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Title: Nancy Hendrickson
Dates: ca. 1896-1934

Collection Number: 00024-H

Quantity: 94 items

Abstract: Images taken by Nancy Hendrickson and her brother John Christiansen, some separated from Nancy Hendrickson Papers (MSS 10200).

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Nancy Hendrickson in November 1977.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
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Nancy Christenson Hendrickson was born February 26, 1886.  She was the sixth child of Swedish immigrants, Sone and Christina Christenson, and the first to be born on the family homestead along the Heart River near Mandan, North Dakota.

Her formal education involved a total of 11 months. Classes were held every other year at area farm homes during the winter months of December, January, and February. Few electives were offered along with the three basics. The Christenson family subscribed to numerous magazines and newspapers and Nancy's homestead shack eventually became a large library. At age nine she made her first trip to Mandan, 17 miles away.  Later trips were made on horseback, motorcycle, and by car.

The responsibility of the family homestead fell to Nancy in the 1920's because of her mother's failing health. Nancy's mother died in 1926. Restricted to the homestead, Nancy looked to hobbies to help fill her time. She worked as a seamstress and because she loved animals, she engaged in animal photography. Her unusual photos featured animals dressed in doll clothes.  The photographs brought her national prizes and were sold in newspapers, magazines, and postcards. She continued to sell photos until the end of World War II. Nancy's photographic work is on display in the State Historical Society museum.

In 1927 Nancy met and married Herman Apenes. Herman died in 1934 of cancer. Nancy married Carl Hendrickson in 1935 and they lived on the Christensen homestead. Nancy had many outside interests such as reporting statistics to the Weather Bureau. Carl died in 1970 and Nancy remained alone on the family homestead until her death in 1978. She was 92.

