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Photographs - Collections - 1-50 - #00022-H

Title: Frank J. Hutchinson

Dates: 1871-1890

Collection Number: 00022-H

Quantity: 165 items

Abstract: Includes photographs captured by David F. Barry of Northern Plains Indians and other significant people, places, and events in Dakota Territory and the American West.

Provenance: Frank J. Hutchinson, friend of David F. Barry, acquired a considerable collection of Barry's photographs from Barry.  This collection and Hutchinson's papers were a gift from the Hutchinson estate in 1958.  These images were separated from the MSS 10078 Frank J. Hutchinson papers.  The original glass plates negatives are held in collections at the Denver Public Library.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Box 1:
00022-H-00001 Chief Son of the Star on horse with Chief Black Horse Standing circa 1876
00022-H-00002 Black Bird (Crow), standing wrapped in blanket circa 1870
00022-H-00003 Chief Circle circa 1870
00022-H-00004 Lieutenant W. W. Cooke, Adjutant with the 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00005 Chief Cotton Man (Standing Rock Sioux) wearing large medals circa 1880
00022-H-00006 Crazy Walking (Sioux) wearing white man's clothing circa 1880
00022-H-00007 Eagle Crow wearing pipe bone breastplate circa 1880
00022-H-00008 Chief Gall's wife circa 1880
00022-H-00009 George Faribault and John Grass circa 1880
00022-H-00010 Chief Mad Bear (Yanktonai Indian name "Mato Osinsica") circa 1880
00022-H-00011 Nebagaman (Chippewa Indian) circa 1880
00022-H-00012 Old Wolf, Dakota Indian Chief circa 1880
00022-H-00013 Red Fish, Santee/Yanktonai Chief circa 1880
00022-H-00014 Charles Reynolds circa 1875
00022-H-00015 Chief Two Bears circa 1880

Box 2:
00022-H-00016 Chief White Face and his family circa 1880
00022-H-00017 Standing Holy, Sitting Bull's daughter circa 1880
00022-H-00018 Dead Chief and his son inside a tipi frame circa 1880
00022-H-00019 Mutilated naked corpse of a white man killed by the Sioux Indians circa 1875
00022-H-00020 F. W. Benteen circa 1875
00022-H-00021 Dr. Henry R. Porter circa 1875
00022-H-00022 Wild Rose, cousin to Crazy Horse circa 1880
00022-H-00023 Gall's niece, Dark Eyes 1881
00022-H-00024 Gen. F. W. Benteen, 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00025 Captain Tom Custer, 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00027 Hairy Chin wearing Uncle Sam costume 1889
00022-H-00028 Bullhead, Standing Rock Indian Police Lieutenant circa 1880
00022-H-00029 Sioux Indian Commission sitting in front of Custer's house at Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 1889
00022-H-00030 Dennis Hannafin circa 1880

Box 3:
00022-H-00031 Indian police who took part in arrest of Sitting Bull 1890
00022-H-00032 Custer Battlefield monument circa 1880
00022-H-00033 Cattle killing at Standing Rock Indian Reservation beef issue, slaughtered cattle in corral circa 1880
00022-H-00034 Custer group photo at Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) circa 1875
00022-H-00035 Rain-In-The-Face in Grand Warrior Society Headdress circa 1880
00022-H-00036 Chief Spotted Tail circa 1880
00022-H-00037 Chief Gall 1881
00022-H-00038 Chief Gall, full length with breechcloth circa 1880
00022-H-00039 Riders at the Reno crossing on the west side of the Little Bighorn River 06/25/1886
00022-H-00040 Riders cross the fields by Reno Hill near the Little Bighorn River 06/25/1886
00022-H-00041 Sitting Bull's home with wives and daughters in front circa 1885
00022-H-00042 Sitting Bull's camp at Standing Rock 1883
00022-H-00043 Sioux Ghost Dancers circa 1880
00022-H-00044 General Custer's home at Fort Abraham Lincoln circa 1880
00022-H-00045 Sitting Bull's family in front of tipi circa 1885

