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North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains, and its predecessors, has been published for more than one hundred years. Below are links to a Summer 2016 article on frontier photographer Orlando S. Goff and several past articles. The Summer 2016 journal and many back issues of the journal are available for purchase at the museum store.

A journal subscription is a membership benefit of the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation.

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This Month's Featured Article:

Frontier Housing in North Dakota PDF
North Dakota History
, 42.4: 4-15

Featured Articles:

Chasing an Enigma: Frontier Photographer Orlando S. Goff
North Dakota History
, 81.2: 3-26
FlipBook | PDF

* Winner of the 2017 Mountain-Plains Museums Association Publication Design Award

James Cash Penney and His North Dakota Stores PDF
North Dakota History, 77.3&4: 2-23

The "Plant Wizard of the North": Albert E. Yeager at North Dakota Agricultural College PDF
North Dakota History, 76.1&2: 34-45

Love Sickness Is the Worst Sickness: The Letters of John C. Boren to His Wife, Mary Jane Woods Pennell Boren, June-July 1896 PDF
North Dakota History, 75.1&2: 2-45

The Builder: Interview with William L. Guy
North Dakota History
, 71.1 & 2: 2-49 24.9MB pdf

Dakota Doughboys in the Desert: The Experiences of a North Dakota National Guard Company during the Mexican Border Campaign of 1916-1917 PDF
North Dakota History, 71.1&2: 50-64

"To Be Examples to...Their People": Standing Rock Sioux Students at Hampton Institute, 1878-1923 (Part Two) PDF
North Dakota History, 68.3: 20-42

Barney Keogh: A North Dakota P.O.W. in World War II Germany PDF
North Dakota History, 67.4: 2-19

The Northern Pacific Railway Bridge at Bismarck
North Dakota History
, 62.2: 2-19
FlipBook | PDF

North Dakota Senator Asle J. Gronna and the Isolationists, 1915-1920 PDF
North Dakota History, 60.4: 13-33

"Adding Picture to Sound": Early Television in North Dakota
North Dakota History, 60.3: 2-23 (1993) 12MB pdf

Memoir of a Country Schoolteacher: Dolly Holliday Meets the Ethnic West, 1919-1920 PDF
North Dakota History, 59.2: 30-45

"Queen of the Lecture Platform": Kate Richards O'Hare and North Dakota Politics, 1917-1921 PDF
North Dakota History, 58.4: 2-19

The Enchanted Years on the Prairies PDF
North Dakota History, 40.4: 4-19

Referendum on War? The General Election of 1916 in North Dakota PDF
North Dakota History, 36.4: 296-335

Public Opinion Toward Non-Conformists and Aliens During 1917, as Shown by The Fargo Forum PDF
North Dakota History, 34.1: 4-29

Sully’s Expedition of 1864 featuring the Killdeer Mountain and Badlands Battles
North Dakota History, 31.1: 25-77 16MB pdf

The Peace Issue in the General Election of 1914 PDF
North Dakota History, 30.2&3: 97-100

The Diary and Letters of Dr. James M. DeWolf, Acting Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army; His Record of the Sioux Expedition of 1876 as Kept Until His Death PDF
North Dakota History, 25.2&3: 33-81

The Dakota Indian Victory-Dance PDF
North Dakota History, 9.3: 167-178

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