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Unit 4: Set 5: The Private Lives of Teenagers - Dorry's Diary - Part 1

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Sun. -April 13, 1919
Did not get up until about 12, went out hunting with Arnold in the afternoon, got some sparrows and frogs, made a sling shot, pretty near got a bird the first shot, Tony Peterson got 6 gophers out by Smiths, I got 13 already 13 is my lucky no. going out there Mon. night.
This was a fine day, the sun was out, and all the snow is gone.
Hurrah? Zip! Boom-

Mon. -April 14
Spring's come
Seen some honkers going over, and I sure was thrilled. When I see honkers ("Canadian Wild Geese") I go crazy, cause I just want to [go] with them
When I got to school. I heard some more, and just had to leave the room, but they were gone.-
Oh ! Sad tale —
going hunting tonite with A. Byork-kid, after gophers out by Smiths, God bless the gopher's—

Tues. 15,
Hunting season on muskrats closes today, and I haven't seen any since last autumn, Hope I get one tonite in the traps, we set up the tent tonite after school, and put our beds and fixed it all up before six bells.
Sold papers tonite, saving to get a 45.00 bicycle, 1 got $ 17 more to get, I sold one of my B.B. gun to A Boyork kid for 2.50 a little toward the bycicle, fine day, and didn't go down to the traps, got to take them in soon. I made 18.95 this year from furs, I got 15 muskrats and 3 weasels, ma’s still in the hospital, and is getting better.

Wed. 16,
It got quite cold last nite, and so did I, but I don't care, heard rooster's crowing all night, or at least part of it, wonder what I will get in Algebra test, only 5 weeks of Real school left, then— swish-swash, plunge, the swimin' hole —
nothing doing tonite so I went hunting gophers, saw one and had a swell time trying to get him, but I finally stopped as it was near six, the train didn't come in till 9:20 and papers sold like hot cakes.

Thur, 17,
It sure was cold getting up this morning and I stayed in bed until I heard some geese going over, that sure did livin' me up. My Lone Scout came yesterday and I am reading it all my spare time got 1 in Algebra test, I am going to see if I can quit. We did not have B.S.A. meeting Wed. on account of the train being late.
Boy Scout meeting to nite, and there was only 5 there, not much doing except to watch Ross'es fish, he stayed late this time, regular time is 9:00 this time it was 10:00 first time in the history of the B.S.A.

Friday 18,
Payed Curtis today for paper’s, it was 7.73 cents. School got out early to-day, lots of kids skiped, and so was I glad I didn’t, going hunting and traping gophers tonight up to the cemetary didn’t get any thing tho, nice day.

Sat. 19-1919
When I got up I went up to the grave yard to see my traps, did not get anything, but Pete got 3 yesterdays.
My team was going to play ball this afternoon but I went hunting I did not take my rifel this time, but took my frog-spear and speared frogs down by the dam, Vance sold his boat for 50c, I guess the old “maple” has got water-logged and sunk, for I don't see her any more, when I got up by Skow's camp I seen a gopher and we drowned him out, and when he came out I stuck him with the frog spear-
He was a live an we were going to take his scalp (tail) when he slipped off, and beat it in a hole, which ran up hill, some English, so we lost that one, just then Vance came along with a big rifel, he said he shot lots of turtles, and gopher’s, but the gophers went down there holes we went home with him, he showed me where one was that went down his hole, and I got him with the frog-spear. (3c) for the tails now, I am coming out here tomarrow.

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