Box 4:
00022-H-00046 Trail hunter circa1875
00022-H-00047 Dedication of monument on the Standing Rock Reservation with Sitting Bull and James McLaughlin circa 1885
00022-H-00048 Officers Row at Fort Abraham Lincoln circa 1880
00022-H-00049 Dakota Block East before fire circa 1880
00022-H-00050 Goose "Maga" circa 1880
00022-H-00051 Chief One Bull and wife at their homes circa 1880
00022-H-00052 U.S. Chief Justice Waite, Major James McLaughlin and others circa 1885
00022-H-00053 Chief John Grass, the Sioux Orator circa 1885
00022-H-00054 Chief Gall 1881
00022-H-00055 Good Horse wearing war bonnet with wife circa 1880

Box 5:
00022-H-00056 Fire Cloud standing holding pipe circa 1880
00022-H-00057 Scaffold burial, tipi frame in background XX/XXXX
00022-H-00058 Buffalo Bill Cody and Sitting Bull circa 1885
00022-H-00059 Frosted, a Dakota Sioux Medicine Man circa 1880
00022-H-00060 Yellow Calf circa 1880
00022-H-00061 Sitting Bull circa 1880
00022-H-00062 Dennis Hannafin circa 1880
00022-H-00063 Steamer Rose Bud at Drowned Mans Rapids, Montana circa 1880
00022-H-00064 Young Man Afraid of His Horses circa 1880
00022-H-00065 Sweet Clover with baby circa 1880
00022-H-00066 Fire Cloud circa 1880
00022-H-00067 David F. Barry and Major McLaughlin circa 1880
00022-H-00068 General George Custer in frontiersman clothes circa 1875
00022-H-00069 Mrs. Elizabeth Custer circa 1875

Box 6:
00022-H-00070 Low Dog circa 1880
00022-H-00071 Chief Cotton Man (Standing Rock Sioux) wearing Peace medals circa 1880
00022-H-00072 Charles Primeau circa 1880
00022-H-00073 Fast Fox "Greatest Dancer of Sioux Tribe" circa 1880
00022-H-00074 Rain-In-The-Face and wife, seated, wearing white man's clothing circa 1880
00022-H-00075 Steps (Shoshone/Bannock) slave of the Nez Perce circa 1880
00022-H-00076 General John Gibbon circa 1875
00022-H-00077 Wolf Chief (Crow) circa 1880
00022-H-00078 Gall's niece, Dark Eyes 1881
00022-H-00079 Old Wolf circa 1880
00022-H-00080 Crazy Walking circa 1880

Box 7:
00022-H-00081 Winona and Sweet Clover, daughters of Mad Bear circa 1880
00022-H-00082 Captain Tom Custer, 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00083 Indian Scout Harry Eaton circa 1875
00022-H-00084 Thunder Hawk circa 1880
00022-H-00085 Wild Horse, cousin to Crazy Horse 1885
00022-H-00086 Long Soldier "Akicita Hanska" circa 1880
00022-H-00087 Bob Brave Bear circa 1880
00022-H-00088 Looking Glass (Arikara) circa 1880
00022-H-00089 Leonie circa 1880
00022-H-00090 Chief Gall with bow & arrows May 1881

Box 8:
00022-H-00091 Captain Thomas McDougall circa 1875
00022-H-00092 Tom Fox and young boy circa 1880
00022-H-00093 Captain Charles DeRudio circa 1875
00022-H-00094 Hairy Chin, in Uncle Sam costume 07/04/1889
00022-H-00095 Brave Bear circa 1875
00022-H-00096 John Martin, trumpeter for the 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00097 Gall circa 1880
00022-H-00098 General Charles Francis Roe circa 1875
00022-H-00099 Kicking Bear circa 1875
00022-H-00100 Little Assiniboine (possibly Louie Sitting Bull) circa 1880

