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Title: Edwin J. Taylor
Dates: ca. 1875-1960

Collection Number: 00029

Quantity: 160 items

Abstract:  Images used in the Bismarck Jubilee Book, published by the Rotary Club and authored by Edwin J. Taylor, Jr. and George Bird. Features Bismarck (N.D.) pioneers and places.  Several images in the collection are copies and the originals can be found in the Will Family Papers (MSS 10190).

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Edwin James Taylor Jr. in January 1984.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
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MSS 10064 Edwin James Taylor Family Papers


Rear Adm. Edwin James Taylor Jr., 89, 929 N. First Street, died July 18, 1990, in Bismarck of natural causes….Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck…

Mr. Taylor was born April 7, 1901, in Grand Forks. He was raised and attended schools at Bismarck, graduating from Bismarck High School in 1919. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1924. While at the academy, he trained one summer aboard the battleship U. S. S. North Dakota. He earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University in 1932, and later graduated from Harvard University in the Executive Development Program. He married Ruth Elliott on June 28, 1933, at Philadelphia. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1924 to 1947, reaching the rank of rear admiral. During World War II he served as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Ponders. He retired from the Navy in 1947 to become dean of the College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio University. Mrs. Taylor died in 1963. He was named Dean Emeritus in 1965. He moved to Bismarck in 1965. He married Aldeen Paris Welsh on June 3, 1967 at Bismarck.

In 1972, Admiral Taylor was co-author with the late George Bird of the official centennial history of Bismarck.

He was a member of Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club, Sons of the American Revolution, American Legion and Professional Engineers Association. He was listed in Who’s Who in America for 15 years.

He is survived by his wife, four sons and daughters-in-law, Edwin III and Diana, St. Paul, MN; Richard and Margaret, Weston, CT; Dr. Franklin and Rosemary, Cincinnati, OH; and Stephen and Thea, Stillwater, MN; one brother, Herndon, Phoenix, AZ; and 11 grandchildren.

