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Photographs - Collections - 2010 #2010-P-006

Title: Kundiger Family

Dates: ca. 1880s-2004

Collection Number: 2010-P-006

Quantity: 2,303 items

Abstract: Consists of black and white and color photographs, and tintypes of the Kundiger family from the Lignite and Flaxton (ND) area. Also contains photos in taken in MN, WI, and Germany.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota received the collection from Amie Kraft in March 2010

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.  


2010-P-006                       Unidentified gathering in Germany                                   
2010-P-006-0001            Violet Laura Marks portrait
2010-P-006-0002            Unidentified farm home                             
2010-P-006-0003            Unidentified farm home                             
2010-P-006-0004            Farm scene     
2010-P-006-0005            Man feeding pigs                   
2010-P-006-0006            Unidentified farm home in winter                                     
2010-P-006-0007            Unidentified farm building in winter      
2010-P-006-0008            Group on farm                        
2010-P-006-0009            Girls and woman in farm house                
2010-P-006-0010            Young girl on farm                  
2010-P-006-0011            Stable                                          
2010-P-006-0012            Man on horse drawn wagon                      
2010-P-006-0013            Two men and automobile   (same men as in 0014 and 0015).
2010-P-006-0014            Men and automobiles          
2010-P-006-0015            Men and automobile            
2010-P-006-0016            Young man with dogs           
2010-P-006-0017            Reinhold Kundiger with horses plowing, Carter, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0018            Man with calf 
2010-P-006-0019            Farm scene  (same farm as 0020)
2010-P-006-0020            Farm scene     
2010-P-006-0021            Reinhold Kundiger with horse drawn plow                     
2010-P-006-0022            Winter farm scene                 
2010-P-006-0023            Man in automobile (same man and automobile as 0024 and 0026)
2010-P-006-0024            Man in automobile                
2010-P-006-0025            Docked boat   
2010-P-006-0026            Man and boy in automobile                       
2010-P-006-0027            Woman            
2010-P-006-0028            Children           
2010-P-006-0029            Unidentified gathering        
2010-P-006-0030            Reinhold Kundiger in automobile            
2010-P-006-0031            Girls                   
2010-P-006-0032            Dog                                              
2010-P-006-0033            Barn                                                                     
2010-P-006-0034            Men outside farm house    
2010-P-006-0035            Men and children on roof of wrecked building             
2010-P-006-0036            Young man in automobile    (the same man as 0037 and 0038).
2010-P-006-0037            Young man with horses       
2010-P-006-0038            Young man with horses       
2010-P-006-0039            Winter farm scene                 
2010-P-006-0040            Unidentified farm home                             
2010-P-006-0041            A barn with farm equipment and wagons in the foreground
2010-P-006-0042            Unidentified farm home in winter                                     
2010-P-006-0043            Children in barn window     
2010-P-006-0044            Road building crew                
2010-P-006-0045            Road building crew
2010-P-006-0046            Road building crew                
2010-P-006-0047            Two men with automobile 1919
2010-P-006-0048            Man with automobile 1919
2010-P-006-0049            Man with dog on farm (could be Carter Township, Burke County) 
2010-P-006-0050            Three women posing
2010-P-006-0051            Road construction with steam shovel
2010-P-006-0052            Farm scene
2010-P-006-0053            Group in front of automobile
2010-P-006-0054            Group in automobile
2010-P-006-0055            Unidentified farm home in winter          
2010-P-006-0056            Reinhold Kundiger fixing automobile, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1925
2010-P-006-0057            Dog and pups on farm, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0058            Reinhold Kundiger with automobile, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1925
2010-P-006-0059            Young man in front of airplane, Flaxton, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0060            Kundigers with neighbors and dogs, Carter Township or Flaxton Burke County (ND). Left to right: Unknown, Louise Kundiger, Dora Kundiger, unknown, Emma Kundiger, unknown
2010-P-006-0061            Reinhold Kundiger in automobile, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1925
2010-P-006-0062            Reinhold Kundiger in front of airplane, Flaxton, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0063            Louise and Emma Kundiger with dog and puppies, Carter Township or Flaxton Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0064            Steam shovel shoveling                               
2010-P-006-0065            Man with horse
2010-P-006-0066            Men near steam shovel
2010-P-006-0067            Threshing with Edward J. Marks' machine, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0068            Threshing on Edward J. Marks' farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)             
2010-P-006-0069            Woman and girl with spools of twine, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0070            Man with dog
2010-P-006-0071            Emma and Louise Kundiger portrait, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0072            Group on brick pile                
2010-P-006-0073            Group outside R. B. Town General Store, Flaxton (ND)           
2010-P-006-0074            Group around thresher
2010-P-006-0075            Reinhold and Emma Kundiger with school class, Carter Township, Burke County, (ND). Back row (left to right): Billy Conrad, Reinhold Kundiger, Stella Gumtow, Gertie Lundgren, Emma Kundiger, Gertrude Conrad. First row (left to right): Martin Larson, Chris Larson, Gust Larson, Rudolf Lundgren, Dora Jensen (Peterson), Mable Conrad, Edna Marks (McEvers).
