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Photographs - Collections - 1-50 - #00003

Title: Elizabeth Ellen Roberts

Dates: ca. 1900-1910

Collection Number:  00003

Quantity: 229 items

Abstract: This collection contains images of the Badlands of North Dakota and eastern Montana.  Scenes of livestock and ranch work from the Frank Roberts and the H. T. Ranches make up a large portion of the collection.  Also included are photos of Elizabeth Roberts and her two children, often with farm animals.  Pictures of family friends and homesteads around the Amidon (ND) and Medora (ND) areas are also present.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Elizabeth Roberts on January 1, 1961. The collection originally resided with MSS 10183 and the photographs were transferred to the Photo Archives.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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Elizabeth Ellen Roberts was born to John Lloyd Roberts and Margaret Barr Roberts on March 7, 1872 in Waterloo, IA. She had four sisters: Mary Jane, Katherine, Anne and Nell. On January 21, 1890 she married T. Frank Roberts at Medora (ND). They had three children: one daughter, born ca. 1891 (who died at age 6), Harry (1892) and Ellen (Mrs. Ted Pope) (1895). During her lifetime, Elizabeth worked as a Deputy Game Warden and Rancher. She lived in Waterloo (IA) (to 1875); Minneapolis (MN) (1875-1877); Bismarck (DT) (1877, 1879-1882); Fort Meade, Black Hills (DT) (1877-1879); Custer Trail Ranch, Billings County (1882-1884); Sloping Bottom Ranch near Medora (ND) (1884-1890); Slope County ranch (1892); Shackford, A. C. Huidekoper Ranch on Deep Creek (1892-1898); Gladstone (ND) (1897-1898); Marmarth (ND).  Elizabeth Ellen Roberts passed away January 9, 1968, at the Johnstone Memorial Nursing Home in Beach (ND).

Source:                 Research conducted by Barbara Handy-Marchello on March 3, 2008
Billings County Pioneer (Medora), January 18, 1968

