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Photographs - Collections - 1-50 - #00001

Title: Thomas J. Trousdale Collection

Dates: 1920s-1950s

Collection Number: 00001

Quantity: 1 foot

Abstract: Photographs associated with three generations of Trousdales, a prominent
Mott, ND banking family, primarily from 1900-1920 document the town and surroundings of Mott and Hettinger County, ND, and include a few images of Mandan, ND. Included are main street scenes showing the exteriors of buildings, interiors, horses, wagons, automobiles, trains, railroad and bridge construction, farms, a baseball game, and the Mott Concert Band.

Provenance: The collection was separated from a donation made to the Museum Division by Thomas J. Trousdale in March 1999.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to
this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.



Robert Edwin Trousdale was born March 9, 1879 in Grundy Center, Iowa to Mr. And Mrs. Thomas G. Trousdale. He graduated from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA and worked in banks in Hubbard and Cedar Rapids, IA. In 1906 he moved to Mott, ND and was involved in the organization of the First National Bank where he served as president at the time of his death in 1939. In December 1908 he was married to Elizabeth Bonashau (Bonesho). The couple had two sons, Robert Vincent and Roderick.

Robert Vincent Trousdale was born July 12, 1913 in Bismarck and grew up in Mott. He attended the University of Notre Dame and later Northwestern University where he earned a masters degree in accounting. He worked for a Chicago accounting firm and returned to Mott after his father’s death to take over as president of the Commercial Bank. He was married to Alvina M. Sauer on October 20, 1941. They had a daughter Margo Jorstad and a son Tom. He died March 12, 1998 in Mott and Alvina died on October 23, 2000.

Thomas Trousdale was born on January 7, 1947. He graduated from Valley City State University in 1971 with a history major and a minor in speech. He taught school in Mandan and Hettinger, ND, prior to joining Capital Electric in Bismarck in 1978 as a Public Relations/Energy Advisor specialist. He retired in 1988 and spends his time as a freelance writer and photographer for a number of different entities. He and his wife Ginger have two children, Jay and Allison.

Sources: U.S. Public Records Index.

Mott Pioneer Press, Thursday 23 October, 1941
Mott Pioneer Press, Thursday 4 January, 1940
The Herald, [New England, ND] Friday 20 March, 1998


Box 1:

0001-1 Cook on Northern Pacific survey crew, ND
0001-2 Man with harrow and drag combine, ND
0001-3 Crowd of people on street, Mott, ND
0001-4 Cattle grazing
0001-5 Crowd on street of Mott, ND
0001-6 First elevators, Mott, ND
0001-7 When steel gang entered Mott, ND
0001-8 Mott, No. Dak. From the grade
0001-9 First National Bank building, Mott, ND
0001-10 Early view of Mott, ND
0001-11 Main Street, Mott, ND
0001-12 First National Bank, Mott, ND
0001-13 Automobiles in front of building in Mott, ND
0001-14 Cannonball River at high tide, Mott, ND
0001-15 Mott Concert Band
0001-16 Steam engine, Mandan, ND
0001-17 Main Street, Mandan, ND
0001-18 Crowd on Main Street, Mandan, ND
0001-19 Mott Garage automobiles, Mott, ND
0001-20 Automobiles line a street

Box 2:

0001-21 Cattle grazing by small stream
0001-22 Pageant, Hetttinger Co. 25th Anniversary, June 15, 1932
0001-23 Exterior of one story wood church
Clark Beeman, Jr. On horseback 1911
0001-25 Florence Aunger in a horse drawn carriage
0001-26 Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Beeman in horse drawn wagon
0001-27 group of students in front of the John Gilberg School with Hope Mattoon, teacher
0001-28 Wagons on the plain, ND
0001-29 group of people, ND
0001-30 Grazing land with cattle

Box 3:

0001-31 Citizens waiting for the stage and the mail, Mott, ND
0001-32 Mott Concert Band, Mott, ND
0001-33 Pond with trees on bank
0001-34 Cattle crossing river
0001-35 Chickens in barnyard
0001-36 Cattle in river
0001-37 Prairie road, ND
0001-38 Grain field with shocks of wheat
0001-39 Group of people on porch, ND
0001-40 Christ Nelson’s homestead, ND

Box 4:

0001-41 Group of people dressed in costume, ND
0001-42 Main St. Mott, ND
0001-43 First National Bank building, Mott, ND
0001-44 Men standing in street, ND
0001-46 William H. Brown Co. Land Dealers, Mott, ND
0001-47 Men standing in street, ND
0001-49 Mott Concert Band, Mott, ND
0001-50 First National Bank, Mott, ND1911

Box 5:

0001-51 Workers inside First National Bank, Mott, ND
0001-52 First National Bank interior, Mott, ND
0001-53-01 First engine over bridge at Mott, ND
0001-52-02 The Barbeque held at Mott 1910 on arrival of 2 Rail Roads
0001-53-03 Main Street Mott, ND
0001-53-04 Main Street, Mott, ND
0001-53-05 At the ball game, Mott, ND
0001-53-06 Crowd at elevators, Mott, ND
0001-53-07 Main Street, Mott, ND
0001-53-08 Mott the Spot, Mott, ND
0001-53-09 Early view of Mott, ND
0001-53-10 Interior of store, Mott, ND
0001-53-11 Mott Concert Band
0001-53-12 Boys and Girls Club project, Mott, ND
0001-53-13 Cora Opland in a cart, Mott, ND
0001-53-14 Men at Mott Supply Company, Mott, ND
0001-53-15 farmstead, Mott, ND
0001-53-16 When Steel Gang Entered Mott, No. Dak.
0001-53-17 North Dakota State Highway Department truck
0001-53-18 Kline’s farm, ND
0001-53-19 Unidentified boy and his dog
0001-53-20 George Kline and his horse Goldie
0001-53-21 George Kline and his horses, Hettinger County, ND
0001-52-22 George Kline and his horse Goldie
0001-53-23 Men hunting prairie chickens, Hettinger, County, ND
0001-53-24 Klines at Castle Rock, near Mott, ND
0001-53-25 Coyotes in pen on Kline farm, Hettinger County, ND
0001-53-26 Group of people wading in the Cannonball River, ND
0001-53-27 group of people on porch, Hettinger County, ND
0001-53-28 Fairview Farm, Jerseys
0001-53-29 Ruth and Katherine feeding a lamb, Hettinger, County, ND
0001-53-30 Girls standing in field, Hettinger County, ND
0001-53-31 Ice jam in the Cannonball River, Hettinger, County, ND
0001-53-32 New Mott Hotel
0001-53-33 Mott Supply
0001-53-34 U.S. Post Office Mott, ND
0001-53-35 Methodist Church, Mott, ND
0001-53-36 Hettinger County Court House, Mott, ND
0001-53-37 Cannonball River at High Tide, Mott, ND
0001-53-38 Cannonball River near Mott, ND
0001-53-39 Riverside Farm Mott, ND
0001-53-40 Bridge built at Mott, ND
0001-53-41 Bridge across the Cannonball River, Mott, ND
0001-53-42 Plowing with two Flour City engines owned by Wakefield Bros. Near Mott, ND
0001-53-43 Steam shovel at work, Mott, ND
0001-53-44 Chicago Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway laying steel at Mott, ND
0001-53-45 grading for the railroad, Mott, ND
0001-53-46 Moving dirt in Mott, ND

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