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Photographs - Collections - 1-50 - #00004

Title: Whitestone Hill  
Dates: ca. 1850s-1940s

Collection Number: 00004

Quantity: 63 prints and uncounted negatives

Abstract: Photographs of Whitestone Hill and related images. Some images are copies of those contained in the Research Notebooks of Dr. Hal Porter Collection in MSS#10548.  Copies of photographs from other institutions in the collection are restricted.
Subjects include: General Alfred Sully, Whitestone Hill, Major Albert House, Chief Two Bears, Colonel David Wilson, William C.F. Field, Samual Pollock, Josiah Eveans, H.F. Eaton, General Sully, Francoise LaFramboise and children, Colonel R. P. Furnas, E. R. Kennedy, Lucius, Beeman, John J. Worlay, Fort Pierre, Seventh Iowa Cavalry, Prairie Battery, Indian Chiefs, Martin Futher, General Henry H. Sibley, James Ashburn, General John Pope, Chief Little Crow, Albert and Alberta Two Bears, Basil Two Bears, Frank Youngbear, James All Yellow, Agnes Looking Horse, Battle of Killdeer Tahkahokuty MT.

Provenance:  The Hal P. Porter Papers (MSS 10548) were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Porter in 1958. The photographs were separated from the Manuscript Collection.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

Related Collection:         
MSS 10548 Hal P. Porter Papers


0004-001              Charge of Sully's Brigade at the Battle of Whitestone Hill, 1911 (painting by Alfred Sully )
0004-002              General Alfred Sully Sioux City Iowa, 1863 (copy Langdon Sully Columbia University)
0004-003              Indians Breaking Camp, 1952 (copy Langdon Sully New York City)
0004-004              General Alfred Sully's Headquarters with Mount Hood Vancouver (Wash.) or Portland (Or.) (painting by Alfred Sully )
0004-005              General Alfred Sully's Headquarters Wagon, 1864
0004-006              Chief Two Bears and Chiefs of Mandans, Gros Ventres, Sioux Fort Berthold (D.T.), 1864-1865
0004-007              Camp General Alfred Sully's Headquarters Fort Berthold (D.T.), 1864
0004-008              General Alfred Sully's Prairie Battery Fort Berthold (D.T.), 1864
0004-009              Sully's Camp, 1864
0004-011              Old Buffalo at Bay (painting by Alfred Sully )
0004-012              Sioux Indian Maidens at Fort Pierre (D.T.), 1855 (painting by Alfred Sully )
0004-013-1          John J. Worley Private 2nd Nebraska Cavalry, 1862-1863
0004-013-2          Major Albert E. House 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-014              Ten veterans from the 6th Iowa Cavalry, Wankon (Iowa) who were present at Whitestone Hill, 1954-1955
0004-015              Lucius N. Beeman 1st Lieutenant Company F 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-016              Officers at General Alfred Sully's Headquarters Fort Berthold (D.T.), 1864
0004-017              E. R. Kennedy 9th Indiana Infantry Whitestone Battlefield Park Committee Ludden (N.D.)
0004-018              Colonel Robert W. Furnas and staff 2nd Nebraska Cavalry, 1863
0004-019              Francois LaFrambois, Fannie 12, George 10, John 8 Copy from Sioux City Public Museum
0004-020              Encampment of Troops
0004-021              H. F. Eaton Member of Whitestone Battlefield Park Committee, Oakes (N.D.)
0004-022              Composite Wm C. F. Field, General Alfred Sully, Colonel Samuel M. Pollock and Josiah L. Evans
0004-023              Colonel David S. Wilson Commanding Officer 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-024              Chief Two Bears, Yankton (D.T.) 1877
0004-025              Major Albert Emory House 6th Iowa Cavalry Commander 3rd Battalion Whitestone Hill
0004-026              Theodorus Northrup Grand Army of the Republic, Monango (N.D.)
0004-027              General Alfred Sully and his favorite horse (self-portrait)
0004-028              Cavalry Charge Sully's Brigade White Stone Hill Battle, September 3, 1863 (Harper's Weekly, October 31, 1863)
0004-029              General Alfred Sully (copy from West Point U.S. Military Academy)
0004-030              General Alfred Sully (copy from Adjutant General's Office Washington D.C.)
0004-031              Julius C. Luce 6th Iowa Cavalry (copy, original at Groten S.D. library)
0004-032              William Barkhoff 6th Iowa Infantry (copy from Mrs. F. W. Knight, Spencer Iowa)
0004-033              James Ashburn at time of enlistment 6th Iowa Infantry, 1863 (copy from Mrs. F. W. Knight, Spencer Iowa)
0004-034              Captain James A. Goodrich 2nd Nebraska Cavalry
0004-035              Andrew T. Shanklin Sergeant Company H 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-036              Wesley A. Heath 1st 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-037              Basil Two Bears (grandson of Chief Two Bears) and Mato Cinca
0004-038              Bronze Plaque honoring Sioux who died at White Stone Hill by Clinton Hess
0004-039              Composite photo of Silver O. Wilson, Anton Hansen, Gabriel Larsen and unidentified soldiers of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-040              Members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-041              Members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-042              Members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-043              Portrait Composite: James McIntosh Jr., Griffin Gager, Francis Swehla, and unidentified members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-044              Members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-045              Members of 6th Iowa Cavalry
0004-046              Whitestone Memorial to Indians unveiled at Whitestone Hill, northwest Dickey County (N.D.), July 4, 1942
0004-051              General John Pope

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