2010-P-006-0076            Emma and Louise Kundiger with dog, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0077            Wilhelm and Louise Kundiger family portrait, New Paynesville (MN)
2010-P-006-0078            Mr. and Mrs. August Duwe portrait, Wheaton (MN) 
2010-P-006-0079            Reinhold Kundiger portrait, Burke County (ND)           
2010-P-006-0080            Louise Kundiger, Burke County (ND)      
2010-P-006-0081            Emma Kundiger with school class, Paynesville, MN
2010-P-006-0082            Louise Kundiger portrait, Bowbells (ND)
2010-P-006-0083            Agnes (Duwe) Kundiger portrait, Wheaton (MN)        
2010-P-006-0084            Emma Kundiger portrait, Flaxton (ND)  
2010-P-006-0085            Group photograph                
2010-P-006-0086            Louise, Emma and Reinhold Kundiger outside home, (MN) or (ND)
2010-P-006-0087            Reinhold Kundiger portrait, Flaxton (ND)                        
2010-P-006-0088            Reinhold Kundiger portrait, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0089            Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County, (ND)
2010-P-006-0090            Louise Kundiger portrait, Flaxton (ND)  
2010-P-006-0091            Group outside R. B. Town General Store, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0092            Reinhold and Bertha Louise Kundiger, Ramsay County (MN)
2010-P-006-0093            Kundiger family home, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0094            Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0095            A view of the city of Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0096            Louise Kundiger birthday party on William Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County, (ND)
2010-P-006-0097            St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND), Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0098            Emma Kundiger portrait,  Flaxton (ND) 
2010-P-006-0099            Betty ? Portrait, Port Townsend (WA)
2010-P-006-0100            Lavonne ? portrait
2010-P-006-0101            Harold R. and H. Marie Magedanz wedding portrait, Clay County (MN) January 4, 1942
2010-P-006-0102            Sally Tafelmeyer Sterns portrait, Kenmare (ND)
2010-P-006-0103            Unidentified couple wedding portrait, Noonan (ND)
2010-P-006-0104            Unidentified couple with young boy portrait, Kenmare (ND)
2010-P-006-0105            Dora and Emma Kundiger portrait, Minot (ND)
2010-P-006-0106            Gloria ? high school graduation portrait, Minot (ND)         
2010-P-006-0107            Dora Kundiger portrait         
2010-P-006-0108            Unidentified woman high school graduation portrait, Noonan (ND)
2010-P-006-0109            Reinhold Kundiger portrait 
2010-P-006-0110            Unidentified woman high school graduation portrait, Garrison (ND)
2010-P-006-0111            Dora Kundiger portrait                                 
2010-P-006-0112            Reinhold Kundiger portrait, Malta (MT)                           
2010-P-006-0113            Robert Anderson high school graduation portrait        
2010-P-006-0114            Gunther-Linquist wedding photograph, Germany      
2010-P-006-0115            Frances Magedanz portrait, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0116            Robert Magedanz portrait, Burke County (ND)            
2010-P-006-0117            Unidentified group outside home on Thanksgiving day, 1947
2010-P-006-0118            Dora and William Kundiger                         
2010-P-006-0119            Erna Born Wolf portrait, Charlottenburg, Germany
2010-P-006-0120            Unidentified boy portrait, Charlottenburg, Germany
2010-P-006-0121            Emma Kundiger, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0122            Unidentified man in open casket, Bowbells (ND)
2010-P-006-0123            Unidentified couple at Indian Mounds Park, St. Paul (MN)
2010-P-006-0124            Unidentified German women                   
2010-P-006-0125            Louise Kundiger in garden, Carter Township or Flaxton, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0126            Ciara Carolyn Kraft portrait age 2 ½, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0127            Charles Jacobson portrait
