 1952-1985
10 Advertising ideas - clippings, magazine, Grand Forks Herald supplement, advertisements, ca. 1957-1982
11 Advertising ideas, Fun in the sun - greeter – Precis, A Magazine for Editors, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, 1950-198-
12 Animals, Birds – newspaper clippings on jack rabbits and sparrows - 1987
13 Advertising ideas, miscellaneous - magazine and newspaper clippings, plans for model housing, 1943-1947
14 Aviation, Civil Air Patrol - newspaper clipping, 1972 (print 73-7-30 crop of print 1-14-14)
15 Arizona Stories, petrified forest - brochures, newspaper clippings, map, Arizona newspapers, list of names from the 19179 Williams County picnic, 1978-1984
16 Artwork, miscellaneous - mailings, Elephant magazine, programs, 4 prints of ducks and cactus blooms and 3 postcards,1965-1988 (print 73-2-2 matches print 1-16-18)
17 Arizona - visitor's guide and brochures, 1980
18 Antique Market Report July/August 1989- magazine, format ideas for future
19 Calendar, 1983 – with cartoons, The Back Forty, by Lex Graham
20 Up With People – magazine
21 American State Bank: 8 prints, 1910-1956 (Print 1-21-6 crop of negative 31A-40- 1; print 1-21-5 crop of negative 31A-40-2)
22 B – 17 prints including portraits of Ted Becker, Eugene Burdick, the Bankers Association, possible Boy Scout Committee, and a woman with a bowling ball, as well as, Boy Scouts, the Williston Cowboys Drum & Bugle Corps, a bus, and business buildings such as the Bee Line service station. Also included is a Travelers Checks card for the National City Bank of New York, Fist & Commercial National Bank, Williston, N.D. (Print 174-2-4 matches print 1-22-2; print 1-22-9 matches print 19-43-1; print 1-22-10 crop of 1-47-30; print 1-22-11 crop of negative 32A-36; print 1-22-13 crop of negative 32A-62-7)
23 B – 27 prints of D'Arcy Burgess, Pasonault photos - Frank Burns and his acrobats, Williston, N.D. and how beavers cut trees, Bad Taste Party, one of Fort Buford, two of baseball teams, bandsmen reunion, and Captain Bailey. Copies of photographic prints including 1903 Williston women’s basketball, early bands, and Quentin Burdick in football gear, a buffalo, copies of ads, and buffalo bones.
24 B - Business Histories Williston area; newspaper clippings from the Williston Daily Herald July 1993, June 1988, July 1988, Aug 1988; Minot Daily News from 1955; copies of newspapers including the Williston Graphic from Sept 1906; notes on businesses; 25 copy prints and photographic prints, draft history of Reep Motor Company, list of business anniversaries, items range from 1954 to 1993
25 Copy of article - "Syracuse Rider Has Run of Hard Luck," 8/16/1911
26 John Brekke and Brekke Homestead, 13 copy prints - from glass plate negatives
27 Bruegger, Leonhardy –most unidentified - 16 prints from early 1900s in N.D.
28 Battleship North Dakota - notes, copies of newspaper pages and articles, drafts, notes, and 1982 correspondence from Quentin N. Burdick; 1925-1983
29 Baseball, Williston Oilers – copies of newspaper pages; images in Herald Negs. under Baseball, 1953-1954
30 Baseball, History - Elks Youth teams, Babe Ruth ND State Tournament, Williston, ND July 29- August 2, 1976 program; copies of newspapers and early baseball images, handwritten notes, and 11 portrait and action prints plus 1 screened negative, 1909-1976
31 Baseball, Legion Champ – 1972 official baseball scoring rules booklet, 7 prints, a baseball clipping, and a letter from Maynard S. Aaberg from Watford City, 1987
32 Burma - newspaper clipping, c. 1985
33 Homesteading and steam threshing scenes, 12 copy prints including - Bachelor homestead shack interior, and Homesteaders outside house, Barr Butte township, N.D.; Breaking sod, N.D.; Teacher and students of School 3, District 37 of Williams County stand outside sod schoolhouse near Zahl, N.D. (print 45-3-32 matches print 1-33-4)
34 Bonetrail – 3 prints including Borstad's Limited hauling freight between Williston and Bonetrail by Kloss Photo; and Borstad-Wilson Merc. Co. 1914, Bonetraill, N.D. coin. Newspaper clipping of a History Remembered article by Bill Shemorry titled “’Train’ kept Bonetraill in supplies” published in the Plains Reporter on Nov. 8, 1983
35 Bonetraill - 8 Color photographic prints, 1984
36 Brueggers, Stage (opera house) – 1 screened negative
37 Baseball, Lind - Rube & Epping Ball Club - correspondence, handwritten notes and draft of “An Unlikely Saint”
38 Belt Buckles - newspaper clipping from The Williston Herald Dec 1990, article drafts, copies of articles and ads including three limited edition Williston, N.D. belt buckles from 1990 to 1992, and sketches for Appam-Alamo-Corinth
39 Bethel Beacon newsletter -Bethel Lutheran Home and Bethel Lutheran Foundation, 1997
40 Copies from the North Dakota Brands Book, from Bad Lands Cowboy a weekly newspaper published in Medora, about cattle brands, 11/27/188-
41 Business anniversaries -newspaper clippings, and copies1958-2000
42 Two Boy Scout Merit Badge Books for printing and photography, copyright 1930
43 Blacktail Dam, newspaper article on the N.D. Centennial in the Herald, 10/2/1989
44 Band Day -newspaper articles from the Williston Herald in 1995
45 Black Settlers in NW North Dakota -newspaper clippings (with photos by Shemorry), published in the Williston Herald newspaper in 1993
46 Boxing, Virgil Hill newspaper articles in the Williston Herald 1989, 1993 & 1996
47 Bicentennial, Washington DC, Philadelphia – 1976, including the Liberty Bell, White House and other sites, as well as celebrations in Williams County, N.D. – total of 76 prints that range from 1973 to 1978. (Negative 52-29-1 same event as print 1-47-1; Negative 64-4-1 same event as print 1-47-49; print 1-22-10 matches 1-47-30)
48 Bicentennial group, Philadelphia trip - 42 prints, press releases, Festival '76 Itinerary information, one newspaper clipping - all from 1976
49 Bicentennial Trip to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia - brochures, ticket for Washington Monument, and travel brochures from 1976
50 Co-op fair – 24 color photographic prints, 1970s
51 Coal mining - History Remembered headings, newspaper clippings, notes, drafts and newspaper clippings of Shemorry’s History Remembered stories on coal mining from 1983; 1 photograph of a lignite coal mine and miners, Williston, N.D., and 14 copy photographs of miners
52 C – 29 prints dealing with: business histories, people, events of the Williston area (Print 1-52-28 cropped print of glass negative 72B-2; print 1-52-27 backward print of glass negative 72B-2)
53 C, Business histories, general histories, people, events, churches of Williston area - 20 prints, 1976-2000 (Print 1-53-20 copy of postcard 12-14-5)
54 C -12 unidentified photos - Halloween, a dog, prints of aerial negatives
55 6 color prints, aerials, UND-W, family thrift center, 1983 oil well, FU Lumber, a woman, Northwest Grain Co-op Terminal grain elevator, granddaughter

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