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Photographs - Collections - 1-50 - #00022-H

Title: Frank J. Hutchinson

Dates: 1871-1890

Collection Number: 00022-H

Quantity: 165 items

Abstract: These David F. Barry photographs were separated from MSS 10078 Frank J. Hutchinson papers. Hutchinson purchased the images.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired this collection from the Hutchinson Estate 1958.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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00022-H-001       Chief Joseph and Capt. Jerome, New York (NY)
00022-H-002       Black Bird, Crow, standing wrapped in blanket
00022-H-003       Circle (Indian)
00022-H-004       M. W. Cooke,                   
00022-H-005       Cotton Wood, Fort Yates (DT)
00022-H-006       Crazy Walking, Sioux, wearing white man's clothing, bust
00022-H-007       Eagle Crow wearing pipe bone breastplate, bust
00022-H-008       Gall's wife wearing white woman's clothing, full length 1881
00022-H-008       Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody
00022-H-009       John Grass
00022-H-011       Nebagaman (Chippewa Indian)
00022-H-013       Chief Red Fish, Bismarck (DT) ca. 1871-1877
00022-H-014       Charles Reynolds
00022-H-015       Two Bear, Dakota
00022-H-020       F. W. Benteen
00022-H-021       Dr. Henry R. Porter
00022-H-022       Wild Rose seated, full length 1885
00022-H-023       Gall's niece, Dark Eyes Bust 1881
00022-H-024       F. W. Benteen
00022-H-027       Hairy Chin wearing Uncle Sam costume, full length.
00022-H-028       Lieutenant Bull Head Indian Policeman in the Sitting Bull fight
00022-H-029       Sioux Indian Commission: Crook, Foster, Warner 1889
00022-H-030       Dennis Hannafin
00022-H-031       Indian police who took part in arrest of Sitting Bull
00022-H-032       Custer battlefield monument
00022-H-033       Standing Rock Indian Reservation Beef Issue Slaughtered Cattle in corral, Fort Yates (ND)
00022-H-034       Custer\
00022-H-035       Rain-in-the-Face
00022-H-036       Spotted Tail, standing, 3/4 length
00022-H-037       Gall hair long and loose. Bust 1881
00022-H-038       Gall full length with breechcloth, large cross and feather in his hair
00022-H-041       Sitting Bull's home and family
00022-H-042       Sitting Bull's camp at Standing Rock, Fort Yates (DT) 1883
00022-H-043       Sioux Ghost Dancers
00022-H-045       Sitting Bull's tepee and family
00022-H-046       Trail hunter
00022-H 047        Sitting Bull, Joe Primeau, Major James McLaughlin, Fort Yates (DT) 1880
00022-H-048       Winter quarters, Fort Abraham Lincoln, Mandan (ND) ca. 1874-1889
00022-H-050       Goose;
00022-H-051       One Bull and wife
00022-H-052       Waite, U.S. Chief Justice and others, Fort Yates (ND)
00022-H-053       Grass, John (Dakota) portrait, wearing a jacket. Bust
00022-H-054       Gall, Fort Buford (ND) 1881
00022-H-055       Good Horse with wife, seated, Good Horse wearing war bonnet
00022-H-056       Fire Cloud, Dakota, standing holding pipe.
00022-H-057       Scaffold burial, tipi frame in background
00022-H-058       Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody
00022-H-059       Frosted Sioux Medicine Man, Fort Yates (DT) ca. 1880-1890
00022-H-060       Yellow Calf
00022-H-061       Wild Horse, Cousin to Crazy Horse 1885
00022-H-061A    Sitting Bull 1885
00022-H-062       Dennis Hannafin
00022-H-063       Steamer "Rosebud"
00022-H-064       Young-Man-Afraid-of-His-Horses
00022-H-065       Sweet Clover with baby
00022-H-066       Fire Cloud
00022-H-067       David F. Barry and Major McLaughlin