2010-P-006-0128            Mary Petersen ninth grade portrait
2010-P-006-0129            Gwendolyn Rowweiter Gabert portrait, Jamestown (ND)
2010-P-006-0130            Leeann Legler portrait          
2010-P-006-0131            Unidentified young man at camp or on farm
2010-P-006-0132            Unidentified man and women outside paint store
2010-P-006-0133            Alyssa Grace Kraft portrait age 3 1/2, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0134            Unidentified woman, Germany
2010-P-006-0135            Unidentified girl portrait, Patti, last name unknown, second grade school photograph
2010-P-006-0136            Unidentified woman on 80th birthday
2010-P-006-0137            Naomi Eaton portrait, Burke County (ND)                       
2010-P-006-0138            Mark Alvin Jacobson portrait, Williston (ND)                  
2010-P-006-0139            Erica Schmidt portrait age 2
2010-P-006-0140            Heather Ann Jacobson portrait
2010-P-006-0141            Unidentified family at Lakeside Gardens, Fort Wayne (IN) 1944/07/28
2010-P-006-0142            Unidentified girl outside house
2010-P-006-0143            Naomi Heinz   
2010-P-006-0144            Unidentified woman outside home in Bremerton (WA)
2010-P-006-0145            Tommy the cat, Carter Township or Flaxton, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0146            Unidentified burial
2010-P-006-0147            Mrs. Bertha Radue outside home, Kenmare, Ward County (ND)
2010-P-006-0148            Wilma Jean Eaton or Jeanne Gradall portrait 1963-1964
2010-P-006-0149            Confirmation class outside of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND) 1940
2010-P-006-0150            Group at Mouse River Park, Tolley (ND)                          
2010-P-006-0151            Emma Kundiger with dog outside house, Paynesville (MN) 1914
2010-P-006-0152            Unidentified family outside home in Bremerton (WA) 1951/03/28
2010-P-006-0153            Dora Kundiger with unidentified young man and woman
2010-P-006-0154            Emma Hark outside house
2010-P-006-0155            Christopher Paul Nygaard portrait           
2010-P-006-0156            Christina Nelson senior portrait, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0157            Norman Tafelmeyer portrait
2010-P-006-0158            Mari Jo Ragle senior portrait
2010-P-006-0159            Christina Nelson portrait, Flaxton (ND) 
2010-P-006-0160            Leslie Kay senior portrait     
2010-P-006-0161            George Allan Nygaard portrait 1966/05/06
2010-P-006-0162            George Allan Nygaard Army portrait                                 
2010-P-006-0163            Bobbie Alice portrait             
2010-P-006-0164            Young girl using 'air conditioned' rest room                    
2010-P-006-0165            Unidentified man in open casket, Bowbells (ND)        
2010-P-006-0166            Irene S. Westom birthday, Seattle (WA) 1984/03/10   
2010-P-006-0167            Unidentified man in open casket, Bowbells (ND)        
2010-P-006-0168            Unidentified woman inside home           
2010-P-006-0169            Unidentified man in open casket, Bowbells (ND)
2010-P-006-0170            Louise Kundiger birthday party on William Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County, (ND)
2010-P-006-0171            Jessica Nelson senior portrait                                               
2010-P-006-0172            Dora Kundiger with cat and dog outside cousins house, Minneapolis (MN)                             
2010-P-006-0173            William Kundiger and unidentified man on snow hill, Flaxton (ND) 
2010-P-006-0174            Ernst Olschewski grave, Germany           
2010-P-006-0175            Unidentified couple outside home         
2010-P-006-0176            Louise Kundiger, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0177            Bride and groom emerging from St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0178            Woman opening Christmas present, Port Townsend (WA) 1953/12/24
2010-P-006-0179            Mae and Otto with grandchildren Zane, Brinton Jr.    
