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Unit 4: Set 5: The Private Lives of Teenagers - Dorry's Diary - Part 3

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Thurs, May 1
Prysberterian Aid tonite, nothing doing in school, Boy Scout meeting tonite, also the “Fight for Millions.” I don’t go to those shows.

Fri May 2
Dirty day out, riaingin all the time.
Nothing doing, because it is raining.

Sat May 3
Still raining.

Sun May 4
Still raining, and it snowed, wonder if there is going to be a flood.

Mon. May 5
It stopped and there is still a chance to live in peace, got a package Sta, from a Bro Scout.

Tue. May 6

Sold my gun and also 2 bu. of potatoes, that mean 75c for my spending money, rained today. nothing doing in school.

Wend .May 7 1919
Rained last nite, some one put and angle worm on E.M. desk and she let a shriek out, I know who it was too.

Thur, May8,
Squeak called me this morning, at 7, and I did not get up until 8:30. Phy test today, rained I wonder if it is ever going to quite raining.

Fri. May 9. 1919.
Big doings in school today, they were giving out the initial for basket-ball, Bud, Skaw, Earl. and — were the one who got the 3E’s.
There is going to he a speacial meeting tonite, to discuse secret matter's, It hailed yesterday but I hope it don't today.
The sun is out, and I might have to plant potatoes Sat. Pat is sick, and if he don't gel well I don't have too.
I can run my wireless now, and I will ask granpa if he will helpme put it up sat.
I sent for a 6.50 wireless outfit, that comes all apart reads to put together, hope I get it putty soon as it is the whole reciving appratus, Headband and all.
Sold papers tonite and had L.S.A. meeting.
We had pie, and ice cream, I furnished most of it.

I went out hunting in the afternoon but did not get any thing.
I had to help ma this morning, but I did not in the afternoon because our hired girl came back.
All the birds are hear now, as I seen several thrushs, wren and cardinals and owles.

Went hiking today instead of going to Sunday School, went out to the scout shack and we shot a chipmunk out there, and w[hen] we were making ou[r] dinner, Mrs Wells and Mr Roof [local school teachers] came down.
We went then, so I spose they had a good time. I caught a great big Red Horse down there, and Curt caught a larger one.
We were pulling in small over about 5 or 6 in long, when as I watch Curt bait his hook, I pull out my line, and insted of the usual small fish was a large one. About five min. later Curt got a larger one.
We sure were in good spirits then, and t[ried] to catch some more but could not.
This was a rotten day as it rained all afternoon in a drizzle.

Mon -
It is all wet out side today, and there is nothing exciteing doing.
Sold some potatoes to P.P. Dock for the Enderlin Farmers Store I said I could sell them eight bu. but Dad said to sell only five until he came home so we had enough to eat. 5 bu. - 3.75 and 1/2 of it belongs to me, I take the potatoes up tonite.
I did not sell 7 of my paper and am going to decress to 6 at nite.

Tue -
Something funny happened in school today. I fixed my bike, and she is already to paint.
Did some L.S. work tonite, also sold potatoes, and made 1.50. My bank account is only 7.61 one, but it sure is more than I thought it was.
Johnnie gave me 8 large guns coupon which = 40

Painted my bike, and we had L.S. meeting and they had 40c worth of Ice cream and I did not get any because I came to late. I was painting my bicyle.

Nice Day, but rained a little, had lots of fun. no scout meeting.
My wireless has not come, I wonder if they are still
I am a genius and yet I get 70 in my report card. went to show and after it I bought a quart of ice cream and ate all my­self.

Fri 16, 1919
Did not do much today, git up at 8:00 had another Phy test today, great speech in school today “Buck'' made one so did "Bud" and Vera Petrich, nothing doing tonite.

Sat –
Planted potatoes and went swimming, fine day, but the water was cold, bought a tire for my bicycle today.

Sun –
Rode around a while and then went hunting, I got a hawk with a rifel, and Arnold Byork got a blackbud, My wireless came yesterday and I have been working on it all today.

Nice day, had a recess today, school is pretty near over.

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