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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10958 - Box 57

Box 57

1 440 negatives – 127 film, 1967; women and children shopping, men giving speeches, event in a gymnasium, woman riding a horse, used car lot, unidentified portraits, exterior of a building, unidentified group portraits, skiing on a lake, lake shore, exterior of homes, interior of a classroom, Coyotes men’s basketball game, Tioga School Band in a gymnasium, exterior of the bee line garage, exterior and interior of Super Savers store, portrait of a sports coach, exterior of the Good Samaritan Hospital, interior displays in a store, bands marching in a parade including the U.S. Army Field Band, Washington D.C.; parade floats, horses, and Grenora School Band in parades; children and adults eating, gymnastics, oil well, softball game, businesses on Main Street, Williston, N.D.; wheat, children with Santa Claus, family with Christmas wreath, pictures of women on a television show; exterior of a Dairy Queen, S Kelly station, Ace Hardware, Drive In Liquor and Texaco Station at night; exterior of Peep Motor Company, North Star Grocery and gas station; a train, grain elevator, building and water tower in Grenora, N.D.; children at Sunset Park, outdoor picnic, man with prize steer; building being demolished near a Farmers Union grain Elevator; interior of a hospital with babies, children and the front desk; man holding plants, playing horseshoes, exterior of City Hall, Northern Hotel, men receiving Rotary awards and giving speeches; band concert on stage, man welding, exterior of Standard station, washing machines, tractors, John Deere shop, woman’s basketball team holding trophies, exterior of a Mobil gas station, Corinne Shemorry’s awards dated 1961 and 1959; women looking at pine trees, basketball games and team portraits, Epping cheerleaders, music concert and show, interior of a furniture store, exterior of a Barber Shop and Super Valu Food Store
2 218 negatives, 35mm film – baseball games action shots, team portrait of the Grenora baseball team, unidentified group portraits, parade down Main Street in Williston, N.D. with people, trucks, bicyclists, and parade floats and businesses along Main Street in the background
3 271 negatives – portraits of unidentified people, woman at desk, display of items, exterior of Crighton Motor Company, marching band practice outside, summer time at a lake, farm equipment, children with a horse and steer, children sitting on Santa Claus’s lap, women with a decorated Christmas tree, employees, unidentified group portraits, marching bands in a parade down Main Street in Williston, N.D. including the Tioga School Band; men in a meeting, women around a table, boxing, portraits of men at desks, Main Street in Williston N.D. with Joseph’s and the New Grand Theater; Aerial views of oil wells and a town, portraits of women and men with musical instruments including a sousaphone, clarinet and trumpet; exterior of houses, store displays of televisions and kitchen appliances, girls holding VFW Buddy Poppy’s; speakers on stage at WHS, science fair or science booths, soldiers marching in the street, exterior of Westland building, interior of a music store, women modeling clothing, men with IH International Harvester signs and Frontier Equipment Inc. signs; wrestling, and parade outside Montgomery Ward Co. with drum majors and baton twirlers
4 203 negatives – actors and actresses on stage in costumes, Bee Line auto mechanics portraits of male employees and men at work on cars; portraits of students wearing band uniforms holding their instruments including a French horn, flutes, trumpets, saxophones trombones, and bassoon; group portrait of a choir; people showing farm animals, men making pancakes, men holding dead wildcat, women with Vogel and Guy signs; people with a Williams Co Republican sign, unidentified group portraits, bands marching in a parade, women doing exercise drills in a gymnasium, women modeling clothing, portraits of unidentified children, man sitting by a tunnel, rodeo bronco riding, exterior of F.W. Woolworths Co. store
5 84 negatives, 120mm film – baseball: Grenora baseball team portrait, Tioga baseball team portrait, baseball games, group portrait inside of men, women and children, wheat, Williston baseball team portrait, unidentified group portraits, women wearing a jacket and bow
6 89 negatives, 35mm film – mostly copy negatives of old time pictures including Zahl, N.D. as well as a few of children holding awards and swimming
