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Title: James McLaughlin
Dates: ca. 1880s-1920s

Collection Number: 00036

Quantity: 95 described items

Abstract: Portraits of McLaughlin and others, scenes at the Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates (N.D.), and across North Dakota and Dakota Territory. 

Provenance: The collection was separated from the James McLaughlin Papers (MSS 10313), which were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Mrs. R. McLaughlin in January 1983. Items transferred to the collection in 1982 from the Museum Division of the SHSND.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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Born on February 12, 1842, at Avonmore, Ontario, James McLaughlin moved to Minnesota in 1863 where the next year he married a Sioux mixed-blood, Marie Louise Buisson. He practiced his blacksmith trade and engaged in other business ventures until employed, July 1, 1871, by Major W. H. Forbes as the blacksmith and general overseer of the new Devils Lake Agency in Dakota.

In 1876 he became agent at Devils Lake and compiled such a record for progress and fairness that he was promoted in 1881, to the larger Sioux Agency at Standing Rock. Here his record as one of the finest agents in the country won him re-appointments in an age of short-term political appointees.

Though he is most widely known for his conflict with Sitting Bull, and the resulting death of the famous Indian on December 15, 1890, his best claim to fame rests on the great strides towards civilization made by the Indians under his guidance.

In 1895 he began his career as Inspector for the Indian Department and the Department of the Interior. Working continuously until his death on July 28, 1923, he became the greatest treaty-maker and trouble-shooter our government has ever employed. He negotiated scores of agreements on agencies spreading from New York to California and from Washington to Oklahoma.

He possibly knew more Indians that any other man alive, and he was so well liked by Indians all over the United States that when he wrote his recollections he published them (1910) under the appropriate title of My Friend the Indian.


00036-00001       Henry S. Parkin
00036-00002       Alma Parkin
00036-00003       James McLaughlin issuing patents to Indians
00036-00004       Captain Frederick W. Benteen
00036-00005       David F. Barry, photographer
00036-00006       Standing Rock Monument Fort Yates (N.D.) (Fiske photo)
00036-00007       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00009       Major General Henry H. Sibley Governor of Minnesota 
00036-00010       Gabriel Grey Eagle          
00036-00011       Mrs. Spotted Horn Bull 
00036-00013       Anna McLaughlin            
00036-00014       Robert Charles McLaughlin         
00036-00015       Major James McLaughlin and wife Louise taken the year of their marriage, 1864               
00036-00016       Three Fallas Brothers and Louie Brule    
00036-00017       Charles McLaughlin        
00036-00018       Ada McLaughlin               
00036-00019       R. S. McLaughlin              
00036-00020       Mrs. Charging Thunder and horse travois Standing Rock Agency
00036-00022       Lucille Van Solen
00036-00023       Leo C. Harson
00036-00024       Mrs. Alma Parkin
00036-00025       Chaska Parkin
00036-00028       Mrs. Galpin Place
00036-00029       Lucille Van Solen
00036-00030       Mrs. Alma Parkin
00036-00031       Young Crow
00036-00032       Indian  
00036-00033       Christina Two Bull, Harry Chin, Mary Iron Road  
00036-00034       Lone Man or Lone Dog or Low Dog          
00036-00035       Sibley McLaughlin           
00036-00036       Malan Harison  
00036-00037       Mrs. Andrew Iron Road and Mrs. Auntie Bob 
00036-00038       Mr. And Mrs. Iron Road               
00036-00039       Kills Pretty Enemy           
00036-00040       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00041       Sioux Indian Sun Dance
00036-00042       Mr. And Mrs. Two Bull  
00036-00043-001              James McLaughlin surveying with Indians           
00036-00043-002              James McLaughlin seated on camp stool surveying with Indians
00036-00045       Mary Crawler    
00036-00046       Sib McLaughlin 
00036-00047       Cyprian Buisson               
00036-00050       General Henry Hastings Sibley  
00036-00051       Unidentified Sioux Indian Warriors         
00036-00052       Charles McLaughlin    
00036-00053       Victor Locke
00036-00054       Bishop Vincent Wehrle 
00036-00055       Mrs. Jim Hourigan, S. R. Sioux    
00036-00056       Richard Davis, E. B. German, Major James McLaughlin   
00036-00059       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00061       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00062       Sioux dancing Fiske photo           
00036-00063       Mary Graham Buisson  
00036-00064       Joe Goudeau, Louie Agard, Jack McCrory, Jake Houser  
00036-00065       Charley McLaughlin, Sibley McLaughlin, Harry McLaughlin, Jack McLaughlin
00036-00066       Mrs. James McLaughlin, September 1921
00036-00079       Major James McLaughlin
00036-00081       Major James McLaughlin
00036-00082       Major James McLaughlin and three others
00036-00084       Major James McLaughlin and two others
00036-00087       Major James McLaughlin
00036-00088       Tipis
00036-00090       Major James McLaughlin
00036-00091       Major James McLaughlin's burial McLaughlin (S.D.)
00036-00095       Indian Sisters Fiske photo
00036-00096       Standing Rock Agency Fort Yates (N.D.)
00036-00097       George Faribault
00036-00098       Sib, Grandma McLaughlin & Ray, Sidney, Mother, Imeda, Herr
00036-00098       Sib McLaughlin
00036-00100       Major James McLaughlin
00036-00101       Sioux Indian parade
00036-00103       Chaska Parkin birthday with Fort Yates Band
00036-00104       Standing Rock Agency (N.D.)     
00036-00105       Robert Charles McLaughlin         
00036-00106       Jim McLaughlin, Go-Go McLaughlin
00036-00107       Joseph McLaughlin
00036-00108       Masquerade Ball             
00036-00109       Lucille Van Solen in her graduation outfit, 1887
00036-00110       Sib McLaughlin, Istrow McLaughlin, with fellow students              
00036-00111       E. C. Witzleben, A. C. Weeks, E. C. Witzleben Reed, George Reed
00036-00112       Mrs. James McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Witzlebin, Bertha Baldwin
00036-00113       R. S. McLaughlin, Jack Carignan 
00036-00114       Major James McLaughlin, Agent on Beef killing day Standing Rock Indian Reservation
00036-00115       Sioux Indians Travel Fort Yates (D.T.), early 1880 (Barry photo)       
00036-00116       Sioux Indian home near Elk Horn Butte 
00036-00117       Mr. and Mrs. One Bull, and child taken at Grand River (D.T.), 1887
00036-00120       E. G. Fechet, 1880
00036-00123       R. S. McLaughlin, 1888
00036-00125       Major and Mrs. James McLaughlin and family, 1890
00036-00127       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00128       Major James McLaughlin             
00036-00129       Unidentified Indians on horses 
00036-00130       Crow Foot          
00036-00132       Major James McLaughlin, Joe Primeau, T. Merrill, Browning and Dr. Hart
00036-00133       Curios owned by Mrs. James McLaughlin             
00036-00134       Major James McLaughlin (Barry Photo)

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