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00024-H-00001  Nancy Hendrickson, age 20                         
00024-H-00002  Looking east on Main Street, Mandan (N.D.), 1915
00024-H-00003  Farmers State Bank, Almont (N.D.)         
00024-H-00004  Fairgrounds , Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00005  Fairgrounds , Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00006  Looking Northeast to North Dakota State Capitol and Liberty Memorial Building Bismarck (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00007  North Dakota State Capitol after fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 12, 1930
00024-H-00008  Looking Northeast to North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00009  Cutting firewood, 1920
00024-H-00010  Nancy Hendrickson's farm house southwest of Mandan (N.D.) 
00024-H-00011  Thanksgiving Day turkeys Northern Pacific Freight Depot Mandan (N.D.), 1909
00024-H-00012  Nancy Hendrickson farm view from across Heart River, Mandan (N.D.)  
00024-H-00013  North Dakota State Capitol fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 12, 1930
00024-H-00014  North Dakota State Capitol fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 12, 1930
00024-H-00015  North Dakota State Capitol after fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 1930
00024-H-00016  Childs Play house Lyon's home, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00017  Locomotive Engine                         
00024-H-00018  Unidentified bicyclist
00024-H-00019  Celebrants with shotguns and instruments with Northern Pacific Railroad Box car, Mandan (N.D.)            
00024-H-00020  J.D. Allen taxidermy shop in Mandan (N.D.)
00024-H-00021  Nancy Hendrickson with neighbor in home; age 20, Mandan (N.D.)         
00024-H-00022  Nancy Hendrickson farmhouse southwest of Mandan (N.D.)     
00024-H-00023  Carl Hendrickson on his farm southwest of Mandan Driving a team of horses, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00024  Carl Hendrickson farm with tractor and combine waist deep in wheat, Mandan (N.D.)    
00024-H-00025  Carl Hendrickson harvesting on farm, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00026  Binding on Carl Hendrickson farm, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00027  Nancy Hendrickson, Southwest of Mandan (N.D.), 1896
00024-H-00028  Nancy Hendrickson on farm homestead, Mandan (N.D.)              
00024-H-00029  House, Mandan (N.D.) 
00024-H-00030  Rosebud                             
00024-H-00031  Flood , Mandan (N.D.), March 14, 1913
00024-H-00032  Flood , Mandan (N.D.), March 14, 1913
00024-H-00033  Flood , Mandan (N.D.), March 14, 1913
00024-H-00034  Ponies, buggy and boys, Mandan (N.D.)               
00024-H-00035  State Industrial School, Mandan (N.D.) 
00024-H-00036  Main Street looking east, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00037  Automobile, Ford Model T, 1917-1922
00024-H-00038  State Fair grounds grandstand and Racetrack, Fargo (N.D.), 1910
00024-H-00039  Streetcar on Broadway Avenue Fargo (N.D.), Fargo (N.D.), 1910
00024-H-00040  North Dakota State Capitol after 1930 fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 1930
00024-H-00041  North Dakota State Capitol after 1930 fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 1930
00024-H-00042  North Dakota State Capitol after 1930 fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 1930
00024-H-00043  North Dakota State Capitol after 1930 fire, Bismarck (N.D.), December 1930
00024-H-00044  Main Street looking west Mandan (N.D.)             
00024-H-00045  Nancy Hendrickson planting corn on her farm southwest of Mandan (N.D.)        
00024-H-00045  Nancy Hendrickson planting corn, Mandan (N.D.)                            
00024-H-00046  Carnival on Morton County Fairgrounds, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00047  Carnival on Morton County Fairgrounds, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00048  Ford Day View west on Main Street Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00049  Vintage Model T Ford automobile, Mandan (N.D.), 1917-1922
00024-H-00050  Andrew Swanberg, Mandan (N.D.)         
00024-H-00051  Sander Hendrickson homestead about 7 miles west of Mandan (N.D.), 1901
00024-H-00052  Sander Hendrickson homestead about 7 miles west of Mandan (N.D.), 1901
00024-H-00053  Sander Hendrickson homestead about 7 miles west of Mandan (N.D.), 1901
00024-H-00054  Stuart Dunlap house 201 7th Avenue NW from southeast,  built 1904, Mandan (N.D.)     
00024-H-00055  Andrew Swanberg family near farm house, Mandan (N.D.), 1902
00024-H-00056  Bull                        
00024-H-00057  House Mandan (N.D.)   
00024-H-00058  Home of Jacob Bull (see pg. 204 in Flasher Jubilee), Flasher (N.D.)            
00024-H-00059  Mother Bull, of Lindemen Bull, Mandan (N.D.)  
00024-H-00060  Con Hendrickson and family at home near Lydon (N.D.)
00024-H-00062  First Baptist Church and members Custer Flats (N.D.)     
00024-H-00063  Alfa E. Orla and Elmer Ellison Ralph Hauson parochial school in Sander Hendrickson home, Mandan (N.D.), 1902
00024-H-00064  John Larson Harvesting family fields with binder, Mandan (N.D.)              
00024-H-00065  Indian Encampment on Cannonball River, Mandan (N.D.)            
00024-H-00066  Haying on Farm, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1902
00024-H-00067  Mrs. Christianson (Nancy Hendrickson's mother) 83rd birthday, Mandan (N.D.), December 3, 1922
00024-H-00068  Main Street looking east Mandan (N.D.), December 11, 1923
00024-H-00069  Lewis and Clark Hotel Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00070  Main Street Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00071  Grinding Feed, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00072  Harvesting, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00073  Grinding Feed, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00074  Auto on bridge across Cannonball River, ca. 1920s
00024-H-00075  Locomotive and Freight train, 1920
00024-H-00076  Nancy Hendrickson south of Mandan (N.D.)       
00024-H-00077  Haystack, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00078  Tractor and Disc, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00079  Parade Bismarck (N.D.) 1920
00024-H-00080  Herman Apenes driving sled and team with ice blocks cut from Heart River, Mandan (N.D.)        
00024-H-00081  Bismarck-Mandan bus, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00082  Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00083  R. C. H. Automobile, Mandan (N.D.), 1911-1914
00024-H-00084  Grinding Feed, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00085  Collins Avenue looking south to Main Street, Mandan (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00086  Heart River and bridge, Mandan (N.D.) 
00024-H-00087  Main Street and 3rd Avenue, Mandan (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00024-H-00088  Front of Lewis and Clark Hotel, Mandan (N.D.)  
00024-H-00089  Old North Dakota State Capitol Building Bismarck (N.D.), 1920
00024-H-00090  Memorial Bridge under construction across Missouri River 1920s
00024-H-00091  McCormick Header in field, ca. 1920s
00024-H-00092  Nancy Hendrickson in 1928 Ford Model A Touring Car, Mandan (N.D.), 1934
00024-H-00093  Nancy Hendrickson and friends, 1920
00024-H-00094  Mandan High School, Mandan (N.D.) 1920
00024-H-00128 H. T. Murphy

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