7 230 negatives, 120mm and 35mm film – Coyotes win state basketball tournament; Williston Coyotes vs Dickinson Midgets, State Tournament, boys basketball tournament in Fargo, N.D. Basketball games, action shots, fans and spectators in the stands in the gymnasium, Williston Coyotes vs the Redskins, Coyotes vs the Trinity Titans, cheerleaders, coaches, Coyotes team portrait; Group portrait of women in a church, possibly a choir; people riding on top of the Williston fire truck, automobiles, speakers and presentation of awards, Williston band in the stands; images of Shemorry’s photography chemicals and washing negatives in the sink; men’s basketball team with awards, people speaking at a microphone, celebration in Williston for Coyotes are Great they took State
8 107 negatives, 120mm film – Band Day: bands marching down Main Street, Williston, N.D. including the Ray School Band, the Alamo Greenwave band, Alexander, N. Dak School Band, Tioga band, and Buffalo Trails Band; group portraits of bands including Trenton Public School Band, and the Williston Junior high Band outside the James Memorial Library; exterior of Herb’s Body shop, man on a motorcycle, man receiving awards, unidentified group portraits, men looking at blueprints, Cenex Latex Semi-glass paint, Group portrait of FFA (Future Farmers of America) members, car accident, group portrait of women wearing dresses, exterior of the Sons of Norway building, group portrait with a man and a 100th birthday cake, children wearing costumes outside St. Josephs School, band playing on a stage in a gymnasium, man playing a trumpet, bands marching in parade, portraits of students in marching band uniforms holding their musical instruments, and a dead man in a wrecked car after a crash
9 201 negatives, 120mm film – aerial views, portraits of a man, men and women modeling clothing, woman getting her hair cut, exterior of United Auto Parts and United Western Machine buildings, unidentified group portraits, men at work with machines and inside the United Auto Parts building, school dance / prom, dedication at a church, group portraits of women, men with cattle and cattle sale, building on fire, farming machinery, exterior of the Piggly Wiggly building, girls dancing on stage for a theater production, girl with a kite, women in a grocery store, children’s choir, Fred S. Shipman accepting a Presidential Award, interior of a carpet store room, people looking at artwork, Miss Rodeo North Dakota awards, children modeling clothing, employees showing store merchandise such as perfume and purses, group portrait with a sign for Hockey, men working on machines, man at his desk, and employees of United Western Machine
10 108 negatives, 35mm film – Salvation Army booth, dedication of Mercy Hospital showing people and the building; America Sings with people singing, a patriotic theater production and children playing guitars; portraits of children, and two men wearing Williston Coyotes shirts
11 112 negatives, 120mm film – back to school fashions, 1966?; Boys playing on a jungle gym at a park, student sitting in a desk; women, children and men modeling clothing, woman sitting at a desk with a typewriter, two men, girl showing boots, construction site, and children playing on a swing set
12 198 negatives, 120mm and 35mm film - Tioga Farm Festival: Parade with floats, Tioga High School Band, a Tioga fire truck, cars, horse drawn carts, trucks, clowns, marching soldiers, and people in Tioga, N.D.; showing steer, people looking at displays, people eating, prize steer, cattle, people riding horses, people displaying items, man with a grain auger, exterior of Tioga Feed & Ranch Supply building, showing cattle, crowds of people, spectators watching the parade
13 142 negatives, 120mm and 35mm film – Band Day, bands performing on stage in a gymnasium, portraits of band members in uniform with musical instruments, group portraits of bands including Williston Junior High band outside the James Memorial Library building, group and individual portraits, eggs, baton twirlers, band class, man wearing a KEM hat, men with cattle, puppies in a box labeled as Xmas, group portrait of a football team, man wearing a Williston American Legion hat, group portrait at a meeting, family picture, parade, people holding trophies in a gymnasium, and men and woman holding awards with a Cenex sign in the background
14 18 negatives, 35mm film – Epping School Band, director Lloyd Bjella, musical and theater productions on stage, and group portrait of women holding flowers
