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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 77

Box 77

1 Williston Photographers – J.E. Pasonault; Letters, research, and draft biography on J.E. Pasonault. Copies of articles, newspapers from 1909 to 1931, letters, prints and advertisements. Handwritten notes and research, 1 photographic print, and a letter of recommendation by J.E. Pasonault about William E. “Bill” Shemorry. Also included is the Tribune-Montana Parade newspaper from April 11, 1982, with an article on early photographer F. Jay Haynes.
2 Williston Photographers – J.E. Pasonault; Letters, handwritten notes, research, Joseph E. Pasonault biographical materials and a brochure on Mathew Brady photographs. There are also copies of prints, advertisements and letters to Dan Pazneau (Dan Pasonault) and Mrs. R.J. Denise Brale.
3 Pasonault 14 negatives – Ladies Portraits etc.
4 Pasonault Dress-up Photos, Tom Thumb wedding, group of three – 8 negatives and 1 print
5 Pasonault Portraits – Men and Boys – 47 negatives and 1 print
6 Portraits – 7 negatives
7 Antique Autos; about 1924 Dodge or Buick in front of trees – man, woman, boy with ND license; about 1935 Plymouth in front of one of old Bruegger Brick Houses on Main St. – man, woman, boy, girl and Montana license; About 1935 Dodge in front of Old Lewis & Clark Bridge, Montana license 4 women and 2 men; About 1935 Chevrolet 2 – Door in front of Grand Theatre – girl; See Pasonault Ep. For pic of Studebaker; Economy test W___ Dodge in 1942 Harry Polk & Ed Wayte at Crightons; Automobiles “Little” Sold by Swedlund Bros. 1913 g.; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Guarne 1966 Model T Ford; – total of 7 negs and 1 print
8 Family history prints, copy prints, and paper copies of images from Daniel L. Pasonault – total of 15 prints of family members, some identified including Ernest Joesph Pasonault born Dec 4, 1875; Leo Joesph Pasonault born Aug 27, 1897; Daniel Lee Pasonault born June 3, 1929; Robert Leo Pasonault born Nov 11, 1952; Derek Daniel Pasonault born Dec 27, 1989; and Leo and Danial Pasonault’s 4 sisters – Fanett Rutten, Louis Shaffer, Antoniette Jensen, and Denice Brale.
9 Don Pasnau / Don Pazneau / Don Pasonault - Copies of pictures and articles as well as an envelope and letters
10 28 Pasonault photographic prints and 1 negative of the W.H. Shemorry family
11 31 prints either taken by Pasonault or of the Pasonault family, research
information on Pasonault Studio in Williston, and an envelope for Professional Finishing for Amateur Photographers from the Pasonault Studio, Williston, N.D.
12 Pasonault: 22 prints and 45 negatives, Pasonalt images or Pasonault family history
13 Good Samaritan Hospital 10 photographs and Wittenburg Hospital, Williston, N.D. 5 negatives and 1 print
14 Exterior and interior views, Nurses, 8 x 10 negs - Old Mercy Hospital on Washington Ave. - 8 negatives by Pasonault
15 Mercy Hospital – History of the Sisters of Mercy, Kate’s Club booklet, newspaper article on St. Joes centennial celebration set by Sue Neft from the Williston Daily Herald on October 8, 2000; and a Mercy Hospital and School of Nursing, Williston, N.D. booklet ca. 1928.
16 Mercy Hospital & Mercy Hospital Nursing School, 14 prints of the exterior of the building and aerial views – Photographers include J.E. Pasonault, Bill Shemorry and Floyd L. Alfson.
17 Mercy Hospital & Mercy Hospital Nursing School, 17 photographs of nurses, medical equipment, patient and operating rooms, and the nursery
18 Mercy Hospital & Mercy Hospital Nursing School, 20 prints of nurses, nuns, graduating nurses, group portraits, individual portraits, a nun at her desk, nurses walking outside, and two women cutting a ribbon.
19 Mercy Hospital & Mercy Hospital Nursing School; 9 prints including a Bishop and clergy at a dedication of the building in 1953, statue of Mary and the alter.
20 76 items, of which 5 are screened negatives, 5 are copy photographic prints from newspapers and the rest are small sized photographic prints. Topics include Williams County area events such as football, swimsuit models, parades and floats, area businesses and employees, Tioga Fall Festival, dinners, basketball, baseball, Boy Scout portraits, prize cattle and bulls, and group portraits.
21 74 medium sized photographic prints including prize cattle and bulls, children, parades, Tioga Fall Festival, theatrical production of Scopina (?), Grenora High School Band, football games, basketball team portraits and games, unidentified group portraits, dinners, family reunions, KEM Shrine Club Bell Ringers holding Shrine Circus posters, an Everson Ambulance, the Zahl Farmers Union grain elevator, local automobile and oil businesses, and aerial views overlooking Northwestern N.D. towns.
22 42 large sized photographic prints including copy prints of old photographs, prize bulls, cattle shows or auctions, employees working at desks, dinners in a gymnasium, men with awards, unidentified group and family photographs, basketball games, Williston High School football team portrait, marching bands, children in a classroom, shows on stage at Medora, N.D., publicity photos for Harry “Woo Woo” Stevens, Jim Kennedy, and Victor Julian and his pets.
23 22 large sized photographic prints including old timers outside, children, World War II hospital pictures (negs in box 54); Spring wheat Queen from 1967, unidentified group portraits, and choirs singing in a church.
24 21 large sized photographic prints including local businesses and buildings
25 20 large sized photographic prints including local businesses, construction projects, oil wells and gas tankers near Tioga, N.D., car accident pictures, John Deere tractors, and a school bus.
26 20 large sized photographic prints including aerial views overlooking towns, businesses, homes, farms, cabins and a flooded body of water.
Loose items There is a Grafmatic Film Holder, Cat. No. 1268, “45” Graphic from Graflex Inc.,
Rochester, N.Y. Made in USA as well as three packets of exposed Kodak Super-XX High Speed Panchromatic Film packs, which say develop before Oct 1945.

