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00001 Thomas J. TrousdaleMain Street Mott
Photographs associated with three generations of Trousdales, a prominent Mott, ND banking family, primarily from 1900-1920 document the town and surroundings of Mott and Hettinger County, ND, and include a few images of Mandan, ND. Included are main street scenes showing the exteriors of buildings, interiors, horses, wagons, automobiles, trains, railroad and bridge construction, farms, a baseball game, and the Mott Concert Band. (1ft.)

Roosevelt's Cabin, 1910

00003 Elizabeth Ellen Roberts
Images of the Badlands area, panorama and scenic views of farms, picnics, horse raising, plowing, spring snow storms, trucks and wagons, horse sales, horse barns, grain hauling, bridges, threshing shocks, Ketchum mules, Fort Keogh, buffalo, branding, hauling logs, prairie fires, breaking horses, the Roberts house and farm, logging camps, Sully Springs and cattle herding. (197 items)

0004 Whitestone Hill
Photographs of Whitestone Hill and related images. Some images are copies of those contained in the Research Notebooks of Dr. Hal Porter Collection in MSS#10548. (63 prints and uncounted negatives)
George F. Will, 1955

00005 Who’s Who for North Dakota
Images plus some unnumbered photographs collected to publish the Who's Who in North Dakota 1955. (654 items)

00006 Tully Brown
5 horse team plowing 1880-1893
Images of early farming activities in the Red River Valley and Richland County scenes.  Subjects include: sheep, Mr. Moore, Wahpeton ND, snow-covered house in blizzard of 1893, 6th Street in Wahpeton ND, wheat farms, Ink family, plowing, threshing, Dwight farm, Wahpeton DT 1880, harvesting, Deering tractor. (12 items)

00007 Indians of North American Stereographic Library Vol. 1
Stereoscope images of Indians of North Dakota in their original book box, marketed by the Keystone Company. (30 items)

00008 Prairie Tales
Images used to illustrate book, Prairie Tales published in 1965 by the Rural Area Development Committee (64 items)

00009 Job V. Harrison
Images taken in and around Devils Lake ND and some unidentified states by Job V. Harrison.  Subjects include: homestead shack, school children, Job V. Harrison in sailboat in Devils Lake, Rock Island Steamer, Swimming, Minnie H Steamboat, chautauqua celebration, war veterans, threshing, straw burner, tar paper shack, Metis, surveyors, Buick automobile, hunting, Fort Totten Indians, A. R. Bragg Mississippi River, Watson sisters burlesque poster. (28 items)

00010 Red River Floods – Fargo College
Images of flood of 1897 and its effects on the Fargo area including the Red River and Fargo College. (5 items)

00011 Legislature: House and Senate
Portraits of the House & Senate members of the 1963 Legislature. (166 items)

00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction
Official photographs of the North Dakota State Capitol Construction in Bismarck ND taken by Andreas Risem. (205 items)

00013 Legislature
Photographs of members of the Legislature, House and Senate. (172 items)

00014 Philip Reade
Images of soldiers and Native Americans in the late 1800s in Kansas and New Mexico. (34 items)

00015 Legislature
Portraits of members of the Legislature, Senate and House. (147 items)

00016 Legislature
Portraits of members of the Legislature, Senate and House. (51 items)

00017 State Capitol Construction
Images of the North Dakota State Capital Building construction photographed by Sebens. (7 items)

00018 Governor William L. Guy
Photographs of Governor William L. Guy and events during his time in office. (329 items)

00020 James Lymburner
dates unknown
Farming scenes from McHenry County (N.D.). (13 items)

00021 Theodore Loy
Images of Mannhaven (N.D.), John Pulles Monrad Thue, the First State Bank of Stanton (N.D.), and the construction of the North Dakota State Capital. (7 items)

00022-H Frank J. Hutchinson
David F. Barry photographs of Native Americans and others. (165 items)

00024-H Nancy Hendrickson
Images taken by Nancy Hendrickson and her brother John Christiansen, some separated from Nancy Hendrickson Papers (MSS 10200). (94 items)

00025-B John Beck
ca. 1911-1930
Images taken or collected by John Beck of Center (N.D.), coal, early farm scenes, Chas. Rose Grocery Store, Northern Pacific Railroad, Downtown Bismarck (N.D.), Fargo (N.D.), and a Fourth of July Celebration in Mandan (N.D). (50 items)

00027-B Thomas Baker
ca. 1881-1914
Photographs of Steamboats and Historic Bismarck Scenes. (12 items)

00028 Arthur E. Thompson
ca. 1924
Photographs taken by Arthur E. Thompson, McLean County Superintendent of Schools, of school and Parent-Teacher Association events in McLean County (N.D.) and Washburn (N.D.). (15 items)

00029 Edwin J. Taylor
ca. 1875-1960
Images used in the Bismarck Jubilee Book published by the Rotary Club. (155 items)

00030-I Ben Innis
ca. 1880
Singles and group photos of officers and women at Fort Buford (D.T.). (16 items)

00031 G. W. Patterson (Carpio, N.D.)
ca. 1930-1967
Photographs collection by G. W. Patterson (Carpio, N.D.), including images in Baden (N.D.), Bismarck (N.D.), Fayette (N.D.), Kenmare (N.D.), Grassy Butte (N.D.), Shafer (N.D.), and Ward County (N.D.). (31 items)