2010-P-006-0180            Unidentified family inside house             
2010-P-006-0181            Edward J. Marks threshing, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0182            Reinhard Glutsch on confirmation day   1964/04/05
2010-P-006-0183            Boy on dock in front of mountains
2010-P-006-0184            Kundiger cousins from Germany
2010-P-006-0185            Emma Kundiger inside home
2010-P-006-0186            St. Paul Lutheran Church and house, Flaxton (ND)      
2010-P-006-0187            Emma Kundiger in yard, Flaxton (ND)    
2010-P-006-0188            Rabbit at front door inside home, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0189            Wilhelm and Louise Kundiger grave, Flaxton (ND)       
2010-P-006-0190            Dora Kundiger outside home, Flaxton (ND)                   
2010-P-006-0191            Kundiger relatives in Germany. (Left to right): Paula, Trude, Werner, and grandmother of Reinhard Glutsch
2010-P-006-0192            Marlys Nelson Leet wedding portrait                                
2010-P-006-0193            Group in Stanley Stewart's home, Hillsboro (OR) 1958/06/14. From left to right: Stanley Stewart (age 49), Milford Stewart (age 51), Bertha Stewart (79), Mrs. James Hall (Ellen) (born 7/25/1915), and Robert Stewart (born 10/6/1917)
2010-P-006-0194            Wilhelm and Louise Kundiger grave, Flaxton (ND)       
2010-P-006-0195            Reverend Hofmann family, Flaxton (ND) 1947/06/08 
2010-P-006-0196            Unidentified couple portrait                                                 
2010-P-006-0197            Confirmation class 1958/03/30                  
2010-P-006-0198            Unidentified woman on birthday, Port Townsend (WA)
2010-P-006-0199            Unidentified girl second grade portrait                            
2010-P-006-0200            Helene Born portrait, Germany                                           
2010-P-006-0201            William Kundiger, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0202            Wilma Nygaard portrait       
2010-P-006-0203            Emma Kundiger with man and woman in California
2010-P-006-0204            Kundiger relatives in Germany raise glasses for a toast
2010-P-006-0205            Kundiger relatives in Germany
2010-P-006-0206            Girls with birthday cakes     
2010-P-006-0207            Johnny Hanson                       
2010-P-006-0208            Group in Stanley Stewart's home, Hillsboro (OR) 1958/06/14. From left to right: Mrs. Carl P. Henry, Bertha Stewart, Ellen Stewart Hall, Dannie Henry (b. 6/20/1954), Laurie Henry (10/21/1952), Chubby hall (dog)
2010-P-006-0209            Kundigers with friends or family              
2010-P-006-0210            Ingrid Grove, Germany        
2010-P-006-0211            Unidentified group: Gilbert, Richard, Leo, Joe and unidentified pose for a portrait. Last names unknown.
2010-P-006-0212            Raymond Wolkenhauer high school graduation portrait, Minot (ND)
2010-P-006-0213            Violet and Art Rykyn in front of home                              
2010-P-006-0214            Unidentified casket in church 1964/02/12                       
2010-P-006-0215            North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck, ND
2010-P-006-0216            Emma Koeinig Weil, Billings, (MT)            
2010-P-006-0217            Reverend Hintz with group of women from St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND) (Left to right): Dora Kundiger, Irene Ganskop, Mrs. Hintz, Caroline Wolkenhauer, Dorothy Orenson, Bessie Tafelmeyer, Mrs. Benje, Ruth and Jimmy Harms, and Minnie Ganskop.