00022-H-068       General George Custer in frontiersman clothes
00022-H-069       Mrs. George Armstrong Custer
00022-H-070       Low Dog
00022-H-071       Cotton Wood
00022-H-071A    Cotton Wood
00022-H-072       Charles Primeau
00022-H-073       Fast Dog
00022-H-074       Rain-in-the-Face and wife, seated, wearing white man’s clothing
00022-H-075       Steps, Nes Perce Indian
00022-H-076       John Gibbon
00022-H-077       Wolf Chief, Crow
00022-H-078       Gall's niece, Dark Eyes 1881
00022-H-080       Crazy Walking
00022-H-081       Winona and Sweet Clover, daughters of Mad Bear
00022-H-083       Harry Eaton, Fort Berthold (ND)
00022-H-084       Thunder Hawk
00022-H-085       Low Dog
00022-H-086       Long Soldier
00022-H-088       Looking Glass
00022-H-089       Leonie;
00022-H-090       Chief Gall, Fort Buford (DT) May 1881
00022-H-091       Captain Thomas McDougall
00022-H-092       Tom Fox and young boy
00022-H-093       Charles De Rudo
00022-H-094       Hairy Chin, in Uncle Sam costume
00022-H-095       Bob Brave Bear
00022-H-096       John Martin, trumpeter
00022-H-097       Frosted, Sioux Medicine Man, Fort Yates (DT) ca. 1880-1890       
00022-H-098       Charles Francis Roe,
00022-H-099       Kicking Bear
00022-H-100       Louie Sitting Bull and Little Assiniboine   1880
00022-H-101       Edward S. Godfrey,
00022-H-102       Short Bull
00022-H-103       Timber Wolf
00022-H-104       Rain-in-the-Face
00022-H-105       David F. Barry
00022-H-106       William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody
00022-H-107       Kit Carson
00022-H-108       Comanche (horse) and Captain Myles (Miles) Keogh (separate pictures made into one plate)     1874-1876
00022-H-109       Chief Good Horse
00022-H-110       Crow
00022-H-111       Steamer "Far West"
00022-H-112       William F. Cody
00022-H-113       Fort Abraham Lincoln
00022-H-116       Chief Joseph
00022-H-117       Plenty Coups
00022-H-118       American Horse
00022-H-119       Thunder Hawk
00022-H-120       Yellow Lark
00022-H-121       George Crook
00022-H-122       George E. Forsyth
00022-H-123       Sitting Bull 1880
00022-H-124       Rain-in-the-Face and wife
00022-H-125       Brave Bear
00022-H-126       Chief Gall 1881
00022-H-127       Curley
00022-H-129       Red Cloud
00022-H-130       Shooting Star
00022-H-131       Crow King, a Hunkpapa Sioux; half-length, wearing part of a major's uniform, Fort Buford (DT) 1881
00022-H-132       Crow Flies High
00022-H-133       F. W. Benteen
00022-H-134       David F. Barry
00022-H-135       Thunder Hawk
00022-H-136       Captain George Yates
00022-H-137       Rain-in-the-Face
00022-H-138       Rain-in-the-Face and wife
00022-H-139       Moses Embree Milner
00022-H-140       Alexander McKenzie
00022-H-141       Bismarck flood
00022-H-143       Chief Wait
00022-H-145       Indian group
00022-H-146       Reno Hill, east side June 25, 1886
00022-H-147       Composite of Sitting Bull, Rain-in-the-Face, Gall
00022-H-148       Bismarck (DT) 1888
00022-H-150       Scaffold burial
00022-H-151       Colonel Plummer
00022-H-152       Nelson Appleton Miles
00022-H-153       Chief Circling Bear
00022-H-154       Long Dog
00022-H-155       John (Louie?) Sitting Bull, son of Sitting Bull
00022-H-156       Crow Foot
00022-H-157       Crow Foot
00022-H-158       General Samuel Davis Sturgis
00022-H-159       Running Antelope
00022-H-160       Gall, hair long and loose. Bust 1881
00022-H-161       Wild Horse 1885
00022-H-162       Running Antelope
00022-H-163       Good Horse
00022-H-164       Dakotah Indians Composite
00022-H-165       Hiawatha

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