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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 181

Box 181 prints 1940s-1960s

1 Women serving men around a table
2 Large group portrait
3 & 4 Automobile after an accident
5 Portrait of a bride in her wedding dress
6 Interior stall of a mechanics shop, sign says Specialized Lubrication Co-op
7 Man sitting at a desk looking at a book, a binder says Crane Dealer Price Service
8 Exterior of Robert Gibb & Cons, Inc. Plumbing & Heating Contractor building
9 Northwestern Bell Telephone Building, Williston, N.D. (Print 194-15-2 and print 181-9 match negative 54-51-1)
10 Group portrait of children and adults outside of a building
11 & 12 Exterior of a building, Bill Shemorry Photo 1941
13 One 8 x 10” print of 9 120mm negatives, empty buildings, people on bicycles, and an oil well
14 &15 Epping Church Choir, Epping, N.D. (match print 68-5-8)
16 Aerial view overlooking Williston, N.D. signs for Stice Motor Co, Chrysler, and Farmers Union Oil Co. all visible.
17 Deceased person in casket open for viewing
18 Farmer’s Union Co-op Creamery, Pasteurized Dairy Products truck
19 Portrait of a bride in wedding dress
20 Group portrait of children on stage gathered around a piano
21 Wedding portrait of bride and groom
22 Northwestern Bell Telephone Building, Williston, N.D. (matches neg 54-51-_)
23 Interior view of a garage with two cars and a truck
24 Window display for Marshall Wells Stores Welcomes the whole family, Fall Festival Days
25 Wedding portrait with maid of honor, bride, groom, and best man
26 to 29 Exterior and interior pictures of the Oldsmobile GMC, Lund Motor building
30 Automobile after an accident
31 Deceased man in casket open for viewing
32 & 33 Deceased boy in casket open for viewing
34 & 35 Window display with nature and hunting items
36 Oxygen – Air pressure lock machine
37 to 46 Exterior pictures of buildings and cabins
47 Williston, Farmers Union Co-op Oil Co. building exterior and Farmers Union Oil Co. building exterior
48 & 49 Farmers Union Oil Co. Williston, N.D. semi truck
50 to 53 Interior of Red Owl grocery store, some photos used in ads (Print 181-50 matches
4x5” negative 32B-34-5; print 181-51 matches 4x5” neg 32B-34-7; print 181-52 matches 4x5” negative 32B-34-10; print 181-53 matches 4x5” negative 32B-34-1)
54 7UP truck (Print 181-54 matches 4x5” negative 32B-30-8)
55 Peterson’s Creamery, Williston, N.D. vans and exterior of building
56 Store interior, with dishes, lamps and two refrigerators
57 Group portrait of unidentified men
58 & 59 Interior of a mechanic’s shop
60 Farmers Union, Trucking Assn, Williston, N.D. two trucks and two men
61 People sitting listening to a man, possibly inside a small church or school house
62 to 66 Interior pictures of a mechanic shop, and counter for Nash parts and accessories
67 Man and woman cutting a wedding cake
68 Wedding portrait of the bride in her wedding dress, and groom
69 & 70 Group photograph outdoors in a park, at a picnic
71 American Legion drum and Bugle corps marching in parade, Williston, N.D.
72 View of five men standing outside
73 Woman singing outside and musicians playing in the background
74 Woman sitting on the grass wearing a swimsuit (181-74 matches print 180-87)
75 Sletten, Emergency Ambulance

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