Box 9:
00022-H-00101 General Edward S. Godfrey circa 1875
00022-H-00102 Chief Short Bull circa 1875
00022-H-00103 Chief Timber Wolf circa 1875
00022-H-00104 Rain-In-The-Face circa 1880
00022-H-00105 David F. Barry circa 1910
00022-H-00106 William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody circa 1880
00022-H-00107 Kit Carson circa 1860
00022-H-00108 Comanche (horse) and Captain Myles (Miles) Keogh circa 1875
00022-H-00109 Chief Good Horse circa 1880
00022-H-00110 Hunkpapa Chief Crow circa 1880

Box 10:
00022-H-00111 The steamer Far West circa 1880
00022-H-00112 William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody circa 1880
00022-H-00113 Fort Abraham Lincoln in winter circa 1880
00022-H-00114 Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch cabin circa 1890
00022-H-00115 Comanche circa 1880
00022-H-00116 Chief Joseph circa 1880
00022-H-00117 Chief Plenty Coups circa 1880
00022-H-00118 American Horse circa 1885
00022-H-00119 Thunder Hawk circa 1880
00022-H-00120 Yellow Lark circa 1880

Box 11:
00022-H-00121 General George Crook circa 1880
00022-H-00122 General George A. Forsyth circa 1890
00022-H-00123 Sitting Bull "Tatanka Iyotake" circa 1880
00022-H-00124 Rain-In-The-Face and wife circa 1885
00022-H-00125 Brave Bear circa 1875
00022-H-00126 Gall circa 1880
00022-H-00127 Curley, General Custer's Scout circa 1875
00022-H-00128 General George Armstrong Custer in tuxedo circa 1875
00022-H-00129 Red Cloud circa 1890
00022-H-00130 Shooting Star circa 1880

Box 12:
00022-H-00131 Crow King May, 1881
00022-H-00132 Hidatsa leader Crow Flies High circa 1880
00022-H-00133 Captain F.W. Benteen circa 1875
00022-H-00134 David F. Barry with Rain-In-the-Face circa 1880
00022-H-00135 Thunder Hawk circa 1880
00022-H-00136 Captain George Yates, 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00137 Rain-In-The-Face circa 1880
00022-H-00138 Rain-In-The-Face and wife on wedding day circa 1885
00022-H-00139 General Custer's Scout, Moses Embree Milner, aka California Joe circa 1875
00022-H-00140 Alexander McKenzie circa 1885

Box 13:
00022-H-00141 Bismarck flood 1885
00022-H-00142 Camp on the Little Bighorn during the 10th anniversary commemoration 06/25/1886
00022-H-00143 Waite Chief Justice of U. S. Supreme Court poses with a large group circa 1885
00022-H-00144 Chief Joseph and Captain Jerome at Madison Square Garden, New York City circa 1885
00022-H-00145 Performers in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, including Annie Oakley circa 1890

Box 14:
00022-H-00147 Composite of Sitting Bull, Rain-in-The-Face, and Gall portraits circa 1885
00022-H-00148 Main Street Bismarck (D.T.) 1888
00022-H-00149 Bismarck flood 1885
00022-H-00150 Scaffold burials circa 1880

Box 15:
00022-H-00151 Colonel Plummer circa 1880
00022-H-00152 General Nelson Appleton Miles circa 1885
00022-H-00153 Chief Circling Bear circa 1880
00022-H-00154 Chief Long Dog circa 1880
00022-H-00155 John Sitting Bull, Sitting Bull's son circa 1890

Box 16:
00022-H-00156 Crow Foot, Sitting Bull's son circa 1888
00022-H-00157 Crow Foot circa 1888
00022-H-00158 General Samuel Davis Sturgis, 7th Cavalry circa 1875
00022-H-00159 Running Antelope or Heton Cikala Inyanka circa 1880
00022-H-00160 Gall 1881

Box 17:
00022-H-00161 Wild Horse 1885
00022-H-00162 Running Antelope circa 1880
00022-H-00163 Good Horse circa 1880
00022-H-00164 Composite photograph of famous Dakotah Indians circa 1890
00022-H-00165 Hiawatha scene circa 1880

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