15 304 negatives, 120mm film – Boy’s basketball games, group portraits of children holding awards, demonstration of cutting hair, unidentified group and individual portraits, boys with boxes, dinner and presentation, interior of a building full of furniture for sale, cattle auction, women having their hair done in a beauty parlor, interior of a church, women’s basketball game, team portraits of the women’s teams during the 1973 basketball tourney including the Wildrose Roses, Grenora Gophers and Powers Lake teams; men with cattle, cheerleaders with 1974 State Class A Basketball Sportsy Pep & Spirit award; interior of a bar, men holding a boy Fact Survey, group portrait of graduates, women with flowers, boys working on math, children on a stage, farm equipment, men’s basketball game action shots of Grenora team, man and woman receiving a Navy Science Award, people receiving trophies, Williston Rock and Mineral Club, woman on a ski doo inside, Team portrait of the Grenora Men’s basketball team holding a trophy; woman wearing a crown and holding flowers, woman playing a piano, exterior and trucks at Valley Truck Center International Trucks, three men holding a check with a Home Club of District Governor 1959-60 Rotary International sign in the back; woman modeling clothes, Williston Veterans, girls basketball Alamo Greenwaves team portrait; Exteriors of buildings on Main Street in Williston, N.D. including Ingen’s, Rexall Drug, Tot & Teen shop, Gambles, and Joseph’s; oil well derrick, and people dancing
16 275 negatives, 35mm film – possibly spring 1973 – Men’s Basketball: Basketball games, action shots, sports fans, spectators, cheerleaders, athletes, coaches, teams entering the gymnasium; teams include the Watford City Wolves, Grenora, Minot, and Williston Coyotes; also images of a dance, a Christmas theater production cast, cattle auction, musicians playing on stage – singing and playing guitars and violins, a swim meet, swimmers and group portrait of the swim team
17 341 negatives, 120mm film – 1967: Boys basketball game between Williston Coyotes and Mandan Braves, Williston Coyotes cheerleaders, portraits of women, women modeling clothing, men and women holding awards, children modeling clothes, unidentified large group portraits, boy with steer, men with large pig, woman and car outside the Sloulin Field International Airport terminal, prom or school dance, woman wearing a crown, children sitting on Santa Claus’s lap, meeting, group portrait of men wearing suits, interior of a factory ?, students on a stage, boys wearing FFA jackets, two men in military uniform holding a piece of paper, group of women wearing cowgirl outfits in front of the Elks Lodge in Williston, N.D.; people sitting around a table, machines, interior of a school with empty classrooms, women wearing traditional dress possibly Norwegian, family portraits, baton twirlers, group portrait of a band in the bleachers, band concert, exterior of Case, exterior of Rambler, Exterior of Williston Saddlery; baseball field, views looking down on an area under construction, exterior of the Crighton Distribution Inc. building and automobiles in parking lot; signs for the Grenora Community Development Corporation Stock Drive and Sunset Park Picnic Area next to a tractor; crowd of people sitting in a gymnasium, men speaking to an audience and receiving awards at a Jaycees event in Williston, N.D.; group portrait of people with the Distributive Education clubs of America, Williston, N.D.; woman wearing a crown and holding flowers; people with a sign that says Future Champs of Alamo, Alamo Band and parade floats; men modeling clothing outside of Greengard’s; parade with cars and floats in Williston, N.D.; high school students and band outside in crowds and around a bon fire, people riding horses, exterior of a warehouse, boy wearing an FFA jacket with award, football game, man holding wheat, children holding awards
18 60 negatives, 120mm film - 1967-1968 Band Day: high school and junior high school marching bands including Tioga and Wolf Point, Montana, parades, wrecked truck, portraits of students wearing marching band uniforms with musical instruments, parade spectators outside of Gambles, band playing on outdoor stage, band playing on stage in gymnasium, marching band in parade down Main Street, Williston, N.D. with Woolworths and the Plainsman Hotel in the background
19 40 negatives, 120mm film – Marching bands and bands performing in a gymnasium, 1967 – 1968 Band Day
20 35 negatives, 35mm film – marching bands including Williston, N.D. Municipal Band, people in a gymnasium, marching band students in uniforms, bands performing on stage and audience watching the concert, 1968-1969