2010-P-006-0218            Emma Kundiger with Mr. Jacobson in kitchen, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0219            Couple at church school dedication, Port Townsend (WA)
2010-P-006-0220            Unidentified family photograph               
2010-P-006-0221            Corine ? Portrait                     
2010-P-006-0222            Clara Ganskop in dress         
2010-P-006-0223            Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Marks, Larry Rykken, and Mr. and Mrs. Abe Rykken inside home, Columbus (ND)
2010-P-006-0224            Louise, Emma and Dora Kundiger with children and dogs, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0225            Emma and Dora Kundiger, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0226            Dora and Emma Kundiger with Florence Ingerson, Farmington (MN) or Flaxton (ND)         
2010-P-006-0227            Dora Kundiger birthday, Flaxton or Lignite (ND)           
2010-P-006-0228            Dora Kundiger in Library, Flaxton (ND)  
2010-P-006-0229            Dora and Emma Kundiger portrait                                      
2010-P-006-0230            Dora and Emma Kundiger, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0231            Dora and Emma Kundiger with Mrs. Herb, LaVonne Ann, and Carol Jean Wolkenhauer, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0232            Dora and Emma Kundiger with Brenda Sue 1970/10/18
2010-P-006-0233            Bobbie Alice ? Portrait          
2010-P-006-0234            Unidentified girl with cat
2010-P-006-0235            Emma Kundiger with two unidentified women, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0236            Unidentified couple silver wedding anniversary 1961/07/16
2010-P-006-0237            Gerda and Reinhard, Germany 1950/03/00
2010-P-006-0238            Unidentified man in open casket, Bowbells (ND) 1980/02/00
2010-P-006-0239            William Kundiger on tractor on Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0240            Kundiger home in winter, Carter Township, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0241            Monica and Connie in Flagstaff (ND) 1973/01/00         
2010-P-006-0242            Birthday party, Seattle (WA) 1984/03/10
2010-P-006-0244            Dora Kundiger and Esther Lee
2010-P-006-0245            Unidentified young man high school graduation portrait, Minot (ND)
2010-P-006-0246            Unidentified baby near Christmas tree 
2010-P-006-0247            Men and boys with musical instruments are seated with their instruments
2010-P-006-0248            Dora Kundiger portrait
2010-P-006-0249            Dora Kundiger baby portrait
2010-P-006-0250            Dora Kundiger baby portrait
2010-P-006-0251            Children outside school. Top row, left to right: Vivian Berg, Arnold Stromped, Rueben Berg, Oliver Stromped. Bottom row, left to right: Mildred Olson, Tilman Berg, Ted Olson, Elton Berg, and Harold Stromped
2010-P-006-0252            Dora Kundiger's dog Goldie, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0253            Dora Kundiger and two women outside mini-mall, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0254            Group at Flaxton Senior Citizens, Flaxton (ND)             
2010-P-006-0255            Flaxton High School and Grade School, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0256            Reverend and Mrs. Joel Brandvold Kerry with pastors or priests in St. Paul Lutheran Church Flaxton (ND) 1991/08/04           
2010-P-006-0257            Evangeline Peterson portrait 1986          
2010-P-006-0258            A groups stands outside Canyon Creek store 1995/07/04
2010-P-006-0259            Children with cat and gingerbread house at Christmas 1999
2010-P-006-0260            Florence ? In front of fireplace at Christmas 1997/12/00
2010-P-006-0261            A couple sits on their bed, probably in a nursing home. Fred and Alma? 1992/12/00
2010-P-006-0262            Florence ? On 90th birthday 1997/12/00                          
2010-P-006-0263            Dora Kundiger and Patti ?, Minot (ND) 1990/07/00
2010-P-006-0264            Lilac bushes, Minot (ND)
2010-P-006-0265            David and ? Wedding 2003/10/11
2010-P-006-0266            Church, Flaxton (ND)                                    
2010-P-006-0267            Decorations in unidentified room 1980/05/00
2010-P-006-0268            Dora Kundiger by tree, Flaxton (ND) 1966                       
2010-P-006-0269            Emma Kundiger with dog, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1949
2010-P-006-0270            Clara, Jim and Bertha Stewart in Howard Stewart home, Hillsboro (OR) 1950/12/24             
2010-P-006-0271            Dora Kundiger and unidentified woman 1943                
2010-P-006-0272            Unidentified woman with infant
2010-P-006-0273            Gabberts children: Ellen, Linda, Paul and John Gabbert 1964
2010-P-006-0274            Rose Landis and Ninow family returning to Minneapolis. Rose Landis, Mrs. Charles Ninow, Gwendolyn Ninow, and Charles Ninow in front of automobile
2010-P-006-0275            Mrs. Frank Redmer in open casket 1964/02/12             
2010-P-006-0276            Dora and Emma Kundiger outside house, Flaxton (ND) 1955
2010-P-006-0277            Dora Kundiger with dog and cat 1941     
2010-P-006-0278            Emma Kundiger with dog     1937              
2010-P-006-0279            Christina Nelson in front of Christmas tree 1996          
2010-P-006-0280            In memory of Gisela Wolff  1951/04/22  Haselhorst, Berlin, Germany
2010-P-006-0281            Emma Kundiger in yard, Flaxton (ND) 1971-1980
2010-P-006-0282            Dora Kundiger with group of women, Flaxton (ND) 1959 From left to right: Alma Jorgenson, Annie Sorenson, Wilma Nygaard, Claire Jacobson, unknown, Dora Kundiger, Alga Jacobson, unknown, and unknown. Same group as 0352 and some of the same women as 373.