SourceBismarck Tribune, July 19, 1990, p. 11A


00029-00001       Oscar H. Will                      
00029-00002       Mildred and Francis Marquette in biplane, 1920
00029-00003       Albert Marquette                           
00029-00004       Margaret Phelps Joe Mathew Ella and Willet Hartley and Nita Phelps in Buick automobile, 1906 
00029-00005       W.S. Casselman                               
00029-00006       Sister M. Boniface, February 22, 1922
00029-00007       Duncan John MacGillis, 1887      
00029-00008       Mrs. Duncan John MacGillis nee Elizabeth Flora Wilcox, 1887      
00029-00009       Harry DeCampt and James Foley                              
00029-00010       Main Avenue looking west Northern Pacific Railroad Golden Spike Excursion, Bismarck (D.T.), 1883
00029-00011       Fred Fisher Henry W. Richholt, 1898       
00029-00012       Missouri Valley Motor Co., Bismarck (N.D.), 1915             
00029-00013       North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck (D.T.)
00029-00014       Fire Department 5th Street and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.), 1910
00029-00015       Bismarck Fire Department, Bismarck (N.D.), 1900
00029-00016       Pioneer Fire Company No. 1, Bismarck (N.D.), 1890
00029-00017       Oscar H. Will's Pioneer Seed House seed corn shipment to Pretoria South Africa               
00029-00018       Northern Pacific Passenger Engine No. 2677 in 50 mph blizzard winds, Bismarck (N.D.)
00029-00019       Martin L. Marsh proprietor and J. W. Raymond in front of Capitol Hotel, Bismarck (D.T.), 1875     
00029-00020       Albert Marquette and Capital Laundry                  
00029-00021       Jack Lyon Tom Lee and Phil Fitch in Jack Lyon's Teepee (Speak-easy in Prohibition), Bismarck (N.D.), 1920
00029-00022       Buick in front of Hensler's Automobile Livery and Garage near corner of 9th Street and Rosser Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), 1905    
00029-00023       Interior of Hensler's Automobile Livery and Garage near corner of 9th Street and Rosser Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), 1905       
00029-00024       Flood Mandan (N.D.), 1929         
00029-00025       Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.), 1932
00029-00026       Building, Bismarck (N.D.)
00029-00027       Oscar H. Will Pioneer Seed House, Bismarck (N.D.), October 5, 1904
00029-00028       Oscar H. Will and Company Store, Bismarck (N.D.), 1890-1897     
00029-00029       Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.), 1933        
00029-00030       Oscar H. Will                      
00029-00031       Mrs. Little Crow, J. L. and Katie Brady Millinery Shop                       
00029-00032       Sterrett, Harland A., September 15, 1944
00029-00033       U.S.S. Delaware, 1922   
00029-00034       Main looking up 2nd Street, Bismarck (N.D.), 1893
00029-00038       Aughney, Frank                               
00029-00039       Craswell, Lew                   
00029-00040       Larsen, Clarence C.                         
00029-00041       Harty, J.M.                         
00029-00042       Lucas, Arthur W.                              
00029-00043       Ritterbush, Robert                         
00029-00044       Ritterbush, Robert                         
00029-00045       Cypert, Earl D.                  
00029-00046       Seiner, Dale                       
00029-00047       Richmond, Leslie A.                        
00029-00048       Larson, Leonard W. (Dr.)                              
00029-00049       Meyer, Phil                        
00029-00050       Nelson, Curt                      
00029-00051       Normann, Rolf A.                            
00029-00052       Lahr, W.E.                           
00029-00053       LaRose, Victor (Dr.), 1903            
00029-00054       Langren, G.M.                  
00029-00055       Keniston, George                           
00029-00056       Will School just being completed, 1905  
00029-00057       Gussner, Arthur W.                        
00029-00058       Taylor, E.J.                          
00029-00059       Towne, Roy S. (Dr.)                        
00029-00060       Toney, (Dr.)                       
00029-00061       McNamarra, Col.
00029-00062       Lee, John                            
00029-00063       Will, George Francis                       
00029-00064       Will, George Francis                       
00029-00065       Skeels, Barlow K.                             
00029-00066       Constons, George M. (Dr.), 1934              
00029-00067       Cross, Bert                         
00029-00068       Bonham, C.A.                   
00029-00069       Simpson, Bob                   
00029-00070       Bergeson, R.M.                
00029-00071       Webb, Bob                        
00029-00072       Richmond, Les                  
00029-00073       Simonson, Kelly A.                          
00029-00074       Robertson, Chas.                            
00029-00075       Copelin, Fred A.                               
00029-00076       Hendricks, Earl M., 1933               
00029-00077       Humphreys, George T.                 
00029-00078       Logan, Roy P.                    
00029-00079       Larsen, Clarence C.                         
00029-00080       Perry, Ed                             
00029-00081       Bird, George F., 1918     
00029-00082       Rotary  Club, T. R. Atkinson, 1920-1930  
00029-00083       Anderson, J.C.                  
00029-00084       Payne, William                 
00029-00085       Lauer, W.J. (Dr.)                              
00029-00086       Wait, Jason E.                   
00029-00087       Bell, J.L.                               
00029-00088       Wachter, E.C.                    
00029-00089       Tice, A.K.                            
00029-00090       Slorby, Carl                        
00029-00091       Bergeson, Raymond M.                               
00029-00092       Bechtold, Louis F.                            
00029-00093       Peters, C.H. (M.D)                          
00029-00094       Locory, Al                           
00029-00095       Nelland, Paul                    
00029-00096       Finney, Burt                      
00029-00097       Dullam, George Francis                
00029-00098       Dobler, Hal                         
00029-00099       Branley, James R.                            
00029-00100       Duekworth, Mayor                        
00029-00101       Finney, Bart                       
00029-00102       Copelin, Fred E.                               
00029-00103       Taylor, James C.                               
00029-00104       Tavis, Arthur A.                
00029-00105       Simonson, Kelly A.                          
00029-00106       Turner, C.C.                       
00029-00107       Trimble, James                 
00029-00108       Saxvik, H.O.                       
00029-00109       Halvorson, Hank                              
00029-00110       Hintgen, Jack                    
00029-00111       Duemeland, George A.                
00029-00112       Duemeland, Henry J.                     
00029-00113       Davis, J.E., Burleigh County (N.D.), 1960
00029-00114       French, John P.                
00029-00115       Rotary club, Clyde L Young, 1920-1930   
00029-00116       Craswell, L.S.                     
00029-00117       Conklin, Fred                    
00029-00118       Churchill, Neil                   
00029-00119       Schiminsky, Otto                             
00029-00120       Hoffman, John A.                            
00029-00121       Jackson, J.P.                      
00029-00122       Thompson, L.K.                
00029-00123       Wagner, Harry                  
00029-00124       Holbein, Bill                       
00029-00125       Kraft, William T.                               
00029-00126       Ward,                   
00029-00127       Stephenson,                     
00029-00129       Bublitz, William                
00029-00130       Challman, R.T.                  
00029-00131       Bolster, Art                        
00029-00132       Mote, Sharon                   
00029-00133       Bonham, Ray                    
00029-00134       Bonham, Clyde                
00029-00135       Mann, George;                
00029-00136       Larson, John A.                
00029-00137       Larson, John A.                
00029-00138       Logee, Lloyd                      
00029-00139       Brandes, Harry (Dr.)                       
00029-00140       LaRose, Victor (Dr.)                        
00029-00141       Little, Clarence Belden, Bismarck (N.D.)
00029-00142       McLeod, J.J.M.                 
00029-00143       Fonte, Al                             
00029-00144       Murphy, F.W.                   
00029-00145       Quain, Eric P. (Dr.)                          
00029-00146       Quanrud, Ted                   
00029-00147       Nelson, Carl                       
00029-00148       Christianson, A.M. (Judge)                         
00029-00149       Nuessle, William L.                         
00029-00150       Niles, Harvey                    
00029-00151       Peterson, John                
00029-00152       Postlerhwaite, Harry C. (Rev.)                   
00029-00153       Rawlings, G.A.                  
00029-00154       Steines, Jeff                      
00029-00155       Dullam, George Francis
00029-00156       Sack-race on the top of the Patterson Hotel
00029-00157       Member of the Rotary Club, ca. 1945
00029-00158       Member of the Rotary Club, ca. 1935  
00029-00159       Man in glasses, ca. 1940
00029-00160       Man and woman wearing wool military great-coats and hats dating to World War I, ca. 1918

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