21 294 negatives, 120mm film – Northwest Mutual Aid Telephone Corp in Williston, N.D., Epping Eagles cheerleaders, Men’s basketball games including the Gophers and also the Williston Coyotes; group portrait of the Future Farmers of America Williston Chapter, Group portraits of men’s basketball teams including the Tetons, Vikings, Roses, and Williston Coyotes; Gophers cheerleaders and fans, unidentified group and individual portraits, group portraits of Boy Scouts, group portraits of cheerleaders, Men with Credit Union Unity in North Dakota sign, men and women in a meeting and on stage for a presentation, water damage, equipment, store window display, Family Thrift Center exterior and interior, International Harvester combine at work, women at a table, fashion show or beauty pageant, band, football game, men with animal hides and antlers including moose, man speaking, people holding trophies, exterior of Williston Woodworks, winter family portrait, interior display of mirrors and fabrics, wheat, couples, people sitting outside, aerial views overlooking a town and oil well, men in a meeting; 1968-1969
22 496 negatives, 120mm film – Robert Miller gives speech to Williston Jaycees and receives a Distinguished Service Award in Williston, N.D.; exterior of a house, portraits of women, pictures of the television with various shows and scenes; portraits of men, group portraits of Future Farmers of America members, two men with dogs and a Ford Service automobile, couple with cake, house with Christmas decorations, children at a table eating, children on stage, men at work in the post office, map of ND and MT, Exterior of Home of Economy and truck, unidentified group portraits, theater cast on stage, cat, men giving speeches, men and women holding checks and awards, Cooking show in a gymnasium with a full audience sign for Speed Queen Silver Lining; children sitting on Santa Claus’s lap, Williston Coyotes men’s basketball game, exterior of Crighton’s used cars, automobiles, trucks, parade floats down Main Street in Williston, N.D.; girl riding a horse, boy with steer, women modeling goods and items, interior of a store, interior of a church, office, and reception area; rodeo, booths including North Star and Oil Capital 4-H Club; Women with Blacktail Dam rock and sign dedication; interior of a store, exterior of the Great Plains Supply Company building; boys and girls modeling items, an award, a chicken, a rabbit and other goods; men and women working at a table, exterior of Panger’s Store and motorcycles; interior of the Varsity Shop, cattle / livestock auction; girl with a sheep, exterior of Williston Saddlery and American Family Insurance; exterior of a building with arches; boys receiving awards; exterior of a church, wedding, interior of a restaurant and kitchen, women modeling shoes and clothes, exterior of Jim McNally Motors and cars in parking lot; family portrait, men with awards from the Jaycees 1968-1969
23 279 negatives, 35mm film – snowmobilers and snowmobile racing, men working in a lab, group portraits, Williston Coyotes football game, portraits of a woman, firefighter, building under construction, employees in a store with merchandise, basketball game, people sitting at tables, a Ferris wheel, art work, prize calf, football games, portraits of a man, exterior of the Rigs Lounge, Gambles Killer car, American Legion Post parade float, parade, marching band, and parade spectators, 1968 - 1969
24 86 negatives, 35mm film – group portraits, Christmas, aerial views of oil wells, employees in store, children singing wearing angel costumes, portrait of a man, exterior of Williston Woodworks building, and exterior of Williams County Farmers Union building, 1968 - 1969
25 149 negatives, 35mm film – Aerial views of trains, towns oil wells, homes and buildings; women modeling clothing, Interior of GHS (Grenora High School ?) school showing classrooms, music room and gymnasium as well as students in the classrooms, library and lunchroom; Exterior of the Salvation Army building, exterior of the North Dakota State Employment Service building, and portraits of an unidentified man, 1968-1969
26 20 negatives, 35mm film – Aerial views of unidentified oil wells, 1968 - 1969
27 12 negatives, 35mm film – portraits of unidentified people, 1968 – 1969
28 40 negatives, 4 x 5” and 1 photographic print – possibly 1967-1968 Band Day; marching bands in a parade down Main Street in Williston, N.D. with crowds and local businesses in the background; marching bands standing in formation on a football field; interior of an ice cream shop of café with a sign that says “We Serve Bridgeman Ice Cream,” men washing bins, food line outside, and large group portraits outside of multiple sports teams together
29 14 negatives, 120mm film, that were loose in box – man with dear and gun after hunting, a policeman and people looking at a bike, group portrait of the Epping School Band, GMC truck, woman embroidering, men’s basketball game, man and woman holding a “Happy Birthday American Legion, 77th Anniversary” cake

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