2010-P-006-0283            Emma Kundiger in yard, Flaxton (ND) 1953
2010-P-006-0284            William "Billy" Kundiger outside home, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1947               
2010-P-006-0285            Jamie Lee Munroe senior prom photograph 1988       
2010-P-006-0286            Tom Nelson family at wedding 2003/10/11                     
2010-P-006-0287            Water tower, Flaxton (ND) 1990
2010-P-006-0288            Alfred and Louise ? 25th anniversary photograph with sons 1975
2010-P-006-0289            Ingrid Born portrait, Germany 1948        
2010-P-006-0290            Dora Kundiger with friend at birthday party at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND)                                                                    
2010-P-006-0291            Dora Kundiger and Irene, Flaxton (ND)  1984/09/00
2010-P-006-0292            Dora Kundiger with dog inside home, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0293            Dora Kundiger inside home, Flaxton (ND)                       
2010-P-006-0294            Dora Kundiger with Tracy Schultz, Flaxton (ND) 1984 
2010-P-006-0295            Emma and Dora Kundiger, Flaxton (ND) 1979/08/00   
2010-P-006-0296            Dora Kundiger with young girl on 91st birthday, Flaxton (ND) 2005/05/22
2010-P-006-0297            A groups stands outside Canyon Creek store. Top row, left to right: Tom, Ron, Mark, Collin (Tom's boy), Philip, Andy; middle row, left to right: Bobbi, Cayla, Arlette, Diana; bottom row, left to right: Nathaniel, JoLynn, Loren, Sarah, Jessica, Shannon. Same group as 0258. 1995/07/04
2010-P-006-0298            Dora Kundiger and Hilda Engstrom
2010-P-006-0299            Unidentified couple wedding portrait   
2010-P-006-0300            Lars ? And her grandmother                      
2010-P-006-0301            Unidentified family photograph: Ron, Shan, Arlette, Mather, Clair and Blaine (last names unknown) 2003/10/12
2010-P-006-0302            Birthday party or celebration 1977/04/29                        
2010-P-006-0303            Frances ? Dora's teacher, Flaxton (ND) 2001/12/10
2010-P-006-0304            Dora with unidentified group
2010-P-006-0305            Unidentified woman opening gift 1998
2010-P-006-0306            Jacobson family portrait 1983              
2010-P-006-0307            Cat outside kitchen window, Flaxton (ND)                     
2010-P-006-0308            Dora Kundiger with service award plaque at Memorial Hall, Flaxton (ND) 1989/06/17         
2010-P-006-0309            Dora Kundiger in chair in home, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0310            Teapots, Flaxton (ND) 1941/09/15           
2010-P-006-0311            Adelheid "Heidi" Eaton with husband at Eaton home, Lignite (ND) 1993   
2010-P-006-0312            Group in flower garden, Burke County (ND) 1941/09/15
2010-P-006-0313            Dora Kundiger with unidentified boy, Flaxton (ND) 1964
2010-P-006-0314            Emma Kundiger outside home, Burke County (ND) 1943
2010-P-006-0315            Dora and Emma Kundiger portrait 1945 
2010-P-006-0316            Andrew and Grace ? Christmas photograph 1997        
2010-P-006-0317            Dora Kundiger at Dorothy Nelson's home drinking tea, Burke County (ND) 1996/07/00                                            
