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Publications of the Society include

Fort Totten Military Post and Indian School: 1867-1959
Twilight of the Upper Missouri River Fur Trade: The Journals of Henry A. Boller
North Dakota History: Readings about the Northern Plains State
A Vast and Open Plain: The Writings of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in North Dakota, 1804-1806
Dinosaurs, Sharks, and Woolly Mammoths: Glimpses of Life in North Dakota’s Prehistoric Past
At the Confluence: Now and Then
Sacred Beauty: Quillwork of Plains Women
The Fur Trade in North Dakota
A’nicina’be Manido’minesikan: Chippewa Beadwork
Yuto’keca: Transitions, The Burdick Collection
The WPA Guide to 1930s North Dakota
Early Peoples of North Dakota
A Traveler's Companion to North Dakota State Historic Sites
Aristocracy on the Western Frontier: The Legacy of the Marquis de Mores
The Career of the Marquis de Mores in the Badlands of North Dakota
A Visitor's Guide to the North Dakota Capitol Grounds
Every Place With a Name (a collection of black-and-white photographs of North Dakota)

For further information on book titles available through the State Historical Society see The Museum Store listing.

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