00032 North Dakota Oral History Project Photographs
The North Dakota Oral History Project was undertaken by Larry Sprunk, with the cooperation of the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the North Dakota Farmers Union, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The primary objective of the North Dakota Oral History Project was to conduct oral tape recorded interviews with North Dakotans who lived through the state's history and who could speak of this history from a first-hand basis. Interviewees were photographed at the time of their interviews. In addition, the project borrowed over 6,000 historical photographs which were copied and added to the State Historical Society's collection. Many interviewees also donated family histories, documents, letters, ledgers, books, and artifacts. (6,000+ items)

00033 Fort Union Indian Congress
Images of the Fort Union Indian Congress during the Columbia River Historical Expedition event organized by the Great Northern Railway. Governor Sorlie, other North Dakota officials, and Native American representatives can be seen in the images. (3 items)

00034 Theodore Kopseng
ca. 1941
Ranching scenes in the badlands, including Amidon (N.D.). Also includes images of a roundhouse in Wishek (N.D.). (11 items)

00035 Ernest Keidel
ca. 1876-1975
Consists of copy negatives and prints of images from Ernest Keidel's scrapbooks. Subjects include agricultural scenes, harvesting, automobiles, and other farm implements and machinery from primarily Morton County (N.D.). (121 items)

00036 James McLaughlin
Portraits of McLaughlin and others, scenes at the Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates (N.D.), and across North Dakota and Dakota Territory.  (95 items)

00037 1979 Legislature: House and Senate
Portraits of the North Dakota House & Senate members of the 1979 Legislature. (105 items)

00039 Monroe P. Killy
Photographic prints mounted on album pages of Indian people on the Fort Berthold Reservation, log cabins, flint quarries, women working with hides and other images, mostly from 1942.

00040 Nancy Hendrickson
ca. 1910s-1993
Images taken by Nancy Hendrickson and her brother John Christiansen, some separated from Nancy Hendrickson Papers (MSS 10200). (161 items)

Reverend Harold Case and Dr. Charles Lemon Hall

00041 Harold W. Case
ca. 1890s-1980s
Includes individual and group portraits of many missionized Indian families, the developing churches that composed the mission, construction of Four Bears Bridge, mission schools and activities, traditional Indian camps, agriculture, funerals, and places on the Fort Berthold Reservation. One part of the collection consists of photographs taken by the Charles Hall family, and later the Harold Case family of the Congregational mission started on the reservation beginning in 1876. The reservation is the home of the Three Affiliated Tribes: the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara. The mission began with the establishment of a church and school, and later the Nuita Mission was added. Harold Case sought to stop construction of the Garrison Dam in order to preserve the six Indian communities that had developed over the years, but failed. The outcome was the splitting up of the people on the reservation as well as the destruction of most of their livelihood, based on farming the rich bottomlands. (approximately 15,000 photographs)

00042 Marquis de Mores
includes images of family and businesses owned by Marquis de Mores, primarily in Medora, ND and in France. (198 items)

00043 Scenes from Ray (ND)
ca. 1915
Includes images of the McLeod reservoir and steam shovels excavating the reservoir, the Ray Elevator Company, immigrants arriving at the Soo Line Depot, the White Way in Ray (N.D.) and Hotel Ray. (9 items)

00044 Robert Morris
Images of steam tractors, Salvation Army Parade in Bismarck, Col. John R. Fraine standing at tent entrance, Gov. Lynn Frazier seated in chair alongside embossed flag "Hoople ND Mar. 21 1918,"  World War I Soldiers at Fort Lincoln, Steamer Benton, actors on a stage, hearse, Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge & Steamboat Landing, a baseball team and a cable ferry. (25 items)

00045 North Dakota Scenes
Images of Minot Flood 1923, Steamer Expansion at Mondak (MT), 60th Custer Anniversary Fort Abraham Lincoln Mandan (ND) 07-03-1936, and International Peace Gardens reflecting pool at Dunseith (ND) 06-1958, old Davis Hall at UND, Harry Poor Dog on horseback, militia students at UND in 1904, old President’s home at UND, remains of the De Mores packing plant in 1939, Deer Heart Park in Dunseith in 1939, Chateau De Mores 1938, Judge Grimson in Cavalier County, and Pioneer Bowl in Minot in 1936. (18 items)

00046 Jefferson Jones
Images of Colonel Plummer, Land Registrar First election Minot ND 1888, Col. Plummer, and William Jayne; George E. Foley Ranch in Killdeer in 1903; Charles Curtis at dedication of new state capitol; and Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Salyards, Grant Commissioner. (5 items)

00047 Alfred Johnson
Images of a row of men on binders in field, Frank Kraft Blacksmith Shop, A. L. Woodbury family, Hans Erickson family, Satrum family, Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy, W. E. Carver family, Hartley Stock Farm, and the Debing Home, all in Page (ND),  Buolemeyer Bros. in Erie (ND), and Doctor L. P. Larson family of Finley (ND). (16 items)

00048 Mrs. George Humphreys
Photographs of Johnson Land Company operations and farming, and automobiles including a Franklin. (9 items)

00049 Usher L. Burdick
Photographs of west side of Main St. in Mandan; Charles Eastman; Dr. William Porter; Dr. Henry R. Porter; Major James McLaughlin; Sioux children at St. Michael’s Mission in 1937, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 1924; Bert Groom, U.L. Burdick and Brady Morrow with Percheron horses that Burdick raised; man with two horses standing in front of barn at Wild Rose Stock farm in Munich (ND) in 1953; short horn heifer raised by Usher L. Burdick; U.L. Burdick's 1919 cattle herd; Star Eyes and White Lily at St. Michael Mission in 1937; and train wreck at Brockton (MT) in 1917. (20 items)

00050 Agnes Potter
Photographs of events, towns, stagecoach, snow and housing in Bowman, Scranton, and Gascoyne (ND) and Ralph (SD). (9 items)

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