2010-P-006-0318            Dora Kundiger birthday, Flaxton or Lignite (ND) 1992
2010-P-006-0319            Unidenitifed couple outside Prairie Town Antiques 1986/03/00
2010-P-006-0320            Gathering at Dora Kundiger apartment, Flaxton (ND) 1992/11/00   
2010-P-006-0321            Dora Kundiger with friend outside RV camper 1996    
2010-P-006-0322            Couple with young boy at outdoor restaurant, Germany 1967
2010-P-006-0323            Willy and Erna? , Germany  1967              
2010-P-006-0324            Cat on top of refrigerator, Flaxton (ND) 1997-1998
2010-P-006-0325            Dora Kundiger at school reunion, Flaxton (ND) 1987/07/04
2010-P-006-0326            Geese and seagulls, Burke County (ND)                          
2010-P-006-0327            Ernie Eaton in yard of home in Lignite (ND)
2010-P-006-0328            Flowers along trailer, Flaxton (ND) 1999                          
2010-P-006-0329            Dora Kundiger in front of floral clock, International Peace Gardens, Dunseith (ND) 1994
2010-P-006-0330            Group of women inside home 1994/09/00
2010-P-006-0331            Mike and Midred L. Zirul
2010-P-006-0332            St. Paul Lutheran Church parsonage, Flaxton (ND) 1942/12/00
2010-P-006-0333            William Kundiger on roof of Dora and Emma Kundiger town house, Flaxton (ND) 1951      
2010-P-006-0334            Dora Kundiger with unidentified young woman washing dishes, Burke County (ND)          
2010-P-006-0335            Cat outside house, Flaxton (ND) 1965    
2010-P-006-0336            Confirmation photograph, Burke County (ND) Back row, left to right: ? Nelson, Jimmy Peterson, Naomi Eaton, George Erickson. Front row, left to right: ? Peterson, ?, Donna Lou Bergstresser.
2010-P-006-0337            Woburn Farmers Band, Woburn (ND)   
2010-P-006-0338            Dora or Emma Kundiger's cousins, Frieda and Ernst, Germany 1952/02/00
2010-P-006-0339            Unidentified group photograph
2010-P-006-0340            Group in front of home, Hillsboro (OR)  1960/07/04   
2010-P-006-0341            Agnes Duwe with men in front of farm equipment
2010-P-006-0342            Louise Kundiger with dogs outside house, Burke County (ND)
2010-P-006-0343            Reinhold Kundiger casket at funeral, Ramsay County (MN) 1943/02/05
2010-P-006-0344            Rachel Kohn, teacher or librarian, Flaxton High School, ND
2010-P-006-0345            Phillip Nelson 15th birthday, Canyon Creek (MT) 1997                
2010-P-006-0346            Altar in church, might be St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND) 1943/01/01
2010-P-006-0347            Emma Kundiger with dogs Lulu, Tootie, and Bootie, Flaxton, (ND) 1942
2010-P-006-0348            Wilhelm and Louise Kundiger grave, Flaxton (ND) 1950
2010-P-006-0349            Portal and Flaxton (ND) confirmation, Portal or Flaxton (ND) 1933 
2010-P-006-0350            Threshing on Edward J. Marks' farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1941
2010-P-006-0351            Dora Kundiger with cat, Kenmare (ND)  1947                 
2010-P-006-0352            Dora Kundiger with group of women, Flaxton (ND) 1959 Alma Jorgenson, Annie Sorenson, Wilma Nygaard, Claire Jacobson, unknown, Dora Kundiger, Alga Jacobson, unknown, and unknown.