Item number/Description

00003-001            Gathering for some occasion
00003-002 - 004  Badlands (N.D.)
00003-005            Horse Racing
00003-006            Cattle roundup
00003-007            Celebration
00003-008            Cattle
00003-009 - 011  Badlands (ND)
00003-012            Two men and woman in pasture
00003-013            Two men and woman by a river
00003-014            Unidentified man riding a horse in winter, Badlands (ND)
00003-015            Homestead scene
00003-016            Homestead farmyard scene, with cattle and pigs
00003-017            Homestead scene
00003-018            Badlands (ND.)
00003-019            Cattle herd, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-020            Farm home
00003-021            Sheep flock and barns
00003-022            Horse herd in corral
00003-023            Log cabin and rammed earth buildings
00003-024            Draft animal-drawn wagon
00003-025            Plowing with four horse team
00003-026            Farmstead after May snowstorm, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-027            Shelter belt and horse-drawn buggy
00003-028            Ranch scene with horses
00003-029            Cattle herd
00003-030            Badlands (N.D.) in fog
00003-031            Trucks and wagons
00003-032            Unidentified group in front of homestead and two vehicles
00003-033            Sheep flock Badlands (N.D.)
00003-034            Cattalo
00003-035            Horse sale
00003-036            Corrals at horse sale
00003-037            Supply wagons
00003-038 - 039  Cattle
00003-040            Bridge
00003-041            Stone house on ranch before other house was built
00003-042            Barns
00003-043            Badlands (N.D.)
00003-044            Hauling wool, food, or bedrolls, H. T. Ranch
00003-045            Team and wagon beside stone house
00003-046            Plowing with four horse team, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-047            Mowing grain and stacking sheaves
00003-047-1  People looking at camera
00003-047-2 People looking away
00003-048            Ice going out near unidentified bridge
00003-049 - 051 Roberts’ (Ketchum’s) ranch mules
00003-052            Dipping cattle at Sully’s Springs (N.D.)
00003-053            Roberts ranch (logging camp ranch), Badlands (N.D.)
00003-054            Threshing outfit
00003-055 - 056 Hauling wool
00003-057            Roberts’ house and unidentified group of men
00003-058            Big Smith (Ralph Witlock) breaking a horse
00003-059            Horses in pen
00003-060            Harvested sheaves of grain in field
00003-061 - 062 Cattle herd
00003-063            Sheep flock
00003-064            Homestead farm
00003-065            View of ranch and badlands
00003-066            Bridge
00003-067            Farm home
00003-068            Farm buildings, Badlands (ND)
00003-069            Farm and crops
00003-070            Cattle herd near farm
00003-071            Prairie fire
00003-072            Horse herd
00003-073            Celebration with marching band
00003-074            Ranch scene
00003-075            Barnyard
00003-076            Train wreck, Badlands (N.D.), ca. 1900-1905
00003-077            Hauling logs with four horse cart
00003-078            Horses running
00003-079            Cattle roundup
00003-080            Post office, Badlands (N.D.) (Amidon (N.D.)?)
00003-081            Drilling a well
00003-082            Farm scene
00003-083            Ranch workers eating a meal, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-084            Man riding a bucking horse, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-085            Corn field
00003-086            Sheep flock
00003-087            Injured horse and wagon
00003-088            Branding an animal
00003-089            Man in field of flowers
00003-090            Sheep pens
00003-091            Threshing
00003-092            Farm
00003-093            Crowd watching people on horseback
00003-094            Pioneer picnic or social
00003-095            Two bison
00003-096            Chasing cattle on horseback
00003-097            Sheep flocks, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-098            Lake, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-099            Fort Keogh (Mont.) buildings, ca. 1901-1904
00003-100            Cattle
00003-101            Prairie, winter scene
00003-102            Badlands (N.D.) and Little Missouri River bend
00003-103            Sheep flock
00003-104            Horse herd
00003-105            Prairie
00003-106            Corral
00003-107            Farm scene
00003-108            Prairie butte
00003-109            Harvested grain
00003-110            Drilling a well
00003-111            Large group of vehicles
00003-112            Buffalo, Ft. Keogh (MT)
00003-113            Farm yard and hay piles
00003-114            Rodeo or horse sale
00003-115            Rodeo or trying out a horse at a horse sale
00003-116            Gathering at unidentified graveyard
00003-117            Herd of Angora goats
00003-118            Farm
00003-119            Home and family on porch
00003-120            Farm yard
00003-121            Cultivating corn fields
00003-122            Horse sale
00003-123            Breaking a horse
00003-124 - 125  Sheep flock, Badlands (N.D.)
00003-126            Cattle herd
00003-127            Sheep flock by pond
00003-128            Horse sale