Box 77 Matches
negative 77-4-6 matches prints 77-4-7, 77-10-15 and 188-9-1 negative 77-12-51 matches print 77-10-20
negative 77-4-9 matches print 77-10-12 negative 77-12-52 matches print 77-10-18
negative 77-5-3 matches print 77-10-28 negative 77-12-53 matches print 77-10-25
negative 77-7-1 same event as negative 32A-76-2 negative 77-12-54 matches print 77-12-21
negative 77-7-3 matches print 10-56-22 negative 77-12-55 matches print 77-10-29
negative 77-7-6 matches print 77-10-27 negative 77-12-56 matches print 77-12-6
negative 77-10-1 matches print 77-10-2 negative 77-12-57 matches print 77-10-9
negative 32A-175 matches print 77-10-6 negative 77-12-58 matches prints 77-10-21 and 22
negative 77-12-1 matches prints 77-10-13 & 77-12-19 negative 77-12-59 matches print 77-11-30
negative 77-12-2 matches print 77-8-13 negative 77-12-60 matches print 77-11-13
negative 77-12-24 matches print 77-12-25 negative 77-12-61 matches prints 77-10-3 and 4
negative 77-12-26 matches prints 77-12-9 and 43 negative 77-12-62 matches print 77-10-26
negative 77-12-29 matches print 77-12-14 and 73-7-1 negative 77-12-64 matches print 77-11-29 and 16-18-4
negative 77-12-31 matches prints 77-12-8 and 10 negative 77-12-63 matches print 77-12-15
negative 77-12-32 matches print 77-12-27 negative 77-12-66 matches print 77-12-65
negative 77-12-34 matches print 77-12-19 negative 77-12-67 matches print 77-11-28
negative 77-12-35 matches print 77-11-31 print 19-49-1 crop of negatives 77-13-1 to 5
negative 77-12-36 matches print 77-10-24 print 77-13-7 matches print 14-56-1
negative 77-12-41 matches print 77-12-12 print 77-13-9 matches print 180-91
negative 77-12-45 matches print 77-10-23 print 180-11 crop of negative 77-14-8
negative 77-12-46 matches prints 77-10-10 and 11 print 77-20-1 same event as negative 28-196-4 and match of negative 29-16-16
negative 77-12-47 matches print 77-12-14 print 77-21-63 crop of negative 32A-93-3
negative 77-12-48 matches print 77-10-5 print 77-23-6 crop of negative 54-132-1
negative 77-12-49 matches prints 77-10-16 and 17 print 77-23-8 matches negative 54-132-3
negative 77-12-50 matches print 77-12-20 print 77-23-7 matches negative 54-132-2

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