2010-P-006-0353            Gladys Sorenson, Dora Kundiger, Ernie and Heidi Eaton in home, Flaxton or Lignite (ND) 1993/06/00                                            
2010-P-006-0354            Dora Kundiger with dog, Flaxton (ND)   
2010-P-006-0355            William "Billy" Kundiger smoking a pipe inside home, Burke County (ND)  1954      
2010-P-006-0356            Dora and Emma Kundgier, Flaxton (ND) 1951
2010-P-006-0357            Adelheid "Heidi" Eaton on automobile, Burke County (ND) 1943    
2010-P-006-0358            Adelheid "Heidi" and Ernie Eaton at Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1943
2010-P-006-0359            Adelheid "Heidi" (Wolkenhauer) Eaton and Dora Kundiger at Kundiger farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1943                   
2010-P-006-0360            Dana Schiele, Christina Nelson and dog Toby 1999      
2010-P-006-0361            Mildred?, Loretta?, daughter in law and grandchildren, Kalispell (MT)
2010-P-006-0362            100th anniversary of two churches, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0363            Woodcarved tobacco shelf, Kalispell (MT)                      
2010-P-006-0364            Andrew and Grace Elaine Wolfram 1996-1997               
2010-P-006-0365            Shelf with cat decorations   1980              
2010-P-006-0366            Threshing on Edward J. Marks' farm, Carter Township, Burke County (ND) 1941
2010-P-006-0367            Dora Kundiger inside home or apartment, Flaxton (ND) 1993/06/00
2010-P-006-0368            Mildred Zirul family
2010-P-006-0369            Kat the cat watching a butterfly, Flaxton (ND) 1996/07/00
2010-P-006-0370            Dora Kundiger with retirement cake at the Senior Citizen, Flaxton (ND) 1989
2010-P-006-0371            Gladys Sorenson(?) outside her home  
2010-P-006-0372            Emma and William "Billy" Kundiger inside home, Burke County (ND) 1954               
2010-P-006-0373            Olga (Sorenson) Jacobson?, Jensen, Elaine Jacobson, Wilma Nygaard, and Alma Jorgenson, Flaxton (ND)                                  
2010-P-006-0374            Cat in grass near tree, Flaxton (ND) 1965                         
2010-P-006-0375            Emma Kundiger in bushes, Burke County (ND) 1931
2010-P-006-0376            Emma Kundiger inside home, Flaxton (ND) 1954
2010-P-006-0377            Louise Kundiger portrait      
2010-P-006-0378            Emma Kundiger with cat outside house, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0379            Unidentified group photograph 1959/12/06                  
2010-P-006-0380            Group of women and young boy, Kenmare (ND) 1946-1947
2010-P-006-0381            Agnes (Duwe) Kundiger portrait 1912-1913
2010-P-006-0382            Reinhold Kundiger portrait  1912
2010-P-006-0383            Clair and Blaine Wollan, Delores Rein, and moose, Eureka (MT) 1954
2010-P-006-0384            Grandma Hark and Millie Wollan with moose, Eureka (MT) 1954
2010-P-006-0385            Emma Kundiger outside house, Flaxton (ND) 1965     
2010-P-006-0386            Children reading magazine  1960-1970   
2010-P-006-0387            Ed Hark with moose, Eureka (MT) 1954 
2010-P-006-0388            Dora Kundiger's confirmation class outside St. Paul Lutheran Church, Flaxton (ND) 1935-1940        
2010-P-006-0389            Dora, Emma and Louise Kundiger portrait 1924
2010-P-006-0390            Dora and Emma Kundiger outside home, Flaxton (ND) 1956
2010-P-006-0391            Emma and Dora Kundiger outside in winter, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0392            Dora and Emma Kundiger with rabbit and cake, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0393            Dora Kundiger in lilac bushes, Flaxton (ND) 1932          
2010-P-006-0394            Dora Kundiger with dog "Woofy”, Burke County (ND) 1930
2010-P-006-0395            Dora Kundiger portrait
2010-P-006-0396            Dora Kundiger baby portrait 1914-1915 
2010-P-006-0397            Dora Kundiger portrait ca. 1919
2010-P-006-0398            Louise, Emma and Dora Kundiger portrait 1922
2010-P-006-0399            Baby portrait   1912-1913
2010-P-006-0400            Dora Kundiger baby portrait 1914-1915 
2010-P-006-0401            Kundiger home, Flaxton (ND)
2010-P-006-0402            Women outside Canyon Creek store 1991
2010-P-006-0403            Elsa D. Ostlund, Frederic George Duwe, and Elizabeth Alma Bueck (MN)
2010-P-006-0404            World War memorial, Burke County (ND)                       
2010-P-006-0405            Young woman in parking lot

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