00003-129            Horse herd
00003-130            Hauling wood with horse-drawn wagon
00003-131 - 133 Badlands (N.D.)
00003-134            Men in front of loaded vehicle
00003-135            Frank Roberts on a go-devil used to break horses, after a snow storm, ca.1900-1905
00003-136            Madge Crowley, one-time Dickinson (N.D.) teacher, (wife of Joe Gambel) and child, near Beaver Creek (N.D.), ca. 1900
00003-137            Inside bunk wagon
00003-138            Ella Roberts, daughter of Elizabeth Roberts, wife of Ted Pope, and horse
00003-139            Roosevelt’s cabin on original site, ca. 1910
00003-140            Lebanon Lutheran Church, west of Amidon (N.D.), near Cottonwood Grove Ranch
00003-141            First State Bank of Amidon (N.D.), later became post office, burned down ca. 1959-1960
00003-142            Inside bunk (chuck) wagon
00003-143            Frank Roberts with horse tied
00003-144            Tramping mud, used for plaster
00003-145            Frank Roberts and coal bank, Black Butte (ND), ca. 1900
00003-146            Ella Roberts (wife of Ted Pope), Mrs. Roberts’ daughter, holding puppy
00003-147            Harry and Frank Roberts cultivating corn with a horse plow
00003-148            Louie Hecker with hand-made alter made from cigar boxes
00003-149 - 152  Chuck wagon
00003-153            Corral
00003-154            Elizabeth Roberts’ daughter, Ella
00003-155            Elizabeth Roberts’ Studebaker, ca. 1914
00003-156            H.T. Ranch and horse
00003-157            Dehorning a cow on Roberts’ Ranch
00003-158            Frank Roberts with branding irons in fire
00003-159            Frank Roberts branding a horse
00003-160            Ella Roberts and dog in Studebaker
00003-161            Frank Roberts and horses, Wallie Heinlekep’s Ranch (?)
00003-162            Mamie Clay, first Slope County Superintendent of Schools (right)
00003-163            Elizabeth Roberts riding horse
00003-164            Berily Ramsland on a horse
00003-165            Playhouse near de Mores Chateau and Medora Bank
00003-166            Woman, girl, and boy
00003-167            Three unidentified men
00003-168            Frank Roberts (right) and unidentified companions
00003-169            Pheasant on snow drift
00003-170            Unidentified boy
00003-171            Elizabeth Roberts nursing a kitten, ca. 1918
00003-172            Northern Pacific Railroad Pile driver, between Medora (N.D.) and Glendive (Mont.)
00003-173            Skinning a sheep in front of chuck wagon
00003-174            Schoolhouse
00003-175            Roberts’ stone house
00003-176            Branding a horse
00003-177            Site of the old Maltese Cross Ranch and original cabin owned by Theodore Roosevelt
00003-178            Catching a horse
00003-179            Frank Roberts digging potatoes, ca. 1900
00003-180            H.T. Ranch chuck wagon
00003-181            Roberts’ stone house, built in 1904
00003-182            Ox yoke, first Amidon (N.D.) Fair
00003-183            School teacher in wagon with Gray children
00003-184            Mrs. Ted (Ellen Roberts) Pope pumping water, Slope County (N.D.)
00003-185            Farm Jewel & Coal Co. (Brumbaugh, Schnieder) office building, Amidon (N.D.)
00003-186            Bucking horse and rider
00003-187            Ella and Harry Roberts riding a horse
00003-188            Digging out coyotes, holding onto one person while the other goes down the hole
00003-189            Winter scene
00003-190            Frank Roberts breaking horse, riding it in water, near Amidon (ND), ca. 1900-1905
00003-191            Elizabeth Roberts in hospital
00003-191-1        Elizabeth Roberts in hospital with nurse
00003-191-2        Elizabeth Roberts in hospital with another nurse
00003-192            Frank Roberts on horse
00003-193            Hawk’s nest
00003-194            Douglas of Smithsonian Institute, carrying skull during archaeological dig
00003-195            Two unidentified men at Fort Dilts (N.D.) dedication, 1932
00003-196            Unidentified hat and pile near a creek
00003-197            Two unidentified men at Fort Dilts (N.D.) dedication, 1932
00003-198            Horse drawn sledge on ice pond with a load of coal, T. F. Roberts’ Ranch
00003-199            Three unidentified men hiking
00003-200            Unidentified dam and viewing area
00003-201            Elizabeth Roberts
00003-202            Unidentified couple
00003-203            Women and announcer on stage
00003-204 – 208 Infant, seven weeks old
00003-209            Two puppies on a chair
00003-210            Puppy on a chair
00003-211            Elizabeth Roberts nursing a kitten
00003-212 – 214 Puppy on a chair
00003-215            Puppies playing
00003-216            Puppy on a chair cushion
00003-217            Elizabeth Roberts holding a box and a fruit (?) in her hands, after winning some award, Amidon (N.D.)                     
00003-218            Horses in field (panorama)
00003-219            Men and women with horses on farmstead (panorama)
00003-220            View of badlands (panorama)
00003-221            Horses working (panorama)
00003-222            Horse drawn cart parade (panorama)
00003-223            View of river (panorama)
00003-224            Field (panorama)
00003-225            Cattle (panorama)
00003-226            Horse
00003-227            Man with horse
00003-228 - 229  Cattle grazing

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